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Best Catamaran for Sailing Around the World — Best Cruising Catamarans

Sailing around the world is a dream of many. It’s the grandest adventure you can have in a sailing vessel—or at least one of the top five. But what kind of boat do you choose?

For many, the go-to answer has become a bluewater catamaran. These boats offer outstanding comfort and living space. They outperform most monohull sailboats of their size, and their bright and airy salons and cockpits will convert non-sailors to the ideas of what is possible with such a boat. 

Here’s a look at some of the best long distance cruising catamarans and why these boats are great choices for many crews.

Best Catamaran for Sailing Around the World — Best Cruising Catamarans

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Lagoon 440/450/46, leopard catamarans 42/43 (circa 2000-2007), pdq antares 44/44i, catana 471/47, fountaine pajot orana / helia 44, balance 482, what is a cruising catamaran, cruising catamaran pros, cons of catamaran offshore cruising, what to look for — best catamaran for sailing around the world, best cruising catamarans faqs, 8 popular choices for best cruising catamarans.

Every boat has strengths and weaknesses, and every list is biased. There are tons of boats out there, and it’s impossible to be familiar with every single one. Furthermore, as time passes and our needs change, the types of boats that catch our attention change. 

Sailing long distances, like around the world, is a very specific mission. It’s not something you wake up one morning and say, “Today, I’m setting off around the world!” 

No, a circumnavigation is the culmination of years of preparation and research. Just finding the right boat is a big part of that. Some experienced cruisers make their business helping people find the right boat to suit their needs. If you’re completely lost in the boat-buying process, reaching out to an experienced expert (not just a yacht broker!) is an important step. 

One such person is John Neal. Neal runs Mahina Offshore Services and is a consultant for folks wanting to cast off the lines. He’s written extensively about what makes a good bluewater cruiser and specializes in boat consultations. Be sure to visit his website and download his free ebook, Selecting and Purchasing an Ocean Cruising Sailboat.

Another great resource, especially if you’re considering voyaging with your kids, are Jamie and Behan Gifford of Sailing Totem . They work as consultants helping couples and families find their path to a successful circumnavigation—what they call “from dream worthy to seaworthy.” Totem and crew crossed their wake a few years back, and they write for Cruising World and often speak at events like Cruiser University at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in the fall.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular long-distance cruising catamarans. This isn’t an all-inclusive list, nor are these really recommendations. Rather, they’re a look at some boats, both good and bad, to consider for the ultimate sailing adventure.

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Lagoons are the ubiquitous production boat of the catamaran world. Next to Leopard, they dominate nearly every list of catamarans since the company makes so many of them. They’ve been cranking these boats out for over 20 years, longer than many other manufacturers. When you do the math, there’re more examples of individual Lagoon models out there than hulls made by many other manufacturers combined. 

What does all that mean for the buyer? For one thing, it means it’s not hard to find a Lagoon for sale. If you pick your model, you’ll probably find a few dozen for sale worldwide at any given time. A cursory look at Yacht World shows 23 listings for the 440 and another 77 for the 450 (not including those listed separately as 450F and 450S!). 

The 440 was the first of Lagoon’s popular flybridge models. This offers an upper level so that the helmsperson can see all points of the boat and is separate from the salon and cockpit area. Many liveaboard 440 owners have converted the upper flybridge with an enclosure to make it an all-weather helm. 

The 450 took the 440’s success and improved all the details. The updated design was one of the most popular boats Lagoon ever made. They eventually divided the lineup it the 450F, with the standard flybridge, and the 450S, with a “sporty” helm on the aft coachroof. 

Both are very popular boats and are sized right for world voyaging. They aren’t without problems, however. Around 2020, many owners began discovering serious problems with bulkheads delaminating from the hulls. However, Lagoon has an official fix, and many boats have been successfully repaired. As always, get a good survey, research, and ask the right questions!

Lagoon 450s are currently listed for anywhere between $400,000 and $800,000. 440s are older and can be found between $275,000 and $450,000. As always, keep your eyes peeled for the less common and much more comfortable owners’ version layouts with one huge master cabin.

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Leopard is another ubiquitous brand in the catamaran world. The company’s newer models, like the current (2023) Leopard 45, have a forward seating area and a large opening door on the front of the salon. In short, they’re perfect charter boats. Leopard habitually reuses their model numbers repeatedly, making getting the right model confusing. The newest Leopard 42 started production in 2020 and features the forward patio lounge. 

The Leopards included on this list are much older and lack this forward patio design. Instead, these original Leopards have a low-profile aesthetic perfect for ocean sailing. They’re comfortable and functional. They’re a little on the small size for world cruising but would be perfectly suited for a couple that wants the smallest boat they can get. 

The difference between the two models was only one thing—the 42 included a soft-top bimini, while the 43 had a hard top. Most owners have now converted their 42’s soft top to a hard one. 

Leopard 42s and 43s from 2000 to 2007 are currently listed between $250,000 and $350,000. The 43s, which are a bit newer, go for just a little more. Since so many saw charter use, finding good examples with owner’s layouts is hard. When you do, they’re worth the trouble to bring home.

If you’re looking for a bargain, the older Leopard 45 and 47 were remarkably similar in design. They are less common on the used market today, but if you find one in good shape, it’s worth a look. 

This boat started life built by Canadian catamaran builder PDQ. The design was wildly successful. However, when PDQ shut down, the hull molds made their way to Argentina and found new life. This is one of the few catamarans out there that is built for the specific mission we’re addressing here—a long distance cruising catamaran for a couple or a small family. 

The Antares is built from the keels up to be reliable, simple, comfortable, and safe. She’s not winning any races against the Outremers, Gunboats, or fastest catamarans of the world, but she makes up for it with her sturdy design and comfortable handling.

At 44 feet long, she’s the perfect length for a voyaging catamaran. She has impressive bridgedeck clearance and can handle most anything King Neptune throws her way. Her fit and finish are above average—excellent, in fact—and her layout is supremely functional. This is one catamaran that must be on your shortlist if you’re considering a circumnavigation.

Currently, two Antares are listed on the market, from $595,000 to $798,000. Only a handful of 44s are out there, and while the boat has been in production since around the year 2000, there just aren’t many to choose from. Those that are out there are coveted for their build quality and seaworthiness, so they don’t come cheap.

Catana is a French builder that makes performance catamarans with retractable daggerboards. These improve upwind performance dramatically and reduce your draft when gunkholing. Proponents of daggerboard designs will also point to their improved handling at sea, allowing the boat to slip freely down waves, thereby reducing the likelihood of capsizing in extreme conditions.

Catanas also feature a unique helm layout. Twin helms are located outboard on each stern, so you can pick your driving position for the best visibility, the best shade, or the best breeze. You’ll be driving with the autopilot from the nav station at sea anyway. It keeps sailing a little more fun when you’re out there for the fun of it. 

The 47 and 47OC (Ocean Class) are the newer versions of the boat. All versions feature Catana’s uniquely strong, lightweight composite layups and distinctive asymmetric narrow hulls. They’ve got outstanding bridgedeck clearance and 

Catana 47s and 47OCs are listed between $360,000 and $700,000. The older 471 is a little harder to find. Catana has always been a higher-end, low-volume brand that makes fewer hulls each year than other makes. 

Fountaine Pajot is the third of the “big three” catamaran makers. The French brand is often compared to Lagoon and Leopard, but their designs have always stuck more on the performance side than the bulky cruiser side. In the ocean-going length, their 44-footers are just about right. 

Regarding layouts and features, it’s hard to imagine a more perfectly suited boat than the FP 44s. These boats are big enough to carry all your stuff and give you space to spread out. But they’re also good sailors and stable at sea. They feature the preferred coachroof-mounted helm, which is raised enough to provide good visibility without being disconnected from the action in the cockpit. 

Oranas are currently listed from $295,000 to $468,000, while the newer and more popular Helias go for anywhere from $447,000 to $649,000. These were popular boats with private owners, and in charter, so there are usually quite a few available. 

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Mantas are a well-built, American-made catamaran sailboat that went through several revisions. Overall, the hulls and layouts never changed from the early 38s to the last 42 Mark IVs. But the transoms were extended for speed and better handling, and the extra length of the later models makes them just right for a small ocean-going cat. 

Balance is a South African company that has made their business to produce a modern sailing catamaran for a new age of sailing. This isn’t a legacy brand, so you aren’t going to find one at a bargain price. Instead, these boats are being built on a semi-custom basis for owners like us who want to sail their boats around the world. 

The company describes the Balance 482 as a “trend-setting circumnavigator.” It won Boat of the Year from Sailing World Magazine in 2022.  

HH boats are built in Asia as cutting-edge sailing catamarans for the owner/sailor market. They’re designed by Morrelli and Melvin, one of the multihull world’s top design firms.

These boats are also semi-custom, so you won’t find many on the used market. They’re known for their modern innovations, including a fold-down swim platform and an EcoDrive hybrid system. You can spec your boat with either mini keels (OC or “ocean cruising”) or daggerboards (SC or “sport cruising”).

The HH50 is the company’s best bet for circumnavigating with a small family. There’s also the capable, smaller sistership, the HH44.

Why Are Catamarans Great for Long-Distance Voyaging?

Catamarans are immensely popular for a few reasons. For one thing, they’re some of the most comfortable boats for long-term living aboard. They offer lots of living space, storage, and tankage. They have panoramic views, with huge windows letting light and air into the open salon. Unlike classic monohull sailboats, they are not dark and stuffy at all. 

Catamarans also don’t heel like monohull sailboats do. This is good and bad, but most people (especially non-sailors) prefer it. It means when you’re sailing, you aren’t at an angle for days or weeks at a time. Your stuff isn’t constantly rolling downhill on the counter and falling out of the medicine cabinet whenever you open the door. They still move and rock on the waves, but the motion is always more upright than heeled to one side. 

There are a dozen other reasons folks prefer catamarans to monohulls for long-distance or long-term traveling. And, like all things in boating, every sailor is a little different. Some don’t like catamarans and prefer a beefy bluewater monohull’s stability and solid feel. Your mileage may vary, as the saying goes. 

Of course, the longest voyage of them all is sailing around the world. The typical downwind circumnavigation involves several long-distance passages and many months of hopping through remote island nations. The longest leg is typically from Panama or the Galapagos Islands to French Polynesia (The Marquesa Islands), a leg of at least 3,000 nm that typically takes 20 days or more. 

In total, a circumnavigation takes at least 18 months but commonly even longer. That’s a long time to spend on any vessel, so the comfort of a cruising catamaran makes a lot of sense.

A cruising catamaran is roughly defined as one designed to carry passengers and crew long distances. Obviously, this means it needs to be equipped with staterooms and heads, a galley, and a salon. But that also means it must hold enough fuel and water to keep its passengers safe for long voyages. 

The cat also needs to be designed to be stable enough for all of that to be used to capacity. Two to four people, plus enough supplies to keep them fed and healthy for months, weighs quite a lot. Then you add in spare parts, water toys, and other goodies, and it adds up. Catamaran speed and stability come from its lightweight design. If you make it too heavy and overload it, it will be slow and less stable in rough conditions. 

When you consider all of this, you’ll come up with a minimum size for a catamaran to carry all the stuff you need for such a long voyage. Generally, the smallest cats in this class will be around 42 feet long. This is the right size for a cruising couple that doesn’t often sail with others. A 44-footer will be a little more comfortable and make having occasional guests onboard a more pleasant experience. Once you get to 50 feet or longer, the boat is a bit large for most private owner skippers to handle. Costs start to balloon at this length and above, as well. 

What about a small catamaran ? Many people have successfully done the trip in smaller boats, of course. Generally, however, these smaller cats are pushed to their limits in terms of load carrying capacity. In most cases, circumnavigators will take on extra crew for longer legs (this is sometimes even an insurance requirement!). The ride in rough seas is not as good in shorter cats, which tend to hobby horse more in a chop. So, overall, 42 feet and above is about the sweet spot.

Cruising Catamarans

Comfortable Living Space

The huge salons and cockpits catamarans offer, with comfortable seating at big tables, truly improve your life at sea. The importance of all the light and air coming through those windows can’t be underestimated—it’s great at anchor when enjoying the sunset. But it’s also great to have an interior nav station where you can keep watch from the comfort of the salon. In short, a liveaboard catamaran is one of the most comfortable options for any type of cruising.

Better Speed, Especially Downwind

Compared to monohulls of similar length, catamarans are nearly always faster. This goes for fast catamarans, sure, but also for cruising catamarans. This becomes very apparent when traveling downwind, something that most monohulls struggle with. And downwind is the preferred direction to travel on a sail around the world route .

Comfort at Sea

The lack of heeling makes catamarans the preferred choice for long distance sailing. When given the choice of doing a 20-day passage perfectly upright or at a 10-degree tilt, which would you pick? Even the saltiest of sailors has to agree that heeling over is fun for a while but gets tiring quickly.

Redundant Systems and Structures

With two hulls, two engines, two water tanks, two fuel tanks, two sets of bilge pumps, and tons of other redundancy built in, catamarans offer owners extra layers of safety. 

If all of this sounds too good to be true, it’s because we haven’t discussed the most limiting factor for most sailors—the cost of the boat! Catamarans are expensive from the outset. When juggling all of the factors with an around-the-world cruise, boat cost is the biggest. 

Catamarans cost more than monohulls for many reasons. They are larger, but even still, they often sell for more. One reason is their popularity. These boats are in demand. Far fewer examples are on the market than monohulls, and more buyers are looking to purchase them. So prices are high and are likely to stay high. On the other hand, Monohull prices are much lower because there are more monohulls out there than there are monohull buyers.

With any boat, there is also the cost of keeping it once you own it. The larger the boat, the greater your expenses will be. This is true for everything from maintenance to storage. Catamarans cost more than monohulls in nearly every instance. For maintenance, you’ll be limited to facilities that can haul a boat with your width—which will be more expensive. You’ll have two engines, which means twice the maintenance and twice the replacement cost when that time comes.

Choppy Motion

Despite all the plusses and the flat ride, plenty of sailors out there just don’t like the ride a catamaran offers. You have to take one to sea to understand fully. A catamaran is light and tries to fly across the water, from wave to wave. It smacks each wave twice and always tries to come back upright after each impact. This leads to a choppy, jarring ride sometimes. 

A monohull is built heavy and is designed to slice through the waves and push the water out of its way. The wind pressure on the sails keeps the boat’s angle steady (in most cases). So, a heavy monohull can ride quite comfortably in a chop, whereas a catamaran might feel like it’s taking a pounding. Many heavy-displacement monohulls built for long-distance travel were designed to provide a soft, comfortable ride that allows the crew to rest. 

All sea conditions are different, as are all sailors and their expectations. So this is a personal choice as to which method you like better. And for every condition uncomfortable in a catamaran but smoother in a monohull, there’s something smooth and lovely in the cat and uncomfortable in the monohull. The ocean is just like that.

All cruising cats over about 40 feet are capable, and most have become proven circumnavigators in the past few decades. The right one for you simply comes down to the balance of cruising amenities versus performance. Fast catamarans are all the rage, but you’ll have to put a price on exactly how much performance you can afford.

To learn more about other boats before deciding, check out:

  • Catamaran vs Pontoon
  • Yacht vs Sailboat

What type of boat is best for sailing around the world?

The type of boat best suited to sailing around the world is a well-built, long-distance cruising boat. Many sailboats fall into the camp, both monohulls and catamarans.

This question has a million answers. Ask every sailor who wants to go around the world, and you’ll get a different one. And, once they’ve sailed around the world on that boat, they’d choose a different boat. The only rule is that there is no perfect boat. 

What is the best catamaran to sail Caribbean?

Catamarans are extremely popular in the Caribbean because their open-air living space allows cooling airflow. Their living space is supremely suited for the tropical environment—imagine living al fresco on the waterfront all the time! 

The right catamaran for the job depends on your group size and how long you intend to spend aboard. Full-time liveaboard couples prefer cats in the 38 to 44-foot range, while small families opt for something slightly larger. 

Are catamarans easier to sail?

Catamarans are easy to sail—but similar to sailing a similar-length monohull sailboat.  Beginners sometimes find them less intimidating because they do not heel and therefore seem more stable. However, monohulls are more forgiving of errors. Catamarans have large sails and rigging, and reefing early to avoid overloading the rig is extremely important on these boats. For more on beginner boats, check out my post: Best Boat for Beginners .

cruising catamarans

Matt has been boating around Florida for over 25 years in everything from small powerboats to large cruising catamarans. He currently lives aboard a 38-foot Cabo Rico sailboat with his wife Lucy and adventure dog Chelsea. Together, they cruise between winters in The Bahamas and summers in the Chesapeake Bay.

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The 8 Fastest Cruising Catamarans (With Speedchart)

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Cruising catamarans are some of the most comfortable boats to roam the water, making them fantastic for both long-term voyages and short-term vacations. Still, cruising catamarans can be great racing boats, but just how fast can they go?

Some of the fastest cruising catamarans include the Gunboat 68 (35 knots), Outremer 45 (25 knots), ORC50 (25 knots), FastCat 435 (20 knots), TS 42 (35 knots), and Lagoon 440 (20 knots). Yet, there are many more cats that can reach 35 knots safely. 

If you are interested in knowing about the fastest cruising catamarans, I have you covered. I will be discussing some of the most popular, fastest cruising catamarans and the features that make them so excellent for sailors in need of speed. You will learn more about each catamaran’s speed and amenities, and I will let you know a trick or two to maximize your speed under sail. 

Gunboat 6835+
TS 4235
Outremer 4525
ORC 5025
FastCat 43520
Lagoon 44020
Privilege Signature 510 (For reference)13
Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 (For reference)10

How Fast Are Cruising Catamarans?

On average, cruising catamarans can reach top speeds of 15 knots , around 17.3 mph (27.84 kph). However, some exceptional, racing-designed cruising catamarans can reach up to 30+ knots in the right wind conditions. 

When you want to better understand catamaran hull characteristics, I suggest the book Catamarans a Complete Guide (amazon link) by the president of Aeroyacht catamarans and that you check out my article Why catamarans capsize .

Factors That Impact Speed

Weight & size.

When you consider a catamaran’s speed, you will need to keep in mind the boat’s weight and narrowness. A vessel that can travel at 15 knots will still move slower if the boat is heavy or has a wide, extensive hull. When increasing the total weight of the boat, the boat “sits” lower in the water, thus increasing water drag and reducing speed.

Why trimarans are faster than catamarans!

Now that we know how weight impacts sailing characteristics, it follows that; if you are planning on racing your catamaran, you should remove as much luggage or extra gear as possible. Eliminating as much weight as possible will help you travel at your cat’s maximum speed .

Narrow Hulls

The hydrodynamics of the ship will heavily affect your speed. Narrower boats can chop through the water with less effort, making slender ships with pointed hulls far faster than wide vessels. So if you are looking for the fastest one available, you should look for a slender hull.

Slim hulls vs. space is a common tradeoff for catamarans optimized for family sailing .

Wind will also affect your ship’s speed, so do not expect your cruising catamaran to reach the maximum speed without heavy wind. Generally, cruising catamarans have two large sails (at least) to power them through the water, and some are so efficient that they can travel even faster than the wind.

Although a strong wind is needed to energize the sails and move the boat, too much wind will instead make the sails less efficient, and maximum speed is most often attained at lower wind speeds but with flat water.

Light Weight Materials

Faster cruising catamarans are often made from carbon fiber materials and fiberglass to keep the weight down. If you are looking for the quickest catamaran that you can find, you should note the materials that the ship is made out of and try to get one that is primarily made from carbon, glass, and resin materials. 

While you are looking for the perfect catamaran for you, you should keep in mind what you NEED and what is NICE with your ship. Usually, this decision is between size and speed, but some of these excellent vessels have both. 

Lightweight materials are usually costly; for example, a carbon fiber mast will probably cost you +$20 000, depending on the cat’s size.

I have written a buyer’s guide that explains the concept of NEED vs. NICE , which will make choosing the right boat faster and more accurate.

Gunboat 68 (+35Kts)

Gunboat 68 is a cruising catamaran designed to reach the highest speeds possible. Made by Gunboat, the ship uses Grand-Prix racing boats’ designs to develop the speediest cruising catamaran on the market. 

Gunboat 68 is made entirely from carbon composites, which keeps the ship lightweight and fast. Gunboat 68 is the perfect catamaran for anyone who wants to reach the highest speeds possible while maintaining control of the vessel and not bouncing around too much. 

Gunboat 68 has comfortable, spacious living quarters, though it also has a spacious deck with luxurious seating. Indeed, this cat has it all, making it one of the best cruising catamarans for racers and casual sailors. The design maximizes all of the living spaces and uses lightweight materials to add elegance and luxury to a speedy racing catamaran. 

Gunboat 68 is one of the fastest cruising cats out there, with its maximum speed at more than 30 knots . Gunboat 68 can achieve these fast speeds, thanks to its lightweight construction and narrow hull design. 

Still, Gunboat can customize your ship’s plan to accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking for a faster, more lightweight boat with a more extensive sail or a more comfortable cruiser, Gunboat 68 is an excellent option for you. 


  • Maximum Speed: 35 knots
  • Length: 68 ft (20.75 m)
  • Beam: 29.9 ft (9.1 m)
  • Draft: 3.9 ft (1.2 m) board up and 9.84 ft (3.8 m) board down
  • Displacement: 23.7 tonnes

TS 42 (ORC 42)

The TS, or Tres Simple , cruising catamarans, designed by Marsaudon Composites, are some of the fastest cruising catamarans in the world. 

Marsaudon developed the ship’s plans using racing boats’ streamlined designs and combined them with a cruising catamaran’s comfortable living spaces. The TS 42 has an inverted hull which helps it glide on the water swiftly without requiring much fuel, but it also has a spacious below-deck area with plenty of luxuries.

TS cruising catamarans are often considered the fastest cruisers on the market, with their speed comfortably reaching upwards of 35 knots in the right wind conditions. Generally, TS catamarans can sail at 20 knots, even with moderate wind. They are the perfect catamaran for racers and high-speed travelers, and yet they still have the amenities of a pleasant live-in vessel. 

The TS 42 has a large galley and comfortable cabins, making it a cozy home or vacation vessel. With multiple bathrooms, large windows, and open lounge spaces, these catamarans are superbly comfortable to live in. 

The deck and cabin space are divided by a large, openable window, which adds extra light and ventilation to the living areas. It also has plenty of on-deck space, which is rare in such a small vessel with an inverted hull. 

If you think I’m using too many confusing nautical terms, you’ll find all the answers on my Catamaran parts explained page .

  • Length: 42.8 ft (13 m)
  • Beam: 24.3 ft (7.4 m)
  • Draft: 4.9 ft (1.5 m) with boards up and 7.5 ft (2.3 m) with boards down
  • Displacement: 5.8 tonnes

Outremer 45

Based in France, Outremer (pronounced uutremeer 😉 ) designed their Outremer 45 to be a long-lasting cruising catamaran that sails smoothly at high speeds. The Outremer 45 can reach about 15 knots, but the most comfortable sailing speed is 10 knots. However, it can travel up to 25 knots in the right wind conditions, making it a quick ship with all of a perfect cruising catamaran’s luxuries. 

It is made for durability from carbon, vinyl ester, and divinycell so that it can last many years without repairs. The Outremer 45 has a narrow hull, and it is designed to be as thin as possible to maximize speed and fuel efficiency. Outremer 45 still has comfortable living quarters with large windows and lounge spaces within the boat. Indeed, it sacrifices no comfort for speed.

In this article, I talk a lot about catamaran characteristics, both interior and exterior, if that’s something you want to better understand, then I recommend an article where I write about trade-offs in design choices .

The Outremer 45 was initially designed to be a boat that would last 50 or more years, and it excels in its durability. It has an open, uniquely expansive side deck and plenty of on-deck conveniences that make sailing a breeze in the ORC50.

With supreme safety features such as tall railings, slip-free grips on deck, and enclosed lounge spaces, it is one of the safest catamarans available (is safety your top concern? I wrote a list of the safest catamarans on the market). 

  • Maximum Speed: 25 knots
  • Length: 48 ft (14.6 m)
  • Beam: 23.3 ft (7.1 m)
  • Draft: 3.3 ft (1 m) with boards up and 6.7 ft (2.04 m) with boards down
  • Displacement: 8.2 to 11.1 tonnes

Marsaudon Composites ORC50

Marsaudon Composites designed the ORC50, or Ocean Rider Catamaran 50, with both speed and comfort in mind. The ORC50 can be used for cruising, but it is also a great racing boat that has been awarded honors from many races worldwide.

Marsaudon borrowed designs from racing skippers to plan the ORC50, bringing together a cruiser’s comfort with the speed of an award-winning racing boat. 

This cruising catamaran is lightweight, which allows it to gain speed at a fast rate, but still has comfortable living quarters inside the boat. It has a rotating carbon mast, which helps to eliminate turbulence over the mainsail and therefore increasing sail efficiency and speed!

With strong winds, the ORC50 can reach up to 23 knots , making it extremely fast for a cruising catamaran. The ORC50 can easily reach speeds much faster than the wind speed, which is a unique quality of this fast, yet comfortable catamaran.

The ORC50 is an excellent long-term living ship with its many organizational compartments, expansive galley, and well-ventilated sleeping cabin. It also has plenty of couches and seating areas built into the boat, and its intuitive design adds plenty of comfort to the cruising catamaran without weighing down the ship. 

  • Length: 50 ft (15.23 m)
  • Beam: 27 ft (8.2 m)
  • Draft: 5.6 ft (1.7 m) with boards up and 8.9 ft (2.7 m) with boards down
  • Displacement: 13 tonnes

FastCat 435

African Cat’s catamarans, including the FastCat 435, are designed for speed and racing. This ship is mainly composed of epoxy, fiberglass, and carbon components, making it very lightweight to ensure that it travels as swiftly as possible. 

The FastCat 435 may be as light as possible, but it is durable enough to last for many years in the most extreme conditions.

The FastCat 435 has comfortable living quarters and well-designed comfort spaces so that you can get the most out of your trips. The FastCat also has a green hybrid design, and it uses primarily electric power, which can help you prolong your sailing and use less fuel. 

I find solar-powered/electric cats pretty exciting, so much so that I wrote an entire article called The Best Solar-Powered Catamarans on the subject.

The FastCat is an excellent option for anyone who wants a smaller cat with a comfortable design and incredible speed. FastCat’s electric power is also a unique, favorable feature for anyone who wants to use less fuel. 

  • Maximum Speed: 20 knots
  • Length: 42.7 ft (13 m)
  • Beam: 24.4 ft (7.4 m)
  • Draft: 3.9 ft (1.2 m) with boards up
  • Displacement: 2.4 tonnes

The Lagoon 440 cruising catamaran, like the FastCat, has an electric powering version, which cuts down on fossil fuel usage and ensures that your ship will keep moving. The Lagoon 440 is also among the easiest catamarans to maneuver, thanks to its electric drivetrain and automatic engines. 

The speed of the Lagoon 440 usually maxes out at 10 knots with low winds, but with higher winds, it can quickly gain speeds up to 20 knots (some argue even higher, but I’m doubtful). The Lagoon 440 is an excellent cruiser and comfortable catamaran, but it is not an all-out racing cat.

Lagoon is a well-known brand, but there are some caveats, and are Lagoons still making good catamarans?

Below the deck, the living spaces in the Lagoon 440 are magnificent. The ceilings are high, allowing the tallest of passengers to stand in the cabin. The many storage compartments and furnishings have a modern, elegant design. The interior is one large primary cabin with a few private spaces below the deck. 

  • Length: 44.6 ft (13.6 m)
  • Beam: 25.3 ft (7.7 m)
  • Draft: 4.3 ft (1.3 m)
  • Displacement: 10.5 tonnes

Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42

Fountaine Pajot designs some of the most luxurious yet speedy cruising catamarans available in the world. They are renowned for their safe, durable designs that make sailing a comfortable, relaxing experience. And on a personal note, i think the name sounds beautiful!

Their cruising catamarans use an inverted hull design that has become a signature mark of Fountaine Pajot vessels. This hull type allows the water to pass beneath the ship quickly, which increases the speed and fuel efficiency of the cat. 

The Astréa 42’s primary benefit is its spacious, comfortable living quarters and large, open deck spaces. The ship’s interior spaces have large windows, large lounging areas, and plenty of storage compartments. 

The cabin’s ventilation is also excellent, which reduces the classic musty smells of sea living. You can also get two different models of this catamaran, either in a one-cabin option or a two-cabin option, making it an excellent vessel for larger or smaller families.

The Astréa is ideal for long-term sea living and family vacations (it is not as fast as some more racing-oriented cats). Although the Astréa is not the speediest cat available, with its speed maxing out at about 10+ knots, even in favorable wind conditions, its luxurious atmosphere and comfortable cabin spaces make up for its relatively slow speed. 

Don’t get me wrong, despite its lower speed compared to the boats on this list, the Astréa 42 can still get you places quicker than many other cruising catamarans (and most monohulls). So, if you want all of the elegance and comfort of a cat and are not too worried about racing, this ship is an excellent option for you.  

  • Maximum Speed: 10 knots
  • Length: 41.3 ft (12.6 m)
  • Beam: 23.6 ft (7.2 m)
  • Draft: 4.1 ft (1.3 m)
  • Displacement: 12.3 tonnes

Privilege Signature 510

The Privilege Signature 510 is a long-distance cruising catamaran designed for long-term voyages and sailing in extreme weather conditions. It features a durable, weatherproof design that will protect you from rainy and cold weather while sailing. 

The helm and living spaces are completely covered, making it safe to live in, even in cold or stormy weather. It also has an automatic sail adjustment system with the controls at the helm, allowing you to make any adjustments from the helm’s safety and comfort. 

Privilege Signature 510 also has an elegant, well-designed living space with plenty of amenities, including an accelerated cooling system, a spacious bathroom and kitchen, and plenty of windows for natural lighting.

With an elegant floor plan, this cozy ship is perfect for long-term living.

The Privilege Signature is not the fastest catamaran on the market, with a maximum speed of around 13 knots. Still, it is one of the quicker cats considering its elaborate amenities and comfortable size.

  • Maximum Speed: 13 knots
  • Length: 50 ft (15.24 m)
  • Beam: 26 ft (7.98 m)
  • Draft: 5 ft (1.57 m)
  • Displacement: 25 tonnes

Although cruising catamarans are great boats for slowly cruising along the water, they can also be swift, substantial racing boats that reach speeds of up to 35 knots. These speedy cruising catamarans still come with all of the amenities of leisure boats, but they also reach incredible speeds without rocking or tossing. 

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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2022 Boat of the Year: Best Cruising Catamaran (Over 50’)

  • By Cruising World Editors
  • December 15, 2021

During and in the four days immediately following the US Sailboat show in Annapolis, Maryland, the  Cruising World  judges inspected and sailed on 27 boats vying for recognition. Learn more about the boats in our  2022 Boat of the Year  »

Are they really all-around cruising sailboats, or are they luxurious and large party platforms that are best-suited for crewed charter vacations in tropical settings? That was once a fair, probing question to ask of the builders knocking off long, tall, beamy vessels balanced on a pair of cabin-filled hulls. But no longer. Despite their respective girths and displacements, not to mention a wide variety of windspeeds and sea states, this quartet of full-size cats performed admirably across the board in this year’s BOTY sea trials. Yes, they now truck along like good, honest sailboats. All that room is icing on the cake. At the end of the day, however, it’s how that space is utilized that separates the king and the contenders. 

Destined almost exclusively for the charter trade, the judges believed the Voyage 590 would truly excel in that role, so much so that they ultimately recognized it with a special award as the year’s Best Charter Boat. But that didn’t mean they did not consider it an innovative, exciting vessel on its total merits. “It’s a ‘techie’ boat, and they’re doing a lot of cool things with lithium batteries and 24-volt systems,” judge Ed Sherman said. “In terms of systems integration, they’re using high-end inverters to help out with things like variable-speed air-conditioning systems so they won’t have to run generators for extended periods of times. It’s pretty cool stuff. And under power, it’s one of the quietest boats we tested. High marks all around!”

Voyage Yachts 590

Lagoon Catamarans, as most multihull sailors know, was one of the era’s true pioneers in the evolving world of cruising cats. Their new Lagoon Sixty 5 is another vessel that, not unlike the Voyage 590, will find plenty of duty in the serious business of having fun: in other words, the charter business. And it would be hard to find a better vessel for doing precisely that. The focal point of the boat, on multiple levels, is the epic flybridge, a feature that Lagoon first explored on a big cat with the firm’s 620 but which they have fully realized on this massive 67-footer. It utilizes a pair of steering stations, which are handy indeed given the beam of the yacht. The overhead Bimini sports a glass window for trimming the mainsail, a welcome and innovative addition. Sofas, wet bar, grill, fridge: all combined, they ask an important question, one that strikes to the heart of the boat’s clear purpose. Why would you ever go below?

Lagoon Sixty 5

In many respects, Fountaine Pajot was unquestionably another pioneer in the realm of production cruising cats, and it’s been fascinating to watch the company evolve. Tim Murphy has had a ringside seat for much of that decades-long evolution. “It’s been interesting to watch their trajectory over the years,” he said. “They started out as a very performance-oriented manufacturer. So, a lot of their thinking is about keeping weight out of their boats and creating cats that are going to perform well. Now they’re more in a market that’s moved in the direction of accommodation, and we’ve watched them transition in that direction. But speed and elegance remain important, as shown here.” A key selling point in the Samana 59 is the versatility offered in the several optional interior layouts. A pair of Maestro versions incorporate a roomy, stellar owner’s suite. But for full-on chartering, who could resist the six (!) double cabins with, of course, a half-dozen accompanying heads.

Samana 59

When all was said and done, though, the judges couldn’t help but honor the efforts behind the Xquisite X5 Plus ; it must be noted that, unlike its competitors in the class, chartering wasn’t part of the design brief. This is a dedicated cruising cat, through and through. And there’s much to like about this 53-foot South African-built product. For judge Tim Murphy, the important details weren’t necessarily the ones you could easily see, but rather the ones you couldn’t. “What I was most struck by on our tour of the boat was actually the service side of the whole equation,” he said. “There are 40,000 man-hours invested in this boat. And you can see it—those are solid hours of labor. One thing that was pointed out were two different marks on the heads of bolts showing they were torqued. And part of the Xquisite program is they spend two weeks with each owner, training them up with systems. All told, this is really one strong product.” 

Xquisite X5 Plus

Judge Ed Sherman agreed: “The business model here is exemplary. What they’re really doing is emulating the high-end automotive market. I think they looked at the automotive sector for high-end cars like BMW and Mercedes and said, ‘OK, this sounds good, it looks good, and we’re going to do it, too.’ And they are. So, I think that that aspect of his business plan where they’re training the owners and then doing things like loading the boat up with spare parts as part of the original purchase, I mean, hats off to them. It’s a great way to go. How can you argue against it?”

“I couldn’t find anything that was done halfway,” said Gerry Douglas. “It was done better than you’d expect it to be, just because they wanted the boat to be perfect.  And the quality of construction is excellent. It’s an infused hull but with a hand-laminated deck because there’s so many very tight corners and cavities. They didn’t think they could infuse that without adding a whole lot of weight. And I get that. So, they would hand laminate it, which makes sense when you have some of the very sharp corners that exist on that boat. It was all just perfectly done.”

Sometimes coming to a decision is hard. Sometimes it’s obvious. And when the votes were tallied, it was the Xquisite X5 Plus that was the obvious choice as Best Cruising Catamaran (Over 50’) for 2022.

  • More: Boat of the Year , Boat of the Year 2022 , Fountaine Pajot , Lagoon Catamarans , print 2022 jan , Sailboats , Voyage Yachts , Xquisite Yachts
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Atlantic Cruising Yachts logo

Good Cat, Bad Cat

What is wrong with this picture.

What’s missing is the bridge deck clearance! The single, most important factor is the load carrying capability! This affects everything else. Find out more below…

Good Cat, Bad Cat! What Do We Mean By That?

We don’t mean a boat is bad quality, or doesn’t sail well. What we’re talking about here is what makes a catamaran well suited for long distance cruising with a good sized load aboard. What makes a boat suitable for extended stays aboard.

This page was put together from interviews with builders, designers, delivery captains, owners, charterers and from our own personal experiences delivering boats up and down the East Coast, offshore and vacations aboard with both experienced and inexperienced catamaran sailors. It’s both practical and technical. The information is not intended to support any particular product, though we obviously have chosen Fountaine Pajot because we believe it is a good example of our discoveries. Many people get referred to this page by other dealers and owners.

Let’s Take a Look

Please read all of this document‐there’s some really great stuff at the end‐don’t short change yourself!

Why It Matters…

The sun doesn’t always shine. The seas aren’t always calm. Find out why it’s important to have nets forward that let the waves through. Those are lighter and reduce pitching. Why load carrying is so important for safety, comfort and for you to accomplish your goals. And much more…

For Charterers…

The information provided here shows the difference between a comfortable boat and a disappointing vacation. Sure, in protected waters most anything will do. But if you’re planning on chartering in the Caribbean‐‐this is information that will make a difference in how well you enjoy your vacation!

For Used Boat Buyers…

Many of the older boats literally got away with murder! There was no competition. Much has been learned. New technology has perfectly matched the needs of catamarans to be light, but strong. Use these criteria to choose the best compromises if you simply can’t go for the latest and best.

For New Boat Buyers…

Surprise, Surprise. This is the age of spin doctors and marketers. What looks good at boat shows, isn’t necessarily what will make a serious, offshore cruiser. Many, so called, new boats are actually re‐hashes of very old designs‐‐sometimes 10 years old or more. Often with a couple of feet slapped on to the transom! Buyer beware! You will find information here that will narrow the search.

Learn how to offset 80% of the costs of a new yacht with tax advantages and income here .

What Are You Doing For The Rest Of Your Life?

It all depends on what you’re planning to do! Staying at the dock, venturing out for weekends in protected waters? More ambitious? Coastal cruising? Or are you combining coastal cruising and watching the weather, with serious offshore cruising? Your plans affect what you need and you need to plan for the most adventurous cruise you plan.

How do we know what’s required? Because we arrange delivery of many boats every year‐‐trans‐Atlantic, and East Coast to the Caribbean. We talk to the captains who have sailed all kinds of boats. We’ve talked to the designers. Visited the plants. What I’m sharing with you here is the distillation of 100’s of hours of talks based on hands on experience with some of the most knowledgeable sailors out there in all conditions.

This discussion is directed towards offshore sailing. But even if you only want the capability, here is where you’ll find out about what to look for. Remember, even if you don’t plan to venture into long distance cruising, the person you eventually sell to may want to so your selection now, may affect your boat’s resale later. Why cut off any market potential? A “Good Cat” can sail inshore AND offshore.

Looking at What’s Important… Good Cat, Or Bad Cat?

Is it built for inshore or offshore sailing? With the advent of new technology the high tech necessary for ocean cruising catamarans is now affordable. The appeal of comfortable sailing without healing, of privacy only attainable with good separation of living and sleeping spaces, and a panoramic view with extraordinary deck space‐‐not to mention shoal draft… Catamarans have come of age. (If one has any doubts, he simply hasn’t visited a boat show lately!)

As with any new phenomenon, there are plenty of promoters anxious to jump on the latest trend‐‐whether they know anything about what’s required or not. This paper is designed to highlight the 4 important distinctions that will help you understand the builders’ intent. Is he offering an inshore or offshore Cat? The 4 important criteria to consider (aside from overall quality and integrity) are:

  • Stability. Beam to Length ratio and Static Stability
  • Pitching. The comfort factor
  • Bridge Deck Clearance 
  • The Control Cockpit. Flybridge or deck-level?

Load Carrying Capacity

There are other factors we’ll be discussing as well and I urge you to pay particular attention to #4‐all of the others hinge on this being right first.

A catamaran generally has no ballast. It primarily depends on beam and individual hull buoyancy for stability. The wider it is, the more stability‐‐however, at some point excessive beam becomes unmanageable. In addition a narrower hull is more easily depressed and prone to tripping in heavy seas. The same wider body hull that gives you better load carrying ability, also gives you more total stability. Of course at some point, you lose performance… Finding the balance is the key.

Virtually all of the experienced builders, especially the European builders who must sail their boats transatlantic to their bases in the Caribbean, have settled on a minimum length to beam ratio (L/B) of approximately 50%. That’s a 20′ beam on a 40′ boat. As the boat gets larger, over 50′ or so, you can back off from this ratio a bit and still have adequate stability. These same experienced builders put enough beam into the individual hulls to give more than adequate load carrying ability. One sign of an older design (often resurrected these days and promoted as new) is narrow individual hulls, sometimes supplanted by (needed) extra beam because the hulls no longer have the required buoyancy.

(By the way, you can often recognize these designs from inside because the berths will be high and spanning the bridge deck‐‐the hulls don’t have enough volume to carry 4 full size double berths! Watch out!)

Static stability is a measure of a boats stability. The factor was developed by sign builders (what strength wind will blow our sign over?!) A bad cat (for offshore) might have a static stability in the 25 knot range. A good Cat in the 50‐60 knot range. This is a static measure. In reality, the boat would slide sideways and round up if you were foolish enough to leave all sail up and this would approximately double the figure.

Imagine two children on a sea‐saw. If they’re both near the center of rotation:

  • It’s very difficult to get the board going at all. And if they did and you came by, you could grab the end with two fingers and stop them. Imagine the same two children moving out to the end of the board.
  • Now it’s easy to get the board moving (pitching). And once the children got started, you wouldn’t want to try grabbing the end to stop them‐you would probably get your hand broken!


Pitching can make your life miserable. Tire you out so you take unnecessary chances. Dampen your appetite. However, solid decking forward does more than just contribute to pitching. In offshore conditions when you might be semi‐surfing down waves; your bow can overtake the wave system ahead of you and plunge into the wave. Nets simply let the water through and allow the bows to recover. Solid decking can trip the boat and cause a catastrophic pitch pole‐mid‐ocean. Netting forward rather than solid decking is crucial for an offshore cat‐for comfort and for safety!


Good Cat Left…

Long overhangs fore and aft. Accommodations concentrated in center of boat (weight kept out of the ends). Beam/Length ratio 58%, Static stability about 55 knots.

Bad Cat Right…

cruising catamarans

By the way, the last thing you want to do is have decking and/or footwells forward. The extra weight forward is bad enough, but if the foot wells and lounges fill up with water when you surf down a wave at sea, for instance, you can have real problems.

Did you know that if you measure these forward wells there can be up to 100 cu. ft of water-catching, enclosed foot well? A cu. Ft of water is 7.48 gallons. A gallon weighs  8.5#  (62.4 pounds/cu.ft.). So 100 cu. ft of water combined with additional structure means you could easily add 7,000 lbs of water forward when your nose dips into a large ocean wave. Think about it this way. That’s like carrying a Pick up truck on your bow when you’re sailing offshore. (Okay, if you’re just chartering in a 50 mile circle–but is this how you want to sail offshore?)

Bridge Deck Clearance

This is generally referred to as the height from the water to the underside of the nacelle. If it is too low, waves will slap and bang under the living accommodations. Sometimes literally knocking the plates off the table in a poor design. The noise prevents sleeping. But I amplify this view. When I talk about bridge deck clearance I want to be sure there is adequate volume for smooth passage of seas between the hulls and also that the separation between the hulls isn’t exaggerated.

Imagine pushing two pipes through the water as in example (Cross sect. A&B). The pipe with the small hole must create much more resistance; literally forcing a wall of water before it. Pipe A easily allows the water through.

You need the combination of:

  • the highest possible bridge deck clearance
  • Adequate beam between the hulls‐‐but not too much distance
  • and smooth transitions between the nacelle and hulls…

…to allow the smooth transition of waves with minimum resistance, impact and effect on forcing the bows up into the start of pitching motions.

Catamaran Bridge Deck Clearance Example

A good cat, left, has a higher bridge deck clearance, with no protuberances interrupting the water flow. The wider beam between the hulls also contributes to uninhibited water flow between the hulls.

Note the difference for the bad cat on the right. We have heard this as one of the biggest negatives from owner’s who owned boats like those on the right. This is also one of the biggest reasons for them selling. (This style is typical of many of the older generation of boats, and also some new ones where marketing types take over from the designers).

Why not too much beam? Have you ever observed the wake coming off the bows of a boat? (Actually if you watch a power boat, the effect of a heavier boat at higher speed exaggerates the effect I’m talking about.) The wave curves up and away at an angle about 150 degrees back from the bow. If you measured diagonally outwards from the bow, you would see that the wave increases in height as it curves away from the bow. Keep this in mind.

Now, imagine an older design catamaran with narrower hulls (The waterline beam of each hull being narrow.) The hulls don’t have the buoyancy to give the stability that comes from buoyancy (see above) so the designer is forced to gain stability the only way he can‐‐he increases the overall beam. The trade off? Several and all bad:

  • The two bow waves come together under the nacelle as they angle back from the bow and the distance is longer (with the wider hulls) so the wave is bigger‐‐the result is excessive pounding under the bridge deck! In other words, the self generated waves combine with even a modest chop causing pounding in relatively moderate conditions.
  • The narrow hulls don’t give you the load carrying ability a serious cruiser needs.
  • The narrow hulls don’t allow the berths to nestle comfortably (and low) in the hulls, forcing berths to be uncomfortably high and overlap the bridge deck in some way in order to make them full size (or allow the charter company to advertise king sized beds!.
  • Being so far apart, the hulls sometimes sail in two different wave systems imparting a very uncomfortable motion.

Why would anyone design a boat this way? The answer is that today they probably wouldn’t. However some charter companies or marketing companies trying to take advantage of today’s catamaran popularity, and wanting to keep costs down choose older designs whose tooling cost is already amortized (or choose inexperienced designers) primarily to reduce the cost of the boat. The problem is that a bad design will always be a bad design and the cost will long be forgotten while the discomfort will linger…

Remember, charter companies ask designers for parameters suitable for people staying on‐board for short times and equipment (load carrying capacity) needs are minimal for these short times. These boats, typically only need to sail in a 50 mile circle.

Whether you’re looking to use our investment program to pay your boat off early, or getting it for some serious cruising we take the long view. We represent up to date designs that feature boats with the load carrying ability you need for care free, serious cruising (This is my only advertising plug in this piece, but I feel I’ve given you enough information to earn the right.)

This may be the most important point of all. It’s not just that the boat goes slower, when you immerse the extra hull depth, the boat gets sluggish. It won’t come about without turning the

engine on. It is difficult to maneuver in tight situations or when docking. This hull submersion also decreases the bridge deck clearance, which promotes hull slamming as well! What a shame‐‐because a well-designed catamaran should be a joy to sail in all conditions and much easier to maneuver than a monohull with it’s widely spaced twin engines.

When you sail offshore you will carry 1,000’s of pounds of extra water, fuel, stores, safety equipment and amenities. (Whether you plan to or not, consider resale value‐‐the next owner may want the option!) Here’s what manufacturers do for marketing, which reduces load carrying capacity:

  • Install inboards in too small a boat, or in a boat originally designed for outboards.
  • Start with a performance hull and try to make it all purpose (too narrow a waterline beam). (Or, as mentioned above, simply start with an older design, narrow hull with deep “U” sections.)
  • Put in too many accommodations (charter boat!)
  • Build the boat too heavy‐Use low tech construction. Needless weight in the building takes away from load carrying.

Some dead giveaways. At a boat show, look at the lower transom step‐‐especially when there are a number of people in the cockpit‐ ‐ is the step awash (actually underwater?) Not enough load carrying. Is the waterline at the water (or below it) at either end or entirely? Not enough load carrying. Sure, you can move it up, but believe me, that doesn’t solve the problem!

NOTE: We had the Fountaine Pajot Salina 48 above, recently at a Blue Angels exhibition in Annapolis. over 50 people, full tanks, full equipment and catering for 50 aboard. Note, the waterlines on both sides are still well above water! A good cat! P.S. note Blue Angels in back round. Maybe next time you’ll be there!?

The central nervous station–the control cockpit


1. The boom has to be higher to give headroom. Much higher. Out of reach for tucking in the sail or handling tangled lines. It greatly raises the center of effort of the sail plan introducing increased jiggling motion, and compromising safety in heavier air.

2. The helmsperson is out of touch with the cockpit. Beverages, food, conversation–all require participants to negotiate steps.

3. Helmsperson is not at deck level–not in a position to help with docking maneuvers–incomparable with short-handed (couples) sailing–a charter boat affectation.


Whether you actually go offshore or not, you may meet bad weather conditions. Your comfort, enjoyment and safety, (and ultimately resale value) are dependent on proper design.

Most of the criteria I have shown here, you can easily evaluate yourself. If what others tell you doesn’t make sense, or if what I tell you doesn’t make sense, then make your own evaluation. There’s no magic here. Good design really does make sense and you can see the telltale signs.

A Test…Putting Together What you Know

Look at the boat from the transom. Are the individual hulls narrow (is the transom narrow)? Is the bridge deck clearance low? Are the hulls too far apart? Or too close together? Are the transoms already in the water with no overhang showing (overloaded aft)?

  • Look at the boat from the side. Is the boat, while lightly loaded, already on her waterline or below it!? (There should be several inches of hull showing below the waterline!
  • Inside. Are the berths spanning the hulls?
  • The bridge deck? About right? Why?
  • Service. Can you get to the engines? Easily? At sea?
  • Are accommodations pushed into the ends?
  • Is there a net forward? Substantial overhangs with no weight in the ends?

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cruising catamarans

  • Asia  (3)
  •     Malaysia  (1)
  •     Thailand  (0)
  • Atlantic  (152)
  •     Bahamas  (7)
  •     Canada  (0)
  •     Chesapeake Bay  (28)
  •     Florida  (76)
  •     Georgia  (9)
  •     New England  (7)
  •     North Carolina  (0)
  •     South Carolina  (12)
  •     Texas  (0)
  • Atlantic South  (2)
  •     South Africa  (1)
  •     South America  (0)
  • Caribbean  (68)
  •     Antigua  (0)
  •     Belize  (1)
  •     BVI  (0)
  •     Colombia  (0)
  •     Costa Rica  (0)
  •     Grenada  (6)
  •     Guatemala  (2)
  •     Jamaica  (0)
  •     Martinique  (0)
  •     Mexico  (0)
  •     Panama  (9)
  •     Puerto Rico  (2)
  •     Sint Maarten  (0)
  •     USVI  (0)
  • Europe  (29)
  •     England  (0)
  •     France  (2)
  •     Greece  (8)
  •     Italy  (4)
  •     Portugal  (0)
  •     Spain  (4)
  •     Turkey  (0)
  •     United Kingdom  (0)
  • Indian Ocean  (2)
  •     Tanzania  (0)
  • Pacific  (23)
  •     Australia  (1)
  •     British Columbia  (1)
  •     California  (5)
  •     Fiji  (0)
  •     Hawaii  (0)
  •     Mexico Pacific  (7)
  •     New Zealand  (0)
  •     Oregon  (1)
  •     Panama Pacific  (1)
  •     South Pacific  (4)
  •     Washington  (1)

Large Multihulls

Stealth 11.8 (california), catathai 44 grand voyage (atlantic south).

  • Lagoon 410 S2 (Georgia)
  • Custom Current Marine 46 (New England)
  • Lagoon 380 (California)
  • Lagoon 450F (Atlantic)
  • Lagoon 42 (Atlantic)
  • Lagoon 52F (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 40 (Europe)
  • Lagoon 560 (Caribbean)
  • Leopard 48 (South Carolina)
  • Catana 471 (Malaysia)

Leopard 39 PC (Chesapeake Bay)

Lagoon 380 s2 (caribbean).

  • Leopard 44 (Georgia)

Lagoon 410 (Florida)

  • Aquila 48 Powercat (Atlantic)

Leopard 44 (Greece)

  • Lagoon 46 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 410 (Panama)
  • Leopard 46 Lion PC (South Carolina)

Scape 39 Performance (Florida)

  • Lagoon 450 (Florida)
  • Catana 381 (Europe)

Leopard 48 (Greece)

  • Leopard 47 (Puerto Rico)

Morrelli and Melvin 46 Custom (Chesapeake Bay)

  • Leopard 42 (South Carolina)
  • Leopard 40 (Florida)
  • Leopard 45 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 42 (Mexico Pacific)

  • Leopard 40 (Panama)
  • Leopard 40 (South Carolina)
  • Leopard 46 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 43 PC (Florida)

St. Francis 44 Mk II (Florida)

  • Leopard 44 (Mexico Pacific)

Leopard 39 (South Carolina)

  • Catana 42 Owners (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Fountaine Pajot Belize 43 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 410 S2 (Florida)

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 (South Carolina)

  • Lagoon 380 (South Pacific)

Leopard 46 (Chesapeake Bay)

Manta 42 (florida).

  • Custom Trimarine GP 70 (Spain)
  • Lagoon 500 (Caribbean)
  • Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 (Florida)

Lagoon 42 (Florida)

  • Vision 444 (Chesapeake Bay)

Pocket Catamarans

  • Fountaine Pajot 35 Tobago (Florida)

FP 36 Mahe (Florida)

Catalac 9m (oregon).

  • Fountaine Pajot 35 Tobago (Bahamas)
  • EndeavourCat 30 (New England)
  • Marstrom Seacart 30 (California)
  • Island Packet 35 Cat (Atlantic)
  • EndeavourCat 36 (Florida)
  • Privilege 37 Owner Version (Grenada)
  • Seawind 1000 XL (Florida)

Lagoon 37 TPI (Florida)

  • Aventura 37 (Caribbean)

Endeavour Victory 35 (Mexico Pacific)

  • Gemini Freestyle 37 (New England)
  • Gemini Legacy 35 (Florida)
  • Gemini Legacy 35 (Caribbean)

Gemini 105M (Florida)

  • Gemini 105M (California)
  • Gemini 105MC (Florida)

Power Catamarans

Endeavour 44 trawlercat (florida).

  • Lagoon 44 PC (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 43 Power (Atlantic)
  • Aquila 44 (Florida)
  • Endeavour 50 Pilothouse Trawler (Florida)
  • Aquila 44 Yacht (South Carolina)
  • Lagoon Seventy 8 (Asia)
  • Aquila 44 (Asia)
  • Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40 (Atlantic)
  • FP Ipanema 58 Power (Caribbean)
  • Nautitech 47 Power (Puerto Rico)
  • Aquila 44 Yacht (Florida)
  • Malcolm Tennant 68 Power (Washington)
  • Gold Coast 70 Wave Piercer (Caribbean)
  • Gemini Freestyle 399 Power (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Custom 102 Power Cat (Europe)

Sale Pending

  • Lagoon 52 F (Atlantic)
  • Lagoon 39 (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Manta 42 Mk IV (South Carolina)
  • Catalac 9m (Greece)
  • Lagoon 440 (Pacific)

Lagoon 400 (Florida)

  • Bali 4.8 (Caribbean)
  • Leopard 38 (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot 46 Bahia (Florida)
  • Lagoon 400 S2 (Florida)
  • Neel 45 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 440 Owner Version (Georgia)
  • Lagoon 400 Owner Version (Atlantic)
  • Privilege 435 EZC (New England)
  • Lagoon 450S Owners (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 (Atlantic)
  • Admiral  (0)
  •     Admiral 38  (0)
  •     Admiral 40  (0)
  • African Cats  (0)
  •     Fastcat 445  (0)
  • Americat  (0)
  •     Americat 3014  (0)
  • Antares  (0)
  •     Antares 44  (0)
  • Aquila  (5)
  •     Aquila 44  (4)
  •     Aquila 48 Power Catamaran  (1)
  • Aventura  (1)
  •     Aventura 37  (1)
  • Bali  (14)
  •     Bali 4.0  (0)
  •     Bali 4.1  (2)
  •     Bali 4.2  (2)
  •     Bali 4.3  (1)
  •     Bali 4.4  (1)
  •     Bali 4.5  (2)
  •     Bali 4.6  (0)
  •     Bali 4.8  (2)
  •     Bali 40 Catspace  (1)
  •     Bali 5.4  (3)
  •     Bali Catsmart  (0)
  • Beneteau  (0)
  •     Beneteau Blue II  (0)
  • Broadblue  (0)
  •     Broadblue 38 Prestige  (0)
  •     Broadblue 385  (0)
  •     Broadblue 435  (0)
  • Catalac  (2)
  •     Catalac 10M  (0)
  •     Catalac 11M  (0)
  •     Catalac 12M  (0)
  •     Catalac 8M  (0)
  •     Catalac 900  (0)
  •     Catalac 9M  (2)
  • Catana  (11)
  •     Catana 381  (1)
  •     Catana 39  (0)
  •     Catana 401  (0)
  •     Catana 40S  (1)
  •     Catana 411  (0)
  •     Catana 42  (1)
  •     Catana 42 S  (0)
  •     Catana 431  (0)
  •     Catana 44  (1)
  •     Catana 471  (2)
  •     Catana 50  (2)
  •     Catana 521  (1)
  •     Catana 531  (0)
  •     Catana 55  (0)
  •     Catana 581  (1)
  •     Catana 65  (1)
  • Catathai  (1)
  •     Catathai 44  (1)
  • Chris White  (0)
  •     Chris White 48 Voyager  (0)
  •     Chris White 55  (0)
  • Condor  (1)
  •     Condor 40  (1)
  • Contour  (0)
  •     Contour 34  (0)
  • Corsair  (0)
  •     Corsair F28 R  (0)
  • Cross  (0)
  • Crowther  (0)
  • Custom  (10)
  • De Villiers  (0)
  • Dean  (1)
  •     Dean 365  (0)
  •     Dean 400  (0)
  •     Dean 440  (1)
  • Dix  (0)
  •     Dix DH550  (0)
  • Dolphin  (3)
  •     Dolphin 380  (1)
  •     Dolphin 460  (2)
  • Edel  (0)
  •     Edel 35  (0)
  • Endeavour  (5)
  •     Endeavour 30  (1)
  •     Endeavour 35 Victory  (1)
  •     Endeavour 36  (1)
  •     Endeavour 44  (0)
  •     Endeavour 44 TrawlerCat  (1)
  •     Endeavour 50 Pilothouse Trawler  (1)
  • Excess  (0)
  •     Excess 11  (0)
  • Farrier  (0)
  •     F-41  (0)
  • Fastback  (0)
  •     Fastback 43  (0)
  • Fisher  (0)
  •     Fisher 28  (0)
  • Fortuna  (0)
  •     Fortuna 36 Island Spirit  (0)
  •     Fortuna 401 Island Spirit  (0)
  • Fountaine Pajot  (28)
  •     FP 32 Maldives  (0)
  •     FP 35 Tobago  (2)
  •     FP 36 Mahe  (1)
  •     FP 37 Antigua  (0)
  •     FP 38 Athena  (1)
  •     FP 39 Fidji  (0)
  •     FP 40 Isla  (3)
  •     FP 40 Lavezzi  (0)
  •     FP 40 Lucia  (2)
  •     FP 40 MY  (0)
  •     FP 40 Summerland MY  (1)
  •     FP 41 Lipari  (2)
  •     FP 42 Astrea  (0)
  •     FP 42 Venezia  (0)
  •     FP 43 Belize  (2)
  •     FP 44 Helia  (4)
  •     FP 44 Orana  (1)
  •     FP 45 Elba  (1)
  •     FP 46 Bahia  (1)
  •     FP 46 Casamance  (0)
  •     FP 48 Salina  (3)
  •     FP 50 Saba  (1)
  •     FP 56 Marquises  (0)
  •     FP 58 Ipanema  (2)
  •     FP 60 Eleuthera  (1)
  •     FP Saona 47  (0)
  • Fusion  (1)
  •     Fusion 40  (1)
  • Gemini  (7)
  •     Gemini 105  (3)
  •     Gemini 3000  (0)
  •     Gemini 3200  (0)
  •     Gemini 3400  (0)
  •     Gemini Freestyle 37  (1)
  •     Gemini Freestyle 399 Power  (1)
  •     Gemini Legacy 35  (2)
  • General  (0)
  • Grainger  (0)
  •     Grainger 420 Mystery Cove  (0)
  • Gunboat  (1)
  •     Gunboat 55  (1)
  • Hirondelle  (0)
  •     Hirondelle 7M  (0)
  • Hughes  (1)
  • Island Packet  (1)
  •     Island Packet Cat 35  (1)
  • Kelsall  (0)
  • Kennex  (0)
  •     Kennex 420  (0)
  • Knysna  (2)
  •     Knysna 440  (0)
  •     Knysna 500  (1)
  •     Knysna 550  (1)
  • Lagoon  (88)
  •     Lagoon 35  (0)
  •     Lagoon 37 TPI  (1)
  •     Lagoon 380  (8)
  •     Lagoon 39  (1)
  •     Lagoon 40  (1)
  •     Lagoon 400  (6)
  •     Lagoon 410  (6)
  •     Lagoon 42  (10)
  •     Lagoon 42 TPI  (1)
  •     Lagoon 420  (3)
  •     Lagoon 421  (1)
  •     Lagoon 43 PC  (2)
  •     Lagoon 44 Power Cat  (1)
  •     Lagoon 440  (4)
  •     Lagoon 450  (13)
  •     Lagoon 46  (4)
  •     Lagoon 470  (1)
  •     Lagoon 50  (2)
  •     Lagoon 500  (7)
  •     Lagoon 52F  (6)
  •     Lagoon 55  (2)
  •     Lagoon 560  (5)
  •     Lagoon 570  (1)
  •     Lagoon 620  (1)
  •     Lagoon Seventy 8  (1)
  • Leeuwin  (0)
  •     Leeuwin 42  (0)
  • Leopard  (30)
  •     Leopard 38  (4)
  •     Leopard 39  (2)
  •     Leopard 39 PowerCat  (1)
  •     Leopard 40  (4)
  •     Leopard 42  (1)
  •     Leopard 43  (0)
  •     Leopard 44  (3)
  •     Leopard 45  (2)
  •     Leopard 45 Classic  (1)
  •     Leopard 46  (5)
  •     Leopard 46 Lion PowerCat  (1)
  •     Leopard 47  (3)
  •     Leopard 47 PowerCat  (0)
  •     Leopard 48  (3)
  •     Leopard 50  (0)
  •     Leopard 51 PowerCat  (0)
  •     Leopard 53 PowerCat  (0)
  •     Leopard 58  (0)
  • Lidgard  (1)
  •     Lidgard 73 Executive  (1)
  • Looping  (0)
  •     Looping 50  (0)
  • Maine Cat  (1)
  •     Maine Cat 30  (0)
  •     Maine Cat 38  (1)
  •     Maine Cat 41  (0)
  • Manta  (5)
  •     Manta 40  (3)
  •     Manta 42  (2)
  • Matrix  (0)
  •     Matrix 450 Vision  (0)
  • Maverick  (0)
  •     Maverick 400  (0)
  •     Maverick 420  (0)
  • Moxie  (1)
  •     Moxie 61  (1)
  • Nautitech  (9)
  •     Nautitech 40  (0)
  •     Nautitech 40 Open  (1)
  •     Nautitech 44 Open  (1)
  •     Nautitech 442  (0)
  •     Nautitech 46 Open  (5)
  •     Nautitech 47  (0)
  •     Nautitech 47 Power  (1)
  •     Nautitech 65  (1)
  • Neel  (1)
  •     Neel 45  (1)
  • Oceanlake Marine AB  (1)
  •     Seacart 30  (1)
  • Outremer  (0)
  •     Outremer 40  (0)
  •     Outremer 50 Standard  (0)
  •     Outremer 5X  (0)
  • PDQ  (0)
  •     PDQ 32  (0)
  •     PDQ 36  (0)
  •     PDQ 42 Antares  (0)
  • Privilege  (8)
  •     Privilege 37  (1)
  •     Privilege 39  (0)
  •     Privilege 42  (0)
  •     Privilege 43  (0)
  •     Privilege 435  (1)
  •     Privilege 45  (0)
  •     Privilege 465  (0)
  •     Privilege 48 Transcat  (0)
  •     Privilege 482  (0)
  •     Privilege 495  (1)
  •     Privilege 510  (2)
  •     Privilege 65  (1)
  •     Privilege Serie 5  (2)
  • Prout  (2)
  •     Prout 31 Quest  (0)
  •     Prout 33 Quest  (0)
  •     Prout 34 Event  (0)
  •     Prout 35 Snowgoose  (0)
  •     Prout 37 Snowgoose  (0)
  •     Prout 37 Snowgoose Elite  (0)
  •     Prout 38  (0)
  •     Prout 38 Manta  (0)
  •     Prout 39 Escale  (0)
  •     Prout 45  (2)
  •     Prout 46  (0)
  • Royal Cape  (2)
  •     Royal Cape 45  (1)
  •     Royal Cape 500 Majestic  (0)
  •     Royal Cape 530 Majestic  (1)
  • Sailcraft  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 32 Comanche  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 35 Cherokee  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 41 Apache  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 44 Apache  (0)
  • Scape  (1)
  •     Scape 39  (1)
  • Schionning  (1)
  •     Wildcat 350  (0)
  • Seawind  (1)
  •     Seawind 1000  (1)
  •     Seawind 1160  (0)
  •     Seawind 1200  (0)
  •     Seawind 1600  (0)
  • Simpson  (0)
  •     Simpson 48  (0)
  • Solaris  (0)
  •     Solaris 36 Sunrise  (0)
  •     Solaris 36 Sunstar  (0)
  •     Solaris 42  (0)
  • St Francis  (1)
  •     St Francis 44  (1)
  •     St Francis 50  (0)
  • Stealth  (1)
  •     Stealth 11.8  (1)
  • Sunreef  (5)
  •     Sunreef 62  (1)
  •     Sunreef 70  (1)
  •     Sunreef 74C  (1)
  •     Sunreef 82 DD  (1)
  •     Sunreef 88 DD  (1)
  • Switch  (3)
  •     Switch 51  (2)
  •     Switch 55  (1)
  • TRT  (0)
  •     TRT 1200  (0)
  • Twins  (0)
  •     Heavenly Twins 26  (0)
  •     Ocean Twins 38  (0)
  • Vaan  (0)
  •     Vaan R5  (0)
  • Vision  (1)
  •     Vision 444  (1)
  • Voyage  (9)
  •     Voyage 380 Maxim  (1)
  •     Voyage 400 Norseman  (0)
  •     Voyage 440  (2)
  •     Voyage 450 Cabriolet  (0)
  •     Voyage 47 Mayotte  (2)
  •     Voyage 480  (1)
  •     Voyage 500  (1)
  •     Voyage 580  (1)
  •     Voyage 590  (1)
  • Wauquiez  (0)
  •     Kronos 45  (0)
  • Wharram  (0)
  •     Wharram 38 Tiki  (0)
  • Whitehaven  (0)
  • Woods  (0)
  •     AMI 320 Renaissance  (0)
  •     Woods 22 Wizard  (0)
  •     Woods 35 Banshee  (0)
  •     Woods 35 Flica  (0)
  •     Woods 36 Scylla  (0)
  •     Woods 36 Vardo  (0)
  •     Woods 38 Transit  (0)
  •     Woods 40 Meander  (0)
  • Xquisite  (1)
  •     Xquisite X5  (1)

Featured Catamarans For Sale

Stealth 11.8

S/V Hurricane is a 2012 Stealth 11.8 catamaran, for sale by owner.

Hurricane is a rare West Coast lightweight racer-cruiser in excellent condition and well sorted and optimized. Ready to race or cruise immediately. 

Designer Alan Carwardine, of Asia Catamaran, has always focused his designs on fast but comfortable boats. 

His current range of sailing catamarans, the STEALTH series, is no exception with stylish lines, large open living areas and easy access to side decks and foredeck.

The undercover cockpit with minimal areas open to direct sunlight cleverly maximizes air flow like no other design of its kind.…

Catathai 44 Grand Voyage

S/V Javerne is a 2017 Catathai 44 Grand Voyage catamaran, for sale by owner. Our catamaran is available for sale now, between Rio and the West Indies where we will arrive at the end of 2024.

It has over 30,000 miles on the clock, and has always been perfectly maintained. It is completely ready to sail, and needs no major work.

With a length of 13.50 meters, and a width of 7 meters, due to its vacuum construction in PVC foam / vinyl ester resin. It is unsinkable.

It was designed and conceived Eco Friendly, it is 100% autonomous thanks to its photovoltaic panels, and a wind turbine.…

FP 36 Mahe

Lightly used , professionally updated and maintained, this fun to Sail La Vie won’t disappoint. In better than average condition, Sail La Vie is easy to navigate. With 2 speed self tailing winches at the helm, it’s very comfortable to handle. Garmin touchscreen MFD and auto pilot make this a great experience every time out.

New Neil Pryde sails and new Sail rigging complete the vessel nicely.

A new canvas cockpit cover with walkways make operations pleasant.

The cockpit is very accommodating with sliding doors opening to the salon level. Twin mermaid reverse cycle air conditioning keep you cool on the warmest of days.…

Leopard 39 PC

M/Y Good Speed is a 2012 Leopard 39 PC, for sale by owner. Professional Captain maintained.

The Leopard 39 Powercat is an innovative, efficient and spacious yacht that takes the best features from the popular Leopard 47 Powercat to bring you an exciting midsize catamaran with many of the features of a much larger yacht.

With a vision of creating an economical and intelligently designed power catamaran with global cruising capabilities, the team of award winning designers at Robertson and Caine not only drew upon the success of previous models, but also learned from feedback of our global owners and cruisers.…

Lagoon 380 S2

This Is Me is a Lagoon 380 S2 owner’s version. She has the large windows in cabins with the larger owners cabin and shower. She is very well maintained and clean. Never chartered, 6 people can sit comfortably inside at table and outside table can seat 8.


Recently we had a Volvo mechanic tell us he had never seen cleaner Volvo MD3040 engines. We just finished a 6 month sail staying out on anchor the entire time. She is fully self sustained she just needs wind and a little fuel.…

Catalac 9M

Fiesta is a Catalac 9M that has been well cared for with constant improvements. Twin Yanmar 2gm diesels make docking a breeze and when the breeze doesn’t blow they get you to your next destination extremely efficiently. The Yanmars have had all required maintenance and have about 2500 hours on the log. She has been in fresh water only for the last twelve years, sailing the Columbia River. She is the perfect NW boat with an inside helm and a full set of electronics including a B&G mfd with autopilot and a second chart plotter with AIS.…

Lagoon 410

S/V Permanently Temporary is a 2002 410 Lagoon OWNER’S VERSION catamaran, for sale by owner. She comes with 3 staterooms and 2 heads. PORT HULL – V-Berth, Spectra Watermarker (under v-berth), storage, hanging locker. Electrical Control Panel, access to wiring and storage. Head with Jabseco manual head, sink and separate shower. Queen Stateroom with a hanging locker is aft. STARBOARD HULL – Full shower, sink, storage, large hanging locker, poo-poo tank, Raitian electric head, storage and space for washer. Hallway-large hanging locker, storage desk with bookshelves. Queen Berth, hanging locker, escape hatch.…

Leopard 44

S/V Big Easy is a 2012 Leopard 44, for sale by owner. She is well cared for and upgraded, turn-key, 4-cabin, 4-head catamaran, that is perfect for blue water sailing in the Med. We are currently located in Greece. The boat includes a Highfield hypalon tender and an Oxley Parasailor. Built by Robertson & Caine, and designed by renowned architects Morrelli and Melvin, the Leopard 44 is a blue water cruising catamaran that combines spacious living accommodations, high quality fittings and great performance. The Leopard 44 was “Boat of the Year” when introduced in 2011 with the judges positively commenting on performance, easy handling and the revolutionary forward cockpit.…

Scape 39 Performance

S/V Wild Honey is a fast cruiser/racer sailing catamaran that is very light and responsive and extremely fun to sail, but yet has very comfortable accommodations and amenities. Capable of exceeding 20 knots. Built by Scape Yachts in South Africa using carbon fiber/epoxy resin throughout. Construction complies with Lloyds, CE-Commercial Vessel and USCG construction standards.

She has Yanmar 3YM30 (1000 hrs) with sail drives. Factory rigged for screecher with 5 sails total. The Scape 39 is a great sailing catamaran.  Centerboards. Performance.

Currently on the hard.  Owner ready to let go!…

Leopard 48

2017 48’ LEOPARD CATAMARAN (4 double cabins) With many unique features, the Leopard 48 sets a new standard in the world of cruising catamarans. This catamaran holds nothing back in its pursuit to excel in all areas. Its sleek style, comfort, space, blue water sailing capabilities and unique innovative features combine to create a catamaran that fits right into the Leopard family. The forward cockpit allows comfortable seating on the forward deck and refreshing circulation throughout the saloon area. The main cockpit aft is not only comfortable but provides free and easy access to a pair of wide-open side decks.…

Morrelli and Melvin 46 Custom

Yacht survey by Coastal Marine LLC. 5/20/22 at Key Largo FL. during our haul-out. ($438,800 Survey Market Value)

Rhatcat is an Morrelli and Melvin 46 design catamaran for sale by owner.  She is a liveaboard / cruiser with 26’ beam (wider is better). Built with the cruising couple in mind that can easily be singlehanded.

Yacht designers Morrelli and Melvin are known for performance catamarans.  Rhatcat is typical, reaching 17 knots plus. I’ve experienced that 3 times and it wanted to pick up even more. I’m not a racer, so I had to spill the wind!…

Lagoon 42

S/V Korra is a 2018 Lagoon 42 catamaran, for sale by owner. Korra has been owned and actively maintained by a full-time cruising couple since 2020. She is a 3-cabin owner’s version and is extremely well outfitted for blue-water cruising.

Starting in Spain, the owners sailed across the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and up the west coast of Mexico to her current destination in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The boat has never been chartered and has been lovingly cared for and maintained. Korra comes with significant upgrades, spares, creature comforts and toys for an easy start to your new adventure.…

St. Francis 44 Mk II

S/V Majestic is a true blue water cruising boat, built in South Africa and sailed across the Atlantic on her own hulls in 1999. This boat has never been in charter, and has been meticulously maintained full-time and continuously upgraded by her second owner of 20 years.


Majestic is ready to go! You can move aboard, buy some food, and sail straight to Panama or Portugal (our last passage was 900 miles this May)  If you want to make the flooring and cushions prettier, go for it. …

Leopard 39

Luxurious Bluewater Cruising Catamaran: Discover the ultimate in liveaboard luxury and offshore cruising capabilities with this exceptional Leopard 39 sailing catamaran. Meticulously maintained and boasting a host of premium upgrades, this vessel offers an unparalleled blend of performance, comfort, and self-sufficiency for adventurous sailors. Offshore Autonomy: Designed for extended off-grid living, this catamaran features an impressive 940Ah solar array, 1200Ah Lithium battery bank, and Starlink Internet connectivity, ensuring you can explore the world’s most remote destinations without sacrificing modern conveniences. Elegant Living Spaces: The bright and airy interior welcomes you with a spacious salon and U-shaped galley, offering ample space for entertaining and meal preparation.…

Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40

THIS IS THE LUCIA you’ve been looking for! A true diamond in the rough, owned and meticulously maintained by a pilot/engineer/mechanic.  S/V Escape Plan is a 2017 Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 catamaran, for sale by owner. She is a Three-Cabin Maestro Owner’s/Comfort Version; (Hull #51, Under 1500 Engine hours). She is in excellent condition and ready to sail away upon handover. Escape Plan is USCG Documented and has had a Single Owner. 

Escape Plan has been lovingly maintained and enjoyed by our family while cruising from the Abacos up the East Coast to Annapolis for the past seven years.…

Manta 42

Now available FOR SALE BY OWNER is a beautiful 2000 Manta 42 Sailing Catamaran. I am finishing my cruising time on “Galileo” and she is ready for more adventures with new owners. Galileo is a meticulously maintained and extensively updated vessel. During my ownership, I have strived to completely upgrade or repair all identified deficiencies to bring her to an outstanding and highly reliable level of quality systems, equipment and workmanship. 

The US/Florida built Manta Catamaran Sailboats have an excellent reputation as proven, quality blue water cruising catamarans. These yachts are known for their durable construction and excellent performance.…

Lagoon 42

S/V Drunken Cat is a 2018 Lagoon 42 Owner’s Version catamaran, for sale by owner.

Are you tired of boats just not measuring up to your expectations? Well look no further than this 42 Lagoon sailing catamaran. This 2018 Owners Version has it all and it all works! From bow to stern this vessel is turn key and blue water ready.

We are the second owners and have lived aboard Drunken Cat for 2 years.

We’ve outfitted her with a new lithium battery system, new water maker, new inverter, new Code 0, new electronics and many other upgrades to make sailing the Caribbean an enjoyable experience.…

Endeavour 44 TrawlerCat

M/Y Fat Cat is a 2002 Endeavour Catamaran 44 Trawler Cat catamaran, for sale by owner.

****update boat is now home in Naples ****ready to view

I love this boat as its main characteristics are she has prop pockets and 3ft draw. This is very good for cruising Florida and Bahamas, also with a narrow beam as catamarans come. We can usually find regular berths and not pay for a double.

She has fuel flow scan meters, and it is a joy to see the economy of the Yanmars. I never owned such an efficient boat with this square footage, and 1500 mile range at 8-10 knots.…

Bali 4.1 (Italy)

Bali 4.1

S/V Sabatica is a 2019 Bali 4.1 catamaran, for sale by owner. Never chartered. Second owners. Low engine hours. Major upgrades in 2023 for performance, comfort and security on the hook: Watermaker, Washing Machine, Ultra Anchor, 600 Ah Lithium House Batteries, Stainless Steel Solar Platform for a total of 1610W production, Solenoid switch propane control from the galley, Bow Sprit and Screecher, window screens, full cushions and foredeck sun shade. Hauled out and bottom painted in 2023. Engines and sail drives serviced in 2023.

We chose the Bali 4.1 model in general, and this 4 cabin/2 bathroom layout in particular, because we felt it offered the best comfort and living space in a vessel of this size while remaining a lively and seaworthy vessel.…

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 (Florida)

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

Just returned from sailing the Caribbean, Knot A Clue is a well-appointed 2015 Helia 44. With 3-cabins, including the spacious ‘owners’ cabin, and off-grid ready, she is ready for her next adventure. Featuring a suite of upgrades, including a custom 2000W solar arch, which also supports the 10’10” dinghy. No more low davits to worry about!  Lithium batteries, Victron electronics, washer-dryer and a water-maker of course!

The Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 is one of the most popular cruising catamarans. Designed for maximum living space and boasting beautiful natural light throughout its interior, this elegant and luxuriously appointed catamaran also delivers a dynamic performance at sea.…

Leopard 46 (Panama)

Leopard 46

S/V Paw Paw is a 2011 Leopard 46 catamaran, for sale by owner. Designed by architects, Melvin and Morrelli, and built by Robertson and Caine, this outstanding, single owner 2011 Leopard 46 is a world class blue water cruising catamaran that combines a stylish, comfortable and spacious living accommodation, high quality construction and great performance. Featuring four private staterooms, each with cupboards and wide shelves, a privacy door and an en suite head comprising a toilet, a mirrored vanity and a separate shower cubicle, plus two additional forepeak berths, it can sleep eight people comfortably.…

Lagoon 46 (Chesapeake Bay)

Lagoon 46

SV Indie Sky is an incredibly well equipped and well maintained 3-cabin owner version Lagoon 46 catamaran. She is turn-key, blue-water capable and the perfect home for a family seeking to become full-time liveaboards and cruise safely anywhere in the world.

The L46 flybridge is giant and enclosed, which creates the equivalent of a 3rd story on your floating home. Indie Sky has only had 2 owners and she has never been chartered. 

The Lagoon 46 has replaced the Lagoon 450. The latest boat from the Lagoon shipyard, a 46-foot catamaran whose 2020 model has the difficult task of replacing one of the best-sellers in the history of the yard, the much-loved Lagoon 450.…

Leopard 46

The Leopard 46 was designed by Morrelli & Melvin and built in South Africa by Robertson and Caine. This sailing vessel is recognized in the cruising community as one of the most successful examples of a blue water cruising catamaran. The design provides an ideal balance between comfort, performance, and reliability. She consistently outperforms other production boats of similar size and vintage when sailing offshore. Launched in 2009, SV New World has been consistently lived on full time by a family of 4 since early 2020. She has sailed between the Chesapeake Bay on USA east coast and Grenada in the southern Caribbean while visiting all the islands in between.…

Privilege 510S (Chesapeake Bay)

Privilege 510S

TicLuna is an immaculate luxury ocean cruiser. The owners have spared no expense in maintaining the vessel. Lifted and bottom painted each winter. The engines and the generator have been serviced by authorized Yanmar and Onan technicians. She is equipped with safety gear that complies with all international standards and meets ARC requirements. Her rigging has been periodically professionally inspected and tuned (Moderne Marine, Turkiye; Alisios Sailing, Gran Canaria, FKG St Maarten). The owners have sailed TicLuna across the Atlantic Ocean, 4 continents and at least 7 seas, and 15 countries.…

Lagoon 500 (New England)

Lagoon 500

Privately owned, never chartered. Optimized for long-distance, comfortable cruising.

Layout: Owner’s version, 4 queen cabins, en-suite bathrooms with separate showers After six years of exploring the world, our kids have grown up and we are sadly saying goodbye to our cruising life. As we transition back to land life we are starting to share that Dafne is looking for new owners. We are available to deliver her and help with the transition. This Lagoon 500 (hull #97) was originally customized by a liveaboard, long-distance cruising family and sailed from France to Australia over 6 years as their children grew.…

Lagoon 37 TPI


S/V Jus Dreaming is a 1995 Lagoon 37 TPI Jeanneau Catamaran, Ready to cross the Atlantic. This boat is set up for a Full-time live Aboard couple with over $100,000.00 in upgrades. This is Not a project boat,  This boat has crossed the Atlantic twice and is rigged and ready to cross again.

The boat condition overall is at 85% of new condition. The Luxury items found on this boat are normally found on boats costing twice as much. The electric and water systems are built around the idea of unlimited Electricity and Unlimited Water.…

Manta 46 Custom (California)

Manta 46 Custom

S/V Ruatahi started life as a 1999 Manta 40 and is now a Manta 46 catamaran for sale by owner.

Seize the moment with this exclusive offer to own an impeccably upgraded boat at an unparalleled price! Rethought by renowned Naval Architects with expertise in Gunboat yachts, this vessel is now on the market with an irresistible deal that demands your attention.

Experience a transformative upgrade, featuring extended sterns and rudders for enhanced performance and increased load capacity. Modified by Dencho Marine in Marina Del Ray, it guarantees top-tier quality. Boasting “kiwi props,” an extended rig, and other modifications, this sailing dream is now a reality.…

Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 Oceanic (Mexico Pacific)

Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 Oceanic

S/V Palmera Bay is a 2023 Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 catamaran, available for co-ownership in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  The Catamaran:

With its sleek design, spacious interior, and top-of-the-line amenities, this catamaran redefines yachting excellence. Whether you’re cruising with family or exploring secluded beaches, the Isla 40 promises unforgettable experiences on the water.

This catamaran is built for your dream sail up the Sea of Cortez. With 4 cabins and two heads, it is the perfect layout for an adventure to explore the many exquisite beaches on the Mexican West Coast! This catamaran is fully equipped and appointed and ready for charter. …

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

PRICE REDUCED TO $489,900 Unique Opportunity to purchase a 2015 Fountaine Pajot Helia 44. This is a 3 Cabin Owners Version that certainly is one of the most popular models ever built by Fountaine Pajot.

“Freedom” is a two owner U.S. Coast Guard Documented boat that has spent her entire life in the US and a couple trips to the Bahamas. She has never been in a hurricane and always stored in secure Florida locations. She is also registered and duty paid licensed catamaran in Florida!

Extensive improvements and upgrades, Freedom is ready to travel.…

Catana 471 (Florida)

Catana 471

S/V Orion II is a fully equipped, 2007 Catana 471 (hull #86) catamaran, for sale by owner and currently in Florida. She’s a beautifully maintained owner’s version with many recent upgrades  including new dinghy, water maker, batteries, solar panels, electronics, windlass and trampoline all bought within the last 2 years.

The Catana 471 is 1999’s Multihull Boat Of The Year by Cruising World Magazine. This model features dual helms aft for maximum sailing feel and control. The bridgedeck is high for wave clearance, and the daggerboards make for a great upwind performance. …

Privilege 495 Owners Version (Georgia)

Privilege 495 Owners Version

S/V Vista Vida is a 2007 Privilege 495 Owners Version catamaran, for sale by owner. She has never been chartered, and had all major systems refit for its next owner to sail away with confidence for both coastal cruising and blue water ocean crossings.

“Our adventure was wonderful, but our teenagers are ready to finish school on land with friends. It has been an amazing boat, has kept our family safe and comfortable, but now is ready for its next owner.” The Privilege 495 is known for its sleek design, aviation style salon windows, extra-long sugar scoops, aggressive sail plan, beautiful, crafted woodwork throughout and its HUGE owner’s cabin that stretches from hull to hull.…

Nautitech 46 Open (Grenada)

Nautitech 46 Open

S/V Hahalua is a 2021 Nautitech Open 46 catamaran, for sale by owner. This sailing multihull is a perfect mix between comfort and performance for unforgettable ocean voyages.

We have been cruising full time since October 2022. The boat has never been chartered, we have actively maintained her being a Liveaboard. We did many upgrades making her comfortable for blue water cruising. This is an opportunity to skip the hassles of purchasing new and fast tracking to the good life at sea.

She is a 3 cabins and 3 heads, owner’s version layout.…

Custom Roake 50 (Guatemala)

Custom Roake 50

S/V Panta Rhei is a 2012 Custom Roake Guenter 50 catamaran, for sale by owners.

The design concept for Panta Rhei was formulated in 1981. We wanted a fast sailing catamaran with comfortable but minimal accommodation capable of cruising the oceans of the world and at the time couldn’t find anything that suited our needs. The design and construction of Panta Rhei was an evolution that occurred over a number of years and involved a cast of naval architects, a variety of construction methods that at the time were cutting edge technologies, and the development of novel approaches to implementing the smooth working of all components.…

Leopard 45/47 (Caribbean)

Leopard 45/47

S/V Althea is a newly redone 2000 Leopard 45/47 catamaran, for sale by owner. Althea has had her sugar scoops extended by 2 feet to a total of 47 feet to enhance her performance in 2023.

The classic Leopard 45, also known as the Moorings 4500, was designed by Simonis Voogd and built by Robertson & Caine in South Africa. When it was introduced in 1997, the Leopard 45 was selected by Cruising World Magazine as “Charter Boat of the Year” and quickly built an outstanding reputation in the Moorings and Sunsail charter fleets.…

Lagoon 450 F (Florida)

Lagoon 450 F

S/V Marlove is a 2011 Lagoon 450 F Owner version catamaran, for sale . Broker in charge .  EU VAT PAID, US DUTY PAID,  NEVER NEVER chartered, she is viewable in Fort Pierce Florida , in perfect shape. Small trades such as for cars and monohulls can be considered.

Replacing an icon is never easy, but when the Lagoon 450 replaced the 440, a new benchmark was created. The Lagoon 450 has taken several items ideas from its predecessor, enhanced them through owner feedback, and created a larger sail area for favorable cruising speeds.…

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Evolution (South Pacific)

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Evolution

S/V ASPE is a 2016 Fountaine Pajot Helia 44 Evolution catamaran, for sale by owner.

ASPE is hull number #140, an Evolution model launched in 2016. She comes with with 4 cabins and 4 heads. The Helia design is  well proven with several circumnavigations and a well thought out layout.

The boat is turn-key and ready for her new owners. Our family has sailed the boat since March 2022 and she is equipped for comfortable and safe bluewater cruising. This boat has been upgraded extensively by the owner and comes with an impressive inventory list.…

Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 (Mexico Pacific)

Fountaine Pajot Athena 38

S/V Belize is a 2001 Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 catamaran, for sale by owner in Mexico. She is currently on the hard at Marina Escondido just south of Loreto. In 2021 she was sailed from Panama to Puerto Vallarta by her second owner. We purchased her last season in 2022 and cruised her from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan to La Paz to Loreto. I had planned to return for this cruising season but plans have changed, so I’m trying to sell the boat rather than leave her on the hard for a year.…

Leopard 47 (Florida)

Leopard 47

S/V Smoke and Roses is a 2005 Leopard 47 catamaran for sale by owner, located in Port Charlotte, Florida. The Leopard 47 is built with thicker hulls for durability and has the reliable shaft drives. Smoke And Roses features redundancy with power and refrigeration. Built by Robertson and Caine this sleek looking catamaran was designed for speed, agility and reliable blue-water performance.  

This yacht is docked at our residence, we use, maintain and upgrade her regularly. She is very clean, shows well and must be seen to appreciate. Delivery to the East Coast of US, most of the Caribbean or Gulf Coast as far as Texas, is available.…

Lagoon 500 (Florida)

Lagoon 500

S/V Wonder is a 2008 Lagoon 500 Owner’s version catamaran, for sale by owner. She has had only TWO owners and has NEVER been chartered.

Wonder is fully equipped with everything that you could ask for, brand new solar panels, stainless steel solid lifelines and railings throughout, water maker, generator, electrical diving compressors, and much more! Duplicate and back-up systems, including Raymarine and Garmin navigation equipment and independent autopilots, can be found throughout the vessel, as well as a large inventory of extra parts, filters and equipment.

The sugar scoops have been extended by 1.07m for more streamline sailing, with stainless steel pull-down ladders on each side.…

Endeavour Victory 35

S/V Quartersplash is a 2000 Endeavor Victory 35 catamaran, for sale by owner. Asking price is $146,000.  Cruising ready with numerous upgrades listed below. Quartersplash is currently located in Puerto Escondido Marina, near Loreto, BCS, MX, in dry storage. Puerto Escondido marina has affordable and available mooring the Sea of Cortez with reasonable rates. Puerto Escondido is easily accessible with a major airport 10 miles away, serviced by Alaska and American airlines and several Mexican carriers. We have enjoyed our time on the Sea with her and hope to find someone else who enjoys her as much as we did.…

Lagoon 570 (South Pacific)

Lagoon 570

S/V Aldebaran is a classic 2004 Lagoon 570 ocean cruising catamaran, for sale by owner. She features long, slick hulls for added performance and stability.

Built to a very high specification at Construction Navale Bordeaux, France, leaders in composite materials manufacturing, the hulls are of multidirectional fiberglass fabrics with carbon reinforcement structures in high load and pressure areas. The internal structural component is balsa-core and vacuum bagged laminate with vinylester resin used throughout the process.

Designed for performance and strongly built it has lots of space inside and outside providing pleasant and safe sailing.…

Leopard 380 (Atlantic)

Leopard 380

**New Plastimo Contest 130 Compass 7/23/23**

S/V Muvfasta is a Louisiana based Coast Guard Documented 1999 Leopard 38 Owners Version catamaran for sale by owner with 3 cabins and 2 heads.  The Owners’ Version Leopard 38 is a highly sought after catamaran with a stellar reputation.

We are the second owners of Muvfasta and take excellent care of her.  We have done many upgrades to Muvfasta since we got her in April 2019 that are listed below.  We sailed her in the Caribbean island hopping and then sailed her from St.…

Lagoon 400

S/V CurRIJ is a 2011 Lagoon 400 Catamaran for sale by owner.  $100,000 worth of upgrades in 2023!!

She is the highly sought after OWNERS VERSION with very spacious owners hull including a Queen size walk around bed, Full height double closet, and master bath with spacious walk in shower. This is a rare version with only 2 heads. Meaning the guest hull bathroom has a walk in shower and spacious bathroom instead of two wet heads. Both heads have electric flush toilets.

She is a dual voltage 230v and 120v vessel with isolation transformer so you are good to go anywhere in the world.…

Lagoon 400 (Mexico Pacific)

Lagoon 400

S/V Vdom is a 2012 Lagoon 400 offered for sale by World’s Aquarium, a 501 C 3 non profit located in Spokane Washington and dedicated to the rescue of sea lions in the Gulf of California.

The only change in our floor plan was forward starboard cabin is now converted to storage and Laundry room.

History: V-Dom, formerly known as Cava, was purchased by it’s original owners, an elderly French couple direct from the Lagoon factory in France in 2012. For the first two years or so of it’s life it sailed some of the intercostal waterways of Europe and the Spanish Mediterranean.…

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

S/V Wicked Lick is a stunning 2015 Fountaine Pajot Helia 44, offered for sale by the owner. This impressive catamaran has been extensively updated and maintained, making it the ideal choice for comfortable live-aboard cruising, ocean passages, and off-grid adventures. The current owner, a former offshore sailboat racer with extensive knowledge of sailing and boat maintenance, has spent the last two and a half years sailing the Caribbean and updating this remarkable yacht. “Wicked Lick” is currently located in West Palm, FL, and is available for viewing today.

Key Features:

  • 4 spacious cabins, each with an island-style queen-sized berth, ensuite bath with electric macerating heads and stand-up showers, heated backlit mirrors, and thermostatic temperature-regulating shower controls.

Gemini 105M

Aireze is a Florida-based 1999 Gemini 105M catamaran for sale by owner.  The Gemini 105 was designed to be affordable, compact, relatively easy vessels for sailors new to catamarans.  It is one of the most popular catamaran designs ever built with over 1,200 hulls constructed.

Aireze is easy to handle and well equipped with a new Raymarine Autopilot, Lewmar electric windlass, new electric head, lazy jacks, 2-100 watt solar panels, new Garmin 9″ touch screen, davits , all new rigging and lines installed 2016, new water heater, new alternator, water pump, impeller, elbow, sea strainer, heat exchanger just serviced,  new belts and filters. …

Bali 4.5 (Florida)

Bali 4.5

Fresh Bottom Paint March 2023!

S/V Serenity is a 2016 Catana Bali 4.5 catamaran for sale by owner. This is a Bali 4.5 Owners Version which has never been chartered, and was Upgraded to 50HP Engines with Twin Disc 60 sail drives & new B&G Zeus 3 Electronics.

BALI 4.5 Open space is built in the Catana shipyards in France, using the best quality materials. Using the closed-cell PVC foam sandwich construction and hull fabrication by infusion ensure rigidity, durability, and weight reduction. Catana has combined speed with luxury to create a unique and revolutionary cruising catamaran in the BALI 4.5.…

sailboat data rival 32

sailboat data rival 32

The design was a longer counter sterned development of the 1967 designed Rival 31, and later evolved into the better-known Rival 34 - although actually more Rival 32s than 34s were built.

The Rival 32 is a 31.83ft masthead sloop designed by Peter Brett and built in fiberglass by Marine Construction Ltd. (UK) since 1971.

I'm finally thinking of moving up from Freya, and have been looking, among others, at a Rival 32 . I am well aware of the performance differences (!) between what I currently sail and a larger, displacement boat.

Rival 32 is a 31 ′ 9 ″ / 9.7 m monohull sailboat designed by Peter Brett and built by Marine Construction Ltd. starting in 1971.

Specifications and Review of Rival 32 based on the boat ' s specifications and artificial intelligense.

The Rival 32 is a solid traditional cruiser, with longish fin keel and skeg hung rudder. The Rival 31, 32 and 34 are very similar, all being very well respected as seagoing cruisers. Many Rivals have made long ocean passages: Length OA: 31' 10" Sail Area: 405 sq ft : Length WL

Rival 32 review and test sail . As the years trundle by I become increasingly aware of the dilemma facing those who want to buy a ‘proper yacht’.

The two most popular Rival models – the 32 (200+ built) and 34 (174 built) – illustrate perfectly why Brett’s designs excel when it comes to safe and steady comfort in heavy seas and strong winds. Part of their secret can be gleaned from two often-ignored ratios (figures below sourced from sailboatda­ta.com).

Find All mechanical and electrical parts and accessories of Rival 32 Sail here. Data And technical specifications of Rival 32 equipments, fuel economy, dimensions, weight, engine power and prices.

We are pleased to offer for sale this Rival 32 which has been in the same ownership for over 31 years. Built c.1976, this is a much-loved yacht which has benefited from many upgrades over the years including a new Yanmar 3GM30 engine (2001), new standing rigging wires (2013-14) and all interior woodwork has been replaced with teak!

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Delapierre steers French cat toward a spot in SailGP’s $2 million, winner-take-all Grand Final

  • Copy Link copied

Quentin Delapierre skippered France to finishes of 1-3-3 in a remarkable performance Saturday on San Francisco Bay to move close to advancing to SailGP’s $2 million, winner-take-all Grand Final, the biggest payday in sailing.

Three-time defending SailGP champion Tom Slingsby steered Australia’s Flying Roo 50-foot foiling catamaran to finishes of 5-1-8 to all but assure a spot Sunday in the Grand Final, which will follow the conclusion of the San Francisco regatta.

Peter Burling and the Team New Zealand Black Foils have already secured a spot in the Grand Final after winning five of the previous 12 regattas in Season 4 of tech billionaire Larry Ellison’s global league. The Kiwis finished fourth in all three fleet races and simply need to get through Sunday’s fleet racing in one piece and with no major penalties to move on to the start line of the Grand Final.

Delapierre needs to leapfrog Spain’s Diego Botin in the season standings to reach the three-boat Grand Final. He’s on track after he and his crew had great starts and expertly sailed their catamaran around the course.

Botin came into this regatta in third place overall, five points ahead of Delapierre. But he struggled in the strong wind and had finishes of 7-6-5 to sit in seventh place in the regatta.


Slingsby won all three previous three SailGP championship races on San Francisco Bay. The prize money was doubled this season from the previous $1 million. San Francisco Bay is also where Slingsby helped Ellison’s Oracle Team USA stage a stunning rally against Emirates Team New Zealand to defend the America’s Cup in 2013.

Bernie Wilson has covered sailing for the AP since 1991.

AP sports: https://apnews.com/hub/sports

cruising catamarans

The most boats ever will compete in the 100th Bayview Yacht Club race to Mackinac Island

Billed on its website as the “world’s longest continuously run long-distance freshwater yacht race,” the 100th Bayview Mackinac Race is set to start Saturday.

A record-setting 334 boats have registered for the 100 th year of the race, shattering the record of 316 in 1985 and a huge contrast compared with the 200 boats that raced last year, said David Stoyka, spokesman for the Bayview Yacht Club, which puts on the race.

Bayview Yacht Club says boats start leaving the Black River in Port Huron around 8 a.m. on race day and will continue leaving until around noon. From the Black River, they will proceed up the St. Clair River, under the Blue Water Bridge, into Lake Huron.

The first scheduled start time in Lake Huron is 11:30 a.m., with starts every 10 minutes until approximately 1:30 p.m. The starts may be delayed due to weather conditions.

This year, for the 100 th running, the race will follow the original 1925 route and span 204 nautical miles. From the starting point, the boats will head north along the Michigan shoreline, passing south of Bois Blanc Island, sailing west to east at the finish line between Round Island and Mackinac Island, organizers said.

The range of boats are expected to finish in between 30 and 60 hours.

The sailors

Teams at all skill levels have entered the race, which draws competitors from around the world.  The highly skilled racers know they will cross the bow of competitors within inches. Still, there's always risk of a crash with the slightest miscalculation.

"Everybody recognizes this is super intense," said champion sailor  Tim Prophit , 65, of St. Clair Shores, past commodore of Bayview Yacht Club and owner of Fast Tango, a North American 40 sailboat.

The teams are vying for trophies and flags to show their accomplishments.

The J.L. Hudson Trophy is awarded to the boat with the best corrected time in Division I, and the Canadian Club Classic Trophy is awarded to the boat with the best corrected time in Division II.

The Unique Burial of a Child of Early Scythian Time at the Cemetery of Saryg-Bulun (Tuva)

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Pages:  379-406

In 1988, the Tuvan Archaeological Expedition (led by M. E. Kilunovskaya and V. A. Semenov) discovered a unique burial of the early Iron Age at Saryg-Bulun in Central Tuva. There are two burial mounds of the Aldy-Bel culture dated by 7th century BC. Within the barrows, which adjoined one another, forming a figure-of-eight, there were discovered 7 burials, from which a representative collection of artifacts was recovered. Burial 5 was the most unique, it was found in a coffin made of a larch trunk, with a tightly closed lid. Due to the preservative properties of larch and lack of air access, the coffin contained a well-preserved mummy of a child with an accompanying set of grave goods. The interred individual retained the skin on his face and had a leather headdress painted with red pigment and a coat, sewn from jerboa fur. The coat was belted with a leather belt with bronze ornaments and buckles. Besides that, a leather quiver with arrows with the shafts decorated with painted ornaments, fully preserved battle pick and a bow were buried in the coffin. Unexpectedly, the full-genomic analysis, showed that the individual was female. This fact opens a new aspect in the study of the social history of the Scythian society and perhaps brings us back to the myth of the Amazons, discussed by Herodotus. Of course, this discovery is unique in its preservation for the Scythian culture of Tuva and requires careful study and conservation.

Keywords: Tuva, Early Iron Age, early Scythian period, Aldy-Bel culture, barrow, burial in the coffin, mummy, full genome sequencing, aDNA

Information about authors: Marina Kilunovskaya (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dvortsovaya Emb., 18, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation E-mail: [email protected] Vladimir Semenov (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Candidate of Historical Sciences. Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dvortsovaya Emb., 18, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation E-mail: [email protected] Varvara Busova  (Moscow, Russian Federation).  (Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation). Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Dvortsovaya Emb., 18, Saint Petersburg, 191186, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected] Kharis Mustafin  (Moscow, Russian Federation). Candidate of Technical Sciences. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Institutsky Lane, 9, Dolgoprudny, 141701, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected] Irina Alborova  (Moscow, Russian Federation). Candidate of Biological Sciences. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Institutsky Lane, 9, Dolgoprudny, 141701, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected] Alina Matzvai  (Moscow, Russian Federation). Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Institutsky Lane, 9, Dolgoprudny, 141701, Moscow Oblast, Russian Federation E-mail:  [email protected]

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