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Best Ocean Boats: Types and Brands to Buy

15th nov 2023 by samantha wilson.

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What makes a good ocean boat ? It’s a valid question, commonly asked, but as with many boating questions, there is no one answer. In fact, there is no best ocean boat either. Only the best ocean-going boat for you and what you want it to do. Whether it’s offshore fishing, sailing around the world, coastal cruising, or extended voyages, there will be good boats for the task—and others, not so good. 

Of course there are many characteristics that ocean-going boats will need to have that are different from those designed to ply gentler inland waters where breaking seas, long distances, and inclement weather rarely if ever are a factor. Here we’ll take a look at the types of boats that are designed for the ocean and also look at some of the best ocean boat brands on the market today. 

What Characteristics Do the Best Ocean Boats Have?

Seaworthy in open water and stormy weather: A boat tackling ocean waters needs to be sturdy enough, large enough, and/or nimble enough to navigate the bigger seas and stronger winds that can arise. If you’re tackling oceans, you’ll typically want a boat that is 20 feet long or larger and built with strength. It’s important to know your boat’s limitations, to check the weather carefully before venturing out, and prepare accordingly. Knowing your boat’s range—is it a long-distance, bluewater voyager or a day-sailing coastal boat?—is also key to staying safe. 

Deep-V hulls and deep draft: Most ocean-going boats have deep-V hulls and adequate draft to provide extra stability in turbulent waters, high waves, and bad weather. An exception to that are multihulls, which can offer excellent stability thanks to their multiple hulls and wide shape. In addition to a deep V hull, ocean-going boats are often designed with strakes—molded lines running down the hull of motorboats that help them reach planing speed and reduce the slap from large waves. If you don’t plan to venture offshore or undertake long voyages, a shallow or modified V hull is often ideal for more coastal ocean cruising in shallower waters. 

Corrosion resistance : In contrast to fresh water, salt water is highly corrosive and damaging to boats, and they need to be designed for and maintained to cope with those damaging effects (see our guide to the differences between saltwater and freshwater boats for more advice). Boats designed for salt water will have marine-grade metals such as stainless steel, and must be built with corrosion-resistant hardware.  

Power and fuel capacity : If you’re going to cruise farther, it makes sense that your boat will need a fuel-efficient engine as well as a larger fuel tank to allow you to carry on longer without refueling. Fast boats such as those used for offshore fishing commonly have large powerful engines, allowing you to get to the offshore fishing grounds in less time. For those crossing oceans, sailboats have long been the boat of choice since wind-power is free, if occasionally finicky. 

Sleeping and storage capacity: If you’re cruising long distances, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough cabin space, living space, and storage space for supplies to accommodate all those on board. Bunks will typically be fitted with lee cloths to securely hold sleeping crew members in their berths. Ventilation is also critical, allowing fresh air below decks without bringing sea water along at the same time.

The Best Types and Brands of Ocean Boats

Ocean sailboats.

Sailboats bring the romance to cruising the oceans, and are able to sail motor-less for thousands of miles, making them the top choice when it comes to long range ocean cruising. The choice of sailboat is endless, but it depends how far you want to travel as to how big a sailboat you’ll need. Coastal sailing can be done in most sizes and styles of sailboat, while you’ll ideally be looking for a strong and sturdy sailboat over 35 feet to travel long distances (see our guide to bluewater sailboats under 40 feet for some exciting small sailboat options and what to look for in an ocean sailboat). 

The best ocean sailboat brands

  • Hallberg-Rassy has been producing quality ocean-going cruising boats in Sweden for more than half a century. The company’s current lineup of comfortable, seaworthy, premium-priced yachts from 34 to 69 feet LOA.  Hallberg-Rassy boats for sale
  • Beneteau ’s impressive range of Oceanis cruisers ranges from 31 to 60 feet and offers spacious, versatile layouts and sound performance at a moderate price.  Beneteau boats for sale
  • Jeanneau has produced ocean-capable sailboats for more than 60 years and has a good reputation for building innovative boats that perform well. The company’s current range includes large yachts, small ocean racers, and 35- to 49-foot cruising models.  Jeanneau boats for sale

Hallberg Rassy

Hallberg Rassy 400. Hallberg Rassy photo.

Trawler Yachts

Known for their long-range capabilities and excellent fuel efficiency, trawlers are becoming increasingly popular as ocean-going liveaboards. Unlike the fishing vessels from which they draw their name, this new breed of power-cruising yacht typically offers extensive living space, home comforts, and even luxury living, which is highly regarded among many cruising great distances or spending extended periods of time living aboard.  

The best trawler yacht brands

  • Nordhavn is a long-standing, all-American brand producing some of the best trawler yachts on the market today. Ranging from 41 feet all the way into superyacht classification sizes, Nordhavn trawlers balance robustness with comfort.  Nordhavn yachts for sale
  • Selene is a Dutch brand, building up to 100 world class boats every year. Their impressive inventory includes boats from 40 feet to 128 feet, with their mid-sized models in particular offering excellent use of space and a classic styling.  Selene boats for sale
  • American Tugs is one of the best smaller shipyards, with 20 years’ experience producing high quality coastal cruisers under 45 feet.  American Tugs boats for sale


Nordhavn 475. Nordhavn photo.

Center Console Boats

  Center consoles boats are high-powered vessels, commonly used for offshore fishing due to their open deck layout allowing for 360 fishability. Fast, stable, roomy, and well-equipped, they are wonderfully versatile and are available from trailerable 17-foot models up to 45 feet and longer, with cabins and heads. They are typically able to handle big seas and weather, but don’t have the sleeping, living, and storage space of longer-range types of ocean boats. 

The best center console boat brands

  • Boston Whaler have been around since 1958 and have one of the best reputations in the center console industry for both their fishing and recreational boats.  Boston Whaler boats for sale
  • Everglades is a brand offering 23- to 45-foot center consoles with a clear focus on fishing offshore. It is known equally for premium quality finishings and strong hull construction using high-density foam core to offer a smooth ride in waves. https://www.rightboat.com/boats-for-sale/everglades Everglades boats for sale
  • For more check out our article on the best center console boat brands and the best center consoles over 40 feet . 

Boston Whaler

Boston Whaler 250 Dauntless. Boston Whaler photo. 

Sport Fishing Yachts

Powerful, robust, and equipped to take anglers on deep sea fishing adventures, sport fishing boats are more than capable when it comes to big ocean conditions. They’re capable of cruising up to 100 miles offshore where the big pelagic creatures such as bluefin tuna and marlin live, allowing anglers to fish for several days at a time in comfort. With all the equipment needed for fishing, storing, and living, sport fishing yachts aren’t inexpensive, but you can buy a seriously high-performance yacht for the money. 

The best sport fishing yacht brands

  • Viking Yachts has a huge range of world-class sport fishing yachts ranging from towable 38 footers all the way up to 90 feet, although the majority fall within the 45 to 70 feet range. Impeccable finish and extremely high performance is the norm throughout the fleet.  Viking Yachts for sale
  • Hatteras Yachts bring elegance and innovation to sportfishing with their four convertible sport fishing yachts from 45 to 70 feet. For more than 60 years, the firm has been creating high-performance sport fishing boats that ooze luxury.  Hatteras Yachts for sale
  • Bertram has a long history of building fishing yachts focused on seaworthiness, stability, and safety. The company offers serious blue water fishing machines, as well as smaller, capable boats ranging from 28 to 61 feet.  Bertram boats for sale

For more top fishing boat brands, see Best Offshore Fishing Boat Brands .

Viking Yachts

Viking 68C. Viking Yachts photo.

Cabin Cruisers

Cabin cruisers make up one of the most versatile and popular of ocean boats as they are multifunctional, seaworthy, and well-designed for coastal cruising. While not normally suited to prolonged periods at sea or long-range cruising, this style of boat features home comforts, modest galley areas, and cabins that can be used for extended trips.

The best ocean cabin cruisers

  • Sea Ray are masters in producing small, luxurious cabin cruisers that offer weekends at sea, plenty of home comforts, and reassuring seaworthiness. Their Sundancer range is from 26 feet to 37 feet, and the SLX series goes up to 40 feet.  Sea Ray boats for sale
  • Chris-Craft has been producing elegant, traditionally styled cabin cruisers (as well as center consoles) for decades, and their range of boats certainly turn heads. Offering pocket-sized luxury and packed with amenities, they remain one of the best brands in the industry.  Chris-Craft boats for sale
  • Grand Banks Yachts is a brand that has shifted over the years from producing what was the iconic ocean-going trawler yacht to a higher-performance luxury motoryacht that fits better in the cabin cruiser category. Design and construction attend to hull shapes, weights, and materials to produce a capable, quiet boat in rough conditions.  Grand Banks Yachts

Grand Banks 54

Grand Banks 54. Grand Banks photo.

Cruising Catamarans

Cruising catamarans are fast gaining popularity for their long-range capabilities as well as their stability and huge amounts of extra living and storage space compared to monohulls of the same size. With salons and cockpits that stand well above the water line you get wrap around sea views, as well as huge cabin and galley space. They’re extremely capable blue water cruisers, but also perfect for coastal adventures with larger groups than you could comfortably get on a monohull. They don’t keel over in the same way as sailboats, offering impressive stability and speed, and are fast becoming a popular choice for around the world cruisers and charter companies. 

The best cruising catamarans

  • Fountaine Pajot is one of the biggest names in the cruising catamaran world and are instrumental in shaping this new industry of long range, high performance blue water multihulls.  Fountaine Pajot Catamarans for sale
  • Lagoon Catamarans have a huge inventory of cruising catamaran models throughout the size ranges, and are one of the top choices for charter companies.  Lagoon Catamarans for sale
  • Leopard Catamarans offer a huge range of top-of-the-range sailing and motor cruising catamarans through boat builders Robertson and Caine. In their 50 years of business they’ve delivered an impressive 2,500 vessels, making them one of the most popular cruising catamaran brands out there.  Leopard Catamarans for sale


Leopard 40 Powercat. Leopard Catamarans photo.

Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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Sailing Boats

5 Best Ocean Boats

are ocean yachts good boats

Table of Contents

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

When it comes to figuring out what type of craft is considered a top ocean boat, it’s important to always remember that ocean conditions vary widely and there will never be a one-size-fits-all answer. 

Pro Tip: Your boat needs to be in tip-top shape to be safe in the ocean and no matter the size or type, if it is not mechanically sound and well-maintained, it probably shouldn’t leave protected waterways. 

If you’re planning a voyage, consider our five best ocean boat types:

  • Inboard Fishing Boats
  • Midsize to Large Center Consoles  
  • Midsize to Large Cabin Cruisers or Yachts
  • Some Catamarans (Power or sail)
  • Cruising Sailboats  

Rent. Charter. Share— Only at Boatsetter 

Inboard fishing boats

inboard fishing boats

Since outboard power has come to dominate the marketplace among smaller fishing boats, most modern inboard sportfishing boats are large and rugged enough for the ocean. There’s no one specific length you can call sufficient, but 30-plus feet is a good starting point. For many people a great way to get out on the ocean in boats like these is to hire a fishing charter so you not only get the boat, you get a captain with oceanic experience as well.

Midsized to large center consoles

center console boats

Most larger center consoles carry multiple engines—always a good thing, when you’re going out on the ocean—and have deep-V hulls designed to handle big waves. On calm days most boaters consider it okay to take smaller models into the ocean, too, as long as you don’t stray too far from the inlet.

Midsized to large cabin cruisers or yachts

cabin cruiser

Just about any big cabin cruiser and any boat worthy of being called a yacht can be taken into the ocean. Not all cruisers and yachts are prepared for it—you certainly don’t want to have a set of fine China sitting on the dinette table when oceanic waves start rolling—but most newer models in good mechanical condition can handle a jaunt in open waters.

Some catamarans (power or sail)

liveaboard catamaran

Many catamarans are designed specifically to take on big seas and are appropriate for ocean use, but not all of them. Catamarans designed for long passages or living aboard, be they power or sail, are generally considered appropriate for use in the ocean.

Cruising sailboats

liveaboard sailboat

Most sailboats designed for extended cruising are relatively large and can handle fairly significant seas. Even when one is ocean-worthy, however, you do have to remember that sailboats travel slower than most powerboats and will take longer to return to port . This makes keeping an eye on the developing weather patterns even more important, so you can plan your trip appropriately.

Again, remember that each individual boat has to be assessed upon its own merits when determining if it should be taken into the ocean. So use good judgment and keep a close watch on the weather forecast, and your oceanic adventure will be a great one.

Need more answers? We got you covered 

What boats are good in the ocean.

The best ocean boats are relatively large and designed to take on open seas. But on a calm day if you stay close to home, just about any boat can be a good boat in the ocean.

What size boat is safe for the ocean? 

There’s simply no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. In some conditions, it may be safe to launch something as small as a kayak from the beach and go into the ocean. But in other conditions, even the 60-footers should stay tied up at the dock.

Can any boat go in the ocean?

Pretty much, yes! This is always a judgment call and the answer on any given day depends on a number of variables.

It’s important to understand that the condition of a boat determines whether it’s ocean-worthy or not. One day the ocean could be glass-calm and as smooth as silk, and just about any boat would be fine running through its waters. The next day stormy seas could make it uncomfortable even on a 100-foot superyacht. 

No size requirements should be considered hard rules and good judgment plus a look at the weather forecast is in order before setting off into the ocean — regardless of what sort of boat you’re on. Check out Weather Safety Tips for Boaters to learn more about how to gain some weather wisdom as it pertains to boating.

About Boatsetter 

Boatsetter is a unique boat-sharing platform that gives everyone — whether you own a boat or you’re just renting — the chance to experience life on the water. You can list a boat , book a boat , or make money as a captain .  

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With over three decades of experience in marine journalism, Lenny Rudow has contributed to dozens of boating and fishing publications and websites ranging from BoatU.S. Magazine to BDOutdoors.com. Rudow is currently the Angler in Chief at Rudow’s FishTalk , he is a past president of Boating Writers International (BWI), a graduate of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, and has won numerous BWI and OWAA writing awards.

Browse by experience

are ocean yachts good boats

Explore articles

Hernando Beach Marinas.

4 Hernando Beach, FL Marinas

Dock and Dine.

Dock and Dine Basics: Seven Tips for Success

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Do you need a license to rent a boat header

Do You Need a Boating License to Drive or Rent a Boat?

Best Boats for Ocean Boating

best ocean boats

9 Best Ocean Boats

  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Center Consoles
  • High-Performance Boats
  • Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers
  • Multi-Hull Powerboats (Catamarans)
  • Sportfishing Yachts
  • Walkarounds

Obviously, this is a wide range of boat types and which will be your personal best choice depends on how you plan to use your boat. If you enjoy saltwater fishing and you dream about hunting down huge pelagic trophy fish, this list of choices shrinks to include center consoles, sportfishing yachts, and walkarounds. But if you just want to go on dolphin- or whale-watching cruises or head down the coast to a new destination, one of the other types of boats will probably be a better pick.

In all of these cases, however, one thing’s for sure: you want to feel safe and confident in your boat’s abilities. To that end, there are some specific attributes any vessel needs if you plan to use it for ocean boating.

Explore Saltwater Fishing Boats

Must-Haves for Boating on the Ocean

First and foremost, any boat that goes through an inlet and into the ocean must be large enough and seaworthy enough to safely handle the conditions .

Just exactly what this means is a judgement call, because boating in the ocean can vary dramatically depending on the location and the weather. Wind speed, sea state, and the potential for storms (see Boat Handling: Riders on the Storm , to make sure you know what to do if you get caught in a sudden squall) all play a role in determining whether or not any boat can safely venture out into the ocean on any given day. That’s why checking the latest weather forecasts and paying close attention to changing conditions is absolutely critical. So, how can one say which are the best boats for ocean boating, in this regard? You simply can’t—the correct answers change from day to day and place to place.

Being properly equipped with safety, communications, and navigational gear is another necessity.

You can check out Boat Safety Checklist & Safety Equipment to see the must-haves as well as recommended safety gear, but in addition, most experienced captains would agree that a VHF radio should be on each and every boat entering the ocean. Naturally you also need to have a full understanding of how to use it; see How to Use a VHF Radio , to get the scoop. And remember that when you’re in the ocean, losing sight of land is almost always a possibility be it due to distance, haze, or fog. In any case you’ll need to be able to find your way back to that inlet, so GPS should also be considered a must-have. In fact, it’s critical for anyone captaining a boat in the ocean to have a firm grasp on how to navigate a boat with and without the assistance of electronics.

best boats for ocean boating

Another critical factor for boats used in the ocean is that they’re designed and built with corrosion-resistant hardware.

Most of the boat types we’ve listed above will have stainless-steel fittings and fasteners, but if you take a boat that was intended for freshwater use and put it in the ocean, you’ll likely have corrosion streaks and deteriorating hardware starting on day one. In just a season or two, serious damage can occur.

Fuel economy and fuel capacity also become important issues to consider when ocean boating.

Remember, the ocean is essentially limitless when you’re on a boat, and while a boat may be perfectly competent to take offshore, some will burn a lot more fuel than others doing so. There are many high-performance boats, for example, that are designed for offshore racing, can handle heavy seas, and are equipped to navigate beyond sight of land. But those big engines need to be fed lots of fuel, and this can mean range restrictions. If the captain miscalculates his or her range, running out of fuel is a much bigger problem than it would be ashore. On the flip side of the equation, some sailboats can travel for literally thousands of miles while requiring little to no fuel. When calculating range for your own boat, most experts advise accounting for a bare minimum of 10-percent of fuel capacity in reserve, and some suggest it’s safest to plan in as much as one-third in reserve.

What are the Best Boats for Ocean Boating?

As is usually the case when it comes to boating in general, the answer to the above question will be different from one person to the next. But we can say one thing for sure: if you have a boat that’s appropriately sized, designed, built, and equipped for ocean boating, you should consider giving it a try. Because the experience of fishing, cruising, or just observing nature outside of the inlet is an amazing adventure that many people in this world never get to enjoy—and that’s one more reason why the boating life is indeed a better life.

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winter saltwater fishing

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  • Ocean boats: A guide to offshore boating

Ocean boats, encompassing offshore boating and ocean-going yachts, offer a world of adventure and exploration on the open waters. These vessels attract boating enthusiasts with their thrilling experiences, luxurious features, and the freedom to navigate vast oceanic waters. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the allure of ocean boats, the thrill of offshore boating, the opulence of ocean-going yachts, and essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect vessel for your marine escapades.

Understanding ocean boats and their appeal

Ocean boats, also known as bluewater vessels, are designed to handle long journeys across open seas and withstand challenging conditions. Their appeal lies in the sense of freedom and adventure they offer to boaters, who seek to explore far-off coastlines and distant islands. Whether it's the thrill of offshore boating or the luxury of ocean-going yachts, these boats cater to diverse interests and preferences.

The thrill of offshore boating

Offshore boating is an adrenaline-pumping experience that attracts adventurous souls. Navigating through rough seas and unpredictable weather conditions demands skill and expertise. Offshore boats are built with robust hulls, powerful engines, and advanced navigational systems to tackle the challenges of the open ocean. This form of boating provides an unmatched sense of accomplishment and exhilaration for those seeking high-energy adventures.

Read our top notch articles on topics such as sailing, sailing tips and destinations in our Magazine .

Factors to consider when choosing ocean boats

Selecting the right ocean boat requires careful consideration of various factors. Here are some essential aspects to ponder:

Size and Type of Ocean Boats

Determine the size and type of boat that aligns with your intended use, whether it's offshore racing or leisurely cruising.

Safety Features and Equipment

Prioritize safety by checking for essential safety features and well-maintained safety equipment onboard.

Navigation and Communication Systems

Reliable navigation and communication systems are crucial for ensuring smooth sailing and emergency preparedness.

Fuel Capacity and Range

Evaluate the boat's fuel capacity and range to plan for long journeys without fuel constraints.

Comfort and Amenities

Consider the level of comfort and amenities provided, especially for extended stays onboard.

With the right boat you can go anywhere.

With the right boat you can go anywhere.

When it comes to ocean boating, having the right vessel can make all the difference in your marine adventures. Whether you're cruising along coastlines, embarking on thrilling fishing expeditions, or seeking the luxury of yachting, there's a perfect ocean boat for every boating enthusiast. Here are nine of the best types of ocean boats to consider:

Cabin cruisers

Cabin cruisers are versatile and popular choices for ocean boating. With their comfortable cabins, they offer overnight accommodations, making them suitable for extended trips. These boats typically come equipped with amenities like a galley, bathroom, and sleeping quarters, providing a home-away-from-home experience on the water.

Center consoles

Center consoles are known for their open deck layout, making them excellent for fishing and watersports. These boats offer plenty of space to move around, making them ideal for active boaters. With their powerful engines and stable hull designs, center consoles are well-equipped to handle offshore excursions with ease.

High-performance boats

For adrenaline junkies seeking speed and excitement on the water, high-performance boats are the way to go. These boats are designed for thrilling rides and can reach impressive speeds, making them perfect for those who enjoy the rush of fast-paced boating.

Motor yachts/Power cruisers

Motor yachts and power cruisers are synonymous with luxury and comfort. These vessels are designed for relaxation and indulgence, boasting spacious interiors, modern amenities, and professional crew services. Ocean yachts provide a level of opulence that's unmatched, allowing owners to enjoy the finer things while cruising the open seas.

Multi-hull powerboats (catamarans)

Catamarans are multi-hull powerboats known for their stability and fuel efficiency. With two hulls, these boats offer a smooth and comfortable ride, even in rough seas. Catamarans are a popular choice for extended ocean voyages, as they provide ample space and reduced fuel consumption.

For those who prefer the charm and elegance of sailing, sailboats are the ultimate ocean vessels. Sailing offers a unique experience of harnessing the wind's power to glide gracefully across the water. Sailboats are available in various sizes and configurations, catering to both casual sailors and seasoned sea enthusiasts.

Sportfishing yachts

Sportfishing yachts are designed specifically for anglers who love deep-sea fishing. These boats come equipped with advanced fishing gear, large fish boxes, and spacious decks for reeling in the catch of the day. Sportfishing yachts allow fishermen to pursue their passion while enjoying the comforts of a well-appointed vessel.

Trawlers are known for their fuel efficiency and long-range capabilities. These boats are designed for leisurely cruising, allowing boaters to take their time and enjoy the journey. Trawlers feature comfortable living spaces, making them suitable for extended voyages along coastlines and beyond.


Walkarounds, also known as walk-around cuddy cabins, offer a combination of fishing functionality and cabin comfort. With walk-around decks, anglers can easily access all areas of the boat, making fishing a breeze. These boats also come with a cuddy cabin for resting and shelter during longer trips.

Before setting sail on your ocean adventures, consider your boating preferences, the type of activities you'll engage in, and the level of comfort you desire. With the right ocean boat, you'll be well-equipped to explore the vast waters and create unforgettable memories on your marine journey.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our range of charter boats and head to some of our favourite sailing destinations .

FAQs about ocean boats

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  • Destinations
  • Electronics
  • Boating Safety

Yachting Magazine logo

Ocean Yachts 57 Super Sport Review

  • By Jay Coyle
  • Updated: October 4, 2007

I will never forget that time in the 1970s when a buddy of mine bought one of the first Ocean Yachts. He jumped from a simple, stout 31-foot sportfisherman with a solid pedigree to a 46-footer whose name was not yet familiar. As it turns out, she was faster than just about anything her size and offered uncommon levels of luxury and accommodation-all that, with less horsepower than you would expect and a price that encouraged even the fiscally cautious to move up. Ocean Yachts’ new 57 Super Sport mirrors this proven formula and the company’s skill in applying it.

The key to Ocean Yachts’ success was its early acknowledgement that for those who fish or cruise , speed over ground is an asset. Though lately the herd has caught up in terms of speed, Ocean Yachts has not lost its touch. At 2340 rpm, the pair of 1,300 hp MANs on hull number one delivered a top speed of 36.9 knots in a 3-foot chop off Palm Beach, Florida. This is quite competitive, considering we had a full load of fuel, fishing gear and cruising supplies on board. At 1800 rpm I recorded a speed of 29.5 knots, and the MAN electronics indicated a fuel burn of 76.6 gallons per hour. The 57 can also be more conservatively powered for a top speed of 33 knots. While the MANs rumble a bit at idle speed, they deliver horsepower on demand without hesitation or clouds of black smoke. The 57 rises easily on plane, and she took a bit less than 30 seconds to reach maximum speed. Thanks to Hynautic power steering, she cuts tight turns with a light hand on her wheel. At low speed, she is stable and maneuverable. I recommend the optional trolling valves, particularly for those who chase spindle beaks, as the 57 is a bit peppy at idle.

Her bridge is efficient and comfortable. The pod-style helm from Ocean Yachts is fitted with engine instrumentation under glass, a tournament-style wheel and cast aluminum single-lever controls interfaced with Glendinning electronics. Covered electronics bays are to port and starboard, as are hamper-style cabinets in the console for an electrical sub-panel and a radio. Drop-down panels in the factory hardtop accommodate a radio and electric teaser reels. Tournament-style helm and companion seating provide a comfortable view of the cockpit, and a U-shape lounge area with integral stowage is forward. A rod locker alongside the helm would be handy for tossing a lure to schooling dorado, and the bridge freezer is perfect for preserving them. The 57 is also available with an enclosed bridge and an internal spiral staircase-an $83,500 option that would perhaps appeal more to those who cruise.

The cockpit, which has a full-size fighting chair, complements the tournament theme with soft corners and teak covering boards. There is a gate-style swinging transom door, a transom live well and lockers for deck gear beneath the coaming. Two under-sole fishboxes are fitted with macerators that discharge overboard. Aboard our test boat, one fishbox was rigged with an Eskimo Ice machine, and the other served as a freezer. The bulkhead console has additional refrigeration, a drink box, engineroom access and a tackle center with a sink.

The story of any Ocean Yachts boat would not be complete without mention of naval architect Dave Martin, who has penned each of the company’s models from day one. Martin began his career in 1948 at age 18, when he worked at Egg Harbor . Later, he moved to Pacemaker. When Jack Leek launched Ocean Yachts in 1977, he brought Martin aboard. Today, Ocean Yachts and Martin’s magic formula are in the hands of John E. Leek III.

Martin’s easily driven hull form and his understanding of weight and balance have resulted in designs that consistently meet their performance goals. The 57, too, is designed with higher speeds in mind. Her transom deadrise has been bumped up a bit from that of previous designs to 14 degrees. This allows for finer sections forward (softer ride) and improved performance in following seas. There are two lifting strakes instead of four, and they are spaced farther apart to optimize lift at increased speed. The strakes have a down angle that Martin found relieves suction on the bottom and improves water flow to the propellers . While some designers prefer shallow trim angles (about 3 degrees), Martin feels they are undesirable for running inlets and in following seas. I agree. The 57 has a slight bit of rocker in her bottom and is designed to run at 5 degrees when at speed. Trim tabs are used to adjust the running attitude for different sea conditions.

The 57’s hull and superstructure are built in female tooling. Woven and stitched reinforcements are handlaid with polyester resin. Fiberglass stringers, and marine plywood bulkheads and web frames support the bottom. Divinycell foam coring stiffens the hull sides, exterior decks and superstructure.

Under the cockpit and forward, fuel is carried in aluminum tanks that feed a day tank on centerline in the engineroom. This is a major improvement on the wing-tank arrangement that is common on some Ocean Yachts models. The company has taken heat in this department in the past and seems to have responded effectively. The elimination of wing tanks makes servicing the outboard side of the engines easy. Even with a second generator, the 57 should have room to move around. Considering this and the attention devoted to systems and detailing, the 57’s machinery space is the best I have seen from the builder.

The saloon has an L-shape settee with internal stowage for rods and cruising gear. An open galley area has under-counter refrigeration, and the adjacent dinette is larger than most I’ve found on convertibles this size. The accommodation space benefits from a step in the galley sole. The three-stateroom/three-head arrangement includes a full-beam master suite that tucks neatly beneath the galley and dinette area.

Our test boat, with 1,300 hp MANs, electronics and a long list of options, was $1,574,111. She could be conservatively outfitted, but my bet is most will load her up with electronics and fishing or cruising gear. Whatever you prefer, with the 57 Super Sport you’re bound to come out ahead.

Contact: Ocean Yachts, Inc., (609) 965-4616; www.oceanyachtsinc.com .

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Yachting World cover

43 of the best bluewater sailboat designs of all time

Yachting World

  • January 5, 2022

How do you choose the right yacht for you? We highlight the very best bluewater sailboat designs for every type of cruising

are ocean yachts good boats

Which yacht is the best for bluewater boating? This question generates even more debate among sailors than questions about what’s the coolest yacht , or the best for racing. Whereas racing designs are measured against each other, cruising sailors get very limited opportunities to experience different yachts in real oceangoing conditions, so what is the best bluewater sailboat?

Here, we bring you our top choices from decades of designs and launches. Over the years, the Yachting World team has sailed these boats, tested them or judged them for European Yacht of the Year awards, and we have sifted through the many to curate a selection that we believe should be on your wishlist.

Making the right choice may come down to how you foresee your yacht being used after it has crossed an ocean or completed a passage: will you be living at anchor or cruising along the coast? If so, your guiding requirements will be space, cabin size, ease of launching a tender and anchoring closer to shore, and whether it can comfortably accommodate non-expert-sailor guests.

Article continues below…

are ocean yachts good boats

The perfect boat: what makes an ideal offshore cruising yacht?

Choosing a boat for offshore cruising is not a decision to be taken lightly. I have researched this topic on…


European Yacht of the Year 2019: Best luxury cruisers

Before the sea trials began, I would have put money on a Hallberg-Rassy or the Wauquiez winning an award. The…

All of these considerations have generated the inexorable rise of the bluewater catamaran – monohulls can’t easily compete on these points. We have a full separate feature on the best bluewater multihulls of all time and here we mostly focus on monohulls. The only exceptions to that rule are two multihulls which made it into our best bluewater sailboats of 2022 list.

As so much of making the right choice is selecting the right boat for the venture in mind, we have separated out our edit into categories: best for comfort; for families; for performance; and for expedition or high latitudes sailing .

Best bluewater sailboats of 2022

The new flagship Allures 51.9, for example, is a no-nonsense adventure cruising design built and finished to a high standard. It retains Allures’ niche of using aluminium hulls with glassfibre decks and superstructures, which, the yard maintains, gives the optimum combination of least maintenance and less weight higher up. Priorities for this design were a full beam aft cabin and a spacious, long cockpit. Both are excellent, with the latter, at 6m long, offering formidable social, sailing and aft deck zones.

It likes some breeze to come to life on the wheel, but I appreciate that it’s designed to take up to five tonnes payload. And I like the ease with which you can change gears using the furling headsails and the positioning of the powerful Andersen winches inboard. The arch is standard and comes with a textile sprayhood or hard bimini.

Below decks you’ll find abundant headroom and natural light, a deep U-shape galley and cavernous stowage. For those who like the layout of the Amel 50 but would prefer aluminium or shoal draught, look no further.

Allures 51.9 price: €766,000

The Ovni 370 is another cunning new aluminum centreboard offering, a true deck saloon cruiser for two. The designers say the biggest challenge was to create a Category A ocean going yacht at this size with a lifting keel, hence the hull had to be very stable.

Enjoyable to helm, it has a practical, deep cockpit behind a large sprayhood, which can link to the bimini on the arch. Many of its most appealing features lie in the bright, light, contemporary, clever, voluminous interior, which has good stowage and tankage allocation. There’s also a practical navstation, a large workroom and a vast separate shower. I particularly like the convertible saloom, which can double as a large secure daybed or pilot berth.

Potentially the least expensive Category A lift keel boat available, the Ovni will get you dreaming of remote places again.

Ovni 370 price: €282,080

are ocean yachts good boats

There’s no shortage of spirit in the Windelo 50. We gave this a sustainability award after it’s founders spent two years researching environmentally-friendly composite materials, developing an eco-composite of basalt fibre and recycled PET foam so it could build boats that halve the environmental impact of standard glassfibre yachts.

The Windelo 50 is an intriguing package – from the styling, modular interior and novel layout to the solar field on the roof and the standard electric propulsion, it is completely fresh.

Windelo 50 price: €795,000

Best bluewater sailboat of 2022 – Outremer 55

I would argue that this is the most successful new production yacht on the market. Well over 50 have already sold (an equipped model typically costs €1.6m) – and I can understand why. After all, were money no object, I had this design earmarked as the new yacht I would most likely choose for a world trip.

Indeed 55 number one Sanya, was fully equipped for a family’s world cruise, and left during our stay for the Grand Large Odyssey tour. Whereas we sailed Magic Kili, which was tricked up with performance options, including foam-cored deckheads and supports, carbon crossbeam and bulkheads, and synthetic rigging.

At rest, these are enticing space ships. Taking one out to sea is another matter though. These are speed machines with the size, scale and loads to be rightly weary of. Last month Nikki Henderson wrote a feature for us about how to manage a new breed of performance cruising cats just like this and how she coaches new owners. I could not think of wiser money spent for those who do not have ample multihull sailing experience.

Under sail, the most fun was obviously reserved for the reaching leg under asymmetric, where we clocked between 11-16 knots in 15-16 knots wind. But it was the stability and of those sustained low teen speeds which really hit home  – passagemaking where you really cover miles.

Key features include the swing helms, which give you views from outboard, over the coachroof or from a protected position in the cockpit through the coachroof windows, and the vast island in the galley, which is key to an open plan main living area. It helps provide cavernous stowage and acts as the heart of the entertaining space as it would in a modern home. As Danish judge Morten Brandt-Rasmussen comments: “Apart from being the TGV of ocean passages the boat offers the most spacious, open and best integration of the cockpit and salon areas in the market.”

Outremer has done a top job in packing in the creature comforts, stowage space and payload capacity, while keeping it light enough to eat miles. Although a lot to absorb and handle, the 55 offers a formidable blend of speed and luxury cruising.

Outremer 55 price: €1.35m

Best bluewater sailboats for comfort

This is the successor to the legendary Super Maramu, a ketch design that for several decades defined easy downwind handling and fostered a cult following for the French yard. Nearly a decade old, the Amel 55 is the bridge between those world-girdling stalwarts and Amel’s more recent and totally re-imagined sloop designs, the Amel 50 and 60.

The 55 boasts all the serious features Amel aficionados loved and valued: a skeg-hung rudder, solidly built hull, watertight bulkheads, solid guardrails and rampart bulwarks. And, most noticeable, the solid doghouse in which the helmsman sits in perfect shelter at the wheel.

This is a design to live on comfortably for long periods and the list of standard features just goes on and on: passarelle; proper sea berths with lee cloths; electric furling main and genoa; and a multitude of practical items that go right down to a dishwasher and crockery.

There’s no getting around the fact these designs do look rather dated now, and through the development of easier sail handling systems the ketch rig has fallen out of fashion, but the Amel is nothing short of a phenomenon, and if you’ve never even peeked on board one, you really have missed a treat.


Photo: Sander van der Borch

Contest 50CS

A centre cockpit cruiser with true longevity, the Contest 50CS was launched by Conyplex back in 2003 and is still being built by the family-owned Dutch company, now in updated and restyled form.

With a fully balanced rudder, large wheel and modern underwater sections, the Contest 50CS is a surprisingly good performer for a boat that has a dry weight of 17.5 tonnes. Many were fitted with in-mast furling, which clearly curtails that performance, but even without, this boat is set up for a small crew.

Electric winches and mainsheet traveller are all easy to reach from the helm. On our test of the Contest 50CS, we saw for ourselves how two people can gybe downwind under spinnaker without undue drama. Upwind, a 105% genoa is so easy to tack it flatters even the weediest crewmember.

Down below, the finish level of the joinery work is up there among the best and the interior is full of clever touches, again updated and modernised since the early models. Never the cheapest bluewater sailing yacht around, the Contest 50CS has remained in demand as a brokerage buy. She is a reassuringly sure-footed, easily handled, very well built yacht that for all those reasons has stood the test of time.

This is a yacht that would be well capable of helping you extend your cruising grounds, almost without realising it.

Read more about the Contest 50CS and the new Contest 49CS


Photo: Rick Tomlinson

Hallberg-Rassy 48 Mk II

For many, the Swedish Hallberg-Rassy yard makes the quintessential bluewater cruiser for couples. With their distinctive blue cove line, these designs are famous for their seakindly behaviour, solid-as-a-rock build and beautifully finished, traditional interiors.

To some eyes, Hallberg-Rassys aren’t quite cool enough, but it’s been company owner Magnus Rassy’s confidence in the formula and belief in incremental ‘step-by-step’ evolution that has been such an exceptional guarantor of reliable quality, reputation and resale value.

The centre cockpit Hallberg-Rassy 48 epitomises the concept of comfort at sea and, like all the Frers-designed Hallberg-Rassys since the 1990s, is surprisingly fleet upwind as well as steady downwind. The 48 is perfectly able to be handled by a couple (as we found a few years back in the Pacific), and could with no great effort crack out 200-mile days.

The Hallberg-Rassy 48 was launched nearly a decade ago, but the Mk II from 2014 is our pick, updated with a more modern profile, larger windows and hull portlights that flood the saloon and aft cabin with light. With a large chart table, secure linear galley, heaps of stowage and space for bluewater extras such as machinery and gear, this yacht pretty much ticks all the boxes.


Discovery 55

First launched in 2000, the Discovery 55 has stood the test of time. Designed by Ron Holland, it hit a sweet spot in size that appealed to couples and families with world girdling plans.

Elegantly styled and well balanced, the 55 is also a practical design, with a deep and secure cockpit, comfortable seating, a self-tacking jib, dedicated stowage for the liferaft , a decent sugar scoop transom that’s useful for swimming or dinghy access, and very comfortable accommodation below. In short, it is a design that has been well thought out by those who’ve been there, got the bruises, stubbed their toes and vowed to change things in the future if they ever got the chance.

Throughout the accommodation there are plenty of examples of good detailing, from the proliferation of handholds and grabrails, to deep sinks in the galley offering immediate stowage when under way and the stand up/sit down showers. Stowage is good, too, with plenty of sensibly sized lockers in easily accessible positions.

The Discovery 55 has practical ideas and nifty details aplenty. She’s not, and never was, a breakthrough in modern luxury cruising but she is pretty, comfortable to sail and live on, and well mannered.


Photo: Latitudes Picture Library

You can’t get much more Cornish than a Rustler. The hulls of this Stephen Jones design are hand-moulded and fitted out in Falmouth – and few are more ruggedly built than this traditional, up-for-anything offshore cruiser.

She boasts an encapsulated lead keel, eliminating keel bolts and creating a sump for generous fuel and water tankage, while a chunky skeg protects the rudder. She is designed for good directional stability and load carrying ability. These are all features that lend this yacht confidence as it shoulders aside the rough stuff.

Most of those built have had a cutter rig, a flexible arrangement that makes sense for long passages in all sea and weather conditions. Down below, the galley and saloon berths are comfortable and sensible for living in port and at sea, with joinery that Rustler’s builders are rightly proud of.

As modern yachts have got wider, higher and fatter, the Rustler 42 is an exception. This is an exceptionally well-mannered seagoing yacht in the traditional vein, with elegant lines and pleasing overhangs, yet also surprisingly powerful. And although now over 20 years old, timeless looks and qualities mean this design makes her look ever more like a perennial, a modern classic.

The definitive crossover size, the point at which a yacht can be handled by a couple but is just large enough to have a professional skipper and be chartered, sits at around the 60ft mark. At 58ft 8in, the Oyster 575 fitted perfectly into this growing market when launched in 2010. It went on to be one of the most popular models from the yard, and is only now being superseded by the newer Rob Humphreys-designed Oyster 565 (just launched this spring).

Built in various configurations with either a deep keel, shoal draught keel or centreboard with twin rudders, owners could trade off better performance against easy access to shallower coves and anchorages. The deep-bodied hull, also by Rob Humphreys, is known for its easy motion at sea.

Some of the Oyster 575’s best features include its hallmark coachroof windows style and centre cockpit – almost everyone will know at first glance this is an Oyster – and superb interior finish. If she has a flaw, it is arguably the high cockpit, but the flip side is the galley headroom and passageway berth to the large aft stateroom.

This design also has a host of practical features for long-distance cruising, such as high guardrails, dedicated liferaft stowage, a vast lazarette for swallowing sails, tender, fenders etc, and a penthouse engine room.


Privilege Serie 5

A true luxury catamaran which, fully fitted out, will top €1m, this deserves to be seen alongside the likes of the Oyster 575, Gunfleet 58 and Hallberg-Rassy 55. It boasts a large cockpit and living area, and a light and spacious saloon with an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, masses of refrigeration and a big galley.

Standout features are finish quality and solid build in a yacht designed to take a high payload, a secure walkaround deck and all-round views from the helm station. The new Privilege 510 that will replace this launches in February 2020.

Gunfleet 43

It was with this Tony Castro design that Richard Matthews, founder of Oyster Yachts, launched a brand new rival brand in 2012, the smallest of a range stretching to the flagship Gunfleet 74. The combination of short overhangs and centre cockpit at this size do make the Gunfleet 43 look modern if a little boxy, but time and subsequent design trends have been kind to her lines, and the build quality is excellent. The saloon, galley and aft cabin space is exceptional on a yacht of this size.


Photo: David Harding

Conceived as a belt-and-braces cruiser, the Kraken 50 launched last year. Its unique points lie underwater in the guise of a full skeg-hung rudder and so-called ‘Zero Keel’, an encapsulated long keel with lead ballast.

Kraken Yachts is the brainchild of British businessman and highly experienced cruiser Dick Beaumont, who is adamant that safety should be foremost in cruising yacht design and build. “There is no such thing as ‘one yacht for all purposes’… You cannot have the best of all worlds, whatever the salesman tells you,” he says.

Read our full review of the Kraken 50 .


Wauquiez Centurion 57

Few yachts can claim to be both an exciting Med-style design and a serious and practical northern European offshore cruiser, but the Wauquiez Centurion 57 tries to blend both. She slightly misses if you judge solely by either criterion, but is pretty and practical enough to suit her purpose.

A very pleasant, well-considered yacht, she is impressively built and finished with a warm and comfortable interior. More versatile than radical, she could be used for sailing across the Atlantic in comfort and raced with equal enjoyment at Antigua Sailing Week .


A modern classic if ever there was one. A medium to heavy displacement yacht, stiff and easily capable of standing up to her canvas. Pretty, traditional lines and layout below.


Photo: Voyage of Swell

Well-proven US legacy design dating back to the mid-1960s that once conquered the Transpac Race . Still admired as pretty, with slight spoon bow and overhanging transom.


Capable medium displacement cruiser, ideal size and good accommodation for couples or family cruising, and much less costly than similar luxury brands.


Photo: Peter Szamer

Swedish-built aft cockpit cruiser, smaller than many here, but a well-built and finished, super-durable pocket ocean cruiser.


Tartan 3700

Designed as a performance cruiser there are nimbler alternatives now, but this is still an extremely pretty yacht.

Broker ’ s choice


Discovery 55 Brizo

This yacht has already circumnavigated the globe and is ‘prepared for her next adventure,’ says broker Berthon. Price: £535,000 + VAT


Oyster 575 Ayesha

‘Stunning, and perfectly equipped for bluewater cruising,’ says broker Ancasta International. Price: £845,000 (tax not paid)


Oyster 575 Pearls of Nautilus

Nearly new and with a high spec, this Oyster Brokerage yacht features American white oak joinery and white leather upholstery and has a shoal draught keel. Price: $1.49m

Best bluewater yachts for performance

The Frers-designed Swan 54 may not be the newest hull shape but heralded Swan’s latest generation of displacement bluewater cruisers when launched four years ago. With raked stem, deep V hull form, lower freeboard and slight curve to the topsides she has a more timeless aesthetic than many modern slab-sided high volume yachts, and with that a seakindly motion in waves. If you plan to cover many miles to weather, this is probably the yacht you want to be on.


Photo: Carlo Borlenghi

Besides Swan’s superlative build quality, the 54 brings many true bluewater features, including a dedicated sail locker. There’s also a cockpit locker that functions as a utility cabin, with potential to hold your generator and washing machine, or be a workshop space.

The sloping transom opens out to reveal a 2.5m bathing platform, and although the cabins are not huge there is copious stowage space. Down below the top-notch oak joinery is well thought through with deep fiddles, and there is a substantial nav station. But the Swan 54 wins for handling above all, with well laid-out sail controls that can be easily managed between a couple, while offering real sailing enjoyment to the helmsman.


Photo: Graham Snook

The Performance Cruiser winner at the 2019 European Yacht of the Year awards, the Arcona 435 is all about the sailing experience. She has genuine potential as a cruiser-racer, but her strengths are as an enjoyable cruiser rather than a full-blown liveaboard bluewater boat.

Build quality is excellent, there is the option of a carbon hull and deck, and elegant lines and a plumb bow give the Arcona 435 good looks as well as excellent performance in light airs. Besides slick sail handling systems, there are well thought-out features for cruising, such as ample built-in rope bins and an optional semi-closed stern with stowage and swim platform.


Outremer 51

If you want the space and stability of a cat but still prioritise sailing performance, Outremer has built a reputation on building catamarans with true bluewater characteristics that have cruised the planet for the past 30 years.

Lighter and slimmer-hulled than most cruising cats, the Outremer 51 is all about sailing at faster speeds, more easily. The lower volume hulls and higher bridgedeck make for a better motion in waves, while owners report that being able to maintain a decent pace even under reduced canvas makes for stress-free passages. Deep daggerboards also give good upwind performance.

With bucket seats and tiller steering options, the Outremer 51 rewards sailors who want to spend time steering, while they’re famously well set up for handling with one person on deck. The compromise comes with the interior space – even with a relatively minimalist style, there is less cabin space and stowage volume than on the bulkier cats, but the Outremer 51 still packs in plenty of practical features.


The Xc45 was the first cruising yacht X-Yachts ever built, and designed to give the same X-Yachts sailing experience for sailors who’d spent years racing 30/40-footer X- and IMX designs, but in a cruising package.

Launched over 10 years ago, the Xc45 has been revisited a few times to increase the stowage and modernise some of the styling, but the key features remain the same, including substantial tanks set low for a low centre of gravity, and X-Yachts’ trademark steel keel grid structure. She has fairly traditional styling and layout, matched with solid build quality.

A soft bilge and V-shaped hull gives a kindly motion in waves, and the cockpit is secure, if narrow by modern standards.


A three or four cabin catamaran that’s fleet of foot with high bridgedeck clearance for comfortable motion at sea. With tall daggerboards and carbon construction in some high load areas, Catana cats are light and quick to accelerate.


Sweden Yachts 45

An established bluewater design that also features in plenty of offshore races. Some examples are specced with carbon rig and retractable bowsprits. All have a self-tacking jib for ease. Expect sweeping areas of teak above decks and a traditionally wooded interior with hanging wet locker.


A vintage performer, first launched in 1981, the 51 was the first Frers-designed Swan and marked a new era of iconic cruiser-racers. Some 36 of the Swan 51 were built, many still actively racing and cruising nearly 40 years on. Classic lines and a split cockpit make this a boat for helming, not sunbathing.


Photo: Julien Girardot / EYOTY

The JPK 45 comes from a French racing stable, combining race-winning design heritage with cruising amenities. What you see is what you get – there are no superfluous headliners or floorboards, but there are plenty of ocean sailing details, like inboard winches for safe trimming. The JPK 45 also has a brilliantly designed cockpit with an optional doghouse creating all-weather shelter, twin wheels and superb clutch and rope bin arrangement.


Photo: Andreas Lindlahr

For sailors who don’t mind exchanging a few creature comforts for downwind planing performance, the Pogo 50 offers double-digit surfing speeds for exhilarating tradewind sailing. There’s an open transom, tiller steering and no backstay or runners. The Pogo 50 also has a swing keel, to nose into shallow anchorages.


Seawind 1600

Seawinds are relatively unknown in Europe, but these bluewater cats are very popular in Australia. As would be expected from a Reichel-Pugh design, this 52-footer combines striking good looks and high performance, with fine entry bows and comparatively low freeboard. Rudders are foam cored lifting designs in cassettes, which offer straightforward access in case of repairs, while daggerboards are housed under the deck.

Best bluewater sailboats for families

It’s unsurprising that, for many families, it’s a catamaran that meets their requirements best of increased space – both living space and separate cabins for privacy-seeking teenagers, additional crew or visiting family – as well as stable and predictable handling.


Photo: Nicholas Claris

Undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories has been the Lagoon 450, which, together with boats like the Fountaine Pajot 44, helped drive up the popularity of catamaran cruising by making it affordable and accessible. They have sold in huge numbers – over 1,000 Lagoon 450s have been built since its launch in 2010.

The VPLP-designed 450 was originally launched with a flybridge with a near central helming position and upper level lounging areas (450F). The later ‘sport top’ option (450S) offered a starboard helm station and lower boom (and hence lower centre of gravity for reduced pitching). The 450S also gained a hull chine to create additional volume above the waterline. The Lagoon features forward lounging and aft cockpit areas for additional outdoor living space.

Besides being a big hit among charter operators, Lagoons have proven themselves over thousands of bluewater miles – there were seven Lagoon 450s in last year’s ARC alone. In what remains a competitive sector of the market, Lagoon has recently launched a new 46, with a larger self-tacking jib and mast moved aft, and more lounging areas.


Photo: Gilles Martin-Raget

Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

The FP Helia 44 is lighter, lower volume, and has a lower freeboard than the Lagoon, weighing in at 10.8 tonnes unloaded (compared to 15 for the 450). The helm station is on a mezzanine level two steps up from the bridgedeck, with a bench seat behind. A later ‘Evolution’ version was designed for liveaboard cruisers, featuring beefed up dinghy davits and an improved saloon space.

Available in three or four cabin layouts, the Helia 44 was also popular with charter owners as well as families. The new 45 promises additional volume, and an optional hydraulically lowered ‘beach club’ swim platform.


Photo: Arnaud De Buyzer / graphikup.com

The French RM 1370 might be less well known than the big brand names, but offers something a little bit different for anyone who wants a relatively voluminous cruising yacht. Designed by Marc Lombard, and beautifully built from plywood/epoxy, the RM is stiff and responsive, and sails superbly.

The RM yachts have a more individual look – in part down to the painted finish, which encourages many owners to personalise their yachts, but also thanks to their distinctive lines with reverse sheer and dreadnought bow. The cockpit is well laid out with the primary winches inboard for a secure trimming position. The interior is light, airy and modern, although the open transom won’t appeal to everyone.

For those wanting a monohull, the Hanse 575 hits a similar sweet spot to the popular multis, maximising accommodation for a realistic price, yet with responsive performance.

The Hanse offers a vast amount of living space thanks to the ‘loft design’ concept of having all the living areas on a single level, which gives a real feeling of spaciousness with no raised saloon or steps to accommodation. The trade-off for such lofty head height is a substantial freeboard – it towers above the pontoon, while, below, a stepladder is provided to reach some hatches.

Galley options include drawer fridge-freezers, microwave and coffee machine, and the full size nav station can double up as an office or study space.

But while the Hanse 575 is a seriously large boat, its popularity is also down to the fact that it is genuinely able to be handled by a couple. It was innovative in its deck layout: with a self-tacking jib and mainsheet winches immediately to hand next to the helm, one person could both steer and trim.

Direct steering gives a feeling of control and some tangible sailing fun, while the waterline length makes for rapid passage times. In 2016 the German yard launched the newer Hanse 588 model, having already sold 175 of the 575s in just four years.


Photo: Bertel Kolthof

Jeanneau 54

Jeanneau leads the way among production builders for versatile all-rounder yachts that balance sail performance and handling, ergonomics, liveaboard functionality and good looks. The Jeanneau 54 , part of the range designed by Philippe Briand with interior by Andrew Winch, melds the best of the larger and smaller models and is available in a vast array of layout options from two cabins/two heads right up to five cabins and three heads.

We’ve tested the Jeanneau 54 in a gale and very light winds, and it acquitted itself handsomely in both extremes. The primary and mainsheet winches are to hand next to the wheel, and the cockpit is spacious, protected and child-friendly. An electric folding swim and sun deck makes for quick fun in the water.


Nautitech Open 46

This was the first Nautitech catamaran to be built under the ownership of Bavaria, designed with an open-plan bridgedeck and cockpit for free-flowing living space. But with good pace for eating up bluewater miles, and aft twin helms rather than a flybridge, the Nautitech Open 46 also appeals to monohull sailors who prefer a more direct sailing experience.


Made by Robertson and Caine, who produce catamarans under a dual identity as both Leopard and the Sunsail/Moorings charter cats, the Leopard 45 is set to be another big seller. Reflecting its charter DNA, the Leopard 45 is voluminous, with stepped hulls for reduced waterline, and a separate forward cockpit.

Built in South Africa, they are robustly tested off the Cape and constructed ruggedly enough to handle heavy weather sailing as well as the demands of chartering.


Photo: Olivier Blanchet

If space is king then three hulls might be even better than two. The Neel 51 is rare as a cruising trimaran with enough space for proper liveaboard sailing. The galley and saloon are in the large central hull, together with an owner’s cabin on one level for a unique sensation of living above the water. Guest or family cabins lie in the outer hulls for privacy and there is a cavernous full height engine room under the cabin sole.

Performance is notably higher than an equivalent cruising cat, particularly in light winds, with a single rudder giving a truly direct feel in the helm, although manoeuvring a 50ft trimaran may daunt many sailors.


Beneteau Oceanis 46.1

A brilliant new model from Beneteau, this Finot Conq design has a modern stepped hull, which offers exhilarating and confidence-inspiring handling in big breezes, and slippery performance in lighter winds.

The Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 was the standout performer at this year’s European Yacht of the Year awards, and, in replacing the popular Oceanis 45, looks set to be another bestseller. Interior space is well used with a double island berth in the forepeak. An additional inboard unit creates a secure galley area, but tank capacity is moderate for long periods aboard.


Beneteau Oceanis 473

A popular model that offers beam and height in a functional layout, although, as with many boats of this age (she was launched in 2002), the mainsheet is not within reach of the helmsman.


Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49

The Philippe Briand-designed Sun Odyssey range has a solid reputation as family production cruisers. Like the 473, the Sun Odyssey 49 was popular for charter so there are plenty of four-cabin models on the market.


Nautitech 441

The hull design dates back to 1995, but was relaunched in 2012. Though the saloon interior has dated, the 441 has solid practical features, such as a rainwater run-off collection gutter around the coachroof.


Atlantic 42

Chris White-designed cats feature a pilothouse and forward waist-high working cockpit with helm position, as well as an inside wheel at the nav station. The Atlantic 42 offers limited accommodation by modern cat standards but a very different sailing experience.

Best bluewater sailing yachts for expeditions

Bestevaer 56.

All of the yachts in our ‘expedition’ category are aluminium-hulled designs suitable for high latitude sailing, and all are exceptional yachts. But the Bestevaer 56 is a spectacular amount of boat to take on a true adventure. Each Bestevaer is a near-custom build with plenty of bespoke options for owners to customise the layout and where they fall on the scale of rugged off-grid adventurer to 4×4-style luxury fit out.


The Bestevaer range began when renowned naval architect Gerard Dijkstra chose to design his own personal yacht for liveaboard adventure cruising, a 53-footer. The concept drew plenty of interest from bluewater sailors wanting to make longer expeditions and Bestevaers are now available in a range of sizes, with the 56-footer proving a popular mid-range length.

The well-known Bestevaer 56 Tranquilo  (pictured above) has a deep, secure cockpit, voluminous tanks (700lt water and over 1,100lt fuel) and a lifting keel plus water ballast, with classically styled teak clad decks and pilot house. Other owners have opted for functional bare aluminium hull and deck, some choose a doghouse and others a pilothouse.


Photo: Jean-Marie Liot

The Boreal 52 also offers Land Rover-esque practicality, with utilitarian bare aluminium hulls and a distinctive double-level doghouse/coachroof arrangement for added protection in all weathers. The cockpit is clean and uncluttered, thanks to the mainsheet position on top of the doghouse, although for visibility in close manoeuvring the helmsman will want to step up onto the aft deck.

Twin daggerboards, a lifting centreboard and long skeg on which she can settle make this a true go-anywhere expedition yacht. The metres of chain required for adventurous anchoring is stowed in a special locker by the mast to keep the weight central. Down below has been thought through with equally practical touches, including plenty of bracing points and lighting that switches on to red light first to protect your night vision.


Photo: Morris Adant / Garcia Yachts

Garcia Exploration 45

The Garcia Exploration 45 comes with real experience behind her – she was created in association with Jimmy Cornell, based on his many hundreds of thousands of miles of bluewater cruising, to go anywhere from high latitudes to the tropics.

Arguably less of a looker than the Bestevaer, the Garcia Exploration 45 features a rounded aluminium hull, centreboard with deep skeg and twin daggerboards. The considerable anchor chain weight has again been brought aft, this time via a special conduit to a watertight locker in front of the centreboard.

This is a yacht designed to be lived on for extended periods with ample storage, and panoramic portlights to give a near 360° view of whichever extraordinary landscape you are exploring. Safety features include a watertight companionway door to keep extreme weather out and through-hull fittings placed above the waterline. When former Vendée Globe skipper Pete Goss went cruising , this was the boat he chose to do it in.


Photo: svnaima.com

A truly well-proven expedition design, some 1,500 Ovnis have been built and many sailed to some of the most far-flung corners of the world. (Jimmy Cornell sailed his Aventura some 30,000 miles, including two Drake Passage crossings, one in 50 knots of wind).


Futuna Exploration 54

Another aluminium design with a swinging centreboard and a solid enclosed pilothouse with protected cockpit area. There’s a chunky bowsprit and substantial transom arch to house all manner of electronics and power generation.

Previous boats have been spec’d for North West Passage crossings with additional heating and engine power, although there’s a carbon rig option for those that want a touch of the black stuff. The tanks are capacious, with 1,000lt capability for both fresh water and fuel.

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are ocean yachts good boats

julio008 New Member

Hello, my name is Julio, i am from Mexico and i would like to buy a fising yacth between 42 or 48 feet, we have rough seas where i live and have to run around 25 milles before we start fishing, i know hatteras and viking are one of the best yachts for fishing, but what do you think about ocean yachts??. Can you help me to decide what brand of yacht shold i buy??. (I am looking for a convertible model) THANKS, julio008


NYCAP123 Senior Member

julio008 said: Hello, my name is Julio, i am from Mexico and i would like to buy a fising yacth between 42 or 48 feet, we have rough seas where i live and have to run around 25 milles before we start fishing, i know hatteras and viking are one of the best yachts for fishing, but what do you think about ocean yachts??. Can you help me to decide what brand of yacht shold i buy??. (I am looking for a convertible model) THANKS, julio008 Click to expand...
Tank you, i would use it in Tampico Mexico, that is located in the golf of mexico 250 miles down from south padre island, i don`t know what to buy jet, i have many options and want to choose the best one, i am between, and Ocean, Riviera or Lhurs, what do you think navegates better??. Thanks, for taking your time on helping me out. Regards, Julio


CaptainMoto New Member

Have you looked at Mikelson? They are in San Diego and have a great reputation in your part of the world.
I am on the east side, and are looking for something to do some marlin fishing.

Capt J

Capt J Senior Member

julio008 said: I am on the east side, and are looking for something to do some marlin fishing. Click to expand...
Capt J said: Oceans are a lot of boat for the money. But they are an average built boat for average seas. I would not even consider a Luhrs. Riviera's are ok. I would honestly look for a used Cabo, or Viking or Hatteras if it were me...... Click to expand...
Julio, I agree with the Capt J and NYCAP123 but don't miss the opportunity to look at a Mikelson. They make a 43 that has the space and ride of many 50s with lots of unique design features by Tom Fexas. Not too many on the East coast but there are several fishing out of California and Mexico.
What do you think about egg harbor are the ass good as ocean and riviera???
sorry but i want to make the best decicion, what about silverston yachts?? tanks,
julio008 said: What do you think about egg harbor are the ass good as ocean and riviera??? Click to expand...


Manny Senior Member

a Bertram 42' would be a very good option as well.
i like bertram, the problem is that all of them comes with volvo engines, and we don`t have dealer down here, so i`d rather stay with cummins or caterpilar.
I beg to differ. There are 2 42' Bertrams here in PR with Detroits. Not sure if you would want one with detroits, but they're better than volvo's in any case.
i all ready saw them but i`am looking something around 2005


simmikie New Member

julio, i guess i'll be the lightening rod. you appear (to Me) to be resisting the very advise you had asked for. is there a reason you appear to be hesitant (to me) to look in the Cabo or Viking direction? just don't want to see you work against yourself, and make a purchase that is not best suited for you. Mike
simmikie said: julio, i guess i'll be the lightening rod. you appear (to Me) to be resisting the very advise you had asked for. is there a reason you appear to be hesitant (to me) to look in the Cabo or Viking direction? just don't want to see you work against yourself, and make a purchase that is not best suited for you. Mike Click to expand...


capttommy Guest

Stick to the Ocean Yacht in your price range Of all the boats you mentioned, the newer Ocean Yachts are a good choice. Older Ocean yachts had a lot of problems including many of the handling problems you have heard here. The newer ones are much better. I am currently running a 54' and in the process of helping someone buy a 50' which I was very impressed with . we sea trialed it in 3-6' seas and ran 25 knots + right into it. However, we drifted side to and it rolled pretty badly. As long as we kept moving it handled very well. (I have run at least 7 diffferent older models of Oceans as well). Keep in mind, Ocean is not as strong a quality as Viking Bertram Hatteras, but for the money you get a lot of boat. Capt Jay loves his Cabos but I have run 2 31', a 35' and 2 45' Cabos and I would not let any of my customers who fish rough water buy them. They are very hard riding and extremely wet although well built.
capttommy said: Of all the boats you mentioned, the newer Ocean Yachts are a good choice. Older Ocean yachts had a lot of problems including many of the handling problems you have heard here. The newer ones are much better. I am currently running a 54' and in the process of helping someone buy a 50' which I was very impressed with . we sea trialed it in 3-6' seas and ran 25 knots + right into it. However, we drifted side to and it rolled pretty badly. As long as we kept moving it handled very well. (I have run at least 7 diffferent older models of Oceans as well). Keep in mind, Ocean is not as strong a quality as Viking Bertram Hatteras, but for the money you get a lot of boat. Capt Jay loves his Cabos but I have run 2 31', a 35' and 2 45' Cabos and I would not let any of my customers who fish rough water buy them. They are very hard riding and extremely wet although well built. Click to expand...
Thanks, for your information it was really helpfull, i am looking on the new 42, have you been on that boat???????. I used to have a 35 cabo and i have the same opinion you do. Thanks, Julio
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Reviews on Ocean Yachts

  • Thread starter Viking Yachts
  • Start date Nov 27, 2007

Viking Yachts

  • Nov 27, 2007

Ok i would like to know if 1989-1993 Ocean Motor Yachts, is a good boat compared to a Viking boat. If so why. Thanks.  

Awful Announcing

Awful Announcing

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Dave Portnoy rescued by U.S. Coast Guard off Nantucket: ‘The ocean doesn’t care how much money you got’

Portnoy was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after his boat lost power.

In a close call off Nantucket, Dave Portnoy was rescued by the United States Coast Guard after his boat lost power.

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, a self-proclaimed boating novice, got into a hairy situation off Nantucket.

His boat unexpectedly lost power while taking his mom out on the water, leaving him adrift. Portnoy tried to navigate the situation to avoid crashing, even firing a flare to signal distress, but with little to no luck.

Thankfully, a stranger in a small boat spotted him and offered assistance. The nameless woman used a radio to reach the Coast Guard, who arrived to whisk them to safety.

Portnoy shared on his X account what transpired:

We almost lost Captain Dave to mother ocean today. Thank you to the #uscoastguard for saving Captain Dave’s life. pic.twitter.com/hF5gYbmkSY — Dave Portnoy (@stoolpresidente) July 15, 2024

He also did a spot with NBC Boston on Tuesday.

“I’m a relatively new boater,” Portnoy said. “I spent my summers hitting dingers. I wasn’t part of a yacht club. So, I’m a new boat guy. This was my third time out on the boat, and a lot happened. Whether I untethered the boat before trying to turn it on, or it broke free, only God knows, but what I do know is I was no longer tethered to my buoy. And my boat was dead — totally dead.

“I knew I was dead meat right then. The current was strong. It was probably 20 mph wind on Nantucket. And I had no radio. I had no engine. I had no nothing. And I was just floating off to sea, and I knew I was screwed. I knew I was in trouble right then.

“I don’t want to say I stayed calm. The ocean doesn’t care how much money you got. It’ll drown you quick, it’ll humble you quick. I was very nervous. I didn’t know what was gonna happen.”

He did do a first, however.

“I was drifting, drifting, drifting,” he explained. “I did something that a lot of the local people are saying has never been done, which is I actually shot a flare gun while in the harbor. Nobody has ever, I think, shot the flare distress symbol while still actually in the harbor. I did it. I don’t know if I’ll be criticized or made fun of for it; I did it.”

Adrift and frustrated, Portnoy and his mom floated further out to sea. By this point, Portnoy, feeling sunburnt and exasperated, likened himself to Tom Hanks in Castaway .

A young woman in a rowboat recognized Portnoy. She resorted to the radio because neither of them had their phones. Portnoy said that the harbor master line was jammed, but she was able to contact the United States Coast Guard, who wound up rescuing the stranded pair.

“It’s one of those stories you hear, a hero from the night,” he said. “I don’t know her name. She also had a passenger who couldn’t have been more than six years old but looked like she was pretty familiar with the ocean. Neither of them was as nervous as I was.”

Portnoy shared a message for the young woman, filled with humor and sincerity.

“Thank you, thank you,” said Portnoy. “I owe her my life. Without her, I could still be halfway to Saint Barts.”

[ Dave Portnoy , NBC Boston ]

are ocean yachts good boats

About Sam Neumann

Since the beginning of 2023, Sam has been a staff writer for Awful Announcing and The Comeback. A 2021 graduate of Temple University, Sam is a Charlotte native, who currently calls Greenville, South Carolina his home. He also has a love/hate relationship with the New York Mets and Jets.

Jarren Duran celebrates after being named MVP of the 2024 MLB All-Star Game.

MLB All-Star Game ratings bounce back from 2023 record-low

Fox averaged 7.6 million viewers across their broadcast network, streaming, and Fox Deportes.

Steph Curry after a July 10 game against Canada.

X AI falsely claimed Steph Curry scored nine points, USA-Serbia finished in 28-28 tie

The final score was 105-79.

are ocean yachts good boats

‘SEC Nation’ heading to Gainesville Week 1 for Miami-Florida, adding new theme song

Additionally, there will be a new theme song and opening video.

Most Seaworthy Boats Under 30 Feet (What Are The Best Options?)

Brian Samson

August 30, 2022

Most Seaworthy Boats Under 30 Feet (What Are The Best Options?) | LakeWizard

If asked about the most seaworthy boats, you would think of giant cruise and cargo ships. But what are the most seaworthy boats under 30 feet?

The most seaworthy boats tend to be quite large as longer and wider boats offer more stability at sea. But not everyone needs something as big as a super yacht to have fun and feel safe out on the open ocean, and smaller boats are definitely a lot more accessible to the average person. So what are the most seaworthy boats under 30 feet?

Some of the best and most seaworthy boats under 30 feet are:

  • The Boston whaler 280 outrage
  • Blackfin 272CC, the Hunter 27
  • And the cape dory 28

All of these boats offer everything you’ll need to have a great time on the water. There are lots of things to consider when measuring how seaworthy a boat is. So what exactly makes a boat seaworthy, and what are some of the most common types of boats under 30 feet that are considered to be seaworthy? If you’re thinking about buying a boat, these are all things that you can really benefit from knowing, and if not, it's always good to learn something new.

Growing up in a small coastal town in Massachusetts, I spent a lot of time navigating the coastal waters of the surrounding area. Though I prefer sailing, there is no shortage of quality, seaworthy boats, both sail, and motor, that are perfect for spending time on the sea.

Table of contents

‍ what makes a boat seaworthy.

There are lots of different factors to consider when thinking about how seaworthy a boat is; however, the two most important factors are stability and durability.

Boat stability can be defined as the boat's ability to right itself or come back to an even keel after something like the wind or a wave has caused it to roll to one side. This ability of the boat to stop itself from keeling over in rough conditions is incredibly important to any seaworthy vessel.

There are lots of different elements that affect how stable a boat will be, including the center of gravity, the center of buoyancy, and the general shape of the hull.

When calculating the stability of a boat, the center of gravity and the center of buoyancy is incredibly important. The center of gravity of an object is essentially the center of its mass. If you were to support the object from just this, it would balance perfectly, remaining in equilibrium. The center of buoyancy, on the other hand, is the center of mass of the water displaced by the vessel.

These forces of gravity and buoyancy push in opposite directions from these points, gravity pushing the boat down and buoyancy pushing it back up. When the boat is completely level, the center of gravity will be directly under the center of buoyancy. These two forces pulling in opposite directions ensure that the boat stays level.

However, if another force is applied to the boat, the centers of gravity and buoyancy can shift. Imagine a wave hits the side of the boat, causing it to lean in one direction. The farther the boat leans to one side, the closer the center of gravity and center of buoyancy come to one another.

As long as the center of buoyancy remains above the center of gravity, the forces of gravity and buoyancy will push the boat back up to a stable position. However, if the boat leans far enough to the side the center of buoyancy is below the center of gravity, causing the boat to be unstable and capsize. This is why it's so important for a boat to have a low center of gravity.

The shape of the hull also has also affected the stability of a boat, especially when the boat is heeled at a low angle. In general, boats with wider hulls are more stable. However, if you go overboard with this, a very wide boat without a center of gravity far below the water level is a recipe for disaster, as it will be much easier to capsize than it would be for a boat with a thinner hull and lower center of gravity.

Another very important factor to consider when determining the seaworthiness of a boat is its durability. Essentially, how unsinkable is the boat? Can it take a lot of damage before it will sink or will only minor damage cause catastrophic failure?

Unfortunately, for boats around 25 to 30 feet, durability can be quite a bit issue. As you know, in order for a boat to stay afloat, it has to displace its own weight in water, a boat's ability to do this can be easily compromised with even the smallest amount of damage.

Normally smaller boats under 20 feet contain a lot of foam in the hull to help keep the boat afloat if damaged. Larger boats do this as well, but they also employ the strategy of compartmentation in their designs. Basically, if the hull is divided into enough separate compartments, damage to one part of the hull isn’t much of a big deal. If one compartment is filled with water there are still plenty of others that aren't, allowing the boat to stay afloat and get back to shore.

Unfortunately, boats between 25 and 30 feet are likely to lack the necessary foam and compartmentation needed to keep them afloat if the hull is damaged. Even the smallest of holes form in the hull could cause the boat sink quickly. Because of this, it is often boats that are smaller than 20 feet and much longer than 30 feet that are the hardest to sink, leaving boats in the middle to have a higher risk of being catastrophically damaged than the others.

Most boats also have bilge pumps that allow water that collects in the bilge, the bottom of the inside of the hull, to be pumped out. This can help keep the boat afloat by removing much of the water that's been taken on over time. This allows the boat to better maintain its ability to displace its own weight.

In all, it is incredibly important that the boat is able to take the harsh beating that the sea will inevitably give it. The structural integrity of the boat must not be easily compromised by the abuse it takes, and the hatches and windows need to be just as strong and watertight to be truly seaworthy.

Other Factors That Can Affect Seaworthiness

Water shedding, reserve buoyancy, speed, and the design of the helm are a few more things to consider when talking about the seaworthiness of a boat.

For boats with self-bailing hulls that use gravity as opposed to a water pump to remove water, the ability for the boat to shed water is critical. If you get hit with a wave and water comes on board, you’ll want to be sure that the boat is able to rid itself of the extra water as quickly as possible.

Reserve buoyancy is also an essential thing to consider. Your boat may sit high on the water without any gear, fuel, or passengers on board; as the boat is loaded up, it will sit lower and lower in the water. This is incredibly important to be aware of as reserve buoyancy is integral to the stability of the boat.

The speed capabilities of the boat can also be crucial if you end up in a bad situation. An incoming storm may be able to be outrun by a faster boat, but in a boat with a speed of only 10 to 15 knots, it will be nearly impossible to get out ahead of the storm. Speed can also help you dodge waves and gives you increased control of your location and water conditions.

In addition to those aforementioned, the design and setup of the helm is another significant factor in the seaworthiness of a boat. The most important thing here is all-around visibility. Simply being able to see straight ahead doesn’t help you achieve the necessary overall situational awareness needed when piloting a boat in rough conditions.

The helm should also be equipped with the necessary electronic systems required to safely and efficiently pilot the boat. Water depth and GPS information should be easily accessible and the radio should be easily operable from one singular position around the wheel. An intelligently designed helm can really improve the overall seaworthiness of a boat.

What Types Of Boats Under 30 Are The Most Seaworthy?

If you were asked about what you think the most seaworthy boats are, there is no doubt that you would immediately think of some sort of giant, an ocean-crossing ship like a cruise ship or cargo ship. At the very least, you’ll think of some type of large yacht, most likely over 50 feet in length. In either case, the common link is that the boats you normally think of as being particularly seaworthy are also much larger than 30 feet in length.

So then, what types of boats are most commonly considered seaworthy while remaining under that 30 feet mark? Fishing boats and sailboats are two that immediately come to mind. While it would be inadvisable to cross the Atlantic in one of these boats, at least not without a lot of experience and preparation, fishing boats and sailboats alike are built durably enough to withstand the immense battering that the ocean can shell out while still oftentimes being under 30 feet.

Because sailboats and fishing tend to be the most seaworthy at this length while also being so vastly different from one another, I will be talking about the fishing boats that I deem to be the most seaworthy first, and will then list the most seaworthy sailboats after that.

The Most Seaworthy Fishing Boats Under 30 Feet

As mentioned before, fishing boats are among the most common seaworthy vessels under 30 feet, so I will be sharing the fishing boats that I deem to be the most seaworthy first.

1. Boston Whaler 280 Outrage

Coming in at 28 feet in length, the Boston Whaler 280 Outrage is an incredible boat for anyone looking to buy one of the most seaworthy offshore fishing boats. The boat is incredibly powerful, coming standard with two 250-horsepower Mercury Verado outboard engines. If you’re willing to shell out a bit of extra cash, these engines can be upgraded to two 400-horsepower engines that allow the boat to reach about 65 mph at full throttle.

Boston Whaler is known for making their boats unsinkable, and the 280 Outrage is no different, only adding to the seaworthiness of the vessel. The 280 Outrage is constructed using materials that float, so even if you take on water or damage the hull of the boat; it will stay level above the water. However, even if water does come on board, there's no need to worry as this boat’s self-bailing deck will shed the water in an instant.

As you would hope with any fishing boat, the 280 Outrage is packed to the brim with all the amenities you’ll need to have a successful fishing trip. The boat is equipped with 14-rod holders located all around the boat and also includes two 54-gallon fish boxes to store what you reel in. The inclusion of a convenient bait-prep area and tackle storage drawers adds to the utility of this incredibly seaworthy fishing boat.

2. Blackfin 272CC

At 27 feet and 2 inches, the Blackfin 272CC is almost a whole foot shorter than the Boston Whaler, but this doesn’t mean it's any less seaworthy. Easily the best-looking boat on this list, the 272CC’s design philosophy of utility and comfort really shine when you’re on this boat.

Boasting up to 600 horsepower, this boat has more than enough power to get up above 60 mph, and its hull remains stable in even the toughest of waters. The boat won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable either as many other fishing boats might. The seats at the helm and forward bow are beautifully designed and largely outmatch all of its competitors in the comfort department, so you know that your family won’t get restless the next time you take them out on the water.

Of course, as a fishing boat, you can still expect the boat to have all of the things necessary to aid you on your next fishing trip. The 272CC has 8-rod holders, two 54-gallon fish boxes, a 30-gallon bait well and a 5-gallon bait bucket. Though not quite as many rod holders as the aforementioned 280 Outrage, you can also upgrade and get six additional hardtop rod holders that can bring the total to 14.

The Most Seaworthy Sailboats Under 30 Feet

Though the aforementioned fishing boats are worth consideration for anyone looking for the most seaworthy boats under 30 feet, I’ve always been much more of a sailor myself, so here are the sailboats I think are the most seaworthy.

1. Cape Dory 28

Coming in at 28 feet and 9 inches, the Cape Dory 28 is a classic sailboat with unmatched seaworthiness. In fact, to prove how seaworthy this boat is, in 2009, a sailor named Fred Bickum successfully circumnavigated the earth, a voyage that took him three years in his 1978 Cape Dory.

Produced from 1975 to 1988, the Cape Dory 28 is still one of the most rugged and sought-after sailboats today. Designed by Carl Alberg, the Cape Dory combines classic design elements with comfort, durability, and spaciousness. When onboard, this bout truly feels much bigger than it actually is, even when compared with many modern 28-foot sailboats.

The build quality of this boat is unrivaled, with solid fiberglass in polyester resin hull and decks made from balsa and plywood-cored fiberglass. However, though its construction is solid, if not properly maintained over the years, osmotic blistering in the hull and water absorption through stress cracks in the deck can cause the structure of the boat to be weakened. Bronze is used for most of the fittings around the boat and the 8 opening ports, which adds to the classic look of this sailboat.

Under sail, the Cape Dory 28 is incredibly capable in harsh waters and in conditions with choppy water or low wind; the boat still maintains the ability to move a lot more quickly than many other similarly sized sailboats.

The spaciousness of the Cape Dory’s interior is also one of the big selling points, especially for a boat this old that can still compete with newer models. It features a V-berth bed and a cockpit with wheel steering that can comfortably fit six adults, as well as a galley and bathroom equipped with a toilet and shower. The interior cockpit is especially useful if you run into stormy weather as you can easily escape the harsh outside conditions and still maintain control of the boat.

2. Hunter 27

Also coming in at 27 feet and 2 inches, the Hunter 27 is a great seaworthy sailboat for anyone from beginner sailors to seasoned veterans. First introduced in 1974, the Hunter 27 has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular sailboats to this day.

The Hunter 27’s lack of customization and standardized construction means that the price of this boat is much lower than many others, but don’t even begin to think that this boat is built poorly as the hull is strong enough to handle whatever the ocean throws at it. The boat is shipped with a mainsail and 110% genoa, offering an average amount of square sail footage for a boat its size and features wheel steering, something much more commonplace on a larger boat.

The Hunter 27 handles great under sail, but even if winds are particularly weak or you’re simply feeling a bit lazy, you won’t have to worry about being stranded. Since 1979 this boat has come standard with a reliable 14-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. Though this won’t get you moving at groundbreaking speeds, it's enough to keep you moving if you need it to.

The boat also provides all the space you’ll need when spending multiple days on the water. The Hunter 27 includes a comfortable cabin, a saloon with enough seating for six centered around a table, a solid galley, and a toilet and shower, all wrapped up in this compact package.

What's The Fastest Boat That Has Crossed the Atlantic Ocean?

What's The Fastest Boat That Has Crossed the Atlantic Ocean?

Is Motion Sickness Worse In The Front Or Back Of A Boat?

Is Motion Sickness Worse In The Front Or Back Of A Boat?

Sailing As A Sport: An Overview Of Its History And Evolution

Sailing As A Sport: An Overview Of Its History And Evolution

How Do Boats Float?

How Do Boats Float?

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Brian Samson

I have a deep love of houseboating and the life-changing experiences houseboating has brought into my life. I’ve been going to Lake Powell on our family’s houseboat for over 30 years and have made many great memories, first as a child and now as a parent. My family has a passion for helping others have similar fun, safe experiences on their houseboat.

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are ocean yachts good boats

Coast Guard, Good Samaritan Save Capsized Boater In Barnegat Bay

B ARNEGAT BAY, NJ — Thanks to the work of the U.S. Coast Guard and a helpful good Samaritan, a mariner was rescued from a capsized sailboat in Barnegat Bay Tuesday.

The mariner was saved from the water Tuesday evening by a good Samaritan after his 15-foot sailboat overturned, according to a Coast Guard news release. He was taken to a U.S. Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light 29-foot Response Boat-Small II (RB-S) crew. There are no reports of major injuries.

“This is a great example of how everyone has a part when it comes to safety on the water,” said Chief Petty Officer Matthew Whitlow, executive petty officer, Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light. “The fact that the mariner was wearing a life jacket, had a radio, and a good Samaritan was willing to step in and help made all the difference.”

It was 5:36 p.m. when Sector Delaware Bay command center watchstanders received a mayday call relayed by the good Samaritan stating there was a sailboat with one person aboard capsized in the water.

Watchstanders issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast notice to mariners and deployed the Station Barnegat Light RB-S crew in response.

The sailboat was righted by a commercial salvage boat and towed back to Ocean Gate Marina in Bayville.

“Summer is in full swing and we want everyone to enjoy the water,” said Whitlow. “Whether you are at the beach or on a boat the ocean can be unpredictable and taking those extra steps can make sure we all enjoy the season safely.

The Coast Guard shared the following tips for a safe summer on the water.

  • Know your local weather conditions: Check your local weather for storms, tides, currents, and winds before you get underway on your watercraft or head out for a swim. Follow warning signs and flags at the beach. Local forecasts and alerts can be found at https://www.weather.gov/
  • Let someone know of your plans: Whether you are going for a swim or taking your watercraft out on the water, let someone know your intentions and have them check in on you after you are scheduled to return.
  • Be mindful of strong rip tides: Rip currents move perpendicular to shore and can be very strong. A person caught in a rip current can be swept away from shore very quickly. The best way to escape a rip current is by swimming parallel to the shore instead of towards it, since most rip currents are less than 80 feet wide.
  • Life jackets: When boating or paddling, always wear properly fitted and Coast Guard-approved life jackets, especially in rough or moving waters.
  • If you see something, say something: Don't hesitate to call 911 or reach out to the Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16 if you believe yourself or someone else is in danger.
  • Respect the risks: Acknowledge the range of inherent dangers of water activities and take proactive measures to mitigate them.
  • Swimming skills: Before taking to the water, ensure everyone has adequate swimming skills.
  • Supervision: Maintain constant supervision of children and inexperienced swimmers.
  • Learn CPR: Knowing CPR can save lives in emergencies.
  • Designated areas: Swim in designated areas, preferably with lifeguards present.
  • Boating safety: Follow boating guidelines, carry necessary safety equipment, and avoid distracted boating.
  • Alcohol effects: Reduce risk by limiting or avoiding alcohol - which impairs judgment, reaction times, and physical function - while swimming, paddling, or operating boats.

The article Coast Guard, Good Samaritan Save Capsized Boater In Barnegat Bay appeared first on Berkeley Patch .

The mariner was saved from the water Tuesday evening by a good Samaritan after his 15-foot sailboat overturned, according to a Coast Guard news release.

Three rescued from sinking boat by good Samaritan in Sandy Hook Bay

One-minute read.

are ocean yachts good boats

SANDY HOOK - Three boaters were rescued by a good Samaritan after their vessel began taking on water Sunday morning, authorities said.

Around 11 a.m., the boat began to sink vertically in Sandy Hook Bay, according to a Coast Guard. Coast Guard station Sandy Hook picked the three boaters up from the good Samaritan and took them to the station for evaluation. No injuries were reported.

The owner of the boat, who was not identified, is awaiting salvage plans to pick up the remains, the Coast Guard said. Equipment, including strobe lights, have been placed on the boat so the public is aware of its location.

Jenna Calderón covers breaking news and cold cases in Monmouth and Ocean counties. Before coming to the Press, she covered The Queen City for Cincinnati Magazine in Ohio. Contact her at 330-590-3903; [email protected]

New interest in plan to link boats from Palm Beach County lakes to Intracoastal and ocean

  • The Blueway Trail is a chain of freshwater lakes that runs like a spine down the center of Palm Beach County.
  • There is renewed enthusiasm for the idea of connecting the lakes to the Lake Worth Lagoon, the Intracoastal Waterway and the ocean.
  • Residents along the C-51 expressed concerns a boat lift would disrupt wildlife through increased boat traffic.

When he is not teaching science at Watson B. Duncan Middle School, Dave Aargaard can often be found on the  Blueway Trail,  the chain of freshwater lakes that runs like a spine down the center of Palm Beach County.

For about a decade, Aagaard heard about efforts to connect the lakes to the Lake Worth Lagoon, the Intracoastal Waterway and the ocean via a boat lift from the C-51 Canal. 

“There is just so much opportunity going from fresh water to blue water,” said Aagaard, a Lake Clarke Shores resident who also  organizes fish camps and captains charters aboard his 22-foot Sea Hunt. “You could go to the ocean, you could go fishing, you could go to all the restaurants and bars and sandbars. We love the chain of lakes, but having the best of both worlds would be a dream for all residents.”

Now there is renewed enthusiasm for the idea of connecting the lakes, with talk of possibly moving away from the longstanding boat lift proposal to digging a bypass around the flood-control spillway on the C-51. 

The bypass would work like a lock at Spillway Park, said Richard Pinsky, who stepped down as president of the Blueway Trail Inc. to dedicate himself to resurrecting this project. “Your boat would be walked through a little channel, and then with a boardwalk, you would come out on the other side and then there'd be a portage area there as well.”

In 2017, the boat lift at Spillway Park seemed like a done deal with the state Legislature allocating $250,000. But political winds changed amid opposition from some Lake Worth Beach homeowners, and the COVID pandemic appeared to put a stake through the project.

Residents along the C-51  expressed concerns  that a boat lift would disrupt wildlife through increased boat traffic. 

“They thought there would be hoodlums racing up and down the waterway,” said former West Palm Beach Commissioner Shanon Materio, an early proponent of the boat lift. “Then the cities lost interest.”

Lake Worth Beach Mayor Betty Resch said she is interested in hearing an alternative proposal to the boat lift at Spillway Park. “It’s a beautiful pastoral park,” she said. “If they propose something that made sense, I would certainly entertain it — but only if it makes sense.”

Why the opposition says a bypass is ‘not a smart idea’

On Friday morning after Independence Day, Carl Dahlborg and Joe Duval were fishing at the park. They are at least one generation apart but are aligned in the idea that a boat lift or bypass would ruin the oasis where they catch snook nearly a yard long.

“It just doesn’t seem like a smart idea,” said Dahlborg, 80. “I close my eyes and envision a day in August and they got the boat lift and there are 50 boats lined up in the thunder, lightning and rain.”

Duval said there is a tight-knit community of fishermen and nearby residents — they often throw Spillway parties — who fear a boatlift or bypass would be disastrous for the park.

He also said that only boats less than 24 feet long and can get under the bridges at Interstate 95 and Dixie Highway to access the lift anyway.

“See that bridge there? That ain’t going nowhere,” Duval points toward Dixie. “The only reason they're going to do it is to increase the property value for people in Lake Clarke Shores, so they can say they have saltwater access.”

Ocean access certainly would be a selling point. A  feasibility study found waterfront property values could increase up to 40% if a boat lift were installed. There is also an apartment complex planned  on the edge of the C-51 on Dixie that is touted as the new and improved gateway to Lake Worth Beach.

Chain of blue lakes in Palm Beach County is postcard worthy

The chain of lakes, aka Blueway Trail , is one of Palm Beach County’s greatest assets. 

Motorists on Interstate 95 going through Delray Beach might catch a real-time Florida postcard of a paddleboarder or a kayaker rowing north from Lake Ida along one of the connecting canals. Besides Lake Ida, the Blueway Trail includes adjacent Lake Eden, Lake Osborne in Lake Worth Beach, Lake Clarke and Pine Lake in West Palm Beach. It’s a 30-mile stretch.

Each lake offers something different. Personal watercraft enthusiasts enjoy Lake Ida on most sunny days. Some of the county’s best-known parks abut the lakes with picnic areas, playgrounds, dog parks and, in the case of Lake Osborne, adjacent golf.

Bass, bluegill and cichlids can be found among the cattails and hydrilla for anglers casting from the shore or boat.

“Peacock bass is the one that really keeps me busy. People from all over the world come to catch peacock bass,” Aagaard said. “They’re a really good fighting fish, and they're really pretty.”

Still, the ocean calls, certainly to the 3,500 residents of Lake Clarke Shores, who can get to the C-51 Canal the fastest. For anglers, man-made islands in the lagoon just off the Lake Worth Golf Course teem with snook.

An engineering firm had been selected and preliminary plans had been drawn up for the boat lift with the consent of the South Florida Water Management District. The lift would move the boat — sans captain and passengers — over the flood control structure to the Intracoastal, where it could be boarded again. The plan was to charge boaters to help maintain the lift.

ALSO: Jupiter divers who freed sharks from fishing line may have their theft convictions overturned

“There were a lot of impediments,” Materio said.

From a design aspect, she said, the canal banks around the spillway are steep. No municipality, nor the water management district, wanted to be in charge of operating the lift. And finally, there were homeowners on the Lake Worth Beach side protesting.

What about a public-private partnership for the plan?

Pinsky said the Blueway Trail Inc. was formed in 2018 — the name “chain of lakes” was already taken upstate — in hopes of getting a state designation of a paddleway. “Part of the feature and uniqueness of the trail would be the connectivity of fresh water to salt water, right?” he said.

The effort failed and the wind went out of the sails of the project. Materio lost  re-election by 183 votes in 2018 and former Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner, another proponent, now heads up the department of Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles in Tallahassee.

HURRICANE SEASON 2024: What to do with your boat in Florida if a storm approaches

“We have just been unable to get the government financial backing and support that is needed,” said Paul Shalhoub, who succeeded Pinsky as president of Blueway Trail. “So right now, we're switching our focus to see if we can bring a public-private partnership to the table.”

Shaloub, a former mayor of Lake Clarke Shores, said the boat lift is still the dominant proposal because the engineering design and feasibility study is complete.

LAKE WORTH BEACH NEWS: Guy Fieri, star of 'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives', slashes price on Lake Worth Beach home

“We're at the point where everything is back on the table,” he said. “We need to find a way to get the project done, to connect the chain of lakes, and if that's a bypass or boat lift, we're going to figure it out.”

Val Rodriguez, another former Lake Clarke Shores mayor, said there are 1,100 houses on the water in the town with owners who might want a bigger adventure than just the lakes. “You can take a nice long boat ride and end up at Peanut Island — and it promotes the ecosystem,” he said.

Rodriguez pauses, adding, “Obviously, it makes all the houses on this side much more desirable.”

The Key Points at the top of this article were created with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reviewed by a journalist before publication. No other parts of the article were generated using AI. Learn more .

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Opinion on Ocean Yachts?

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Oh boy, looks like another doozy, Ok, here is my take on the Ocean Yachts. I will do the glass is half full approach. They have succesfully built boats since 1980, and their customer base for the most part, are repeat buyers. The nitch for these boats is truely out there, not everyone has Viking or Custom boat money. Most of everything you find on an Ocean Yacht, is top of the line components, like motors, interiors, set-ups, etc. They have always been fast, for the most part, comfortable fishing boats. From 1984 to 1992 I have been captain of every model over 42' some off the top of my head, 44' 46' 48' 55' 57' 63' and in 1992 a 42'. I won plenty of times with these boats against the biggest and the best of competition here on the East Coast and Bahamas. So they are serious fishing boats. So with that in mind, if you want to get in the action, at a price you can afford, and compete with the best of them, Ocean Yacht does the job. Have there been problems - yes there have been, I also think Ocean Yachts, for the most part, has stood firmly behind their products, and have worked hard to make themselves better at manufacturing these boats. As with these and all boats, you have to learn and understand the inherent problems an older vessel will have, and deal with them accordingly. I want to finish my post with one last thought, please don't turn this into an Ocean Yacht bashing contest, please. Dr. Mike, a 1990 boat has a lot of water under its bow at this point. My first question would be, how well did the owner of this vessel take care of her? I am sure this vessel will take a repair and be in service another 16 years. Captn Joe [ 01-14-2006, 11:55 AM: Message edited by: Captn Joe ]  

I have run several Ocean yachts over the years and they are sound, well made boats that serve well either fishing or just kickin bacK!  

They are a basic good boat. I've fished one for years, I've also fished Viking, Hatteras, Bertram, Trojan, Post.etc. Ocean is not at the top of the list, but then again, it doesn 't cost like the top of the list.  

Phil from the little debbie runs a 55 Ocean. She's always run smooth as glass when I've been on her.  

This is second hand information, however, I talked with a salvage diver who worked for the coast guard and he said the ONLY (his words) boats he got called in to patch during heavy weather so they could make it back was Ocean Yachts. Apparently he said the hulls woudl split while getting pounded in a good sea. I fished a tournament on a 55 Ocean in 8-12 foot seas when only 4 boats left the dock on day one and it was OK, but they sure are pretty, and quick  

Blisters are not a structural defect, and they are not caused or prevented by the relative structural rigidity of the hull. If you look around, you will find that that most brands (including Bertrams, Blackfins, etc.) have had blister problems on some of their boats. Not every boat, but if you get one that absorbs some water, you gotta get it fixed. Fix it right and it's a one time fix. The best way to avoid unexpected boating expenses is to not have a boat. [ 01-14-2006, 02:22 PM: Message edited by: algillen ]  

Over the past 15 years we have owned 7 Ocean Yachts a 1985 46', 1986 46',1988 48',1989 48',1989 44',1995 48' and currently a 1997 48'. We have never had blisters on any of them. For the money an Ocean Yacht is the best production boat you can buy. You get great accomodations and speed for half the price of a Viking. The ride may not be as good as some other production boats but an Ocean Yacht will always get you home no matter how crappy it gets. [ 01-14-2006, 05:00 PM: Message edited by: ANDY L ]  

I worked for Viking and they use solid glass from the water line down and balsa up past the water line. I think what happened maybe the glass under the water line devolped stress cracks in the glass and water had found it's way to the balsa core like what was said above.That's if they use balsa below the water line.  

Originally posted by algillen: The best way to avoid unexpected boating expenses is to not have a boat. Click to expand...

the fact that ocean yachts are all over the world and found fishing in every big game tourney on the planet speaks for the product. It is not fair to judge an entire company based on one story. maybe they are not for everyone, but stand at the weigh stations next time and count how many come backing down to weigh a fish.  

Although I haven't owned or ridden in one I think they are the perfect combination for the family and fishing trips. I really doubt moving up is in the near future but I would certainly consider Ocean Yachts. They are everywhere, factory is local (for me at least) and the interiors really are sharp. Could be a major plus in selling the wife on a bigger boat. --JK  

Have run a 1985 38 for a few years - solid boat. Yes she has had her fair share of problems; blisters, leaky salon windows... but she has gotten me home every trip. Stop by I'm on E dock Seaview Harbor, come to think about it you may want to wait until April- 5" of snow this morning, and I'll show her off. Don't buy into the flexible flyer crap - old problem. Do your research and feel free to email any questions you have - you will get an honest answer here. Good luck  

I had a 1982-42'. Bought it used in 83. Had that boat from the Bahamas to Newport RI. Been in some heavy weather (up to 18') and never had a problem getting home. I did have a delamination problem on both sides of the keel that came up in 84. Ocean had the boat hauled and sent a couple of guys from the factory to repair at n/c. Never had a problem after that. Had the boat about 8 years. Also never had a blister problem.  

I've only fished on one Ocea Yacht- the Little Debbie - I think she is a beautiful boat!!!!!!!  

I know I guy who owned a early 46 in Tuckerton. He had most of the same problems that were listed here. He sold the boat and always talks about buying another one. He always said though, he got what he paid for. [ 01-15-2006, 03:27 PM: Message edited by: Fishin4ever ]  

We'll have a new 42 Ocean at the AC Boat Show. This is a brand new model for 2006. Come by and take a look first hand. I think most will be impressed. Ask for me when you get there. Brian  

I've fished on a few Oceans they're decent boats far from the top of the list of best boats out there. I did see one sink in I believe it was 1991 it was around 42' 5-7' sea's and it wasn't from hitting anything. I believe the owner boat a Vikeing with the insurance check.  


I am the owner and operator of Mega Bite 2, it is a 1979 ocean yachts 40SS. This boat is in the "flexible fyler" time period, and i'll tell ya; WHAT A BUNCH OF BS! The boat is solid as a rock with no blisters and a good design, some of the boats did have some tabbing issues but ocean recalled those ones and were fixed. As far as blisters go, that is purley a matinence thing, if the boat sits in water and the guy uses cheap bottom paint and hasnt put a barrier coat on, that is the reason for the blisters. Ocean is a highly reputable builder started by the long time boat building family the leeks. They have put a great combination of style performance and economy into a sweet package that no ocean yachts owner can deny. About that boat sinking, EVERY BOAT THAT SIZE CAN SINK, AND ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN. Hope it helped, G.S. Mega Bite 2, Bouns Check, and The Grady  

i heard that in following seas the boat tends to be sloppy? i have seen a few in the yards and it looks like the keel kinda ends and it flattens out from the shaft outlet to the stern. Is that a real concern when the boat slides down a wave face.  

Reel Force - Following sea performance varies by model. Some were better than others. Current models are actually darn good and carry a lot of deadrise to the transom.  

The older Ocean Yachts did have a problem in following seas due to the flat stern but they corrected the problem when they came out with the "New Generation" hulls in 1990. [ 01-22-2006, 11:29 AM: Message edited by: ANDY L ]  

I have fished the canyons in some real crap and had Ocean's right next to me and they handled the seas as well as our boat. I think the rep they have is way over kill and I certainly would not be embrassed to own one. They will get you out and back with the best of the offshore boats in their class and save you quite a bit of money versus the high end battle wagons. I have known some Ocean owners that did have the blister problems and Ocean stood by these customers and repaired the problems even after the boats were over 10 year old. One thing is no new boat is cheap these days and that label pertains to all offshore boats when bought new. I would not put Ocean near the top of my personal list of top end offshore boats but I think you get a lot of boat for your money. I know a whole bunch of charter capts from MD to Florida that would disagree with this but I like Oceans and would fish on one any day. Our new 55 Carolina Custom will cost probably 1 million dollars less than a new Ocean of the comparable size but it takes every bit of almost two years to get one built. Capt John  

Dr. Mike, any boat has it's problems, to give you an idea, some new 48 Vikings have the engines laying on the hull. They are now revising the layout and are raising the engines on about 6 of them as i speak. By the way they were delivered before they found out about the problem. Talk about quality control.  

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are ocean yachts good boats

One man dead, one rescued after boat capsizes in rough seas at Tweed River near Queensland-NSW border

A man has died and another man has been hospitalised after the pair were rescued from a stricken boat at the Tweed River mouth on Saturday morning.

A major rescue operation was launched after the men were seen clinging to the upturned hull of a 6-metre runabout in rough conditions. 

What's next?

Investigators say initial enquiries indicate neither man was wearing a life jacket. 

A man has died and his companion has been rushed to hospital after their boat capsized in rough seas while trying to cross the Tweed River bar in far northern NSW.

Police say the men were spotted clinging to the upturned hull of a 6-metre half-cabin runabout just before sunrise this morning.

Tweed boat 1

A major rescue operation was launched involving water police, volunteer marine rescue, surf lifesavers and a rescue helicopter.

Rescue crews were able to bring one man to shore.

The other man was winched out by helicopter but was unable to be revived.

The boat washed up on Duranbah Beach, a popular surf break on the Queensland border.

It is believed the men had launched the boat from the Kennedy Drive Boat Ramp in Tweed Heads.

The Tweed River bar is a notoriously treacherous crossing – a powerful 2.5-metre swell at the bottom of an outgoing tide made conditions particularly dangerous.

'Very, very rough' surf

A spokesperson for the rescue helicopter said one man was found unresponsive near the northern breakwall, while the other man was retrieved from the water by members of the public on a jetski before emergency services arrived.

Dale Hack, who witnessed the incident from the beach, said the surf was extremely rough.

"From about 12pm yesterday the swell rose and [the bar] was very, very rough," Mr Hack said.

"No one was surfing — it was just a wash."

Investigators say initial enquiries indicate neither man was wearing a life jacket.

Swimmer rescued

In a separate incident, a 47-year-old man had to be winched to safety by the rescue helicopter from the ocean at Broken Head.

Rescue crews say he was pulled out to sea and called triple-0 from his smart watch, staying on the phone to emergency services while he waited for help.

He was found more than 1 kilometre offshore near Suffolk Park and dropped back to the beach, where he was able to walk to a waiting ambulance.

He was taken to hospital for assessment but has since been released.

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One dead after boat capsizes in rough swell off south coast.

A marine rescue boat with colunteers inside in the water driving toward the ocean in Narooma.

Yachtie rescued in 15-hour operation recounts ordeal in raging seas: 'The boat was up sideways'

A damaged yacht being towed by a police vessel.

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One Thousand Days Transformed - The Campaign for Cedarville

Crossing the Big Ocean in a Little Boat

by Rich Stratton, Assistant Director of Public Relations

How long would it take to row 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands near Africa to Antigua in the Caribbean Sea? “Team Foar Brothers,” including Cedarville alumni Thomas '05, Trent '02, and Tim Hamilton along with their nephew, Ben Clark, did it in 37 days, 10 hours, and 55 minutes.   

Discover more about their incredible journey of completing The World’s Toughest Row as Thomas returns for his second appearance on the Cedarville Stories Podcast . Then watch their exhilarating finish line video to get a glimpse of what it was like to row a little boat across the big ocean.  

During their expedition on the open sea, the team faced numerous challenges , including towering waves, relentless rains, the endless expanse of salt water, continuous physical exertion, and being constantly tossed around. It truly tested their endurance, yet they persevered through their unity, the unwavering prayers of their loved ones , and their faith in the Lord. Despite the daunting obstacles, they managed to cross the finish line successfully.  

  Their journey was not only a personal accomplishment but also a fundraising initiative , raising nearly $57,000 for Send Relief, a Baptist mission supporting Afghan refugees.   

While they found fulfillment in making a positive impact on others, they also reaped personal rewards. They were able to witness the beauty of God’s creation , the vastness of His universe, and the constant presence of His embrace. Even in the isolation of the ocean, without seeing any signs of human life for weeks, they found solace in the knowledge that they were never truly alone.  

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Guide to 2024 Ocean City Night in Venice

are ocean yachts good boats

When is Night in Venice?

The parade starts at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 20, 2024.

Where does the parade route begin & end?

The boat parade begins near the Ocean City-Longport toll bridge and travels along the bayside to Tennessee Avenue, looping in and out of lagoons along the way.

Where can I watch the parade?

To view the Night in Venice boat parade, grandstands will be set up at street ends along the bay from Battersea Road to 16th Street and also at Tennessee Avenue. These are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Streets include: Battersea Rd., North Street, First Street, Sixth Street, Seventh Street, 11 th Street, 13 th Street, 15th Street, 16th Street and Tennessee Avenue. Spectators with their own seating can access the parade route from any other public street end and from the bayside park at Second Street.

The Ninth Street Bridge also provides a good vantage point. All pedestrians and bicyclists should use the Shared Use Bike Path and stay to the south side shoulder for viewing. No persons will be allowed to bring chairs for seating onto the bridge. At no time will persons block the free movement of the Shared Use Bike Path. No open alcoholic beverages are permitted on the bridge at any time. Persons are not permitted to walk along the bridge with motor vehicle traffic. Ocean City Police will be present monitoring the bridge while the parade is in progress for assistance.

Tickets for a special viewing area at the Bayside Center, 520 Bay Avenue, are sold out. This area includes a picnic area, snacks for sale and bleacher seating plus DJ entertainment.

What does it cost?

The parade is free to watch at all locations except the Bayside Center.

Where can I park?

Free parking and shuttle service will run starting at 4 p.m. Parking will be available at:

·         Ocean City Municipal Airport:  25th Street and Bay Avenue

·         Soccer Field at Tennessee Avenue:  Off Shelter Road

·         Ocean City Community Center:  1735 Simpson Avenue

Shuttles will drop off spectators at street ends where they can watch the parade and return them to the parking lots afterward.  The shuttle also drops off at the Bayside Center. The service is free and will be available until 10 p.m.

Parking restrictions will be in effect for the entire day of Saturday (July 20) for the following locations:

  • West side of Bay Avenue between 14th Street and 24th Street
  • East side of Bay Avenue between 14th Street and 24th Street.
  • West 16th Street, West 17th Street and West 18th Street will have parking restrictions in place.

Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. Violators will be ticketed and in severe cases, the vehicles will be towed if public safety is affected. A one-way traffic pattern will be in effect for Spruce Road (eastbound toward the ocean) and Walnut Road (westbound toward the bay) in the Riviera neighborhood. This is to allow for safe passage of all pedestrian and vehicle traffic and emergency vehicle access to isolated areas of the bayfront.

What is the Night in Venice theme?

The event’s theme is “Summertime Vibes: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett,” a chance to celebrate the music and carefree persona of the songwriter, who passed away in September after more than five decades of writing, recording and performing timeless classics. This theme is optional.

When and where are the fireworks?

Night in Venice will include a fireworks display launched after the parade from a barge in the bay north of the Ninth Street Bridge, roughly off Third Street. The start time is estimated to be at some point between 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., depending on when the parade ends. The display should be best viewed from street ends or the bayfront between the Ocean City-Longport toll bridge and 16 th Street.

Who participates?

Anyone with a boat or anyone with a house along the bayfront parade route can participate by decorating their boat or home. Judges pick winners among boats, homes and condominium complexes.

How do I participate?

You can register your boat or house online at ocnj.us/niv .

Do participants get anything?

ACME Markets and OCNJ Watersports return as presenting sponsors, and they made cash and in-kind contributions to help enhance the 69th annual event this year.

“Best in Show” prizes (for boats over and under 24 feet) will include a $1,000 gift card to OCNJ Watersports (Beachy Tiki boat tours, Totally Tubular Watersports or Totally Tubular Aqua Park). The prize is good for one private tiki boat charter for up to 32 guests, but it also could be broken down and used for any of the OCNJ Watersports activities.

Prizes for the other boat parade categories (“Best Decorated,” “Best Comic,” “Best Original” and “Best Musical” for boats over and under 24 feet) will include a $300 gift card to OCNJ Watersports for first place, $200 gift card for second place, and $100 gift card for third place.

Prizes for the 14 zones in the house-decorating contest will include a $100 gift card to OCNJ Watersports for first place, $75 gift card for second place, and $50 gift card for third place.

The Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce will donate a one-year membership and two marketing email blasts (combined $600 value) to the “Best Commercial Entry” and “Best Community Organization/Non-Profit Entry” categories in the boat parade.

ACME Markets – with locations at Eighth Street and 34th Street in Ocean City – provides catered food trays to the lead entries in the boat parade, and they are a great resource for anybody planning a party along the parade route.

How can I see results of the contest?

Results will be announced on ocnj.us and oceancityvacation.com by noon Sunday, July 21, and awards can be picked up starting at 1 p.m. July 21 from the City Hall Welcome Center.

Are paddleboards and kayaks part of the parade?

For safety reasons, paddleboards and kayaks are not part of the Night in Venice parade.

Who sponsors Night in Venice?

ACME Markets and OCNJ Watersports are the presenting sponsors and will have stands at the Bayside Center.

Will there be a grand marshal?

ESPN reporter and host Marty Smith will be grand marshal and be joined by family members. Smith is one of the most recognizable personalities in sports media. For nearly 20 years at ESPN, Smith has produced in-depth interviews, vulnerable storytelling, game broadcasting and breaking news across every ESPN platform, and in almost every major sport, including college football and basketball, the NFL, NBA, NASCAR and IndyCar, Formula 1, the horse racing Triple Crown, including the Kentucky Derby, the Masters Tournament and the PGA Tour. He co-hosts “Marty & Mcgee” weekly on the SEC Network, during which he and co-host Ryan McGee meld sports with Southern culture, pop culture, news and nostalgia. Smith’s 2019 memoir, “Never Settle: Sports, Family and the American Soul,” is a New York Times bestseller. His latest book, “Sideline CEO: Leadership Principles from Championship Coaches,” has become a standard of the leadership and motivational speaking circuit nationwide.

Smith’s wife of 24 years, Lainie (Cocozza), is an Ocean City native, a 1995 graduate of Ocean City High School, and Miss Night In Venice 1995. The Smiths reside in Lake Norman, North Carolina, and have three children, Cambron (18), Mia (15) and Vivian (12). Every June, the Smith family makes the trek north to come back to Ocean City, where they spend the entire summer vacation season in “America’s Greatest Family Resort.” 

Who else will be in the parade?

Philadelphia Eagles veteran Brandon Graham and his family will be special guests. Graham will return for his 15th season with the Eagles this year. He is a former first-round draft pick and all-Pro defensive end. He helped the Eagles reach the Super Bowl in 2018 and provided a strip sack of Tom Brady that helped seal the victory in the closing minutes. His work ethic, talent and loyalty to the team have made him a fan favorite, and the Graham family has made Philadelphia their home.

How can I stay safe during the parade?

Do not swim or allow your guests to swim during the parade. Make sure nobody throws water balloons or other objects at or from boats or houses during the parade. Standup paddleboarders must wear life jackets and carry whistles. Do not enter or cross the parade route in any boat or craft during the parade. The final boat in the parade will have a flashing yellow light. The start of the parade will be signaled by the flyover of a Coast Guard helicopter. Do not anchor in any channel during the fireworks. See video .

Are there keepsakes available?

A limited number of event posters featuring artwork by local artist Aaron “Bogy” Bogushefsky will be available for free at the City Hall Welcome Center (9 th Street entrance at 861 Asbury Avenue) starting on July 13 and while supplies last.

What else is happening on Night in Venice Weekend?

The Night in Venice weekend festivities this year will include the return of a five-kilometer run and one-mile walk sponsored by the Ocean City High School Cross Country/Track and Field Booster Club.

This event will take place at 8 a.m. Saturday, July 20, 2024 at the Ocean City Intermediate School on the morning of the annual Night in Venice boat parade. The race will follow a flat, out-and-back course along Haven Avenue and the adjacent bike path.

Prizes will be awarded for all age groups. Online registration is available at: www.runsignup.com/NIV5k . Race-day registration begins at 6:30 a.m. behind the Intermediate School (near 18 th Street and Haven Avenue).

Tickets are available online at Tickets for a July 19 concert featuring the Jimmy Buffett tribute band The Landsharks are on sale now. The show will start at 7:30 p.m. Friday, July 19, at the Ocean City Music Pier and will be a perfect warmup for Night in Venice. Tickets are available online at oceancityvacation.com/boxoffice , by calling 609-399-6111 or in-person at the Music Pier Box Office, City Hall, the Welcome Center on the Ninth Street causeway, and the 46 th Street Information Center.

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Breaking news, florida man jumps in ocean to avoid giving cops, girlfriend his phone’s passcode: ‘you’re telling me i’m resisting’.

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A Florida man, desperate for his girlfriend and cops not to access his phone, jumped into the ocean to avoid giving up his passcode and fled arrest after being grilled by police while out on a boat.

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Bodycam footage from April shows two female Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) officers questioning a man — who identified himself as AJ — and his girlfriend on a boat somewhere in the waters near Key West in a YouTube video posted last week.

In the video, which has garnered over a million views, AJ argues with the officers and his girlfriend over the phone and proper identification and becomes increasingly agitated before finally jumping into the ocean.

Questioning what would happen if he just “swims away,” he then led the cops on a seven-minute pursuit back to shore before getting arrested.

The incident began when the two officers told the couple they were searching the area for a different vessel in their jurisdiction, but it happened to AJ and his girlfriend on a boat with some code violations.

The cops quickly discover that neither AJ nor his unidentified girlfriend have IDs on them, and the boat he’s operating is breaking a number of codes.

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Proclaiming he did nothing wrong, he slowly becomes angered with the cops and asks them if they’re “just out here trying to catch people breaking laws on the water?”

“Obviously, we’re addressing violations because we’re cops and that’s what we do,” one of the officers replied.

man — who identified himself as AJ — and his girlfriend on a boat somewhere in the waters near Key West

As AJ becomes more agitated with the officers, they ask him if he “has a warrant” out.

“Usually, when people start acting like that, it is because they’ve got a warrant,” one of the officers tells the ticked-off boater while his girlfriend repeatedly tells him to “calm down.”

“You need to relax… you’re freaking out,” his girlfriend tells him.

Growing anxious, AJ asks the officers what will happen if he “jumps in the water and swims away.”

“I’m going to follow you,” one officer replies. “I’m telling you, you’re not free to leave.”

The cops quickly discover that neither AJ nor his unidentified girlfriend have IDs on them, and the boat he’s operating is breaking a number of codes.

The video then cuts to the officers looking at a blurred-out computer screen, showing AJ had a warrant out.

As tensions peak, AJ tells the officers he will “swim home.”

“AJ, I swear to f—ing god, if you jump in that water, I will be gone tomorrow,” his girlfriend threatens.

She then asks her boyfriend to unlock his phone so she can get his boss’s phone number.

“What is your password for your phone,” she demands of AJ while he argues with the police.

AJ then moves to the back corner of the boat, telling the cops he’s not going to “jail today.”

Not willing to go to jail or give his girlfriend his phone's password, AJ jumps into the water.

His girlfriend then gets in his face with his phone in her hand, again telling him to unlock it so she can help.

Not ready to go to jail or give his girlfriend access to his device, AJ jumps into the water.

The officers then try getting him back into the boat to arrest him, but AJ insists he’s “not resisting,” all while his girlfriend continues to demand his phone’s passcode.

After a minute of arguing with the cops, the anxious boater begins swimming away.

“We are done after this, I’m telling you,’ His girlfriend shouts at him. “I’m leaving!”

AJ then takes a leisurely 7-minute swim back to shore with the two FWC officers following him.

He was eventually arrested after he was near the shoreline.

Before reaching land, the officers jump out of their boats and slap cuffs on him.

They then escort him to the shoreline, where another cop waits for him before the video ends.

It’s unclear what charges AJ was facing after the strange ordeal.

The Post reached out to the FWC for clarification on the incident.

Commenters on the video pointed out that AJ appeared to be more worried about his girlfriend getting into his phone than being arrested.

“Bro wasn’t worried about jail he was worried about that phone being unlocked,” one user wrote.

“Bro would rather take a felony than let his girl access his phone,” commented another.

“The way he just took off into the sea as she demanded the password to his phone,” another user commented.

man — who identified himself as AJ — and his girlfriend on a boat somewhere in the waters near Key West


superyacht u 81

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Dave portnoy rescued by coast guard after making ‘critical mistake’ on boat: i was nearly ‘lost at sea’.

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Dave Portnoy had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard on Monday after he and his boat were “nearly lost” at sea.

“Your boys almost lost Captain Dave today. Captain Dave almost was lost to the ocean, mother ocean,” the Barstool Sports founder, 47, revealed in a video shared via X .

Portnoy went on to explain that he was planning to take his mom, Linda, out for a boat ride off Nantucket as she was in town visiting him at this home in Massachusetts.

However, when Portnoy unhooked the 28-foot vessel from the dock and buoys, he realized he made a “critical mistake” as the boat had “no power, no radio, no anchor, no nothing” amid “heavy, heavy winds.”

Dave Portnoy talking in a selfie video

“Next thing you know, Captain Dave is lost at sea,” he recalled. “[The boat’s] just blowing, [I’m] trying not to crash into ships in the harbor.”

Portnoy said he started screaming for help and also used a flare gun to send a stress signal. Luckily, a woman in a “rowboat” saw him and made her way over to him to assist.

“She boards Captain Dave’s vessel, says, ‘Can I make a TikTok of you, Captain Dave?’ I said, ’No time for TikToks.’ She goes, ‘Well, I don’t have my phone on me anyways,’” he remembered. “[But] her radio works [and she] calls in the Coast Guard.”

Dave Portnoy talking in a selfie video

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Portnoy said that four “burly dudes” from the US Coast Guard arrived shortly after the call was made.

“Captain Dave is out at sea going back and forth, rocking, thinks my life is over. Captain Dave had to be halfway to f–king the Caribbean just rocking, no power, no boat,” he shared.

“Thankfully, Coast Guard, God bless her soul, tied me up, brings me back to my [dock]. Dave lives to tell another tale.”

Dave Portnoy standing on his boat

Portnoy admitted that the ordeal definitely took a toll on him but is thankful to the US Coast Guard for “saving” his life.

He called boating “a dangerous game” and told fans that he “may never go on the boat again” following the stressful incident.

The US Coast Guard Northeast X account later reposted his video, adding, “You’re welcome, Dave. Tell [your dog] Miss Peaches we said hi and remember to boat safe! #SemperParatus.”

Dave Portnoy holding his dog

As previously reported, the internet personality has spent his summers in the idyllic vacation town for years before purchasing a whopping $42 million mansion last year .

The incident marked the second time this summer that Portnoy has had a scare, since he recently revealed that he had a mole removed from his neck after discovering he had skin cancer .

“So it was a mole. I’m starting to get on top of myself so I went to a doctor, did the skin thing and they scrape it and one of them came back as, like, cancerous, so it’s like, ‘Boop, gotta take it out,’” he said last month during one of his podcast episodes.

Dave Portnoy talking in a selfie video



Better Boat

When You Need a Bigger Boat: The Best Ocean Fishing Boats

When You Need a Bigger Boat: The Best Ocean Fishing Boats

If you’re a fan of shows like National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna or The Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch , you may have acquired a taste for the high-seas adventure of  ocean fishing .

But before you click to purchase the first sport fishing boat you find on eBay, it’s time to reel it in a bit. In order to pick the best offshore ocean fishing boat for you, it's important to consider where you’ll be fishing as well as just how much fishing you’ll be doing.

Unless you’re into Alaskan king crab fishing, you probably don’t need a boat able to take on the Bering Sea or the extreme North Atlantic. What you need is something a bit hardier than a pontoon, bass or jon boat.

Along with the traditional sport fishing boat, trawlers , center consoles and walk arounds all make excellent ocean fishing boats.

Characteristics of Ocean Fishing Boats

From fighting chairs and rod holders to transom doors, spacious decks and high-power engines, the best offshore ocean fishing boats come equipped with everything you’ll need for a day of fishing. And maybe even some you won’t need, but more is always better when it comes to fishing (Isn't that what we all tell ourselves?).

are ocean yachts good boats

  • Built-in coolers, live wells and fish boxes:  Fill with ice to store live bait and all those fish you'll be catching.
  • Fighting chairs:  Ranging from simple chairs to handcrafted fish-catching machines, fighting chairs are bolted to the deck and allow you to comfortably and safely reel in the heavyweights. Features include rod holders, footrests, padded arms and adjustable pedestals.
  • Flybridge:  You can get way up high to spot more fish. This is often the best seat on the boat if you enjoy scenic views with your sport fishing (or even if you're not fishing).
  • High-power engines:  Get out faster and power through heavy chop with a high-power engine . You can also get back to shore faster if bad weather is approaching.
  • Outriggers:  Poles that hold the fishing lines out into the water away from the boat.
  • Non-skid decks :  Who wants to slip on sea spray and fish guts? Certainly not me. 
  • Rod holders:  Built-in “cups” that hold the rods as well as cutting boards that fit into the holders when you're ready to filet. 
  • Spacious decks:  You’ll have plenty of room for boat gear and gadgets and reeling in fish, as well as all the friends you’ll suddenly acquire after buying an ocean fishing boat.
  • Transom doors:  These handy doors provide easier access to the boat's stern for reeling in fish.


Check Price on Amazon - Better Boat's de-salt concentrate breaks down and flushes away saltwater deposits, grime and contaminants from boats, fishing gear, dive equipment, driveways and more. It's safe for use in inboard, outboard and jet engines. If you're headed to saltwater, it's your best friend when you get back to the dock.

Locations to Use Ocean Fishing Boats

Atlantic ocean.

From Kennebunkport to the Keys, the entire East Coast offers destinations for ocean fishing in the Atlantic. I’ll mention a couple of my favorite spots, but they are by no means all-inclusive.

Tarpon, sailfish and mahi-mahi can all be caught along the Atlantic Coast near Miami, Fort Lauderdale and the Florida Keys. Depending on how far offshore you’re headed, you’ll want a fast boat with stability to get through rough waves.

A sportfishing boat with towers, outriggers and fighting chairs is a great choice. If you’re planning to be out for a while, or want the option of a liveaboard boat , choose an ocean fishing boat with a cabin that has a galley, heads and sleeping quarters. The Bertram 35 makes the top of my list.

North Carolina

You can channel your Wicked Tuna aspirations by fishing for yellowfin tuna along North Carolina’s Outer Banks waterways just like the Reels of Fortune, Fishin’ Frenzy and Fish Hawk.

Oregon Inlet, conveniently located where Pamlico Sound meets up with the Atlantic Ocean, has boat ramps, gear, ice, bait, fish cleaning and much more.

The Outer Banks offers several boat ramps, including Corolla's historic Whalehead, Manteo near the Elizabeth II ship and across from Pirate’s Cove Marina beside Washington Baum Bridge.

The Hatteras GT45X Open and the Luhrs 340 Convertible top my list for Outer Banks ocean fishing boats. I especially like the molded-in flybridge stairs on the Luhrs. Balance is not my superpower, and navigating ladders while underway can be a tricky maneuver at best.

Bluefin tuna, mackerel, bluefish and striper can be caught along Maine's coast. North Atlantic Ocean waters can get rough, so a sturdy hull with hard chines is a good choice.

You might also want to look into a pilothouse boat as the New England weather can be on the chilly side. Check out the Boston Whaler 345 Conquest Pilothouse listed below.

Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is a gorgeous fishing destination. Not only is the water crystal clear and spiked with turquoise and sapphire tones, but you’ll also find some of the best offshore fishing in the world.

Fishing destinations include Gulfport, Mississippi; South Padre Island, Texas; and Tampa, Saint Pete and the Florida Keys.

As with any saltwater environment, an outboard motor is an advantage because it can be lifted out of the water when not running, therefore avoiding saltwater effects. Be sure to flush with fresh water and use de-salt to keep it in prime condition. 

An outboard engine also offers more deck space because of the engine’s location behind the transom. Walkaround decks make it easy to, well, walk around the deck.

My top pick for a great Gulf Coast offshore fishing boat is the Grady White Freedom 275 Dual Console or the Sailfish 320 Express.

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Northwest is a rugged and beautiful fishing destination. Swordfish, bluefin tuna, brown rockfish and Pacific mackerel can be found in the Pacific Ocean along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington.

With multiple livewells, insulated fish boxes, side-entry doors and a spacious cockpit, the Sea Hunt Gamefish 30 is my pick for a Pacific Ocean fishing boat.

Locations to use Saltwater Bay Fishing Boats

Virginia and Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay is a popular spot to fish for flounder, rockfish, striped bass and cobia, which is apparently a challenging fish to catch.

Chesapeake Bay water conditions can range from clear and peaceful to ocean-like and choppy. I've seen pontoon boats on the Chesapeake Bay!

The Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless has multiple rod holders, twin Mercury outboard engines and livewells, as well as the reliability and durability that make Boston Whaler famous.

Locations for Great Lakes Offshore Fishing

Even though “lake” is the name, these waters show off their ocean spirit in size and scope. Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and the rest of the gang are popular playgrounds for locals and visitors to Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Chinook salmon, walleye, lake trout and northern pike are just a few of the fish found in the Great Lakes.

A rugged fishing boat with some cabin protection is in order, as the Great Lakes can get quite choppy. Check out the Albemarle 32 Express below.

Best Ocean Fishing Boat Models

Whether you’re looking for a strictly utilitarian fishing boat, or something with versatility for the whole family, there's bound to be a boat out there with your name on it.

Here are several of my favorites to get the ideas rolling.

are ocean yachts good boats

The Bertram 35 combines an outrigger's fishing capabilities with a spacious deck, rod storage and a flybridge with  below-deck practicality and luxury for family or crew members.

You can get offshore quickly with speeds up to 40 knots. The deep-V hull can easily take on the waves.

Luhrs 340 Convertible Sportfish

are ocean yachts good boats

Luhrs absolutely wins my vote with its molded-in flybridge stair design (replacing the metal ladders found on most boats). It has a large mounted-in fishbox, a transom gate, an insulated cooler box, a livewell and a bait prep station. Besides all that, it’s just a beautiful boat.

Hatteras GT45X Open

are ocean yachts good boats

With its sleek lines, multiple rod holders and tower, anglers and cruisers love the Hatteras. I’m particularly impressed with its storage space (a great amenity whether you’re stowing stuff for fishing or a day with the kids). 

Boston Whaler 345 Conquest Pilothouse

are ocean yachts good boats

I do most boating in warm weather. But in a cold climate, I'd pick the Whaler Pilothouse for its fully enclosed windshield and cockpit, hardtop and aft bulkhead.

Grady White Freedom 275 Dual Console

are ocean yachts good boats

Dual consoles are my favorite type of recreational boat. Whether cruising or sport fishing, they're great for fresh or saltwater. Sunbathers can hang out on the bow seating while the anglers cast a line off the aft deck.

The Grady White Freedom has a large livewell, a 165-quart insulated box and ample rod holders. The swim platform and transom door are great for anglers, swimmers or divers.

Sailfish 320 Express

are ocean yachts good boats

With a 30-gallon livewell, two tackle stations and multiple rod holders - combined with a serious high-performance hull - the Sailfish 320 Express is a great choice for saltwater bays, the Gulf or the ocean.

In addition to providing shade, the hardtop has speakers and a spotlight. Inlets in the Keys aren’t always well-marked, and that spotlight will be worth its weight in gold.

Sea Hunt Gamefish 30

are ocean yachts good boats

Center consoles make great ocean fishing boats. I enjoy the walkaround factor on this boat style.

Features on the Sea Hunt Gamefish include an insulated 250-gallon fishbox, cockpit and bow bolsters, side-entry doors and an optional battle station leaning post.

Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

are ocean yachts good boats

Whalers always seem to pop up when talking about the best offshore ocean fishing boats. And with good reason. They’re rugged, stable and reliable.

The 270 Dauntless has an optional hardtop with rod holders. A top cover is one of my first requirements on any boat. That sun can get hot!

In addition, under the aft seat and at the console front, there's storage for rods, buckets, cleaning products , boat fenders , gear and what-not. 

A freshwater shower is a nice feature for washing off saltwater after a day of fishing.

Albemarle 32 Express

are ocean yachts good boats

Outriggers, towers and graceful lines give the Albemarle 32 Express that classic offshore fishing vessel appearance.

Fishing features include a non-skid deck and cockpit, mounting for a fighting chair, a tackle center with drawers, twin 50-gallon fish boxes, a bait prep center and freshwater washdowns. 

The cabin is plush enough for a weekend or several days out on the water.

Hopefully, this has helped you decide what features you need, or want, in an ocean fishing boat. Now get out there and catch some fish!

are ocean yachts good boats

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    are ocean yachts good boats

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    are ocean yachts good boats

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    are ocean yachts good boats

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    are ocean yachts good boats

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    are ocean yachts good boats


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  1. Best Ocean Boats: Types and Brands to Buy

    Beneteau boats for sale. Jeanneau has produced ocean-capable sailboats for more than 60 years and has a good reputation for building innovative boats that perform well. The company's current range includes large yachts, small ocean racers, and 35- to 49-foot cruising models. Jeanneau boats for sale. Hallberg Rassy 400.

  2. 5 Best Ocean Boats: Compare Models & Boat Types

    Pro Tip: Your boat needs to be in tip-top shape to be safe in the ocean and no matter the size or type, if it is not mechanically sound and well-maintained, it probably shouldn't leave protected waterways. If you're planning a voyage, consider our five best ocean boat types: Inboard Fishing Boats. Midsize to Large Center Consoles.

  3. Best Ocean Boats

    High-Performance Boats. Motor Yachts/Power Cruisers. Multi-Hull Powerboats (Catamarans) Sailboats. Sportfishing Yachts. Trawlers. Walkarounds. Obviously, this is a wide range of boat types and which will be your personal best choice depends on how you plan to use your boat. If you enjoy saltwater fishing and you dream about hunting down huge ...

  4. 9 Best ocean boats: Top choices for unforgettable adventures

    Multi-hull powerboats (catamarans) Catamarans are multi-hull powerboats known for their stability and fuel efficiency. With two hulls, these boats offer a smooth and comfortable ride, even in rough seas. Catamarans are a popular choice for extended ocean voyages, as they provide ample space and reduced fuel consumption.

  5. Ocean Yachts 57 Super Sport Review

    The story of any Ocean Yachts boat would not be complete without mention of naval architect Dave Martin, who has penned each of the company's models from day one. Martin began his career in 1948 at age 18, when he worked at Egg Harbor. Later, he moved to Pacemaker. When Jack Leek launched Ocean Yachts in 1977, he brought Martin aboard.

  6. Ocean Yachts 42 Used Boat Review: Battlewagon on a Budget

    The Ocean Yachts 42, seen here in its latest incarnation, has been built since the late 70s. It was quite popular during the 80s, and there are plenty of used 42s on the market today. The layout of this boat is good for angling, with an open cockpit with wide gunwales and just over 100 square feet of fish-fighting space.

  7. 5 Of The Best Bluewater Cruising Powerboats In 2022

    Above: A 2022 Silent 62 triple deck catamaran yacht for sale on YachtWorld by Silent Yachts. Photo by Silent Yachts. This beautiful trans-ocean yacht is the ultimate in both luxury and design. With fully solar powered electric motors, it has an unlimited range, zero emission, and noiseless cruising. Multiple layout options offer 4-6 cabins ...

  8. Ocean Going Yacht Buying Guide 2023

    Of the many boats in the world, ocean going yachts are those that can travel long distances and cross the ocean without worry or need to return to shore for extended periods. To learn more about ocean going yachts, read on. ... Spare Parts - While it's always a good idea to carry replacement parts onboard, this couldn't be truer for an ...

  9. Ocean Yachts for sale

    Ocean Yachts. Ocean Yachts is a yacht brand that currently has 113 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 13 new vessels and 100 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers mainly in the following countries: United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and Spain. Models currently listed on YachtWorld vary in size and length from 39 feet ...

  10. Five Great Live-Aboard Yachts

    The Best Liveaboard Yachts. Trawlers, tug boats, pocket yachts and large catamarans (power and sail) all suited a liveaboard lifestyle and long distance cruisers. Liveboards are focused on utility combined with seaworthiness and large living spaces tha that is large enough to offer a comfortable lifestyle.

  11. 43 of the best bluewater sailboat designs of all time

    The Ovni 370 is another cunning new aluminum centreboard offering, a true deck saloon cruiser for two. The designers say the biggest challenge was to create a Category A ocean going yacht at this ...

  12. What Do you Think About Ocean Yachts?

    Stick to the Ocean Yacht in your price range Of all the boats you mentioned, the newer Ocean Yachts are a good choice. Older Ocean yachts had a lot of problems including many of the handling problems you have heard here. The newer ones are much better. I am currently running a 54' and in the process of helping someone buy a 50' which I was very ...

  13. Can Superyachts Help Save the Oceans?

    The Archimedes, a 222-foot (68-meter) "adventure" yacht then owned by the late hedge funder James Simons, boasts a gym, a jacuzzi and an elevator. But between 2018 and 2020, Brewin was ...

  14. Reviews on Ocean Yachts

    Ok i would like to know if 1989-1993 Ocean Motor Yachts, is a good boat compared to a Viking boat. If so why. Thanks.

  15. Dave Portnoy rescued by U.S. Coast Guard off Nantucket

    "I'm a relatively new boater," Portnoy said. "I spent my summers hitting dingers. I wasn't part of a yacht club. So, I'm a new boat guy.

  16. Most Seaworthy Boats Under 30 Feet (What Are The Best Options?)

    Though the aforementioned fishing boats are worth consideration for anyone looking for the most seaworthy boats under 30 feet, I've always been much more of a sailor myself, so here are the sailboats I think are the most seaworthy. 1. Cape Dory 28. Coming in at 28 feet and 9 inches, the Cape Dory 28 is a classic sailboat with unmatched ...

  17. Coast Guard, Good Samaritan Save Capsized Boater In Barnegat Bay

    A good Samaritan rescued the mariner from his capsized sailboat and took him to a U.S. Coast Guard response boat, officials said. ... "Whether you are at the beach or on a boat the ocean can be ...

  18. Twelve Top Bluewater Cruising Boats

    Oyster 56. In the ranks of dream bluewater cruisers, Oyster is right up there. The 56 is the British yard's most popular boat; small enough to be handled by two people, big enough to cross an ocean quickly and comfortably, yet not so large or complex as to need a full-time pro crew.

  19. Three rescued from sinking boat by good Samaritan in Sandy Hook Bay

    SANDY HOOK - Three boaters were rescued by a good Samaritan after their vessel began taking on water Sunday morning, authorities said. Around 11 a.m., the boat began to sink vertically in Sandy ...

  20. Could boats gain access from Palm Beach County lakes to ocean waters?

    "They're a really good fighting fish, and they're really pretty." Still, the ocean calls, certainly to the 3,500 residents of Lake Clarke Shores, who can get to the C-51 Canal the fastest.

  21. Opinion on Ocean Yachts?

    For the money an Ocean Yacht is the best production boat you can buy. You get great accomodations and speed for half the price of a Viking. The ride may not be as good as some other production boats but an Ocean Yacht will always get you home no matter how crappy it gets. [ 01-14-2006, 05:00 PM: Message edited by: ANDY L ]

  22. One man dead, one rescued after boat capsizes in rough seas at Tweed

    The boat washed up on Duranbah Beach, a popular surf break on the Queensland border. It is believed the men had launched the boat from the Kennedy Drive Boat Ramp in Tweed Heads.

  23. Crossing the Big Ocean in a Little Boat

    Then watch their exhilarating finish line video to get a glimpse of what it was like to row a little boat across the big ocean. During their expedition on the open sea, the team faced numerous challenges, including towering waves, relentless rains, the endless expanse of salt water, continuous physical exertion, and being constantly tossed around.

  24. Ocean boats for sale

    Some of the most widely-known Ocean models currently listed include: 64 Pilothouse, 28 Explorer, 42 Sedan, 43 Flush Aft Deck and 50 Mark II. Various Ocean models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1972 year models up to 2025. Ocean Alexander By Condition ...

  25. Guide to 2024 Ocean City Night in Venice

    "Best in Show" prizes (for boats over and under 24 feet) will include a $1,000 gift card to OCNJ Watersports (Beachy Tiki boat tours, Totally Tubular Watersports or Totally Tubular Aqua Park). The prize is good for one private tiki boat charter for up to 32 guests, but it also could be broken down and used for any of the OCNJ Watersports ...

  26. Florida man jumps in ocean to avoid giving cops, girlfriend his

    A Florida man, desperate for his girlfriend and cops not to access his phone, jumped into the ocean to avoid giving up his passcode and fled arrest after being grilled by police while out on a boat.

  27. Best Boats for the Ocean

    Boats for long-distance travel not only need to be spacious but also have comfortable features and layouts. Fuel capacity and efficiency. Ocean-worthy boats tend to have big motors and fuel requirements. That's especially true if you want a boat that's good for activities where speed is required, such as water-skiing and wakeboarding.

  28. location catamaran lagoon

    Lagoon models are available through yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages on YachtWorld. The listings encompass a range of years, starting from 1989 models up to 2025. Find Lagoon Catamaran boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld.... 2011 Lagoon 380. US$299,385. US $2,364/mo.

  29. Dave Portnoy rescued by Coast Guard after making 'critical mistake' on boat

    Dave Portnoy had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard on Monday after he and his boat were "nearly lost" at sea. "Your boys almost lost Captain Dave today. Captain Dave almost was lost to the ...

  30. Best Offshore Ocean Fishing Boats: Our Top Picks

    Bertram 35. The Bertram 35 combines an outrigger's fishing capabilities with a spacious deck, rod storage and a flybridge with below-deck practicality and luxury for family or crew members. You can get offshore quickly with speeds up to 40 knots. The deep-V hull can easily take on the waves.