1. Tested: Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 54

    are beneteau sailboats any good

  2. Beneteau Oceanis 34.1 Sailboat Review

    are beneteau sailboats any good

  3. Boat Review: Beneteau Oceanis Yacht 62

    are beneteau sailboats any good

  4. Beneteau Sailboat Wins Best Boat Awards

    are beneteau sailboats any good

  5. Beneteau First 53 review: This French cruiser backs up its bold first

    are beneteau sailboats any good

  6. Best Boat: Beneteau Oceanis 38

    are beneteau sailboats any good


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  1. Beneteau vs. Catalina: Which Is a Better Sailboat?

    The Beneteau and Catalina have both been exceptional in the art of boat building over the years. Discussing them side by side is more like a privilege than a comparison, per se. For years, the Catalina Boat Company has built quite the selection of boats that qualify as built to last and authentic crafts for sailing purposes. Catalina boats are primarily made to be durable, made for the reasons ...

  2. Common Issues With Beneteau Sailboats

    Beneteau sailboats aren't any more or less prone to problems. That said, there are some common issues found on older Beneteau boats that you're likely to encounter on other sailboats as well. Common Beneteau Sailboat Problems. ... Beneteau sailboats have a pretty good writing layout, but there are a few annoying design decisions that can be ...

  3. Beneteau Vs Jeanneau: Which is Better?

    Beneteau boats are often made for charter and the family market, with design towards more roomy interiors and bigger, more comfortable cabins and galley. This means more storage in the cabins and roomier bathrooms. Jeanneau boats, however, perform better as cruisers. They point well, do not often creak and slam, and are lovely sailors that ride ...

  4. Boat Review: Beneteau Oceanis 40.1

    The Beneteau 40.1 is a fine sailing, thoughtfully designed mid-size cruiser-racer from the largest sailboat builder in the world. By choosing your trim, rigging and electronics option packages, you can create anything from a friendly family-style boat to an enthusiastic racer with this versatile platform. LOA 42ft 3in.

  5. Beneteau First 36: The Top 10 Best Boats Review

    Once Beneteau was aboard they conducted some detailed market research and learned: 1) their boat should plane easily; 2) it should have a salon for lounging, not dining; 3) it should have a real nav desk; and 4) a comfortable forward berth is more important than a big head. The new Beneteau First 36 that debuted at Annapolis last fall checks ...

  6. New Boat Review: Beneteau Oceanis 41

    The new 41 comes in deep (6 feet, 9 inches) and shallow (5 feet, 1 inch) draft versions, and those planning on longer-range offshore sailing, or those who simply prefer better windward ability in a cruising boat, are much better off with the deep-draft alternative. Beneteau has a penchant for detailed engineering, and the new Oceanis line has ...

  7. Beneteau First 36 review: Is this the best First yacht in years?

    The Beneteau First 36 is designed to hit double figures in around 14 knots wind and we noted how it starts planing in the high 8-knot boatspeeds in around 12 knots wind. It also has the stability ...

  8. 2021 Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 Sailboat Review: Family ...

    Beneteau introduced the 40.1 as the latest in their Oceanis lineup, and it's a great couple's cruiser that follows in the design footsteps of the 46.1. It has everything two people or a small family need and it sails and looks like a boat that's ten feet longer. Even better - costs to insure, berth and maintain it will be significantly ...

  9. Boat Review: Beneteau First Yacht 53

    The First 53's hull and deck are cored and infused, with solid glass wherever hardware is mounted. An inner hull liner takes up loads from the mast, chainplates and engine. An 80 hp Yanmar diesel and saildrive come standard; the boat we tested was powered by the optional 110 Yanmar with shaft drive.


    Leisure boating, short trips, competitive sailing, regattas - whatever type of sailing you like, BENETEAU has a wide range of sailing yachts and luxury yachts, so there's bound to be a boat to fulfill your dreams. SAILING YACHTS FOR ANY TYPE OF SAILING . We built our first sailboats over 138 years ago and many things have changed since then.

  11. Good Summary of Beneteau Strengths...

    Location: Glen Allen, VA. Boat: Sabre 34-1 CB, 34 feet. Posts: 341. Good Summary of Beneteau Strengths... From Yachting Monthly, here is a good summary of most Beneteau yachts (excluding the First Series): "Without wanting to labour the point, to criticise this boat for her inability to provide a safe cockpit in a North Atlantic gale, or to ...

  12. Beneteau First 27 review: sportsboat given the Beneteau treatment

    Sailing the Beneteau First 27. On paper this looks like a potential disaster, but the reality is different. I sailed the new Beneteau First 27 in Barcelona a few months ago in very light airs ...

  13. Beneteau Vs Bavaria: Which is Better?

    Beneteau's boat-building quality has been and is a role model for other boatyards. Resin is a constant in the materials used for every Bavaria hull, but then balsa core is used for its strength, thickness, and relatively lightweight. Their center of gravity invalidates the use of lead for the keels. All the trimming and hole cuts on decks and ...

  14. BENETEAU Oceanis

    The world reference in cruising.Oceanis is our range of long-distance, blue water cruisers that for years has set the standard for sailboat design and construction, with a hull that is a marvel in hydrodynamics, Oceanis delivers superior performance while providing stability and safety while under sail.Despite her strong sea legs, she doesn't sacrifice luxury and comfort.

  15. Hunter VS Beneteau Sailboats? 8 Things To Consider

    When you consider older boats, though, the value starts to become clear: A Beneteau 311 new in 2000 retailed for $66,900. It has an average resale value of $45,000, or a depreciation rate of 33% over 20 years. A 2000 Hunter 310 retailed for $70,000 and now has an average resale value of $48 150, or a similar depreciation rate of 32%.

  16. Beneteau 323 Used Boat Review

    The Beneteau 323 represents a sweet spot in the market for used auxiliaries. Even her modest LOA can accommodate a dinghy davit, solar panels and a sugar-scoop transom. Plenty of canvas and a commodious cockpit complete the picture. With 6′ 4″ of space between the binnacle and the companionway, the cockpit is long enough to seat six ...

  17. How Reliable Are Beneteau Boats? (Explained)

    Beneteau is trusted by thousands of boaters and sailors worldwide, and over the years, Beneteau boats have proven to retain their value better than any other brand of boats on the water. Here's How Reliable Beneteau Boats Are: Beneteau has been manufacturing for over 130 years, concentrating on fiberglass boats since the 1960s.

  18. Beneteau Quality?

    Beneteau 305 Huntington NY. Mar 23, 2006. #9. Quality. I'm in the process of commissioning my 1986 First 305 which is 20 years old this month.u000bThe topesides, deck and interior look as good as the day I bought her. This is after many cruises and hard racing.

  19. Twelve Top Bluewater Cruising Boats

    This boat was a shot across the bows of high-end boatbuilders, signaling Beneteau's entry into the luxury cruiser niche. The Farr-designed hull was fast and pretty, the center-cockpit layout eminently practical in a boat of this size, and the quality of finish and systems were impressive—and the price was extremely competitive.

  20. Beginner Sailing Guide: How to choose the right sailboat and ...

    Before setting sail for the first time with your boat, take the time to: Plan your itinerary: deciding in advance exactly where you want to go means less stress once you are under sail; Check the weather forecast: this is very important to make sure of having calm weather conditions and not too much wind the first time you take your boat out;

  21. Beneteau Boats Tests, Videos and Information

    Beneteau is one of Europe's oldest boat builders. Founded in 1884 by Benjamin Beneteau in the French port city of Croix-de-Vie, early fishing-oriented boats were designed with two goals — to be durable enough to handle the North Atlantic waters and fast enough to be first back to shore with the day's catch. Today, Beneteau is still known ...

  22. Is Beneteau Oceanis 37 a good sailboat for crossing oceans?

    The cheaper production boats (Beneteau, Hunter, Catalina, Bavaria, etc) are built more for marina sailing. Occasional trips, a good deal of comfort and easy boats to learn on, but not a great boat to be in a storm at sea. You can cross an ocean in most anything, but what you want to look more closely at is what boat can survive bad weather.


    BENETEAU: A LONG STORY THAT BEGAN IN 1884 . The first BENETEAU boats sailed from the shipyards of Croix-de-Vie over 136 years ago. Since that time, the BENETEAU brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation to all those who have taken to the water - first by the fishermen who made their livelihood from the sea and then by the legions of recreational boaters around the globe.