1. 53 Best Ocean-crossing yachts images in 2020

    best yachts for ocean crossing


    best yachts for ocean crossing

  3. 65 Bering Yachts

    best yachts for ocean crossing

  4. 53 Best Ocean-crossing yachts images in 2020

    best yachts for ocean crossing

  5. Best Yachts for Transatlantic Crossing: Our Selection and Advice for 2023

    best yachts for ocean crossing

  6. Fast and Efficient Ocean Crossing Yacht Design

    best yachts for ocean crossing


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  1. 5 Of The Best Bluewater Cruising Powerboats In 2022

    Above: A 2022 Silent 62 triple deck catamaran yacht for sale on YachtWorld by Silent Yachts. Photo by Silent Yachts. This beautiful trans-ocean yacht is the ultimate in both luxury and design. With fully solar powered electric motors, it has an unlimited range, zero emission, and noiseless cruising. Multiple layout options offer 4-6 cabins ...

  2. The right yacht for an Atlantic crossing

    Last year, when we carried out our annual survey of ARC skippers, we found that yachts of between 46ft and 55ft had a battery capacity, on average, of 700ah, rising to 1,000ah for yachts over 56ft ...

  3. Twelve Top Bluewater Cruising Boats

    Oyster 56. In the ranks of dream bluewater cruisers, Oyster is right up there. The 56 is the British yard's most popular boat; small enough to be handled by two people, big enough to cross an ocean quickly and comfortably, yet not so large or complex as to need a full-time pro crew.

  4. 4 best bluewater cruisers of 2022

    Best bluewater cruiser of 2022 - Outremer 55. I would argue that this is the most successful new production yacht on the market. Well over 50 have already sold (an equipped model typically costs ...

  5. Top 15 Trawlers for 2023

    Our experts assess 15 leading trawler-style yachts, spanning owner-operated cruisers to globe-trotting explorer vessels. ... With the single-engine setup, draft is 5'5" and with twins it's a shallower 4'6". At 6 knots, range is an ocean-crossing 4,850 nautical miles. At 7 knots, it's 3,300 nm. At 9 knots, it 1,700 nm.

  6. The best bluewater sailboats (we analyzed 2,000 boats to find out)

    The 10 best bluewater boats. 1. Westsail 32. Photo credit: The Westsail 32 is one of the most iconic bluewater cruisers and 19 have set out to cross the Pacific in the PPJ rally since 2009. In 1973, this small cruising sailboat garnered a 4-page spread in Time magazine.

  7. 13 Best Cruising Sailboats in 2023 & Why They're Better

    Lagoon 450F. 45 feet. 8 to 10 people. $700,000. Bavaria Cruiser 46. 46 feet. 6 to 8 people. $250,000. In this section, we'll explore the 13 best cruising sailboats of 2023, highlighting their unique features and reasons why they stand out in the market.

  8. Ocean Going Yacht Buying Guide 2023

    The Atlantic Ocean, for example, is a journey of 3,000 nautical miles, so you'll want to ensure the yacht you are using to cross it is a sturdy, ocean going vessel. Many superyachts will make the Atlantic Ocean crossing twice a year - in the fall to head to the Caribbean, and in the spring to return to the Mediterranean.

  9. 43 of the best bluewater sailboat designs of all time

    Allures 51.9 price: €766,000. The Ovni 370 is another cunning new aluminum centreboard offering, a true deck saloon cruiser for two. The designers say the biggest challenge was to create a ...

  10. 5 Top Affordable Bluewater Cruising Sailboats

    With these considerations in mind, here are my picks—five top choices for affordable bluewater cruising sailboats (in alphabetical order). Caliber 40 LRC. The Caliber 40 design appeared in 1991 and through its evolution into the 40 LRC, remains a very attractive cutter. It has a fully encapsulated, elongated fin keel, and the ballast to ...

  11. Best Yachts for Transatlantic Crossing: Our Selection and Advice for 2023

    The best yachts for a transatlantic crossing. Neel 51. Outremer 5X. Hallberg-Rassy 57. There are many yachts which are suitable for a transatlantic passage. Some will be less expensive, some will be more comfortable, faster, or better suited to you, your experience, and your budget.

  12. 15 Best Motor Yachts in 2024

    Smaller motor yachts (33ft - 50ft) typically range from $500,000 to $3 million. Mid-size yachts (50ft - 80ft) can fall between $3 million and $15 million. Superyachts (over 80ft) enter a whole new pricing category, reaching into the hundreds of millions and beyond, depending on size, customization, and features.

  13. The best sail plans for crossing an ocean

    Average cruiser crossing 18 days, 11 hours. Slowest crossing Efwa (Allegro 33), 25,days 13 hours, 34 minutes. Shortest distance sailed Atalanta (Oyster 575) 2,690 miles. Longest distance sailed Sanuk (Bavaria 47) 3,298 miles. Average number of crew per boat in cruising division 5 adults.

  14. Best Ocean Boats: Types and Brands to Buy

    Beneteau boats for sale. Jeanneau has produced ocean-capable sailboats for more than 60 years and has a good reputation for building innovative boats that perform well. The company's current range includes large yachts, small ocean racers, and 35- to 49-foot cruising models. Jeanneau boats for sale. Hallberg Rassy 400.

  15. The Best Beginner Sailboats for Ocean Cruising (under $25,000)

    Re: The Cape Dory 28. Yes, full-keel boats track better when going forward, but are more difficult to control in reverse than fin-keel boats. Docking is very challenging for beginners, no matter how well the boat handles. When you test drive a boat, make sure you include going forward and reverse under power. Thanks for the article, cheers.

  16. What Size Boat Do You Need For An Ocean Crossing?

    What Size Boat For Ocean Crossing? If you're looking for a quick answer to this question, the Atlantic Rally For Cruisers (ARC), which is run by the World Cruising Club every year in November from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean, requires a length of 27 feet minimum sailboat sizes for ocean crossing, in order to enter the competition.

  17. What are the Best Small Bluewater Sailboats? Cruisers Top Picks

    The Baba 30 also offers a nice extra perk. According to Jack Hornon, she "continues to have one of the highest resale values of any boat of this type and size.". A quick look at Yacht World reveals Baba 30s from the mid-70s and mid-80s typically cost anywhere between $20,000 and $70,000.

  18. What kind of boats sail across the Atlantic Ocean? 7 Best Options

    Boats come in all sorts of shapes and materials. Hulls are made from steel, wood, aluminium, and today mostly of fibreglass. 90% of the boats crossing the ocean is bigger than 36ft, with most of them measuring around 44ft. (14m). A smaller yacht could also be perfectly ocean-worthy. I've seen boats of 26 ft. crossing the pond.

  19. The best bluewater multihulls of all time: a complete guide

    Lagoon 380. The long-time best-seller from the world leader in catamarans, with more than 1,000 produced over almost 20 years from 1999. With its characteristic vertical windows, the 380 and its ...

  20. Best boat for crossing the Atlantic

    The average size boat taking part in the ARC today is 48ft, and in the past three years, the share of multihulls has increased from 15% to 26%. Buy sensibly: Best boat for crossing the Atlantic. Jeremy advises against buying a brand new boat for an ocean crossing.

  21. The best catamarans for ocean sailing/crossing

    One of the best catamarans for ocean sailing in 2020 is The Privilege 435. This is a long-distance, light weight cruiser produced in the Gold Coast area of La Rochelle. The Privilege 435 is a heavy-displacement multihull that has been around for almost 30 years. This is a luxurious well-built yacht with a decent proportion that allows it to ...

  22. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a Trawler Yacht

    Crossing the Atlantic on a Yacht in Comfort. Experienced cruisers often discover Kadey-Krogen Yachts because they begin to search for yachts capable of crossing the Atlantic. If one searches the listings for Transatlantic boats for sale or contacts a broker with a very specific request to hear about yachts that can cross the Atlantic, they're ...

  23. Our Readers' Favorite Small-ship Ocean Cruise Lines of 2023

    Travel + Leisure Readers' 5 Favorite Small-ship Ocean Cruise Lines of 2023. Readers shared why great things come in small (ship) packages in our annual "World's Best Awards" survey for 2023.

  24. World's Last Real 'Ocean Liner:' What To Expect On A ...

    Cunard Cruise Line, however, fills a niche offering back-to-back transoceanic cruises many months of the year. Its Queen Mary 2 is the last "ocean liner" in service, a ship that was purpose ...

  25. 'Absolutely incredible': Man rowing solo across Atlantic is surrounded

    Eventually, the whales left the boat and its sole occupant with a rare story about crossing the Grand Banks, the large fishery at the edge of the North American continental shelf. "It was absolutely incredible," Waddington said. The encounter didn't harm the boat, or its progress across open water.

  26. Crossing the Big Ocean in a Little Boat

    Then watch their exhilarating finish line video to get a glimpse of what it was like to row a little boat across the big ocean. During their expedition on the open sea, the team faced numerous challenges, including towering waves, relentless rains, the endless expanse of salt water, continuous physical exertion, and being constantly tossed around.

  27. Sailing across the Atlantic

    Few cruising skippers would argue with ocean sailing guru and founder of the Atlantic Rally… The 'easy' way to sail across the Atlantic? March 30, 2023

  28. The Luxurious MSC Yacht Club Experience Elevates This Cruise Brand

    The MSC Yacht Club offers an elevated menu at the dedicated restaurant. MSC Cruises The Best of the Rest. When you venture out to explore the rest of the ship, outside of the MSC Yacht Club, you ...

  29. One man dead, one rescued after boat capsizes in rough seas at Tweed

    The Tweed River bar is a notoriously treacherous crossing - a powerful 2.5-metre swell at the bottom of an outgoing tide made conditions particularly dangerous. 'Very, very rough' surf

  30. Labour win means 'open season' for Channel migrant crossings, claim Tories

    Labour's election landslide has led to "open season" for Channel migrant crossings, senior Tories claimed after the number of arrivals so far this year passed 14,000. Home Office figures ...