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    super yacht 2nd officer salary

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    super yacht 2nd officer salary

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    super yacht 2nd officer salary

  4. Super Yacht Captain Salary

    super yacht 2nd officer salary

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    super yacht 2nd officer salary

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    super yacht 2nd officer salary


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  1. The Superyacht Crew Salary Guide 2022

    Superyacht Captain salary - €4,000 to €16,000+. A Superyacht Captain is responsible for all activity onboard, crew safety and well-being, and the experience offered to guests. The Captain is the owner's main point of contact on the yachts; whether things are going right or wrong, it can be a highly pressured and stressful job.


    Every yacht operates ... FIRST OFFICER SIZE OF VESSEL SALARY RANGE JOB DESCRIPTION & REQUIREMENTS First Officer (Licensed - Chief Mate or higher) 170ft - 400ft+ ... Second Officer (Licensed) 190ft - 400ft + $5,000 - $9,000 3+ years of industry experience as a Bosun or

  3. Yacht Crew Salaries: Complete Guide to What Yacht Crew Earn

    Chief Officer Yacht Salary. 30m-40m: $4000-$6000; 40m-50m: $4500-$7500; 50m-70m: $5500-$9000; ... Minimum level of qualification: Officer of the Watch; The Chief Officer is second in command to the Captain and is responsible for carrying out the Captain's standing orders. On smaller yachts, the Chief Officer is referred to as the Mate ...

  4. Superyacht Captain salary survey 2023

    In addition to average pay and leave, pay rise and bonus activity, the 20+ page report also compares Captain and Chief Officer experience, ticket level, longevity onboard and comparisons to our 2020 and 2022 survey findings. ... Every yacht bracket has seen a salary rise since 2020 and 2022. Full rotation is also increasing and becoming more ...

  5. 2023 Superyacht Crew Salary Survey

    The Results of the 2023 Salary Survey. Our annual salary survey provided some unprecedented insights to what captains and crew earned in 2023. The yachting industry is slowly returning to normal in the wake of the pandemic. Yachts are back to work around the world and many new ones are in the pipeline thanks to the surge in popularity the ...

  6. Yacht Crew Positions and Salaries

    The First Mate or Chief Officer is the right hand of the Captain. Takes command of the yacht from Captain when required. Shares Captain's responsibilities as required. Chief Officer. €3,000 - €13,500. 2nd Officer. €3,000 - €8,000. 3rd Officer. €2,500 - €6,000.

  7. YPI CREW Yacht Crew Salary Guide 2023

    For many key roles, professional qualifications are the basis to establishing a guideline salary, notably in the Engineering and Officer's Department. Following the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the yachting industry in 2020, the past 2021 was considered the year of revival for yacht crew placement.

  8. Yacht Second Officer careers

    The role of Second Officer typically appears on yachts over 50m | 165ft in size, where the growing responsibilities of a Chief Officer require additional support. The Second Officer is tasked with supporting the Chief Officer and is responsible for voyage planning and watchkeeping duties amongst other tasks. Depending on the size of the yacht ...

  9. Superyacht Jobs

    Finding crew the best superyacht jobs with top quality boats, with a core focus on achieving longevity and cultural cohesion. ... always on the ball, super efficient, attentive and always available. ... 2nd Officer - 65m Yacht "What sets the team apart more than anyone else is the open and honest dialogue as well as the feeling that we're ...

  10. Careers

    Salary Range. First Officers can generally expect around £2,750 to upwards of £4,000 per month. Second Officer salaries are usually in the range of £2,250 to £3,000 per month. There may also be rotation opportunities for the First Officer and occasionally for the Second Officer positions, especially on larger yachts.

  11. Superyacht Crew Jobs and Hierarchy

    2. Officer of the Watch (OOW) The OOW is second in command to the Captain and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the deck, as well as taking care of navigation and running watches when on passage. They'll also have a significant hand in the maintenance of the Superyacht, as well as being in charge of the deck equipment inventory.

  12. Yacht crew positions : Hierarchy, Missions & Salaries explained

    The purser is the chief financial officer of the yacht and handles all the financial operations on board. Accounting, purchasing, payroll and hiring, and all money matters end up with the Purser. ... Captain or Purser, depending on the yacht. Salary Range: $4,000 to $8,500. Stewards/Stewardesses. ... Salary Range: $6,000 to $15,000. 2nd Engineer.

  13. Yacht Crew Salary Guide

    The Chief Officer assists the Captain with administrative and safety duties, crew management, maintenance and deck equipment, navigation and finances. The First Officer arranges safety drills, sets watch schedules and prepares the yacht for sea. The Second Officer acts as an aid and an understudy to the First Officer.

  14. Superyacht Crew Salaries: First Report Released

    Salaries for chief officers on charter yachts ranged from under €4,000 per month on 0-35m vessels to over €8,000 on 81-100m vessels and dropping slightly in the category of 101+m. Data for 2nd and 3rd officers was more sporadic, and charter position salaries ranged from €3,800 for both positions on yachts 51-65m and upwards.

  15. Careers

    Careers in the superyacht industry. A superyacht is defined as any leisure yacht over 24 metres (79 feet) in length. There are many hundreds of superyachts sailing the seas and oceans today - motor or sail, and they employ thousands of crew members from around the world. Owning or chartering a multi-million-pound superyacht is an exclusive ...

  16. What are the Roles On Board a Yacht?

    Second Officer. The role: Supports the first officer and captain. Responsibilities: Managing deck crew, maintenance of deck equipment, navigation, watchkeeping. Reports to: Captain/First Officer. Most yachts will have a first officer but larger yachts might employ a second or even a third officer.

  17. Crew Positions

    About the Yacht Positions. The diversity and opportunities to work aboard superyachts around the world are endless. The yachts range in size from 60ft to 600ft with crew of 1 - 100 crew members in four primary departments. Each department is responsible for a unique set of tasks aboard and is suited for individuals with specific skillsets and ...

  18. The Best Yacht Crew Job Vacancies Available Today

    Sole Chef - 44m Private Motor Yacht. Med. Permanent. Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, Food & Hygiene Level 2. Experience: 3 Years +. Salary: Industry standard. Apply. Next →. The latest yacht crew jobs available onboard exclusive charter yachts and luxury private yachts with leading yacht crew recruitment company, Bluewater.

  19. Current Vacancies

    They are looking for a candidate with proven longevity and recent experience as Chief Engineer on 50 - 65m yachts. Salary is €9,000 - €10,000 based on experience + 13th month bonus. Start date is August 2nd. ... • 60m Dual season Private Motor yacht are looking for a 2nd officer to join them early July 2024

  20. Yacht Crew Starting Salaries

    Professional yacht crew starting salaries and pay for yachting industry jobs of Captains and all Crew. Toggle navigation. Home ; Positions; Register; Log In; FAQ; ... 2nd Mate/Bosun: $48 - $54,000: $54 - $60,000: $60 - $66,000: $66 - $72,000: $66,000+ Deckhand

  21. 2nd Officer / Seasonal/Permanent / 75m / Single Season

    • 75m Private, Single season yacht are looking for an experience 2nd officer to join them at short notice - ideally next week! • The yacht are happy to consider someone on a permanent basis but also open to a seasonal contract finishing up around end of September

  22. Superyacht Engineering Jobs

    Middle East. Posted 11 / 06 / 2024. Viking Crew require a 2nd Engineer/ETO for a 40m+ Private Yacht based in the Middle East. Start Date: July. Candidates must have: STCW Basic Training ENG1 2nd Engineer Unlimited ... Find Out More Share This Job Save This Job.