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where is landyachtz based

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Behind the Brand: Landyachtz

Behind the Brand: Landyachtz

For countless skaters, the simple act of seeing someone riding past them one day has been enough to spark their imagination and inspire them to get on a board themselves and begin a lifetimes of side stance action.

Especially for  Landyachtz Co-Founders, Thomas Edstrand and Michael Perreten. Check out how the pair created one of the biggest brands in the history of longboarding in this Behind the Brand .

  • Behind the Brand


Ed Aviña getting down on his home turf of Monterrey, Mexico

For countless skaters, the simple act of seeing someone riding past them one day has been enough to spark their imagination and inspire them to get on a board themselves and begin a lifetimes of side stance action. In the case of Thomas Edstrand, this common occurrence follows a similar trajectory. Except when Edstrand came across Michael Perreten on the University of Victoria campus, the two would transform their ensuing conversation over Perreten’s food coloring-stained, maple and fiberglass-wrapped deck, into a pursuit to start Landyachtz in the basement of a ski cabin in Whistler, British Columbia.

Michael Perreten's Deck, 1996


With a backdrop of steep, hilly terrain, the pair began one of the biggest companies in longboarding history with an idealistic goal: creating boards that were strong and technically advanced, in hopes of making it to the bottoms of their local hills in one piece. To conquer the challenge, Perreten assumed the role of shape design and construction while Edstrand took over the art and graphic design end of the operation. 


Maitane Rascon  showing off the dancy side of Landys' boards.

Perhaps most central to the history of Landyachtz is the success they had in drop mounting construction before anyone else in the industry caught on. From the initial release of the Landyachtz DH Race board, the team crafted one of the first boards where the baseplate of the trucks sat mounted atop the deck while the truck’s hangar dropped through the deck, keeping the trucks as close to the ground. In time, the boys followed up with the Landyachtz Evo as the first production drop foot platform, providing unparalleled advantages in the downhill racing world and essentially changing the game. The Evo’s design came complete with an upturned nose for responsiveness in the front of the board while a detuned tail in back of the board provided stability and created the ability to tuck fast, handle corners and drift into speed checks. 

Landyachtz Evo

where is landyachtz based

In another sense, Landyachtz gained notoriety for their superior competence in using carbon fiber in their builds. Used to provide the durability and stiffness to fly down the sketchiest of mountain hills, the incorporation of carbon fiber also made for boards that were heavy enough to withstand the style of riding they became synonymous with. In the same sense, they were able to take the carbon fiber and infuse it in their trucks and boards designed for other disciplines. 


Mackenzie Yoshida rocking through the perfect wheel/hat combo in the ditches. 

Though Landyachtz has their roots in fast, speed-handling downhill boards, they have made significant contributions across other disciplines of skateboarding by taking their technical strengths and incorporating them into their diverse lineup of cruiser boards. In specific example, the Landyachtz Dinghy has benefitted from years of R&D in the way it has been refined over the years.

Unlike other similarly styled cruisers that have typically been produced with generic molds, these boards received their own specific molds over the years and have had the benefit of meticulous attention to detail throughout their design process. Combined with strength-engineered trucks, freeride-inspired, stoneground finish wheels and bearings with built in spacers, the Dinghy stands as a solid example of Landyachtz’s aptitude in downhill applied to other boards across the spectrum. 

where is landyachtz based

Of course, another key behind the success of Landyachtz is the exemplary riding showcased by their team members. From the all terrain ripping of guys like Billy “Bones” Meiners to the outspoken enthusiasm of scene supporters like Bricin “Striker” Lyons , the Landyachtz team provides the perfect examples of how to get down on their boards and have fun doing it. Often, team riders have started there relationship with the brand as local allies who grow their skills and interactions with the brand in tandem. While strong riding is an obvious pillar of the team, the Landyachtz squad is more accurately measured by their personality and contributions beyond skill level. Those who have meshed well with other team riders and aligned with the brand vision have been able to notch a spot on the coveted lineup and enjoy that perks that come with it. 


This architecture deserves appreciation but Cassandre Lemoine's no complys are even more impressive. 

However, Landyachtz supports more than just the team that keeps their boards in the streets. Over the years they have placed a special emphasis on supporting events and humanitarian causes, both locally and internationally. In their homeland of Canada, their continued efforts in keeping the well-attended, Attack of Danger Bay alive have helped it become one of the longest running downhill skate events in the world. Likewise, their involvement in events like the Toronto Board Meeting and various college tours helps maintain a presence in general industry events and beyond.

where is landyachtz based

Alex Hannigan's mullet may be under his helmet but his riding is still all business in the front. 

Away from home, Landyachtz has remained supportive of important environmental initiatives as well, most notably including their One Board, One Tree campaign . With this initiative, the company funds the planting of one Canadian maple tree for every board they sell as a way to directly give back to the hands that feed the business. Under the notion that planting one tree can in turn provide enough wood for up to 60 skateboards, they have worked with a handful of different organizations that have been responsible for planting over 120 thousand trees so far.  


  Adam Yates leathered up and leading the pack. 

With one of the most storied pasts in longboarding, there’s no doubt that Landyachtz will continue to build on their established position in the industry with new product offerings and initiatives to help support the industry. As is typical, their new boards will go through a two year cycle that includes development and release of an original graphic, followed by a year of letting the boards out in the market and adding a graphic revision. Then, when the time is right, additions to the line will be made and the cycle will reset. With some of the most commercially successful boards of all time having been released under the Landyachtz umbrella, it’s anyone’s guess as to which of their upcoming releases will be the next to go down in the history books.

where is landyachtz based

To check out some of the newest offerings from Landyachtz, check out the Mark McMorris Dinghy and the Dragon Red Dinghy in our shop while they last. 

All photos provided by Landyachtz & authorized to use by Nate Schumacher.

Stoked Ride Shop may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The opinions and views expressed in this work are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Stoked Ride Shop. The author makes no representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this work and specifically disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The author shall not be liable for any damages, including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, even if Stoked Ride Shop has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Ride at your own risk and within your own limits.

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Behind the Brand: Prism Skate Co.

Behind the Brand: Prism Skate Co.

Meet the Midnight Longboarders Taking Over Downtown LA's Parking Garages

Meet the Midnight Longboarders Taking Over Downtown LA's Parking Garages

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where is landyachtz based




where is landyachtz based




where is landyachtz based

Our mission is to find ways to live better and create products that enhance these ways of life.

where is landyachtz based

Time is finite, so we believe if you are going to do something do it the best way possible. We believe Skateboards and Bikes are often the best way to go from A to B.  It is healthy, conscious, affordable and most importantly brings joy to the soul.   

In order to have the best experience you need the best tool for the application.  That is why we strive to make the best products for the activities we enjoy.  We make our products to improve our lives and then we share these discoveries with the world.    

company values

Our Core Beliefs in Practice

We are constantly looking for new and better ways to live. We strive to always improve our products, services, processes and spaces thus improving our lives. 


We strive to have the most positive impact possible on our planet and our fellow humans. For our planet that means not being wasteful , building products that last and finding ways to do it most efficiently .  For society that means providing something that we truly believe helps people live better lives .  We also strive to have a positive attitude towards our challenges and transmit positive energy to others.   

High quality  

We strive to make the best performing and most durable products and provide the best service so our customers feel they are getting excellent value .  High quality performance means you get the best experience for your time and durable means that it will last longer than our competit ion thus having a better impact on this planet.   

where is landyachtz based

Landyachtz was started by two childhood friends, Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand while attending University of Victoria. They set out making boards to have more fun travelling around the campus.    

“ We started making our own versions of skateboards as a way to have fun while travelling between classes. Riding around campus injected adventure and adrenaline into a moment that wasn’t normally exciting. The enjoyment of travelling on a skateboard was so great, that skateboarding became the destination .” – Tom Edstrand    

The first production run of boards was done in the Blackcomb Ski racing shed.   

“ We started looking for corners to navigate and hills to skate. Our view of the world had forever changed. We started to see our environment as an endless playground, full of possibilities .” – Mike Perreten    

where is landyachtz based

Landyachtz moved to North Vancouver , at the foot of the coast mountains. First using family garage space, then to a shared space with snowboard manufacturer, Invasion snowboards.    

“ The products that were on the market in the late 90’s didn’t stand up to the forces we subjected them to. The steep and winding streets of our city begged us for bigger and better wheels, stronger and more responsive trucks ” – Tom    

While based in North Van, Landyachtz and their team were creating the spark for modern downhill freeride skating. Using what they learned through high level skating in demanding environments, Landyachtz developed Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels , pushing the industry to adopt a higher standard of skate gear than was available at the time. After outgrowing their manufacturing space in North Van, Landyachtz relocated to their current location in the Strathcona neighborhood of Vancouver.   

Over the past nearly 30 years , Landyachtz has established itself as a leader in a global community that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard. The desire to evolve the sport of skateboarding led to other exciting forms of transportation.   

“Bicycles help us travel further, experience new terrain, and broaden our ability to discover. Self-propelled transportation is not only good for us, but good for the world. It requires no fuel and releases no pollutants into the air. The only by-products are a healthier life and a happier day”- Mike Perreten   

Landyachtz first started manufacturing bikes for city commuting . That quickly blossomed into building premium road bikes for longer commutes and rides. Shaped by the desire to further explore the environment propelled Landyachtz toward designing and building gravel bikes and hardtail mountain bikes .    

where is landyachtz based

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Landyachtz Dinghy Review – Overhyped? (Bought & Tested)

By: Author Ruben Vee

Posted on Published: November 2, 2021  - Last updated: December 7, 2023

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Landyachtz Dinghy review

Whenever you consult the web and ask what the best possible cruiser is, almost everybody mentions the Landyachtz Dinghy. Now Landyachtz has been in the business for 20+ years and boasts high quality, great price, amazing design, and superior functionality. I got curious and wanted to see for myself so I decided to buy a Dinghy and do an in-depth review.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is great for short distances. It’s responsive, portable, and consists of quality parts that work straight out of the box. It handles well on rough roads but it’s not for tricks, downhill, or riding skateparks. Beginners might find the Dinghy challenging.

I’m going to cover everything and even made a video that demonstrates what this board can do. I and my friend decided to take it out for a test ride and take it apart piece by piece to find out why this board has such a great reputation.

Here’s the short version of this review.

  • The Dinghy is very portable
  • Durable, it can last for a decade
  • Very responsive
  • Low effort to get up to speed
  • Also suitable for beginners, the learning curve might be challenging
  • Great components that go really well together
  • It just looks great
  • Wheels and bearings aren’t great
  • Heavier than a regular skateboard, lighter than a longboard
  • Tall people might find it too small, not suitable for heavy riders
  • Takes some time to break in the bearings and tweak the trucks

This review contains links that earn me a small commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.  

Let’s roll right into the action and watch our test ride. Already convinced? For the best deal check , or check for prices on Amazon right here .

Not Really for Freeride Longboarding

Pumping is possible, tricks are possible but limited, rough roads, the dinghy is the perfect portable commuter, concave and shape, polar bear trucks, bear riser pads (0.25 inches), swapping the wheels, bear spaceball bearings, dinghy durability, is the landyachtz dinghy too small, loads of designs, is the landyachtz dinghy for beginners, recap: the good and the bad, price of the landyachtz dingy, about landyachtz, in conclusion, how does the landyachtz dinghy perform.

The Dinghy performs great on all sorts of surfaces . It handles everything with ease though sometimes you need to know what you’re doing.

So, is the Landyachtz Dinghy any good in terms of cruising? The simple answer… absolutely. Actually, this board was specifically designed for cruising in urban areas and cities. Thanks to the size of the wheels, this board can catch speed quickly (acceleration). Not only that, but this board is great for handling turns, thanks to the length of the board.

You’ll probably come across times when you’ll have to hop a curb while cruising around. The kicktail of the Dinghy makes this possible, and with ease. Expect the full urban transportation experience when riding this board. It’s fit for any city that you plan on commuting around and an ideal campus cruiser.

You’ll then have to quickly catch speed again. Want to hit a pedestrian? Of course not, so you’ll be making a lot of quick turns. You’ll be hopping curbs like no tomorrow. With all of this going on, the Dinghy really delivers on quality and control. You’ll be able to handle all of these situations with ease. It’s exactly what the Landyachtz Dinghy was built for.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is not specifically made for freeriding . However, you can still pull this off and have a good time doing so. The Dinghy is a shortboard, while freeriding boards are typically a bit longer. If your main goal is for freeriding, then you should probably consider another board. 

But, just because there are better freeriding options, that doesn’t mean you can’t pull some nice slides on the Landyachtz Dinghy. Thanks to the concave shape of the board, sliding will be easier since you’ll be able to lock your feet. The wheels of the Dinghy won’t keep you from sliding either. This board was built for cruising in the city.

Is the Landyachtz Dinghy appropriate for pumping? It sure is! It does require experience and you need to know what you’re doing but this board can pull it off. I actually had a hard time keeping up with my friend while he was pumping. I switched to a longboard because I was pushing like a madman on my regular board to keep up.

The Polar Bear trucks come stock on the Dinghy, and though they might not be ideal for pumping, this video proves you can. You could consider other trucks, but why waste money. You’re better off assembling a cruiser or longboard yourself.

You can pull off ollies, manuals, and some old school tricks but I wouldn’t take it to a skatepark. While the Dinghy is capable of doing more technical tricks that are closer to skateboarding, I can’t really recommend it. The board wasn’t made for that and you’re better off with a regular skateboard.

Only really experienced skateboarders can pull this off. I’m going to test this soon and will add a video to show you how it performs in skateparks.

Sure, the Dinghy is capable of handling really tight turns which is great for bowls/pools, but the wheels are rather soft . Manuals, slides, and plenty of pop tricks are all possible with this board but don’t expect to be the next Rodney Mullen on this board.

As opposed to regular skateboards, the Dinghy has big soft wheels, which makes your rolling more smooth but landing tricks just feel a bit sketchy and unstable compared to a popsicle skateboard. Riding a bowl would be possible I guess, but I still recommend a different setup for that purpose.

The Dinghy is perfect for rough roads. The large Hawgs wheels have no issues with debris like rocks or twigs, you hardly even notice them . As you can see in the video it’s able to ride over small patches of grass and uneven surfaces. Coming from a skateboarding background this was a fun experience. You need to get to know the board before you do stuff like this or you’ll eat dirt.

I really wanted to try out its downhill capabilities but it was already late. Looking at the setup I don’t think this board is suitable for downhill . To quickly summarize… there are definitely better boards for downhill riding. This board is ultimately designed for cruising. It’s a small board with narrow trucks which will become unstable at a high velocity.

The Landyachtz Dinghy has a small wheelbase. This is not an advantage when going downhill, because with a smaller wheelbase comes less stability. And you need to be stable when you’re going downhill. Not only this, but you won’t be able to reach the same speeds that you would reach while riding on a downhill board. City riding doesn’t involve many huge hills, and therefore the Dinghy wasn’t specifically designed for riding downhill.

However, it’s not all negative. Thanks to the stiffness of the maple deck and Fatty Hawgs wheels, you can catch some decent speed downhill while maintaining your balance. Also, thanks to the mellow radial concave, you’ll have better foot lock-in when you’re traveling fast. Still, it’s rather risky and you should pick a different setup if this is your main goal.

This Dinghy is a compact commuter board. You can carry it around without feeling awkward and it can easily fit under your arm or just strap it on a backpack . The 24″ mini version actually fits inside a backpack! 

The compact design allows you to carry it pretty much anywhere you want which is convenient when you need to use public transport. It’s slightly smaller than a regular skateboard as you can see in the image below.

dinghy size compared to other skateboards

The Landyachtz Dinghy was specifically made as a longboard for cruising in urban areas or cities. Thanks to the size and design of its trucks and wheelbase, the Dinghy is capable of managing sharp turns while maintaining stability.

The design of the kicktail will allow you to do tricks, such as ollies and manuals. Experienced riders can use it to slide or even do some technical tricks on a quarter pipe, though it wasn’t really designed for that.

This board isn’t t for serious downhill riding or freeriding and not for technical street skaters . It accelerates fast but doesn’t have a high top-speed as compared to downhill boards. I still think it goes fast enough to do what it’s supposed to when you push hard enough. It takes a while to slow down so this means a great cruising experience without having to push all the time.

This board is made for people who want to commute and have a fun and relaxing riding experience , and Landyachtz certainly succeeded. It has no issues with rough roads and you can even plow through a patch of grass when needed (as demonstrated in the video).

I took the Dinghy apart to see what kind of parts you get. Overall the components are of superior quality but I have some doubts about the bearings which I will address later on. Let’s see what you get:

  • 7-ply maple wood deck with a medium concave 
  • Square shaped kicktail and short oblong-shaped nose
  • Wheel wells to prevent wheelbite
  • Width: 8.0″.
  • Length: 28.5″.
  • Wheelbase: 14.6″.
  • This version has clear grip tape lasts for many years under heavy use
  • Two 4″ bear trucks 
  • 1/4″ rubber riser pads to absorb shocks
  • Four Hawgs wheels size 63mm with a durometer of 78A
  • 8 Bear Spaceballs 8mm ABEC7 Bearings
  • 8 speedwashers
  • 8 bolts and nuts to attach your trucks

Stiff Maple Wood Deck 

Longboarders and skateboarders all over the world speak highly of the Landyachtz Dinghy deck and my test only confirms this. It’s both strong, durable and consists of high-quality 7-ply maple wood .

If we’re talking length, the Dinghy comes in sizes from 24”-28.5”. The range of widths are from 6.5”-8.5”, and you can get the wheelbase between 14”-15”. Overall, this board is fairly short with a small wheelbase.

The deck is very sturdy and doesn’t have any flex . This is something you might need to get used to if you also ride a flexy longboard. The Landyachtz Dinghy was made for fun , and the sturdiness allows you to do ollies though you can feel it wasn’t really made for that purpose.

I was a bit skeptical about the clear grip tape at first, but it’s actually pretty good and last for a very long time. I friend of mine owns an older model and the grip tape still holds after 8 years , even after abusing the board over and over again. I’ll go into durability in a moment. The clear grip will allow you to stand steady on your board and it just looks really nice.

Not all versions have clear grip tape, this is only the case with the Dinghy Summit. The grip provides enough grip to keep your feet in place but also allows you to move around for minor corrections.

It comes with wheel wells to prevent wheelbite which is great for people that love loose trucks and deep carves. I personally didn’t experience any wheels touching the board.

dinghy wheel wells close up

The combination of wheel wells and riser pads prevent any wheel blocking on sharp turns. 

Dinghy concave and shape close up

The deck of the Landyachtz Dinghy has a mellow radial concave . The side is slightly elevated to get more board feel when performing tricks, it makes the board respond faster. Concave isn’t for everyone, it takes away from the stability you get from a board that’s entirely flat, but this thing is designed for playful rides .

On top of that, it allows you to perform sliding movements with a bit more ease. I think the concave is perfectly balanced, I hardly notice it but I come from a skateboarding background. I’m perfectly able to move my feet around despite the brand-new grip.

The Dinghy shape is directional and features both a nose and tail that are elevated , just like a popsicle. The nose is pointier shaped than the tail. The tail allows you to ollie or hop curbs or dig in a little when you come across a patch of grass. It will help you stay balanced while you lean back. 

The kicktail allows you to hop curbs while cruising and the soft wheels will make the landing pleasant. I was expecting it to bounce a lot but it really holds up well.

Another benefit of the tail is that you can do a few kickturns in parks or diagonal street objects if you’re up for it. Since this board is so stiff and the wheelbase is short, you may experience speed wobbles when you’re moving fast.

It also features a nose similar to regular skateboards though I haven’t really discovered the advantages yet. You could use it for nose manuals I guess.

Top view of the dinghy bear trucks

As you can see in the image, the Dinghy has Polar Bear trucks, the axle width is 105mm. They seem a bit narrow and they are. It’s a compact board and the trucks need to fit right? Landyachtz did a really good job of balancing out all the parts . If you’re a longboarder the narrow trucks might feel a bit less stable than that you’re used to. Skateboarders will probably have no issues.

Bear trucks did a lot of R&D and found the perfect balance between the elastic zone permanent deformation by testing them on a destructometer. This means the truck can withstand huge impacts by bending and returning to its normal shape. 

The aggressive angle of the hangers increases their strength and the axels are heat-treated and reinforced to keep them from bending.

The trucks baseplates consist of 8 holes, which you can use to adjust the wheelbase. I tried but the result was a small gap between the board and the baseplate.

baseplate gap

Still for a board this small I find it surprisingly stable so something was done right. The trucks are highly maneuverable, which also has to do with the soft bushings. 

The cup washers hold the bushings in their place and protect them from being damaged by the kingpin nut. The Pivot cups in the baseplate keep the Dinghy turning effectively at the baseplate’s intended angle.

close up of the Dinghy bushings

I can’t seem to find any specifications about the hardness of the bushings but they feel medium soft. The bottom bushing is shaped like a barrel, while the top bushing is shaped like a cone. Bushings have different shapes to allow for different riding styles.

This barrel/cone combo is just great for the ability to perform maneuvers in tight corners. If you really can’t get used to them and the trucks feel too loose, it might have something to do with your weight . Consult my bushings guide in order to find out what you need.

The large bushing seats on the Dinghy help control your turning abilities (along with the pivot cup and washers) but at first, they felt incredibly loose. You don’t want to tighten the kingpin nut right away as this may lead to crushed bushings. Break them in first by riding the board or rocking it sideways by leaning.

After an hour or so tighten them just a little, if I recall correctly I only turned the nut once which was enough . This board was designed for commuting the city. This means that you will have to make a lot of quick and sharp turns and a reliable, responsive board.

bear 1/4 riser pad

The Landyachtz Dinghy has quarter-inch riser pads equipped between the trucks and the deck. These are to prevent wheel bite when you make sharp turns or land a bit hard on the sides. Heavier riders run more risk getting wheel bite compared to lightweights. The Risers give a little bit of extra clearance between the board and the wheels (the board also has wheel wells just in case). 

They are rather soft which helps to absorb impact from shocks and they reduce vibration from rough roads. 

The Dinghy Hawgs Wheels

Hawgs wheels close up

The wheels of the Dinghy have diameters of 63mm. These are Fatty Hawgs wheels which were designed and created by Landyachtz themselves. The average size of wheels on most longboards is around 70mm (guestimate), meaning that the Dinghy’s wheels are a lot smaller. But what does that mean?

The smaller wheels will allow for quicker acceleration. However, your overall top speed will be decreased because of these smaller wheels. The Landyachtz is not quite as fast as a downhill board, but it will still reach incredible speeds for what it’s worth .

Although these wheels are smaller than average, they are still extremely smooth. You’ll hardly feel small bumps even at the highest speeds and they can take on rough surfaces like no other.

With a durometer of 78A, these wheels are very soft but still rather solid. I had no issues with cracks, grass patches, and really rough concrete. You’ll be able to tackle cracks in the sidewalk and plenty of metal objects without severely damaging your wheels.

Stay away from glass though, splinters can get stuck in your wheels. You’ll find the huge 50mm contact patch of these wheels to have great grip while still being able to perform slides in a controllable manner.

You do feel their limitations when you try ollies though. It’s just a bit bouncy and harder to control your board when landing. I also would like to point out that (like any wheel) they will wear down faster on rougher surfaces. Still, they’ll last you for a few years but I’ll update this post once I learned more.

dinghy's with other wheels

After testing out other wheels I can say that the Fatty Hawgs are ok but to make this the best cruiser, consider other wheels. It performed so much better after replacing the wheels with Orangatang Fat Free wheels, way more grippy and smooth. I also swapped the bearings for Bronson Raws and the difference is night and day.

I also tried OJ Super Juice wheels but the contact patch is just a bit too small. Want the most out of this board? Go for the Fat Free wheels.

bearing close up

As with the rest of the longboard, Landyachtz manufactures its own bearings. This specific brand is called Bear Spaceball bearings. These bearings boast a rating of ABEC7. However, it’s good to keep in mind that ABEC doesn’t really factor too much into longboards and skateboards .

ABEC rating is for machines with high RPMs, like over 9000. You won’t get more than 2000 RPM on a skateboard (downhillers might disagree).

The Bear Spaceball bearings are equipped with built-in spacers, I was a bit surprised actually because I never saw that before. The good news is, they are open bearings which makes it a lot easier to clean and lube compared to closed bearings.

I still would prefer separate metal spacers with open bearings and I’m not sure why Landyachtz decided to use built-in spacers, they are the experts so I’m sure I’m missing something here. Fancy stuff though, can’t argue with that.

The Bear Spaceball bearings are open bearings which makes them easy to clean and lube. You don’t have to worry about dust because the outer rings and spacers keep dirt out. I wouldn’t recommend riding in the rain though.

Spacers are often overlooked but they help to keep the dirt out and prevent destroying them when you tighten the nut too much and prevent crushing the inner workings. They also allow you to tighten your axles without screwing up the rest of your setup. If you decide to replace the bearings, make sure to get spacers!

I’m not yet convinced yet about these bearings and already noticed they perform less than in the first week. I might lube them a bit but I expected more. If they start to wear down sooner than expected I’ll replace them with Bones bearings. 

old and new landyachtz dinghy compared

The board is quite heavy and made of quality maple wood and will chip if you don’t handle it right. I wouldn’t recommend smashing into the corner of a wall, but that seems pretty obvious. It takes a bit of effort to pop the tail and landing ollies is a bit more challenging compared to a popsicle. This probably has to do with it’s slightly narrower profile and bigger wheels.

This board is meant for cruising and not for flip tricks. Treat her right and she’ll hold up just fine. Don’t ride in the rain, this will dissolve the epoxy resin holding the layers together and your board will delaminate, not to mention damaging the bearings.

In the picture above are an older and rather trashed Dinghy and a brand new model. A friend of mine owns it for almost 8 years and he’s known for trashing boards. Oh boy, that tail suffered hard but even after almost a decade, it still is his favorite board.

This longboard is a lot smaller than most others. So, you may be wondering if it’s big enough for you to ride on. Basically, all of this comes down to 2 things: your own size (height, and arguably shoe size), and the type of riding you plan on doing.

If you have an above-average shoe size, then you may have problems getting comfortable on this board. The deck is 8” wide, so you’ll need to decide if this is large enough for you to be comfortable with the size of your shoes. When encountering tight turns, you may experience instability because of your toes sticking out.

Also, due to the short length of this board, it may be tough for taller people to get a good stance. However, if you’re around 6’4” or shorter, you shouldn’t have a problem here. It’s also a preference thing, I know tall riders that ride small boards and short riders that ride large boards.

And onto the “type of riding” part… the size of this board is great for what it’s meant to do, which is commuting around a city and just cruising. This smaller size is going to be great for weaving in and out of obstacles, such as other pedestrians. And with most things, it’s going to come down to your personal riding preference.

So you’re interested in the Landyachtz Dinghy. But you’re curious as to what your options will be as far as the designs go. Well, here’s the good news… there are over 20 designs for the Dinghy and 3 different sizes . The largest is 28.5″, in between the 26″ and the smallest is only 24″.  There’s a good chance that there’s a design out there that will fit you and your personality.


If you need some examples to look into, I got you covered. One of the top-selling Dinghy boards is the Emboss. Some other very popular designs include the Dinghy Beach Party, the Dinghy Summit (as reviewed here), and the Dinghy Trout. Be sure to check out all of the others as well.

I picked the Summit because I just adore the design. My friend now rides this board in the city and people actually compliment him on his fine board.

Lastly, if you want a board without concave go for the Landyachtz Dinghy Handstand. This is a dedicated cruiser without a curved nose and kicktail which results in a more stable ride.

The learning curve might be a bit steeper for beginners. Many reviews claim that this board isn’t for beginners but I’m not entirely convinced after riding and testing it myself. I even let a beginner ride this board and she didn’t have much trouble at all.

Sure there’s a bit of a learning curve here, the concave might feel a bit awkward at first but you should get used to it fairly quickly. Take some time to learn how to ride, you’ll get it. Find a spot that’s not crowded and preferable a smooth surface.

The Landyachtz Dinghy has been designed as a board for city cruising. It has extremely responsive trucks and is very twitchy. It’s a bit less stable than most boards that are recommended for beginners. Don’t skip on this board because you’re a beginner or inexperienced rider.

It takes a bit more effort to get to know the board, but once you do you won’t look back. If you want to be on the safe side, consider the Landyachtz Dinghy Handstand. It doesn’t have any concave, the deck is entirely flat making it easier to ride. If you eventually want to hop curbs and slide a bit, go for it. It’s a waste of money to buy another board first.

Are you fairly-experienced in either skateboarding or longboarding? Then go for it! Skip it when you are heavier or your shoe size 11+ (US). In this case I would recommend the Landyachtz Tugboat (review).

We’ll start off with the good parts. The Landyachtz Dinghy has that longboard feel to it, yet has the control and agility of a skateboard. It’s rather stiff and lacks flex, and a medium concave to help you perform tricks. Thanks to the kicktail of the Dinghy, it’s possible to do a few tricks such as ollies and manuals.

The Fatty Hawgs wheels will enable you to do slides on this board. The Bear Spaceball bearings are supposed to be top-rated and high-quality,and they hold up fine so far. Although it’s not a downhill board, you’ll still be able to have fun cruising downhill (if you’re experienced enough) but do so at your won risk. And of course, this board is a bit smaller than the average, making it easier to carry around to your next destination.

I think this board is fine for beginners but the learning curve might be a bit steeper, make sure you really want to get into skateboarding/longboarding. You can always go for the version without concave if this is holding you back.

This is a great cruiser and you won’t regret buying the Dinghy, check for prices or compare prices and models on Amazon.

Now for the bad parts. The board designs are beautifully-crafted (pro), but this decreases your motivation for doing heavy tricks (con). If you have big feet, you may find it riding on the small deck of the Dinghy uncomfortable, though my friend with size 13 doesn’t have any issues.

The board is a bit heavy but you won’t notice when you ride it. I think the weight makes it more stable and can’t be considered a con. It’s really portable and you won’t be bothered carrying it around.

While the price isn’t a part of the actual board itself, it’s something to put in perspective. If you’ve gotten this far and are truly interested in the Dinghy, then it’s only fair that we talk about costs.

Here’s the good news… for its quality and efficiency, this board is truly affordable . Prices will vary depending on where you look, but you should expect to spend no more than $150 for this high-quality cruiser (except for Europeans like me, I paid about 170 Euros but got a bunch of really cool stickers). And that’s with all the top-notch components included.

There are many boards of similar quality that sell for much higher prices, but they can’t do what the Dinghy does. This board almost gets you the best bang for your buck in but there is a contender that is even better.

Landyachtz was started by only 2 people and has now grown to 60+ employees. This Canadian company now has shops in California and British Columbia as well. Landyachtz has been making longboards and accessories for over 20 years, and still going strong.

So Landyachtz specializes in longboards, but how about the accessories? By now you’ve heard of Hawgs Wheels and Bear Trucks. Both of these brands are well-known in the longboarding community as being of the highest quality. And they are both brands of Landyachtz. Are you environmentally friendly? Landyachtz is, as they plant a maple tree every time someone buys a board .

The Landyachtz Dinghy is a compact cruiser that is made for commuting around a city or any other urban area. This longboard has great stability and offers a comfortable ride. Hop curbs, pop a few ollies, slide when you’re ready and most of all… enjoy the experience. The Dinghy comes stock with high-quality components, all manufactured by Landyachtz themselves.

The Landyachtz Dinghy is one of the best at what it does: commuting through urban areas. The design will allow you to make all the quick turns you need when venturing through urban obstacles. You’ll be able to accelerate quickly whenever you need to. And although it’s not specifically a freeriding or downhill board, you can still pull this off (moderately) with enough experience.

There are more than 20 artistic designs to choose from, smaller versions and a dedicated cruiser without concave. What more can you ask for? If this is not your board check out a few more mini cruisers that I’ve tested and reviewed or check my top 11 list of best cruisers I personally tested.

Even though I’m not much of a longboarder, I am impressed by the quality. My friend likes it even more, so I decided to let him keep this board and I had to convince him because he thought it was too much.

Oh, I almost forgot. Why the 4star rating instead of 5? It mainly has to do with the bearings and wheels, not a fan when compared to other brands. Only the Comet Cruiser gets 5 stars.

Ruben vee

I’m an aged skateboarder and still shred responsibly. Started skateboarding 25 years ago, peaked in the 2000’s, and still ride to this day. I am a total geek when it comes to skateboard gear, love test to stuff and share my findings.

Our editorial process is dedicated to providing high-quality, fact-checked content, ensuring the best experience. If you spot any inaccuracies, please let us know ([email protected]), and we will take immediate action.

Riding Boards

Landyachtz Chief Review: An Amazing Pintail Cruiser

Posted on Last updated: April 24, 2019

Categories Carving , Cruising , Gear & reviews

Landyachtz Chief Review: An Amazing Pintail Cruiser

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I’ve been riding my Landyachtz Chief longboard for months and I’m more and more in love with it, so I thought I’d write a post about it to share my experience.

Why choose the Landyachtz Chief? It’s an amazing small pintail longboard designed for cruising and carving in the city and on the boardwalk. It is highly responsive and fast-turning, with a high-quality flexy deck – particularly the bamboo version. The slight rocker and concave make it very snappy and comfortable. The Grizzly trucks are great for carving and pumping, and the Fatty Hawg wheels are super smooth rolling even rougher roads.

Traditionally, pintails work best for leisurely cruising around and hanging out. I found my Landyachtz, however, is capable of handling more technical riding styles. See it here on Amazon .

What is the Landyachtz Chief good for?

The Chief is designed for carving and cruising in relatively crowded spaces. I like to use mine on the boardwalk along the beach, which does tend to get busy on weekends. The Chief is a compact and agile, being a relatively small pintail with a short wheelbase compared to classic pintails.

Besides wheelbase, the Chief’s topmount construction makes it super responsive with very quick and precise turns. On the flip side, the Chief rides relatively high above the ground (again it’s topmount ) but that’s somewhat offset by its rocker and flex, making pushing easier and giving you the best of both worlds – responsiveness and manageable height.

Again, the first thing that strikes you when riding this quality board is the maneuverability and the instant turns . I personally love it.

Landyatchz Chief shape

As mentioned earlier, the Chief is a classic pintail , i.e. shaped like a tear drop with a pointy tail and a wider nose. You can also say it has the shape of a longboard surfboard, only much smaller. The chief is 36″ long and 8.75″ wide, with a tight 26.5″ wheelbase .

Landyachtz has based the Chief’s pintail design off of the Pinner and Totem, two of its predecessors, but with the added goal of creating a smaller, more nimble carving cruiser for city  cruising.

As a result, the Chief is the most responsive and lightweight pintail of Landyachtz’s lineup. It’s a very reactive and turny board, to a degree one may not expect from a pintail. For this reason, the Chief may not be the best option for a complete beginner looking for a very forgiving first board.

The Chief even has a very slight kicktail  (with a very low angle), which confirms the board’s focus on carving and quick turns.

Besides its shape and size which make it super responsive, the Chief is also extremely comfortable to ride on whatever your level. The reasons for that great comfort feeling are:

  • The shallow rocker which cradles your feet nice and comfy, yet without keeping them from moving freely – a cruiser board shouldn’t lock your feet in too much to let you move around on the deck
  • The mellow radial concave with slightly upraised edges provide grip and a nice leverage on the rails for carving . You feel it under the ball and heel of your feet but in a mellow way.

landyachtz chief radial concave

In short, the Chief gives you the freedom of a flat pintail deck with the added comfort and secure feel of a shallow concave. The subtle rocker and the flex contribute to that feeling (keep reading for more about flex).

Landyachtz Chief versions

The Landyachtz Chief comes in 2 versions (and 4 graphic designs): a bamboo version and a maple version . I personally own the bamboo but I’ve had the chance to test the maple version.

The bamboo versions include the Bamboo Chief Fish (my board), the Bamboo Chief Eyes (Amazon), and the Bamboo Chief Camping .

I for one am a really big fan of the looks of my Bamboo Chief Fish with its turquoise bottom background and edges, the while lines graphic on the bottom, and the turquoise fish drawing that sticks out on the top showing through the clear spray-on grip!

Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Fish

UPDATE : unfortunately it seems the Chief Fish version is no longer available!

I have to admit the Bamboo Chief Eyes looks pretty awesome too:

Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Eyes

The Bamboo Chief Camping is also very attractive:

Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Camping

Also check out the Chief Bamboo Sunset Kid with its awesome yellow cowboy graphic on a yellow background:

Landyachtz Bamboo Chief Sunset Kid

As always with this material, the bamboo core makes the deck super lightweight , strong , and flexy ! The flex properties contribute to making the Bamboo Chief an amazing carving board for a pintail.

So if you position both your feet close to each other toward the center of the deck where it has the most flex (i.e. away from the truck mounts) you can use the flex to get great rebound and pump tons of energy into your carves.

This combined with the great carving Grizzly trucks really makes this pintail and astonishing carving board (read on for more on trucks).

The maple version of the Chief, the Chief Floral , which has beautiful and colorful graphics (Amazon):

where is landyachtz based

The hardwood Canadian maple used in the maple Chief is very strong and durable. Only 7 plies are used to achieve a relatively lightweight and flexy result given the naturally rigid nature of maple wood – though obviously not as light and flexy as bamboo.

Thus, the version of the Landyachtz Chief you’ll choose will depend on your preferences in terms of flex amount and graphic design. The bamboo models are about $10 more expensive than the maple one, running around $220 (Landyachtz list prices).

Landyachtz Chief trucks

where is landyachtz based

Again, I just love riding that surfboard-like, super comfortable rockered and concaved deck when going for a cruise around the neighborhood or carving along the seaside.

The shape and flex of the deck is not the only reason the Chief is so comfortable and responsive, though. The Bear Grizzly GR852 180mm 52º trucks play an essential role in that responsiveness. These trucks are not only extremely stable and “kook-friendly”, they’re extremely nimble and turny .

A slight pressure on one of the (slightly uplifted) edges is enough to make the trucks turn, yet the amount of turn isn’t excessive unless you dig harder into the rail. That is, these trucks give me exactly the amount and tightness of turn I want each and every time.

I make easy 180º turns on a normal sidewalk – which is not the case with every 36″ cruiser out there, e.g. drop-throughs and classic pintails. When I say this board is responsive and tight turning, I really mean it.

By default, the Chief comes with 1/8″ soft risers. This, combined with the deep CNC/sanded wheel wells on the bottom of the deck above the wheels, pretty much eliminates all wheelbit e even when making those super tight turns – even though I’m running my trucks very loose.

I didn’t expect this when I ordered the Landyachtz Chief as I was just looking for a normal pintail to cruise around on. Turns out I got myself a real carver I can actually pump on and even do some small slides (not what a pintail is meant for).

Landyachtz Chief wheels

where is landyachtz based

The Hawgs wheels that come with the Landyachtz Chief are another high-quality component of the overall pintail package. The Chief ships with either Fatty Hawgs 63mm or Hawgs Mini Monster 70mm wheels, both great and smooth rolling wheels. Both with a 78A duro , they absorb small cracks and bumps very comfortably.

These wheels have a fairly wide 50/55mm contact patch and are offset aligned, making then fast-rolling and grippy for smooth carves . They are capable wheels on different types of terrain, rough or smooth. They’re also pretty good wheels for sliding – although that’s somewhat beyond the Landyachtz Chief’s scope.

Both wheel options come with Bear Spaceball Bearings which keep the Chief’s wheels rolling forever – even more so once your break them in! The Chief almost feels like a different, better board after you ride it for a while, such a super smooth glider.

You probably get the idea, the Landyachtz Chief is one of my favorite longboards and my go-to machine for cruising and carving around comfortably along the beach. It’s super comfortable due to its relaxed concave and mellow rocker, and extremely nimble and steerable. Paired with its big soft Hawgs wheels, it can roll endlessly over all sorts of terrain.

The Grizzly trucks and the awesome bamboo flex also make it a carving champion and a surprisingly good pumper for a pintail. Plus, I just love the design and colors of my Bamboo Fish.

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where is landyachtz based

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Landyachtz Boards

Landyachtz Boards

Landyachtz is a highly respected and acclaimed brand in the longboarding industry, earning a well-deserved reputation for crafting some of the best longboards available on the market. As a brand that has always prioritized quality and performance, Landyachtz has made a name for themselves in the world of longboarding. With their origins steeped in hardcore longboard racing, they have never lost sight of their core mission of producing high-quality boards that are both exceptionally durable and exhilarating to ride.

From their innovative designs to their superior materials, Landyachtz puts meticulous attention to detail into each one of their longboards. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, Landyachtz offers a range of longboards to suit every skill level and riding style. From cruisers to freestyle and downhill longboards, they have it all.

With a deep passion for longboarding, Landyachtz takes great pride in their craft and constantly pushes the boundaries to deliver the best possible longboarding experience for riders. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the durability and performance of their longboards, making them a top choice among riders worldwide.

Whether you are looking for a reliable board for your daily commute or an adrenaline-pumping downhill ride, Landyachtz has a longboard that will suit your needs. With their high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and dedication to innovation, you can rest assured that Landyachtz will continue to rank among the top longboard brands for years to come.

FAQ - Landyachtz Skateboards

What types of skateboards does landyachtz skateboards offer, what is the landyachtz bear grizzly truck, what is landyachtz skateboards, is landyachtz a good longboard brand.

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Landyachtz tries their hand with a dirt bike.

where is landyachtz based

From skateboards to bicycles, Vancouver, Canada-based Landyachtz has a wealth of experience designing various modes of two- and four-wheeled transportation. We last tested their Columbus steel-framed ‘1146’ road bike ( RBA , January 2019), which left us waiting on the next release from the Canadian crew. Landyachtz filled the one remaining hole in their drop-bar catalog with the AB1 gravel bike. AB stands for “adventure bike,” and Landyachtz hit nearly all the marks to achieve the optimal modern gravel machine. Best of all, it’s in stock and doesn’t break the bank.

where is landyachtz based

The AB1 is an entry-level build that starts with a 6061 aluminum frame that is assembled in Canada with symmetric, dropped chainstays to help provide room to use up to 700x42mm or 650x47mm tires. Landyachtz offers a single build of the AB1 that rolls on the 650b hoops.  

Landyachtz designed their own carbon fork, which is drilled with triple mounts, making it ideal for handling gear for long rides. Two positions for bottle mounts are drilled on each side of the downtube with a single position available on the seat tube. Fenders can be mounted, and a rack can be supported by the two rivets on the seat stays, in addition to the two on either dropout.  

where is landyachtz based

In order to ensure favorable handling rolling over rocks and roots or with a full load of bike-packing gear, the AB1 has a long 104.4cm wheelbase. The slack 72-degree head tube angle helps maintain the relaxed geometry, especially with a loaded front end. At 59.2cm, the stack is relatively low for the size-large frame, and the reach is long at 39.9cm, which encourages a rather aggressive position in the saddle.  

SRAM’s entry-level Apex drivetrain is an ideal pairing for the alloy rig. A SRAM X-Sync 44t chainring is matched to an 11-speed 10-42t XX1 cassette. At 1.05 gear inches, this pairing is just above our preferred 1:1 gear ratio and a smaller chainring would be the easiest fix. The 160mm Avid G2 rotors are modulated by SRAM’s Apex hydraulic calipers. The lines are routed in a hybrid style with the downtube hiding the rear hydraulic line, as well as the shift cable until they’re exposed below the bottom bracket, while the fork partially conceals the front brake line.

where is landyachtz based

Ritchey is responsible for the remainder of small parts. The front end is made up of an alloy Ritchey Ergomax handlebar and an alloy Comp stem. The bars feature a raised design to lift the front end. An oversized 30.9mm Ritchey Comp seatpost is paired with a Ritchey Trail Comp saddle. The AB1 rolls on a pair of WTB KOM Light rims.  

In an effort to test how adventure-ready the AB1 is, we scouted a few unmaintained gravel roads in addition to our typical routes. We were able to find the limits of our handling skills far before the full capability of the AB1 was met.  

The AB1 handles speed well. Graded gravel descents ridden at speeds over 20 mph are supported well by the tall gearing and aggressive WTB tires. Leaning into corners is predictable and confidence-inspiring, thanks to the 47mm treads amplified by the 35-psi tire pressure.    

where is landyachtz based

We loaded various bags on the Landyachtz for some of our longer rides. The 650b setup handled well in precarious situations, even with extra weight on the front end.  

Nearly every gravel road we tested the AB1 on required some climbing, which brought to focus the tall gearing spec’d on the bike. Given the reasonable price tag, a chainring upgrade to either a 42t or even a 40t SRAM X-Sync chainring will run somewhere around $80.    


Landyachtz delivered a solid gravel bike with a full plate of gravel-focused goods. Not meant to be a race bike (especially at just over 23 pounds), it is intended for outback cycling. We’ve found that 650b builds are hard to come by at the $2000 price point, especially given the pandemic-related bike shortages. SRAM’s Apex mechanical drivetrain got the job done without shifters and derailleurs that can run out of battery.  

In the dirt, the AB1 was reminiscent of the Ritchey Trail Comp mountain bike from the ’80s handling-wise, but it’s better overall thanks to the modern, quick braking power offered by the disc brakes. Once again, we were pleased with the latest design from the crew up in the Great White North.



Slack, relaxed handling

Good cost/benefit ratio

Price: $2128

Weight: 23.12 pounds, sizes: s, m, l (tested), xl,

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Landyachtz AB-ST Review: Adventure Revisited

where is landyachtz based

By Miles Arbour

Associate Editor & Events Manager

1,804 Posts

The new Landyachtz AB-ST is a Chromoly steel gravel bike with clearance for 29 x 2.2″ tires, a carbon fork, lots of mounting options for hauling gear, and a stable geometry suited to getting lost. We’ve been testing one out for a few weeks before its release, and you can find Miles’ review here…

PUBLISHED May 30, 2022

Action shots by Nathan Reimer ( @____nathan____ )

Two years ago, Landyachtz released the AB1 (Adventure Bike 1), positioned as a versatile and capable drop-bar rig with a mid-range price tag at around $2,700 CAD (~$2,100 USD), complete with reasonable tire clearance, a carbon fork, lots of mounts, and a lightweight aluminum frame. Landyachtz described it as a “do everything gravel bike,” and although this might be true for some, I felt it was missing a handful of the adventure-ready qualities that the name so boldly promised. A few months back, I was looped in on a new model that they described as being “longer, slacker, and more upright than the AB1″ with a steel frame, carbon fork, and clearance for 2.2” tires. I couldn’t help but think, now that’s an adventure bike!

The Landyachtz AB-ST is a completely new bike for the Vancouver, BC-based bicycle company. In my eyes, it picks up where the AB1 and AB-AL left off. It’s built up around a 4130 LY Select Chromoly steel frame with internal cable routing, their new Carbon Adventure Fork with an adjustable flip-chip style dropout, thru-axles, big tire clearance, and lots of mounting points for racks, cages, and fenders. Instead of simply creating a steel AB1, Landyachtz created an entirely new bike. As mentioned above, it’s longer, slacker, and much higher in the front end when compared to the AB1 or AB-AL. Where the AB1 felt like a road biker’s gravel bike, the AB-ST takes cues from rowdier, dare I say more adventurous riding. While some folks might roll their eyes at a gravel bike with 2.2″ tires, I’m brimming with excitement. To coincide with last week’s launch, Landyachtz sent over a complete AB-ST build for me to test out. Find my thoughts on it below.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

Landyachtz AB-ST at a Glance

The AB-ST is the second steel drop-bar gravel bike in the brand’s current lineup. Compared to the others, its angles lean far further toward off-road capability. It has a longer wheelbase, lower bottom bracket, head tube angle that is a full 2° slacker, and more stack. On paper, the result is the most stable, capable, and mountain bike-inspired gravel rig Landyachtz offers. It’s also the only gravel bike in their lineup with internal dropper post routing, top tube bosses, and a proper selection of cargo mounts, including under the downtube. Framesets are specced with the new Landyachtz Carbon Adventure fork, which has three-pack mounts, a threaded fork crown mount, internal brake routing, and a flip-chip-style dropout to allow rake adjustment from 47mm to 52mm, giving the option of fast handling or a more stable ride for loaded bikepacking.

  • Frame/fork: Steel/Carbon
  • Angles (L): 70° Headtube, 74° Seattube
  • Stack/Reach: 626mm/455mm
  • BB Drop/Chainstay: 72mm/430mm
  • Bottom Bracket: 68mm threaded
  • Hub specs: 12x100mm / 12x142mm, TA
  • Seatpost: 30.9mmm
  • Max tire size: 29 x 2.2″
  • Price: $1,250 CAD / ~$975 USD

Perhaps the biggest difference between the AB-ST and the other models is its tire clearance. The AB-ST can officially handle 29 x 2.2″ tires, including fast-rolling cross-country tread, and can unofficially fit 2.25″ tires according to the build Landyachtz sent me for review. The 29 x 2.25″ WTB Nine Lines fit pretty well in the rear end of the bike, but the vertical clearance on the fork is uncomfortably tight. I think 2.2″ or even 50mm tires are probably the better option to leave some room for mud and debris, but I did ask Lucas at Landyachtz for the biggest tires they had, so that’s on me. It’s no surprise to see thru-axles front and back (12×100mm and 12×142mm), a threaded bottom bracket, and fully internal cable routing. There is only one small section of exposed cable along the bottom of the drive side chainstay leading to the derailleur and on the rear brake hose that runs on top of the chainstay.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

The AB-ST shares several geometry and frame spec-related similarities with the new Surly Ghost Grappler, Kona Sutra LTD and ULTD, Breezer Radar X, and many more. It has the long reach like the Ghost Grappler, inspired by modern mountain bike geometry, not quite as high of a stack height, and reasonably short 430mm chainstays. While the big tire clearance technically fulfills our requirements as a 29″ drop-bar mountain bike , it’s still not quite as upright as bikes like the Salsa Fargo or Ghost Grappler.

Landyachtz’s AB-ST manages to pull some of the best specs from other bikes that fall into this category, including short chainstays, big tire clearance, a slightly taller stack height, long reach, slack front end, and steep seat tube angle. On paper, the AB-ST hits a sweet spot for me. It’s capable and stable but still sporty enough to keep up with speedy gravel bikes with smaller tires. It has the potential to be dressed down with narrow bars, fast-rolling rubber, and the fork in the high-trail position, or dressed up with 2.2″ tires, a dropper post, wide bars, and a more upright riding position. Landyachtz put together a complete build that’s more in line with the latter vision, which is the approach I’d take if I were building one up myself. Either way, any type of build will likely look great against the AB-ST’s classic silhouette and dark blue tubing.

Build Kit & First Impressions

This time around, I opted for an XL frame in an effort to get as much height as possible out of the front end. At 6’1″ with a 33″ inseam, I’m usually somewhere right in between a large and extra-large, so I decided to give the bigger frame a shot with the AB-ST. Landyachtz put together a fun build for me, complete with 2.25″ WTB Nine Line tires, flared Salsa drop bars, and a SRAM Rival 1×11 drivetrain and hydraulic brakes. The steerer tube came pre-cut from Landyachtz, and while I would have preferred some more room to raise the stem slightly, the fit felt good. I’m currently dealing with some neck issues, so the last thing I wanted was to be hunched over on a racy gravel bike. Thankfully, the AB-ST isn’t that. The 11-42T cassette was paired with a 42T front chainring, which didn’t leave me walking up any hills around Powell River but did see me standing out of the saddle and grinding up steeper grades. Mind you, that was without a fully loaded bikepacking setup, so if I was heading out on a trip next week, I’d be looking for a smaller chainring or a way to expand the low end.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

The build kit Landyachtz put together is pretty close to how I’d build up my own. I like my gravel bikes to do more than just smooth roads, and the big tires, mounting points, and steel frame are all good indicators that it’s a pretty capable bike. I was secretly hoping they were going to sneak the integrated dropper lever into the left shifter/brake lever, but no dice. Lever actuated dropper posts on drop-bar bikes are great for dismounting, stopping at lights, and especially descending steep, rough trails and roads. The only reason I would possibly size down would be to squeeze in a slightly longer travel dropper post for getting rad.

I was happy to see rear rack mounts on the outside of the seat stays, as well mounts for bolt-on bags and a generously sized main triangle. The XL frame I tested had plenty of room for a large BXB Better Half Frame Bag and a big bottle on the seat tube, and it also fit a large Rockgeist 52Hz gravel frame bag nearly perfectly. The low seat tube mounts and triple-pack downtube mounts also make for a good platform to run a standard half frame bag to maximize the space. Those needing extra space for gear or water will be happy to see mounts on the new carbon Adventure Fork, which aren’t offset like on the original AB1 fork, making it compatible with more front racks, bottle and cargo cages, or all of the above. I was glad to be able to run my Rawland Rando rack alongside a standard bottle cage. It’s worth noting that the threaded bosses on the fork legs are recessed a few millimetres into the fork, so I opted to use a small spacer for a cleaner setup.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

Landyachtz AB-ST Build Kit

  • Frame 4130 LY Select Chromoly Steel
  • Fork LY Carbon Adventure Fork
  • Headset FSA
  • Handlbars Salsa Cowchipper Deluxe
  • Stem Alloy 120mm (swapped for Farr Headspace 70mm)
  • Crankset SRAM Apex 1, 42T
  • Cassette SRAM Apex 11-Speed, 11-42T
  • Shifters SRAM Rival 1
  • Chain SRAM 11-Speed
  • Derailleur SRAM Rival 1
  • Brakes SRAM Rival Hydraulic Disc
  • Bottom Bracket SRAM GXP
  • Wheelset Easton ARC 25 Offset Rim, 25mm internal width
  • Tires WTB Nine Line 29×2.25″
  • Seatpost Alloy
  • Saddle WTB Volt

Ride Feel and Handling

While I haven’t had the AB-ST long enough to classify this is a long-term review, I still managed to pack in a good amount of riding. After a wet spring, the Pacific Northwest finally had some clear weather, and I took every opportunity I had to get a feel for the bike. I’ve been out on some big gravel days, navigated local singletrack, and zipped all over town to avoid filling my van up on gas.

One of the first things I did was replace the included 120mm stem for a 70mm Farr Headspace stem , which helped dial back the frame’s long reach. While I think I could still go shorter, and raise the bars up a smidge, the bike was comfortable and balanced feeling on all of my rides. On everything but a few steep descents, I felt planted and confident on the bike. With the help of its big tires, steel frame, and long geometry, the AB-ST plows effortlessly through pretty much anything. I found it to feel much more comfortable and stable than the AB1 I tested last year. With that said, the longer/slacker geometry on the AB-ST certainly isn’t as playful or snappy feeling as other gravel bikes I’ve ridden (the AB1 included), so anyone coming from a road background might find it a little sluggish at times. With the fork’s flip-chip in the high trail/more slack position, it felt most at home pointed straight, leaned into corners, and making wide, methodical turns.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

It’s a long bike, so it took some getting used to while winding through narrow, technical trails. Beyond that, it’s hard to imagine what the AB-ST can’t handle. Having spent time with it, I’d be speccing mine with a dropper post and taller front end for a true drop-bar mountain bike setup. I expect most people would increase the gear range as well since it’s certainly not a featherweight bike and it felt most natural climbing in a seated position, rather than standing up out of the saddle. Although my post-Covid fitness isn’t quite up to speed yet, I’ve snuck in a few longer rides where my legs were the only thing holding me back. It doesn’t have the same powerful, responsive feel as the AB1, but if you’re looking to ride far and aren’t too concerned with speed, it could be the bike for you.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the necessary front brake adapter to experiment with the high trail, 47mm rake setting on the fork. I did pull out the dropouts, which consist of an outside/inside bracket on both sides, held in place with small 2.5mm hex screw. The brackets are sandwiched on either side of the dropout, and when flipped the other way, they change the rake and wheelbase by 5mm. While it doesn’t seem like much, 5mm can have a noticeable impact on handling and feel. With quicker handling in the 52mm position and stability in the 47mm position, it’s nice to have options. The AB-ST fork is set up in the 47mm position with an adapter, and you just need to remove the adapter and mount the caliper directly to the fork for the 52mm position.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

Adventure Bike: Take Two

When Landyachtz released the AB1 (Adventure Bike 1) they labeled it as their “do-everything” bike, ideal for your “daily commute, exploring your local trails, or a fully loaded bikepacking expedition.” While most of that held true, I felt the geometry was more road-oriented than what’s found on most off-road-focused drop-bar bikes. It’s not quite a monstercross bike, definitely not a drop-bar mountain bike, and for someone who likes the versatility afforded by big tires and the option for a dropper post, it wasn’t really adventurous enough for me.

In a lot of ways, the AB-ST is what the AB1 should have been. When thinking about all of the gravel routes within close proximity of Vancouver, where Landyachtz is based, the original Adventure Bike felt underwhelming. Routes like the BC Trail, Cowichan Valley 8, the newly published Tree to Sea Loop on Vancouver Island, and those here in Powell River and Texada Island are much more enjoyable to ride with bigger tires and a slightly more upright position. The AB-ST is the perfect platform for long-distance gravel tours in British Columbia and beyond, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some folks who originally purchased the AB1 turning to its more capable younger sibling as their next bike.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

Purchasing Options and Additional Thoughts

I ran a few questions by Landyachtz’s marketing and media guy Lucas Greenough to help clarify some things I’d been wondering while working on this review. Firstly, their ADV Fork currently comes with a 350mm steerer tube that can be cut to any desired length. Since each AB-ST is going to be built from the frame up, they have no problem accommodating requests like that, and will work one-on-one with the customer to dial in the fit and function of each build. Lucas also mentioned an updated ADV Fork is on the way, which will have an even longer 400mm steerer tube. The exposed rear derailleur cable was apparently chosen to reduce drag in the system, but considering it’s a straight section of cable and is susceptible to dirt and other contamination, I’m not sold on that thinking. Lucas did say that their in-house metal shop could modify the frame to have full-length housing. The other option would be to use a housing guide adapter like this from Problem Solvers. On the dropper post front, Landyachtz can set up a dropper with either GRX, SRAM left shifters (they have them in stock), or the Easton AX dropper lever. This cable port can also be used to run a front derailleur.

As far as getting an AB-ST for yourself, you have a few options. The global parts shortage has encouraged Landyachtz to sell it as a frameset to start. Currently, it’s too challenging to source enough components for any specific build kit, so they’ll be working with their customers to either piece together a completely custom build or work with whatever they have access to at the time. They have lots of Easton wheels and cockpits on hand, but certain drivetrains are harder to get. Although stock, ready-to-buy build kits make things easier, I’m excited to see what kind of unique AB-ST builds come out of their shop. If you’re interested, you might want to move quickly, as Landyachtz is only producing 100 framsets to start.

Landyachtz AB-ST

  • Balanced and stable platform for bikepacking and more
  • Off-road geometry is exciting when compared to AB1/AB-AL
  • Lots of mounts on frame and fork and room for a big frame bag
  • Dropper post routing and 2.2″ tire clearance
  • Aesthetically pleasing lines and classy paint job
  • 26 pounds isn’t bad for the burly build tested
  • Long geometry and slow handling in high-trail mode takes some getting used to
  • Exposed cable under chainstay is a little odd
  • No stock builds, and a global parts shortage could make actually building one up difficult and more expensive
  • Somewhat pricey at $1,250 CAD for a frameset, but not far off from the competition
  • Limited to 100 framesets
  • Model/Size Tested: Landyachtz AB-ST, XL
  • Weight: 26lb (11.8kg) with pedals
  • Place of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • Price: $1,250 CAD / ~$975 USD (frameset)
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

In a time when our industry has an overwhelming number of gravel bike options, I ended my review of the original Landaychtz AB1 thinking, is that it? I was curious whether or not they’d come back with an updated version with less road-like geometry and more off-road capability. If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably well aware that they did. The Landyachtz AB-ST is everything I want out of a versatile, drop bar 29er. Features like 2.2″ tire clearance, dropper post routing, Chromoly Steel frame, carbon fork, and loads of mounting options tick off every box for me. Plus, the angles and specs match up as well. It lives up to Landyachtz’s claims and makes for the perfect platform to tackle the growing number of gravel routes in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. It might not be the fastest or most agile gravel bike out there, but it’s not designed to be.

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It’s a Tuesday night in mid-May, and dozens of people are rolling into a parking lot just south of the Santa Monica Pier. Most are on skateboards of all shapes and sizes. A few are on roller skates, scooters and bicycles. One dude rides in on a mountain bike armed with a toy gun that blows bubbles, enveloping the woman on skates he’s pulling behind him with a rope.

It feels like a party is about to start. The sun is still high in the sky and the breeze blows off the ocean. Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” is bumping from a knee-high amp as women, men and nonbinary folks congregate and coast on the pavement on their wheels of choice. Most are 20-somethings and 30-somethings.

A few minutes before 7 p.m., a lean 29-year-old with shoulder-length dirty blond hair, a backward turquoise ball cap and a pink tie-dye shirt, cuts the music and speaks into a microphone.

Brandon DesJarlais makes his way down the grassy hill during a meetup with Vibe Ride LA at Ocean View Park.

“Who’s living their best life? That’s what we’re here to do,” Brandon DesJarlais says to the crowd of 50 who are here for Vibe Ride, an event he created to skate, dance and connect with other people. Tonight they’ll travel together for about 1.7 miles to the Venice Skate Park, stopping along the way for bursts of revelry before turning around and heading back as the sun dips below the Pacific.

LOS ANGELES, CA-MAY 7, 2019: Ethan DeMoulin attempts to jump over a gap at Venice Skate Park on May 7, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. The skatepark is one of the only in the world located on a beach. (Photo By Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times)

A guide to L.A.’s best skate parks

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June 7, 2019

DesJarlais is a pro longboarder who created a nonprofit called Beyond the Board in 2021 to empower people and build community through skateboarding. His desire to share the joy of the sport tracks with the greater longboarding community’s reputation for being relaxed and inclusive — in part because the longboard’s shape makes learning the sport easier and less-trick-based.

“Longboarding is everything that’s not traditional street skating or vert skating,” said Don Tashman, the founder of L.A.-based longboard manufacturer Loaded Boards. “It’s inclusive. It’s diverse. It doesn’t have a defined clothing or culture or music. It is a catch-all … it’s a tool to spread stoke.”

Shontel Anestasia holds onto her skateboard.

Shontel Anestasia holds onto her skateboard.

Kayla Drake stands in a circle for a meet and greet while wearing her roller skates.

Kayla Drake stands in a circle for a meet and greet while wearing her roller skates.

Tonight DesJarlais acts as the DJ, emcee and Pied Piper of the event. He goes over the night’s itinerary before suggesting that the crowd form small groups for an icebreaker. All the while he stands in front of his pastel-painted bus, named the Shred Sled, which is reminiscent of the vehicle that Ken Kesey’s followers, known as the Merry Pranksters, used to travel the U.S. in the 1960s. (He’s even lived in the vehicle, both to save money and while completing three Beyond the Board national tours where he visited more than 25 states and hosted 250 events.)

After introductions, he passes the microphone to one of his co-organizers, Daniel Chiu. The health coach and event producer offers a short, guided meditation with just a smidge of woo and a few deep breaths before the group heads south.

Finally, DesJarlais leads the group to the bike path along the sand, with the amp resting on the front of his board, pumping out tunes like War’s “Low Rider,” Peaches & Herb’s “Shake Your Groove Thing” and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

As they cruise along, the group spreads out. Most are on longboards. There are plenty of people who are new to skateboarding tonight, some of whom ride longboards provided by one of Beyond the Board’s sponsors, Landyachtz. Vibe Ride is a no-one-left-behind event with a sweep trailing the flock to ensure no one gets disconnected.

Kayla Drake rides her rollerskates with the group.

Kayla Drake rides her rollerskates with the group. Skateboards are lined up along a “Beyond the Board” bus. A group of mostly skateboarders ride along the boardwalk.

Many Vibe Riders simply head from point A to point B. Others make soulful turns, or “carves,” that recall an expert surfer riding a wave. A few groove up and down their boards as they roll, otherwise known as “ dancing ” (a popular style of longboarding).

The vibe tonight is especially social. Skaters chat as they glide. At one point, the group stops for a “hill bomb” — racing from the top of a small grass hill to the bottom. At the next, in front of the Adda and Paul Safran Senior Housing in Venice, the dance party kicks into overdrive. The Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” blares from the amp, as a woman on the building’s third floor appears in a window to see what the commotion is about. Observing the party, she smiles and waves with both hands.

Even as the group embraces a carefree playfulness, DesJarlais is sure to lead by example. When he passes by a five-piece jazz band playing on the bike path, he cuts the music so as not to interrupt them. Participants look out for one another, calling out upcoming bicycles and sandy sections. When a Vibe Rider spots dog poop on the path, they fade back and block it, ensuring participants won’t ride over it.

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The idea for the Vibe Ride came about during the early stages of the pandemic, when DesJarlais and Chiu met while skateboarding in Santa Monica. At this moment of intense isolation, the two came up with a shared goal: “To get people outdoors to connect with other people,” said Chiu.

The first official Vibe Ride was in January 2022. Only about 10 people showed up. But as the group connected with other skate-centric communities, including the inline and roller skate group the Skate Hunnies, its size and network began to grow.

In addition to the weekly Tuesday rides, the group also gathers for one-offs. DesJarlais estimates they’ve hosted more than 200 events. His dedication stretches beyond organizing and attending the rides. He’s even “flowed,” or given, folks longboards — on the condition that they ride them regularly.

One of those recipients is Vu Le, whom DesJarlais met 2 ½ years ago.

“The vibe is whatever you want it to be,” says Le, as his knee-length, burgundy silk robe flows behind him like a cape while skating down the bike path.

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Josefina Chebaia first attended the Vibe Ride in April after a friend introduced her to the event. The Argentina-born artist was just learning to skateboard and loved how supportive the group was.

“There’s so much joy, so much happiness and so much healing,” she said. “Everyone feels that sense of belonging.”

Two people laying on their longboards in the light of a streetlamp.

At the end of the ride, some people head home while others head toward the post-ride taco truck meetup. Chiu hangs back with his 7-month-old Husky, Serene, who trotted alongside him during the ride..

“If you want to find an open, welcoming community to skate with or learn to skate with and to do it by the beach, this is the place,” he says, before he and Serene drift off into the distance.

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where is landyachtz based

Dania Maxwell is a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Times. Before joining the newsroom in 2018, she worked in Colombia, South America and at the Naples Daily News in Florida. Her work has been awarded an Emmy, POYi, Sigma Delta Chi and Edward R. Murrow. Maxwell received a master’s degree in visual communication from Ohio University and a bachelor of arts from Sarah Lawrence College.

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where is landyachtz based




where is landyachtz based




where is landyachtz based

Clark Patrick embodies the “Skate Everything” approach to an extent that is truly mind-blowing. So when it came to designing his pro-model board, it had to be just as versatile as he is. From fast freeriding to the skatepark, the Clark can handle it all!

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The Clark is a large double-kick board that measures 40.2″ long by 9.5″ wide and is designed to rip an any type of terrain you can imagine. This board is pressed from 8 plies of Canadian Maple to ensure that it is stiff and durable enough to handle whatever you can throw at it. Clark wanted this board to be equally capable on TKP and RKP trucks so there are two wheelbase options at the back to make sure the tail is super functional and poppy on either Polar Bears or Grizzlies. The complete comes set up with Polar Bear 130s for great all-round performance out of the box and 63mm 78a Fatty Hawgs for a fast-rolling and plush ride.

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Polar Bear 130mm

Some of us still like to ride a board that is a bit on the narrower-side. And, of course, you need trucks to match it. If you step down in board size then it’s time to step it up to the 130mm Polar Bears. Sold in pairs. Bushings: 85a is softer, 90a is harder. Softer bushings are more lively but less stable – with 88a being what we usually use in our completes.

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63mm Fatty Hawgs

Made famous as the wheel of choice for our Dinghy completes, Fatty Hawgs are now available separately in a multitude of colours and patterns so you can upgrade your cruiser board today. We use the highest quality urethane to ensure these are the best cruiser wheels available on the market. Get a set and see the difference for yourself.

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 Spaceballs are our answer to all of your bearing problems.  Never again can you lose your washers, or spacers because we’ve built them into the inner race!  On the functional side, this means your bearings are always mated correctly which negates any bearing-induced chatter. 

Orders are currently leaving our warehouses within 1 – 3 business days. For us, “business days” means Monday – Friday as we do not ship orders on weekends. From Monday to Friday our hours of operation are 9am – 5pm PST, excluding statutory holidays. Order processing times are subject to change and orders may ship out later (or earlier) than the aforementioned window – depending on how busy we are.

USA:  Free Shipping on orders above $125*. Express/Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost.

  • West Coast*  – all orders shipped ground, average transit time is 2-3 days.
  • East Coast* –  all orders shipped express from our LA warehouse, transit time is usually around 5-7 days.

CANADA:  Free Shipping on orders above $125*. Express/Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost

REST OF THE WORLD:  Live rates based on destination.  Customers are responsible for any local taxes, duties and customs clearance fees on their order.

At Landyachtz we have always aimed to improve the quality of the skateboard you ride and we strongly believe in the boards we make. You can rest assured knowing that, in the rare case of defect, our skateboards come with a 1 year warranty.  

The more we know, the easier it is to help your claim!  The best way to submit your warranty claim is using the form below .   There you can provide all of the necessary information and images we require to assess  your warrant y  claim. Before completing the form please ensure you have photos that show the top and bottom of the board as well as detailed pictures of the affected area.

Please allow us 3-7 business days for us to asses your warranty claim and get in contact with you. We will do our best to make sure you’re back on a quality skateboard as soon as possible.

The   following issues are not covered by our warranty:

  • Impact damage, including snaps and cracks
  • Run over by a vehicle (or horse)
  • Scratches or minor chips
  • Water damage

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Flex Ratings

We’ve categorized the stiffness of our boards into 3 main groups, listed below.  The general rule is the faster you’re skating, the stiffer the deck, but this is not universal.

Flexy – Soft and supple flex profile best suited for carving and cruising on longer boards. The bouncy nature of these decks lets you turn deeper and surf your surrounds.

Medium – The do it all of our boards, a perfect balance of stability and carve. 

Stiff – From cruisers to downhill boards a stiff flex profile excels in stability and responsiveness.  Whether you’re dipping into driveways or bombing a mountain pass you’ll be down with the stiffness.


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    From skateboards to bicycles, Vancouver, Canada-based Landyachtz has a wealth of experience designing various modes of two-and four-wheeled transportation. We last tested their Columbus steel-framed '1146' road bike (RBA, January 2019), which left us waiting on the next release from the Canadian crew.Landyachtz filled the one remaining hole in their drop-bar catalog with the AB1 gravel bike.

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    Landyachtz is skater owned and operated since 1997. Search ... Results. Flex Ratings. We've categorized the stiffness of our boards into 3 main groups, listed below. The general rule is the faster you're skating, the stiffer the deck, but this is not universal.

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