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  • 11 Aug 2007


Hi, I'm finally thinking of moving up from Freya, and have been looking, among others, at a Rival 32. I am well aware of the performance differences (!) between what I currently sail and a larger, displacement boat. However, as SWMBO has now got the tast for blue (well, grey) water off Islay last week, I think the Rival may be just the job. So, a couple of specific questions - grateful for any advice: 1. The boat I am looking at is 1982 - and has an asking price of around £25K - does this seem fair? 2. There seem to be a number of problems with the window frames ("disintegration" of several of them). Is this common? Is it possible to get replacement frames? 3. The capping rail (which I presume was teak) on the gunwale has been replaced by a synthetic material. Having spoken to the current owner, he said that the original wood had decayed. This seems inconsistent with Rival's reputation for quality -any comments? 4. The boat has an "Easyreef" mainsail furling system -any comments as to the effectiveness of this system? Thanks in advance. Alisdair  


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lovely boats. I'd ask these model specific question on the owners site here http://www.rivalowners.org.uk/  

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I'm sure the owners website will be most helpful... I know these are rugged and dependable boats, but home-completed ones are mostly showing the strain and need regular TLC on systems and bits. The window frames are, I suspect, part of this issue. The teak capping is another matter. It should - by comparison - be still in good shape, and one might want to look closely at the hull/deck join, under the capping, for signs of more recent damage and non-professional repair. Are you having a professional and Rival-experienced survey done? If not, why not.....? /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif  

[ QUOTE ] I imagine replacing with teak will cost you a fair whack (£1500?) [/ QUOTE ] I would be surprised if it came to that much. I had half of it replaced along one side, can't remember how much it cost, but I think in the region of £200 - £250 incl. labour. Roughly multiply by 4, say £900, for the whole boat?  

  • 12 Aug 2007


  • RivalRedwing

As an owner of a '72 vintage R32 I admit to being a little biased but I think they are superb sailing boats. £25 k is not unreasonable but it really dpends on the state of the individual boat - what are the sails like? the electrics? the engine? I paid a little less than that for mine about 4 years ago, its sails were shot but it had a new engine and some decent electronics. I've seen quite a few Rivals with a modified capping rail (usually in a black, dense plastic), and I must admit my teak is showing its age and I was thinking about doing the same job. ROA are a helpful crowd.  

I delivered a Rival 31 from Plymouth to the Solent a couple of years ago (basically the same boat, but with transom hung rudder rather than a counter stern). She was a nicely maintained example that had been yard finished. She was bought for £18000. She had no window problems, but she, too, had the synthetic capping rail. I've seen so many Rivals with this, that I suspect it was standard. I may be wrong, but YM did a test review when the boats were being built, and I'd swear that the boat in the photo had the same capping rail. It looks smart, seems durable and only needs cleaning. The boat is very steady, performs decently, is cramped by today's standards and feels pretty bullet proof. Those wide side decks are lovely.  


Can't comment on the 32, but we looked at a number of 34s and about 30% had synthetic capping. I think that teak decks and capping were an option throughout the range. We now have a 41 and I really wish we didn't have the teak deck and capping. Far too much work. FWIW I think all of the Rivals are great boats, just a little short of space by modern standards.  


I concur regarding the capping rail, I have sailed several Rivals of various sizes and from memory most had plastic capping material on the low gunwale. My only caveat regarding these boats is that they are pretty heavy and do need a good bit of wind to get them moving. Not great in light airs.  

Yes, I can see that from the specifications. However, as my usual cruising area is West of Scotland, the light wind performance should not be a problem!  

Asking price - 25k seems a reasonable price for an '82 R32 in good condition. That said, I'd be concerned that the window frame problem should be addressed at this price and seek a corresponding reduction/correction. As already posted a survey is recommended to support such action and maybe to uncover other subjects for negotiation. My R34 has aluminium frames and if your R32 is similar, corrosion may have been promoted thro using SS fixing screws. Post on the ROA - I know of at least one member who has replaced frames on an R34. The black capping rail is common on lots of Rivals. It would be worth you checking as the original teak cap is not normally replaced (AFAIK) but itself is capped by the black plastic handrail moulding. It works well and looks ok. Sorry, no knowledge of main furling but again post question on ROA. As you know Rival 31/32/34 are heavy displacement:LWL but with good sails perform respectfully in F3. Well suited for cruising The Isles. I'm sure you'll "love it". Hope to see you there! Cheers, Ron  

I understand that teak capping railing isn't too hard to replace DIY. Haven't tried it myself, but know someone who has. You can source the teak stuff here for example.  

I've had a Rival 31 for 5 years now and done just about every type of maintenance these boats need. Cost is very much dependant on condition when over 20 plus years old. £25,000 may be a good price for a 25 year old 32 but not if she needs a new engine, standing riiging, sails, re-wiring, new safety equipment etc etc......... then it is not so good. An older 32 but in excellent order may be worth spending up to£30k on if there is no further spend required. The surveyor you employ should know the market value and will advise. I still have the original teak toe rail and it is still in good order (apart from the bit I crunched a while back, this is new!) I removed the toerail a few years ago to take home and varnish. The deck to hull join was OK and not leaking but the filler used had softened and crumbled in places. I gouged this out and poured in epoxy on a hot day so this will have found any nooks and crannies, good as new! I don't like the pastic covered aluminium toe rails but that is a personal thing. The rudder on a 31 is not transom hung, it is the same as a 32. The only difference between a 31 and a 32 is the transom, normal vs. reverse. As for performance, I sailed back from Moelfre to Conwy yesterday at the same time as a Contessa 32 and matched her most of the way. I had a reef in the main and she didn't. I suspect that she was not trying that hard but even so it does show that the 31/32 is not the sluggard some people will have you believe. Like some of the other posters, I am biased and I certainly know what I would want to be in when the going gets rough. I also like Contessa 32s just as much! Mail me at [email protected] if you want more info.  

  • 13 Aug 2007


As an owner of a R34 with an 'Easyreef' mainsail furling system I would like to add the following to the comments already made by 'the panel': a) I agree that the Rival is a very sturdy 'go anywhere' boat that will keep going when most other boats have gone home b) The Easyreef system is, I assume, an add-on to the original mast (mine is). c) When it works, which is at least 99% of the time, than it's great, ... furling the mainsail is easy and safe from the cockpit. The downsides are two-fold: 1. The mainsail is a little smaller as it has no roach, hence potentially reducing performance when there's not much wind. 2. There is a potential for it get stuck, i.e. part way in, which can be a pain in the ****. You will increase the possibility of this if you have an old mainsail which may have become 'baggy' , ... since I bought a new mainsail I have never had a problem. You will decrease the possibility of this by taking care that there are no creases in the sail as it is being furled. My summary is that for coastal cruising it's great, particularly if you are likely to have an inexperienced crew. However I would not recomend it for off-shore use. hope this helps  

  • 22 Aug 2007


Just bought a Rival 32 myself and moving 'up' in size from a Twister, it's the headroom and space I value and feels generous. Very sturdy boat indeed and though an early seventies model, no w.frame problems or decayed rail for that matter. Just the job for long-distant work. The ROA site has some smashing old brochure PDF downloads with tartan upholstory and trendy couples with their fondue sticks. The Rival was advertised as a passage-making boat and certainly feels like one. Loads of storage space and sleeps six or seven. The later model will certainly have the dinette to one side which seems like a good option to keep dozing crew clear of the action and a huge double bed in port. To be honest, I'd see if the seller will come down a bit. This size of boat is not the big seller it once was.  

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Review of Rival 32

Basic specs..

The boat is typically equipped with an inboard Volvo Penta MD2 diesel engine.

Sailing characteristics

This section covers widely used rules of thumb to describe the sailing characteristics. Please note that even though the calculations are correct, the interpretation of the results might not be valid for extreme boats.

What is Capsize Screening Formula (CSF)?

The capsize screening value for Rival 32 is 1.71, indicating that this boat could - if evaluated by this formula alone - be accepted to participate in ocean races.

What is Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed?

The theoretical maximal speed of a displacement boat of this length is 6.6 knots. The term "Theoretical Maximum Hull Speed" is widely used even though a boat can sail faster. The term shall be interpreted as above the theoretical speed a great additional power is necessary for a small gain in speed.

The immersion rate is defined as the weight required to sink the boat a certain level. The immersion rate for Rival 32 is about 147 kg/cm, alternatively 826 lbs/inch. Meaning: if you load 147 kg cargo on the boat then it will sink 1 cm. Alternatively, if you load 826 lbs cargo on the boat it will sink 1 inch.

Sailing statistics

This section is statistical comparison with similar boats of the same category. The basis of the following statistical computations is our unique database with more than 26,000 different boat types and 350,000 data points.

What is Motion Comfort Ratio (MCR)?

What is L/B (Length Beam Ratio)?

What is Displacement Length Ratio?

SA/D (Sail Area Displacement ratio) Indicates how fast the boat is in light wind: - Cruising Boats have ratios 10-15 - Cruiser-Racers have ratios 16-20 - Racers have ratios above 20 - High-Performance Racers have ratios above 24 Sail-area/displacement ratio (SA/D ratio): 15.18


If you need to renew parts of your running rig and is not quite sure of the dimensions, you may find the estimates computed below useful.

Jib sheet 9.7 m(31.8 feet)12 mm(1/2 inch)
Genoa sheet9.7 m(31.8 feet)12 mm(1/2 inch)
Mainsheet 24.2 m(79.6 feet)12 mm(1/2 inch)
Spinnaker sheet21.3 m(70.0 feet)12 mm(1/2 inch)

This section is reserved boat owner's modifications, improvements, etc. Here you might find (or contribute with) inspiration for your boat.

Do you have changes/improvements you would like to share? Upload a photo and describe what you have done.

We are always looking for new photos. If you can contribute with photos for Rival 32 it would be a great help.

If you have any comments to the review, improvement suggestions, or the like, feel free to contact us . Criticism helps us to improve.

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Rival 32

General Data

See also: boats for sale.

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  • ARTMARE CA &A Tiberi CAT32
  • Santarelli Perception
  • Comar Yachts Comet 1000

Overall length:

Waterline length:, maximum beam:, displacement:, straightening:, sail details mq, equipments:.

The Rival 34 is a 34.0ft masthead sloop designed by Peter Brett and built in fiberglass by Marine Construction Ltd. (UK) since 1972.

174 units have been built..

The Rival 34 is a heavy sailboat which is under powered. It is stable / stiff and has an excellent righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a bluewater cruising boat.

Rival 34 sailboat under sail

Rival 34 for sale elsewhere on the web:

sailboatdata rival 32

Main features

Model Rival 34
Length 34 ft
Beam 9.67 ft
Draft 5.83 ft
Country United Kingdom (Europe)
Estimated price $ 0 ??

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Sail area / displ. 13.89
Ballast / displ. 39.46 %
Displ. / length 347.03
Comfort ratio 32.46
Capsize 1.70
Hull type Monohull fin keel with rudder on skeg
Construction Fiberglass
Waterline length 24.83 ft
Maximum draft 5.83 ft
Displacement 11900 lbs
Ballast 4696 lbs
Hull speed 6.68 knots

sailboatdata rival 32

We help you build your own hydraulic steering system - Lecomble & Schmitt

Rigging Masthead Sloop
Sail area (100%) 451 sq.ft
Air draft 0 ft ??
Sail area fore 239.14 sq.ft
Sail area main 212.34 sq.ft
I 37.72 ft
J 12.68 ft
P 37.75 ft
E 11.25 ft
Nb engines 1
Total power 0 HP
Fuel capacity 0 gals


Water capacity 0 gals
Headroom 0 ft
Nb of cabins 0
Nb of berths 0
Nb heads 0

Builder data

Builder Marine Construction Ltd. (UK)
Designer Peter Brett
First built 1972
Last built 0 ??
Number built 174

Other photos

sailboatdata rival 32

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1980 Rival 32'

  • Description

Seller's Description

This Rival 32 is a beautiful British proven Blue Water Cruiser. This actual boat has sailed all over Europe. It was sailed from Europe across the Atlantic to Florida, around the Bahamas and the Caribbean then sailed back across the Atlantic home. The previous Owners were readying the boat for another sail across the Atlantic thru the Panama Canal to California when a pregnancy changed the plans. The boat was shipped here instead. My situation has changed so I must sell prematurely. The boat is 95% Hawaii ready right now. It has a fantastic Beta Marine 25hp engine with only 320 hours that was recently serviced

Equipment: Thane and Thane Sailor SatCom Phone/Internet 2 Raymarine ST2000 auto tillers Navik Wind Vane Raymarine c3000 chartplotter/radar Raymarine GPS (coordinates only) Raymarine AIS 600 Echo Max Radar detector and transmitter B and G Hydra 2000 Raymarine VHS 4 Anchors, 1 Delta, 1 QRC, 2 Fortress New Windless Dyform Standing Rigging in great condition Running rigging good condition 7 bags of extra sails Survival Raft that needs to be repacked Near New Beta Marine 25 diesel engine only 320 Hours Lots of extras, spare parts

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

All 200 hulls were molded by Marine Construction Ltd., but many were finished by Southern Boatbuilding. The design was a longer counter sterned development of the 1967 designed Rival 31, and later evolved into the better-known Rival 34 - although actually more Rival 32s than 34s were built.

This listing is presented by SailboatListings.com . Visit their website for more information or to contact the seller.

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    Notes. All 200 hulls were molded by Marine Construction Ltd., but many were finished by Southern Boatbuilding. The design was a longer counter sterned development of the 1967 designed Rival 31, and later evolved into the better-known Rival 34 - although actually more Rival 32s than 34s were built.

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    Visit site. Just bought a Rival 32 myself and moving 'up' in size from a Twister, it's the headroom and space I value and feels generous. Very sturdy boat indeed and though an early seventies model, no w.frame problems or decayed rail for that matter. Just the job for long-distant work.

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    The DL-ratio for Rival 32 is 354 which categorizes this boat among 'heavy cruisers'. Heavy Light 12% 0 50 100. 12% of all similar sailboat designs are categorized as heavier. A heavy displacement combined with smaller water plane area has lower acceleration and is more comfortable.

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    Rival 32 is a 31′ 9″ / 9.7 m monohull sailboat designed by Peter Brett and built by Marine Construction Ltd. starting in 1971. ... The design was a longer counter sterned development of the 1967 designed Rival 31, and later evolved into the better-known Rival 34 - although actually more Rival 32s than 34s were built. ... into the better ...

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    The Rival 32 is a 31.83ft masthead sloop designed by Peter Brett and built in fiberglass by Marine Construction Ltd. (UK) since 1971. 200 units have been built. The Rival 32 is a heavy sailboat which is under powered. It is stable / stiff and has an excellent righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a bluewater cruising boat.

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    While a Rival 32 has a comfort ratio of 32.8 and a Rival 34 of 32.4; figures Brewer sees as desirable for serious 'bluewater' cruisers. Owner's view. Retired journalist John Passmore has owned a couple of Rival 32s and has covered many thousands of miles in both. So he really understand­s the merits of Brett's design.

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    Location: PORTUGAL. Posts: 30,735. Images: 2. Re: A few questions about rival 32. This is the forecabin of a Rival 31.. All the 32 is, is a stretched 31 so I cannot see why there's the tube other than a mod by a previous owner to get the chain lower and further aft for 'performance' reasons.

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    Rival 32. When designing and producing quality products C&J Marine Ltd ensure that attention to detail is of the utmost priority. From coastal day sailing through to blue water adventures; from compact, multi-functional on-board living to grand designs and style, our design and manufacturing experience, products and services are second to none.

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    Practical Boat Owner. Rival 32 Review And Test Sail - Read online for free. As the years trundle by I become increasingly aware of the dilemma facing those who want to buy a 'proper yacht'. In days gone by, would-be buyers of moderately priced 30ft to 35ft sea-going cruising yachts that could leave harbour with little worry.

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    The Rival 34 is essentially a Rival 32 with a longer rear end. As others have stated above, they both are reliable and easily-managed boats in strong weather . As with any elderly sailboat, you should survey the condition of the engine , the standing rigging , and especially the condition of the electrical wiring .

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    The Rival 34 is a 34.0ft masthead sloop designed by Peter Brett and built in fiberglass by Marine Construction Ltd. (UK) since 1972. ... 32.46 Capsize: 1.70 ... The data on this page has been derived from different sources but a significant part is attributed to sailboatdata.com.

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    One prominent league insider shed light on Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson's potential wandering eye in free agency. The post Warriors' Klay Thompson, Upstart Rival Have 'Mutual ...

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    1980 Rival 32' Channel Islands of California, California, United States. Listed Apr 28. Expired. $28,500 USD. Save. Share. Share. SMS. Email. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Print. ... The design was a longer counter sterned development of the 1967 designed Rival 31, and later evolved into the better-known Rival 34 - although actually more Rival ...

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    LENGTH: Traditionally, LOA (length over all) equaled hull length. Today, many builders use LOA to include rail overhangs, bowsprits, etc. and LOD (length on deck) for hull length. That said, LOA may still mean LOD if the builder is being honest and using accepted industry standards developed by groups like the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council).

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