66 (feat. Trippie Redd)

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66 (feat. Trippie Redd)


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Upcoming Concerts for Lil Yachty

  • Jul 27 Jul 27, 2024 Audi Field Washington View Concert
  • Aug 11 Aug 11, 2024 The National Bowl Milton Keynes View Concert
  • Aug 11 Aug 11, 2024 National Bowl Milton Keynes View Concert
  • Sep 05 Sep 05, 2024 Rupp Arena Lexington View Concert

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Lil Yachty  James Blake Bad Cameo

Rap / Rock / Pop/R&B

Quality Control / Motown / Republic

July 1, 2024

When James Blake and Lil Yachty debuted as divisive wunderkinds, they earned feverish acclaim—and controversy—for the way they blurred the lines etched by their predecessors. Blake stormed dubstep’s dancefloor and rendered it a dusty confessional booth; Yachty looked at the hip-hop landscape he inherited, cursed its gods , and spent the beginning of his career at war with a generation. Not everything has changed: They’re still divisive, and they’re still doggedly trying new things. But they aren’t upstarts anymore; nor are their disruptive ideas breaking boundaries so much as reinforcing them. (So long, saxophones , and so long, rap .) A pair that once embodied youthful iconoclasm now often seem to see only as far as their next grievance. More and more, they sound like the gatekeepers who didn’t believe in them years ago.

Thus the defensive crossover spectacle of Bad Cameo , their new joint album. Few things announce themselves louder than a tag-team LP by a polarizing producer and an equally polarizing rapper-turned-rocker. But instead of provoking, this record largely takes the low-key road, like a terse postscript to a more transgressive past. It’s dreamy and occasionally danceable, steely electronica rubbing shoulders with a sharp, stadium-ready take on Yachty’s sing-rap sensibilities. The shoulder-rubbing is promising, but at a certain point, when the friction hasn’t progressed any further, the party starts to feel like a corporate lunch: Hey Post-Dubstep, have you met Post-Trap? I’ll leave you two alone to hit it off! Sometimes, they do. More often, Blake and Yachty are cozy in their respective corners, taking turns in the spotlight rather than sharing it. You get the sense that they’re trying to rekindle old magic—the wonders Blake worked with his glitchy soul-searching, the weightlessness Yachty proffered with his pitch-shifted lilts. These elements sound nice next to one another. They’d sound even better if they did more than just coexist.

When Yachty released “ Poland ,” his unlikely 2022 hit single, part of the draw was his quivering, liquid delivery: “It is a really fucking weird song,” Blake told him in a recent sit-down, revealing that it brought him to tears. He’s right to identify the weirdness as jolting—at least enough to channel raw emotion, or inspire it in others. But when they try to accomplish this on Bad Cameo , they sound maddeningly riskless. The title track registers like an attempt to run “Poland” through Blake’s chilly alt-pop processing and produce something equally apt for dorm rooms and sound baths. There’s a repeatable mantra, minimal frills that foreground the vocals, and an air of confession—only now, instead of spiking one another’s worlds, the crossover dilutes their respective strengths. “Did you ever love me?” Yachty begs, in full “Poland” voice, with Blake echoing his prayer in the background. You might recall a similar plea on the 2022 song (“Hope you love me, baby, I hope you mean it”). Where “Poland” producer F1lthy supplied Yachty with a jumpy, trap-infused hotbed, Blake’s canvas is restrictive, limiting the singer to a cramped crying closet both have outgrown. Solemn as it sounds, it’s hard to take very seriously.

Part of Bad Cameo ’s appeal is the promise of a novel palette: lean meeting lemon tea, hip-hop meeting post-dubstep, confessionalism meeting vanity. Sometimes, as on “Twice,” this works beautifully—a staggered four-on-the-floor beat might morph into something airier, a haggard Yachty and wistful Blake taking turns reveling in their respective terrains. Other times, in moments where you’d expect the contrast to unearth rich new flavors, there’s a dulling effect. “Save the Savior,” a crunchy ballad that sounds a bit like a screen-adapted Future therapy session, would absolutely crush in a ritzy, white-walled gallery. Play it a second time, this time with the pair’s capabilities in mind, and it starts feeling like it should go beyond those insular limits. Blake is coming off his most energetic and danceable record to date; Yachty is freshly removed from a risky, compelling—if controversial— psych-rock dispatch . Considering the boundary-breaking instincts each contributor brings to the table, Bad Cameo feels too safe, too familiar, to tell us anything we don’t already know.

The bulk of Bad Cameo ’s novelty arrives, instead, in songcraft. To Blake’s credit, he’s a master of seeing tracks as living things, subject to as much growth and meandering as the masterminds who make them. Familiar as they may feel, the most striking songs on this project keep some powder dry, sprawling into realms far beyond their starting places. Midway through “Midnight,” when Yachty and Blake’s harmonized refrain gives way to a beat switch and the drums fall out from beneath their voices, it sounds like they’re prostrate before something powerful. “Woo” begins with an echoey grand piano over a trap beat, no new addition to the annals of introspective hip-hop. But by the chorus, it seems like it’s all falling apart: The drum pattern sputters, and a sly ghost chord gradually infiltrates Blake’s somber progression, culminating in a single jolt of dissonance. You wish there were more room for such uncompromising mischief.

Let’s Start Here.

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The Gloss

Let’s Start Here.

“something ether”.

Lil Yachty, Future, Playboi Carti - Flex Up

Flex Up (with Future and Playboi Carti)

Lil Yachty - TESLA (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Strike (Holster)

Lil Yachty - sAy sOMETHINg


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‘The Eric Andre Show’ Confirmed for New Season Featuring Lil Yachty, Jon Hamm, Blac Chyna, Waka Flocka, and More

Andre's remarkably absurd comedy series will bring a new batch of hilarious episodes, dubbed "Season 666," to Adult Swim and HBO Max starting in 2023.

Image via Adult Swim

Eric Andre is pictured causing chaos

Televised absurdity will live to fight another day, as Adult Swim has confirmed the return of The Eric Andre Show .

The series, hosted by recent Bad Trip star and Jackass Forever  participant Eric Andre, will launch its sixth season via Adult Swim and HBO Max in 2023, per a press release shared Wednesday. Andre referred to Season 6 as, fittingly, “Season 666” and vowed to give fans a continuation of the series’ signature derangement.

“Expect more deranged pranks, fire, and chaos in Season 666 with a jam-packed schedule of celebrities I can’t believe agreed to this,” he stated.

View this photo on Instagram

Confirmed guests for Season 666 include Blac Chyna , Rico Nasty , Waka Flocka, Tinashe, Lil Yachty, Cypress Hill, Jon Hamm, Diplo, Natasha Lyonne, Jaleel White, Raven-Symoné, Meagan Good, and Daymond John. Handling directing duties are Kitao Sakurai and Jeff Tremaine. Season 5 wrapped back in November 2020, with Stormy Daniels among those serving as guests on the series’ 50 th episode.

Andre has remained plenty busy in the ensuing years. In addition to the aforementioned Bad Trip and Jackass Forever  appearances, not to mention this week’s Jackass 4.5 on Netflix, he popped up on HBO’s Danny McBride-led  The Righteous Gemstones this year as Texas-based televangelist (and friend of a Jonas brother) Lyle Lisson.

2022, notably, marks 10 years since the debut of The Eric Andre Show , which formally kicked off its marathon of subversion on May 20 of 2012.


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On 'The Kardashians' Gamble hinted at what she's looking forward to after Jenner's recovery.

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Kardashian attained the gnarly injury while being distracted by her eight-year-old son, Saint.

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The Gambino moniker, or "character" as Glover has described it, enters his final act with this Friday's 'Bando Stone' album.

Donald Glover on Walking Away From Childish Gambino Moniker: 'It’s Not Fulfilling'

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Best New Tracks: Childish Gambino, Denzel Curry, Lil Yachty and More

Dive into the weekend with these 10 music projects..

Best New Tracks Childish Gambino Denzel Curry Lil Yachty big sean rakim B.G. Hus Kingpin Compton Menace midwxst benny the butcher Dillon Francis Chloe Moriondo Blood Orange Liam Benzvi SURF GANG  Bbyafricka

As the week in music comes to a close, Hypebeast has rounded up the best projects for the latest installment of Best New Tracks .

This week’s lineup is led by Childish Gambino , Denzel Curry and Lil Yachty , who each dropped the albums  Bando Stone & The New World  and  King of the Mischievous South Vol. 2 , and the single “Let’s Get On Dey Ass.” Also joining this selection are fresh releases from Big Sean , Rakim with B.G. , Hus Kingpin and Compton Menace , Dillon Francis with Chloe Moriondo , midwxst , Blood Orange with Liam Benzvi , Benny the Butcher and Bbyafricka with Surf Gang .

Childish Gambino -  Bando Stone & The New World

Denzel Curry -  King of the Mischievous South Vol. 2

Lil Yachty – “Let’s Get On Dey Ass”

Big Sean – “Yes”

Rakim x B.G. x Hus Kingpin x Compton Menace – “Now Is The Time”

midwxst -  BACK IN ACTION 4.0

Dillon Francis x Chloe Moriondo – “Lonely (Planet Earth)”

Benny The Butcher – “Summer ‘24”

Liam Benzvi x Blood Orange – “Other Guys”

Bbyafricka x Surf Gang -  Hard Copy

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Lil Yachty Drops 14 New Tracks on "Concrete Leak System" Soundcloud

Lil Yachty Drops 14 New Tracks on "Concrete Leak System" Soundcloud

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Fred Again.. And Lil Yachty Tease New Unreleased Collaboration

Fred Again.. And Lil Yachty Tease New Unreleased Collaboration

Metro Boomin Announces Hometown ‘Metro Boomin & Friends’ Concert

Metro Boomin Announces Hometown ‘Metro Boomin & Friends’ Concert

RZA Is Releasing a Classical Album ‘A Ballet Through Mud’

RZA Is Releasing a Classical Album ‘A Ballet Through Mud’

Lil Yachty Surprises With New Solo Cut "Let's Get On Dey Ass"

Lil Yachty Surprises With New Solo Cut "Let's Get On Dey Ass"

Nike Says “Winning Isn’t for Everyone” in New Summer 2024 Campaign

Nike Says “Winning Isn’t for Everyone” in New Summer 2024 Campaign

Meta Reportedly Seeking Stake in Eyewear Conglomerate EssilorLuxottica

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Pharrell Williams and evian Tease Bottle Collaboration

Pharrell Williams and evian Tease Bottle Collaboration

BAO Releases First Summer Zine 'The Aircon is Broken'

BAO Releases First Summer Zine 'The Aircon is Broken'

Spinnaker Unveils a ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Collection

Spinnaker Unveils a ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Collection

Check Out This Year's Air Jordan 9 "Olive"

Check Out This Year's Air Jordan 9 "Olive"

Max Reveals ‘Dune: Prophecy’ Official Teaser Trailer #2

Max Reveals ‘Dune: Prophecy’ Official Teaser Trailer #2

United kingdom.

lil yachty 666

Lil Yachty's Label Concrete Boyz set to release their first collaboration project 'It's Us Volume 1' this April

A ccording to NFR Podcast, Lil Yachty's record label, Concrete Boys (also known as Concrete Boyz), is set to release their first collaboration project titled It's Us: Volume 1 on all streaming platforms this April.

NFR's official X account posted on March 25, confirming the release date of the Concrete Boyz project as April 5, 2024. The post also revealed the featured artists, including Lil Yachty, Karrahbooo, Draft Day, DC2Trill, and Camo. The tweet read:


The tracklist for the upcoming album is yet to be confirmed, but based on the artists involved in this project, it's likely to showcase a fusion of alternative rock, R&B, and rap.

Lil Yachty and Concrete Boys Discography

Yachty (Lil Boat), who is currently signed to Quality Control, incorporated his own Record Label Concrete Boyz, a few years ago in an attempt to bring upcoming artists in his genre to the spotlight.

Over the years, Yachty and his team have been slowly recruiting rappers and artists from across the music industry, from 31 Camo to Karahbooo, all of whose music appears to have been inspired by Boat's discography.

Lil Yachty has also collaborated with his signees on some of his previous work. Below are two songs officially released alongside Artist Draft Day:

  • Demon Time (Feat. Draft Day)
  • POPOVICH Freestyle (Feat. Draft Day)

On May 29, 2020, Yachty released his fourth studio album, titled Lil Boat 3 , across all DSPs (Digital Streaming Platforms) via Quality Control Music and Motown Records. The 19-track project included a track titled Concrete Boys .

This track acted as the official introduction to the "Concrete Crew" he was building with his record label. The song includes a shout-out to the Concrete Boys in the chorus when Yachty implies that when his "back is against the wall," he can always rely on his crew to come through for him.

Another notable bar from Lil Yachty's song has been listed below:

"I just woke up, dreamin' 'bout the rose (Oh my God) / They had ni**as 'round me who don't stand on toes (Hell nah) / Barely ever do I think about my foes / How much longer will I live? Only God knows."

On December 16, 2023, a song titled Mo Jams was released on the official YouTube channel for Concrete Boys, alongside a music video that featured most of the CB roster, except for 31 Camo. Mo Jams was produced by Rawbone and acts as the first official collaboration between the members of Concrete Boys.

This track, although not being released on DSPs, has garnered significant attention for an upcoming collaboration project by racking up almost 4 million views on YouTube.

As fans await a Concrete Boys collaboration album, Lil Yachty continues to impress fans by following up on his widely acclaimed 2023 project Let's Start Here, which found the rapper delving into a more experimental sound with his music.

Notably, Yachty has been releasing a string of singles, which include his collaboration with Fred Again.. on stayinit. The rapper was also featured on Lyrical Lemonade's debut studio album, All Is Yellow , which dropped two months ago in January 2024.

Lil Yachty's Label Concrete Boyz set to release their first collaboration project 'It's Us Volume 1' this April

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  • The Weeknd Teases Fans With New Project and Brazil Concert Promising “Never-Before-Seen Production.”
  • Irv Gotti Faces Civil Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Misconduct, Threatens to Counter Sue
  • SOURCE SPORTS: Kansas City Royals’ Tyler Tolbert Shares His Dirty South-Centered Playlist Courtesy Of Black Baseball Mixtape

unnamed 66

Lil Yachty Drops New Single, Visuals For “Let’s Get On Dey Ass”


Lil Yachty  has officially released his latest song  “Let’s Get On Dey Ass”  along with an accompanying music video. The new track highlights Yachty back in his rap bag at full force, weaving his melodic and whirly auto-tuned vocals over the track’s distorted 808s, howling synth lead, and bouncy hi-hats to deliver a high octane, bass heavy, rap anthem perfect for a festival mosh pit. Directed by  Zhamak , the “Let’s Get On Dey Ass” music video shows Yachty and the Concrete Family dancing around the city, draped in luxurious matching vintage outfits and jewelry. Lofi VHS style shots of Yachty and his crew alternate with clips of the style icon shopping for another signature outfit along with a cameo from social media star and model,  Teanna Trump . The new song comes on the heels of Yachty’s collaborative album with  James Blake ,  Bad Cameo , and follows their most recent visualizer for  “Save The Savior.”

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Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty and more close out Milwaukee's Summerfest with a hip-hop feast

Portrait of Piet Levy

It's only fitting that Summerfest — one of the world's largest music festivals with more than 600 performances over nine days — should end with a massive show in its biggest venue, the American Family Insurance Amphitheater.

Hip-hop superstar Lil Uzi Vert closed out the Milwaukee fest's largest stage Saturday, a noteworthy booking considering the only other place they've played this year was Coachella, and they have no other appearances scheduled this year (so far).

But with all due respect to Uzi Vert, that's not what made this show massive.

It was the incredibly stacked bill leading up to the finale, with Lil Yachty, J.I.D., Rico Nasty, LIHTZ and a thrilling Milwaukee hip-hop showcase starring breakout rappers J.P. and 414BigFrank, with surprise appearances by SteveDaStoner and Mook G, plus Milwaukee spinner Djay Mando.

In total, there were nine rappers who performed at the amphitheater Saturday. The show lasted a full five hours, with 15 minutes max between sets.

Need a break? Play the USA TODAY Daily Crossword Puzzle.

More: 'Thankful for the opportunity': Milwaukee rappers J.P., 414BigFrank mark Summerfest debuts

More: Ivan Cornejo, Anne Wilson, Amy Grant and the best and worst of Summerfest 2024's final day

Lil Uzi Vert ends Summerfest with a wild, rare show

That said, purists will scoff at the idea of Lil Uzi Vert being considered hip-hop, and their 45-minute Summerfest set wouldn't convince them otherwise. Rapping isn't the strong suit for the rap superstar, who went for long stretches across their songs not really rapping at all — including one somewhat tedious moment where they were trying to take a selfie on a fan's phone while the DJ blasted "Fire Alarm."

But Uzi Vert's appeal is that they are a walking, (sort of) rapping embodiment of Freud's concept of Id. And what they primarily wanted to do at this rare 2024 show is rock out.

For "x2," from last year's white-knuckle "Pink Tape" album — a song that sounds a bit like a Nintendo game soundtrack on steroids — Uzi Vert jumped the barricades to hang with fans at the base of a video screen, freaking out security. During "Amped," they were so hyped up they tossed an (unlucky) fan's phone that ended up on stage some 20 feet in the air, then for subsequent song "Pop," flung a microphone across the stage in a fit of passion.

Then later for a song that can aptly be described as their life's mission statement — "Do What I Want" — Uzi Vert dropped to their knees on a ramp on stage, in the center of a big ring of lights, where they were greeted with a deafening singalong. But it still wasn't loud enough for Uzi Vert, who orchestrated the crowd from their knees with waving arms, the singalong, seemingly at peak volume seconds ago, reaching greater heights.

Uzi Vert put a lot of energy onto that stage and was paid back from the crowd in kind, who supplied more electricity than even the DJ's bass-rattling song drops could muster singing and rapping along to Uzi Vert's unstoppable bangers like "20 Min" (including, for a minute, a cappella); their superstar-cementing blockbuster "XO Tour Llif3"; and their latest tsunami-level rager "Just Wanna Rock."

And while Uzi Vert's team made the curious choice to not let their set be filmed to be projected on the amphitheater's big screen, that didn't prevent the crowd way back on the bleachers from wilding out.

Lil Yachty has fun slipping into their old persona and songs

Lil Yachty has earned a reputation for being one of mainstream hip-hop's most admired weirdos, but even their recent output has managed to surprise, from last year's "Let's Start Here" album, which drastically switched up his style for a more psychedelic soul rock sound, and this year's "Bad Cameo," an often dreamy album made with Justin Vernon-loving English producer and songwriter James Blake.

"Cameo" didn't make a cameo during Yachty's nearly hourlong set, but it did begin with "Drive ME Crazy!" from "Here." But Yachty at the start of his set was surprisingly passive, the crowd, from my perspective, seemingly more excited to see Yachty than to hear Yachty take detours with newer material.

So, after a few songs, Yachty vowed to "turn this (expletive) upside down," delivering on that promise with "Slide" — a more straightforward, crowd-bouncing 2023 hip-hop track — and the audience transformed there for being happy Yachty was on stage to being thrilled to dance and rap to his music.

And that remained the mode, from both the rapper and his fans, for much of the rest of the set — aside from a touching moment when Yachty had the boisterous crowd join in a moment of silence in memory of Yachty's "Yacht Club" collaborator Juice WRLD.

If Yachty, at this stage of his artistic evolution, doesn't feel much connection with cutesy, nursery rhyme-like early hits like "Minnesota," "Broccoli" and "iSpy," he didn't show it, seemingly having as much fun vibing to those songs as his fans did nostalgically belting out their lyrics.

And while Yachty, like Uzi Vert, coasted here and there without much live rapping, he offered more than the main headliner, like an a cappella spin through "From the D to the A."

J.I.D. demonstrates superhuman spitting skills with opening set

J.I.D. accomplished the impressive feat of making Imagine Dragons seem cool in recent years with his dizzying guest verse on their hit “Enemy,” and his Summerfest set was an even greater demonstration of his superhuman skill.

His words flew so fast — but the enunciation still sticking with every syllable — that his rhymes outraced the speedy scroll of lyrics on the screen behind him for “151 Rum.” One could quibble that he announced it was his time to bounce five minutes before his set actually was supposed to end — but J.I.D. brought so much energy to thrillers like “Stick” and “Surround Sound,” and did such a good job convincing old hip-hop heads that the art of rap was in good hands, that he earned the right to hit the showers early.

Rico Nasty goes for the throat with visceral, fun set

Rico Nasty was no-nonsense for her 35-minute set, barely taking a break or talking to the crowd. But her personality was loud and clear.

Her brash, punk-inspired flow went straight for the jugular — even while it was peppered with some throat-ripping yells, eerily cutesy delivery a la early Nicki Minaj, and the occasional butt shake.

She never coasted on backing vocals either — her head-spinning delivery for “Cold” was especially fiery — and hearing her rap her signature song “Smack a (expletive)” over the beat for Ludacris’ “Move (expletive)” was an inspired flip.

LIHTZ doesn't fit bill, but makes lasting impression

On paper, LIHTZ was the most out of place of all the rappers on Saturday’s bill. While everyone else on stage had catalogs filled with high-energy bangers, the masked Philadelphia rapper specializes in softer, slower, melodic pain rap, with pensive piano and acoustic guitar the dominating sounds on “Mixed Signals” and “Serenity.” But LIHTZ was such a passionate presence on stage, with such a luminous flow — even expressed a cappella for a portion of “Broken Spirit” — that he was impossible not to like.

Milwaukee's own J.P., 414BigFrank, SteveDaStoner, Mook G, Djay Mando kick things off

Saturday’s amphitheater show at Summerfest was a celebration of some of hip-hop’s most exciting national talents — and that includes Milwaukee’s street rap scene, which has earned a place in that conversation.

For about five years, local rappers have earned hundreds of thousands, even millions, of streams for individual songs at a rapid clip. There have been record deals and glowing coverage from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and other major outlets. And Saturday, multiple buzzy Milwaukee rappers played Summerfest’s biggest stage.

Milwaukee’s premier party starter Djay Mando set the mood first, slipping in local rap gems like Munch Lauren’s “Big Money” and AyooLii’s “Schmackin Town” into his mix. Then came 414BigFrank, whose big, fun-loving personality instantly emerged for this year’s lowend breakout “Eat Her Up,” with Frank and about a quarter of the large on-stage entourage busting into some synchronized dance moves.

Unannounced special guest Mook G took the stage next for “Pay Me,” with another surprise guest, SteveDaStoner, rapping by his side. Stoner essentially has become the mascot for Milwaukee’s rap scene — and a popular guy eager for a selfie roaming the stages through the fest this year — and when he took over the set for his signature banger “RWS,” it was clear how Ludacris could have charmed enough by the guy to join him for a viral “free concert” stunt at 3rd Street Market Hall last month.

J.P., effortlessly translating the charm and charisma from his TikToks to a big stage, closed out this 25-minute Milwaukee rap party — a fitting choice considering none other than Lil Uzi Vert was the first famous rapper to endorse the Milwaukee rapper following his debut lowend single “Juicey Ahhh.” Alas, it didn’t make the set, but J.P. has since had an even bigger smash, “Bad Bitty” — arguably the biggest song ever from a Milwaukee-based rapper, with more than 19 million Spotify streams and counting. You better believe even the people toward the back of the amphitheater rapped “Bad Bitty” back to J.P. at the top of their lungs.

To see the scene celebrated on the biggest stage of Milwaukee’s biggest festival was a joyful achievement after years of unprecedented accomplishments. Here’s hoping it marks the first chapter of an exciting new beginning.

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