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Neel 43 on test: Is three the magic number?

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  • September 17, 2021

Can’t decide between a monohull and a catamaran? The surprising truth is that a fast cruising trimaran, like the Neel 43 could be the ideal solution. Rupert Holmes reports.

neel trimarans neel 43

Product Overview

Manufacturer:, price as reviewed:.

Until recently it would have been easy to assume the pioneering cruising trimarans of the 1960s and 1970s showed that cruising on three hulls has too many drawbacks to be viable for most, despite the extra space and speed they offered. However, the past decade has seen a resurgence of lightweight fast cruising designs, with spacious accommodation, led by La Rochelle-based yard Neel who recently launched their Neel 43 trimaran.

This latest model, a Marc Lombard-designed 43, is one of those rare boats that defies both expectation and easy classification.

The Neel 43 has the deck space and massive coachroof of the most spacious of cruising catamarans, yet is at least three tonnes lighter than most 42ft cats.

neel trimarans neel 43

We we tested the Neel 43 in La Rochelle, France with an onshore, 12-16 knot wind with a slight to moderate sea. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

Another surprise is the low wetted surface area once the windward ama lifts out of the water. Each hull has a narrow waterline beam, so wetted surface area is a fraction of that of a catamaran of similar size. Combined with the light displacement this translates into a boat that’s surprisingly quick.

Neel 43 under sail

After hoisting the mainsail we cut the engine and bore away, unfurling the headsail with the wind on the beam. In only 14 knots of true wind we quickly accelerated to a consistent 10 knots of boat speed.

Sheeting in and squeezing up to a true wind angle of 65° – and 40° apparent wind angle – only saw speed drop by one knot.

Direct Dyneema cables, passing through a minimum of turns, connect the wheel to the single rudder. The helm felt beautifully responsive throughout the test, with a much more direct feel than is generally found on multihulls.

neel trimarans neel 43

The windward ama lifts easily just out of the water, reducing wetted surface. Stability builds quickly. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

Tacking proved to be as easy as with a monohull – the boat reliably turned smartly through the wind, with speed rarely dropping much below five knots.

However, visibility from the single raised helm is restricted by the headsail when on starboard tack and by the asymmetric on both tacks.

That there’s a single shallow keel below the centre hull, instead of the two low-profile keels of most catamarans is an important factor in the boat’s handling. It undoubtedly also helps that all the heavy items in the boat, including engine, tankage and batteries, are concentrated low down in the middle of the central hull.

The result is a very comfortable, soft motion that’s easier than that of a typical catamaran, but without the heel of a monohull. In some ways it’s also reminiscent of the easy gait of a heavy displacement long keeler.

neel trimarans neel 43

The helm felt responsive, with an easy motion. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

Yet, unlike monohulls, there’s no chance of a broach. Stability builds very quickly after 12-14° of heel is reached, so it takes an enormous force to heel the boat to significantly greater angles. This arguably gives more warning of being overpowered than catamarans, which may generate maximum stability at only 12° of heel.

In addition, the high freeboard means there’s a reassuring amount of reserve buoyancy in the amas, even if the boat is pressed hard in a gust or squall.

On the other hand, a downside of the Neel 43 effectively having a single fin keel is that, unlike most cruising catamarans, it can’t be beached.

Our test boat had standard Dacron sails, so a reasonable set of high-tech sails would undoubtedly see the boat able to squeeze a useful few degrees closer to the breeze without losing too much speed.

Easy motion

However, the reality is that the engine will be used in combination with the mainsail if schedules make a passage to windward essential. Motoring out of the La Rochelle entrance channel head to wind and sea gave a feel for how the easily driven underwater sections behave when motor sailing.

With the single 50hp engine at a comfortable 2,400rpm we made 8 knots, with a gentle motion that didn’t slow the boat.

On turning downwind our speed initially dropped to 6-7 knots at a true wind angle of 150°, until we hoisted the general purpose asymmetric kite. Although it’s not a particularly large sail, this brought the speed back up to 8.5-9 knots, producing our best downwind VMG of 7 knots.

neel trimarans neel 43

In some ways The Neel 43 sails in a way that is reminiscent of the easy gait of a heavy displacement long keeler. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

When the breeze picked up a little to 15-16 knots true we sheeted in and luffed up to 115° off the true wind, accelerating to an easy 10.5-11 knots of boat speed. The Neel has so much stability that, even though the sailplan was now generating far more power, there was no perceptible change in heel.

All lines, other than spinnaker sheets, are led to the raised helm station at the front of the starboard side of the cockpit.

Despite its intrinsic speed potential, this is not a boat that’s set up to be constantly tweaked. The deck layout is therefore simple, but efficient. It’s also obviously a cost-effective arrangement, but doesn’t skimp through fitting under-sized winches and other equipment. A powered winch on our test boat took all the effort out of sail handling.

Port and starboard mainsheets – in appropriate colours – give excellent control of the sail shape, without a costly traveller that might endanger the hands of anyone relaxing at the back of the cockpit. The primary sheet is the one on the windward side, while the leeward one gives excellent control of twist.

neel trimarans neel 43

All lines other than spinnaker sheets are led to the helm station. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

Headsail sheets are led through a single fixed fairlead. It’s a simple arrangement that minimises coachroof clutter, though twist will increase, spilling wind out of the top of the sail, when it’s partially furled in stronger winds.

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The optional free-flying working jib can be hoisted furled, so there’s no inner forestay to get in the way when tacking the genoa when it’s not set up.

If I was specifying the sailplan I’d also opt for a Code 0 for use when reaching with the apparent wind well forward of the beam, plus a large asymmetric shaped for deeper downwind angles than the test boat’s all-purpose sail. This would maximise downwind VMG in light and moderate airs.

Technical heart

An unusual, but appealing, feature of all Neel trimarans is the technical area below the saloon floor in the central hull – on some of the larger models this has an impressive 7ft (2.1m) of headroom, which makes for easy access and fault-finding. However the Neel 43 is smaller, which means this is reduced to generous sitting headroom and floor space is limited.

The central section houses tanks, plumbing and batteries, while the engine and steering gear are further aft. Further forward the space is dominated by a large number of electrical items and connections for solar charge regulators, shorepower battery chargers, inverters and so on.

neel trimarans neel 43

The saloon opens almost seamlessly onto the cockpit. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

It’s great that these are easy to access, which also serves as a reminder of the vast number of systems that are often hidden out of sight and distributed around different parts of today’s increasingly complex yachts.

However, there’s a downside that can’t be overlooked. These systems are low down in the boat, close to where any water will collect. Fitting a couple of bilge alarms, and making regular checks when underway by lifting the access hatch in the saloon floor, would therefore be sensible precautions. Despite this drawback it’s still an arrangement that has advantages over many installations.

Loft-style minimalism

What about the interior of the Neel 43? Despite the design’s abilities under sail, in this part of the market it’s the accommodation that sells boats. Yet, once again, this is an aspect that defies comparison with others.

neel trimarans neel 43

Both transoms have swim platforms. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

The almost seamless blending of indoor and outdoor areas is appealing, but far from unique among today’s multihull designs.

On the other hand, Neel has gone for the ultimate in a loft-style layout that’s refreshingly different. Masses of windows and large expanses of white fibreglass are balanced by just enough fabric and wood trim to give it some warmth.

Reed-style flooring also adds to a feeling of comfort, in the Neel 43 without increasing weight, and can be taken outside to wash and clean.

There’s excellent near-surround visibility – around 300° – when sitting in the saloon and it’s almost as good when standing.

Forward to port is a watchkeeping station with switch panel, and on our test boat a second MFD, VHF and Fusion audio kit, plus 12V outlets and an analogue steering compass here. However, it stops short of being a full chart table that could also be used as an office, so I’m typing this at the saloon table, which is a great place to work, with brilliant views and lots of natural light.

neel trimarans neel 43

The saloon and galley area has a very open plan layout. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

In common with other Neel models, the owner’s cabin is on the same level as the saloon. A downside is therefore a lack of privacy, even with the curtains drawn and door closed. However, it’s a beautifully lit and airy space that would suit those who primarily cruise as a couple.

There’s almost no built-in stowage, although the deep bins in the ama outboard of the bunk will take several large kit bags.

Neat touches for every bunk include a reading lamp with built-in USB port, a folding coat hook for jackets, plus a fabric bulkhead-mounted pouch with space for a phone, tablet, sunglasses, notebook and so on.

These may sound like small points, but it’s surprising how many boats lack provision for these items and they therefore quickly get scattered everywhere.

Natural ventilation is primarily via an opening forward facing window on each side of the coachroof – one for the saloon and one for the owner’s cabin.

neel trimarans neel 43

A berth is separated by the red curtain. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

There’s also a small opening hatch in the middle of the coachroof and another for the heads. This is a long, narrow compartment off the starboard side of the saloon.

Overall there’s plenty of space and a shower is included, though it’s not luxurious and there’s no option for a second toilet and shower compartment.

The second cabin is right forward in the central hull, accessed by steps just ahead of the galley. This is a pleasant space with more privacy than the owner’s cabin, though the berth is only 77cm wide at its foot.

A third sleeping area is outboard of the saloon table, aft on the port side of the saloon. This is open plan to the saloon, with curtains for screening, with a generous 140x200cm rectangular bunk with space underneath for kit bags. It would make a great space for kids on passage.

neel trimarans neel 43

Bright accommodation in the owners cabin with views. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

For the charter market there’s also an option to drop the saloon table to create an additional double berth, plus small single cabins forward in the amas that are accessed from the foredeck, making a potential maximum of 10 berths.

Few owners are likely to want to sail with that many for long, but the flexibility of being able to cater for extra short term guests, without dragging the weight and volume of spare bedrooms around the rest of the time has an obvious appeal.

neel trimarans neel 43

Engine is housed in the central hull, with tanks further forward. Photo: by Olivier Blanchet

Given the price of the Neel 43 compared to other multihulls of a similar length it should not be a surprise that it has been conceived to be quick and easy to build, aside from the vacuum infused mouldings that are an important element in keeping weight to a minimum.

Those who love traditional joinery with hand crafted solid hardwood trim will be disappointed and the lack of a second heads will rule the boat out for some.

However, in general the relatively Spartan level of fit out Neel has opted for is appropriate for a boat of this style that’s aimed at a mass audience.

It took Neel 10 years to build its first 100 boats. In the current financial year, ending September, the yard has produced more than 30 boats across a four model range of 43-65ft sailing designs, plus semi-custom fuel efficient power trimarans.

The popularity of the Neel 43 means output is set to grow by a large margin in the coming year.

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There’s much to like about this design: it’s a cruising boat in every respect, not an outright speed machine, yet it’s one that will quickly leave the competition behind. While it’s not a model that will suit everyone, founder Eric Bruneel has a good understanding of how a vast proportion of owners use their vessels and has created a yacht that will exceed their expectations in many respects. A decade ago trimarans were a niche part of the cruising world, however, the Neel 43 shows the concept of a cruising tri is ready for the mass market. The design has already proved hugely popular and one boat is leaving the factory every fortnight.

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Trimaran Neel 43 Review

This review is dedicated to the unique three-hull yacht Neel 43 trimaran , which has collected all possible prizes in its category since its release in 2021 by the Neel Trimarans shipyard. Here's what impressed the selection committees when determining the winner, and what attracts sailing enthusiasts and businessmen to Neel 43.

Traditionally, in addition to the review from the topRik team, we present the opinion of the leading yachting media, whose journalists participated in testing this unique catamaran. What makes it unique? Find out in our review!

neel 43 review

To avoid tormenting the most impatient, we will hint at the main signs by which you can recognize a sought-after Neel 43 at a glance.

This is a loft-style deck - here, on one level, you can find all the main areas where the owner of the trimaran and his guests stay.

This common space without any frills is subject to the main thing: the optimal ratio between the performance of the boat, the ease of management, on the one hand, and the sufficient comfort of life on board, on the other.

TopRik team, before offering the Neel 43 trimaran to you, intends to check all the claims of the shipyard about its advantages on board this three-hull yacht. Follow us on this endeavor!

neel 43 review

Features of Neel 43 Trimaran

  • Brand: Neel Trimarans
  • Hull type: Trimaran
  • Overall length, m: 13.1
  • Width, m: 7.5
  • Displacement, t: 9
  • Air draft, m: 19
  • Water tanks, l: 500
  • Exterior design (Architect): Marc Lombard/Yacht Design Group
  • CE Certification: ICNN
  • Mainsail type: Fully battened
  • Jib type: Furling genoa
  • Mainsail area, m²: 58
  • Jib area, m²: 43.2
  • Engine: diesel sail drive 50 hp
  • Fuel tanks l: 300

Max speed Neel 43

The maximum speed of the Neel 43 trimaran depends on various factors such as wind conditions, sea state, sail configuration, and the weight of the vessel, crew, and equipment. However, the manufacturer states that the Neel 43 has a maximum speed of around 20 knots (23 mph or 37 km/h) under ideal conditions.

It's worth noting that cruising trimarans like the Neel 43 are typically designed for comfort and stability rather than speed, so their top speeds are usually lower than those of racing trimarans.

Review Neel 43 by topRik Team

neel 43 review

No, no, the photo above is not the topRik team, we do not look so romantic, we do not wear bikinis, and we do not mix yacht testing with cocktails. We just have a good imagination - and we immediately imagined how this transom might look in a "busy" state. Note that a good third of the transom on the starboard side is not even included in this photo. Let's take a closer look at one of the ladders - this is the one where the girl in the blue bathing suit stands, on the port side.

neel 43 review

You can see that this is not just a ladder , but at the same time a rather extensive swim platform - this is hinted at by the onboard ladder and common sense. Exactly the same platform, or gangway, is located on the starboard side.

And between these two ladders there is a huge main platform, which can serve as a boathouse for a PVC motorboat, jet ski, folding bikes, kiteboards, windsurfers and other useful things. Especially when you consider that under it you can find a very roomy locker for a life raft.

neel 43 review

A Bit of Theory at a Glance

From the pier, we have a view of the massive roof over the cockpit, low lowered boom, slightly sloping mast and bimini over the helm station. The ribbed contours of the hulls attract attention - this will limit the rocking of the trimaran. A very wide vaka with a normal amas width may indicate that a large amount of equipment is placed in the central body to balance the weight distribution for high performance.

Although, as far as we know, the weight of this trimaran is even less than most catamarans of the same size. This was achieved through the use of technologies that have already proven themselves to be reliable in hull manufacturing process, as well as through innovative technologies used in making non-structural elements. In the first case, sandwiches made of foam and glass reinforced with a polymer fabric are used, in the second, a cork core is used.

The reduction in weight also reduces the wetted surface area, which makes it easier to control the trimaran when maneuvering and tacking under sail.

While there are enough theories, it's time to climb the ladder to the cockpit. While our skipper moved straight from the transom steps to the steps leading to the helm station, the rest of the topRik team decided to test the capacity of the cockpit and, of course, the capabilities of the aft galley.

neel 43 review

Loft Is Such a Loft

Let's not forget that the Neel 43 is billed as a 10-passenger boat, which is important not only to those future owners who plan to bring as many friends on the cruise as possible or take the whole extended family on the trip. The maximum capacity of the yachts is also important for entrepreneurs who rent them out.

So, we inform all interested parties: the yacht will freely accommodate 10 passengers, even without the skipper and crew - this ten will have enough space even in the cockpit.

neel 43 review

And if suddenly someone does not have enough space, you can always move to the saloon. Moreover, the shipyard has remained true to itself and has retained this deck in the loft style, where the cockpit almost imperceptibly merges with the saloon. Yes, this is the famous “cockloon”, where the cockpit and saloon are separated or, more correctly, united by large sliding doors.

We have already shown the view from the cockpit to the saloon: both tables are practically adjacent, passengers can freely communicate through a large open window. Through it, you can also transfer dishes cooked in the galley.

neel 43 review

And in the photo below there’s a good view from the saloon to the cockpit - you can appreciate the galley and its linear arrangement. More than one cook can handle it at the same time, since the approaches and aisles are very open. You see plenty of seating around the table and on the double sofa. What is behind the curtain? Bed? Exactly! It’s the loft.

neel 43 review

But wait to be surprised and perplexed. Everything is very logical if you see the rest of the cabin. There is a full-fledged charting table - the second control post after the one our skipper has already taken at the helm. And when he is replaced after the night watch, he can immediately go to rest on this comfortable large bed, taking some time out from the navigation table, marine tools and chartplotter .

neel 43 review

And if you are traveling with your family, this is a great place for children to sleep or play – it can always be under the supervision of adults, both day and night.

Some may be surprised by the amount of storage space for food and kitchen utensils, but we were struck by the spaciousness, which seems simply immense due to the large area of glazing. Panoramic views and natural light add to this feeling of freedom on board Neel 43.

The height of the rooms on the test yachts, as usual, was tested by our expert, whose height reaches 2 meters. In the cockpit and saloon, he didn’t even need to bow his head - he walked, proudly straightening up all the way, and there was still a lot of free space above his head.

neel 43 review

Always on Duty

– What are you doing here?

In our fascination with the “cockloon” and the possibilities of the grill and galley, we somehow forgot about our skipper, who stayed to study the helm station.

– Testing, - the team mumbled indistinctly with their mouths full. - We decided to share the responsibilities: since you are on duty, we’ll cover this area just fine...

After everyone paid tribute to dinner, they went to inspect... no, not the cabins, but the control station in the cockpit. We studied the charting table quite well - nothing unexpected: a large chart plotter, communication equipment, radio, electrical panel, tool indicators that control all the equipment of the trimaran.

neel 43 review

Located on a raised platform on the starboard side, the helm station has an entrance from the transom side and from the cockpit side. In front of the helm there is a skipper's chair, where an assistant will comfortably fit.

neel 43 review

All lines, except for spinnaker sheets, are brought to the winches located at arm's length or within walking distance. The staysail sheets pass through one fixed hawse. Our trimaran had an electric winch, which makes it much easier to work with the rigging.

neel 43 review

The control panel is practically a double of the saloon control panel in terms of the set of instruments. To the right you get your throttle.

From the helmsman's seat there was an excellent view of all three bows of Neel 43’s hulls until the sails were raised. There are some problems here depending on the rig used. Later we found out that the front view is still blocked when the headsail is raised on the starboard tack or an asymmetric spinnaker is raised on both tacks.

In the Engine Compartment

Spacious and with a high ceiling - everyone liked this compartment, even the aforementioned crewman, who still had more than 10 centimeters of space left above his head. The compartment is located in the central float, the entrance to it opens from the cabin.

neel 43 review

In the photo you can see that the engine and steering gear are shifted to the stern, and in the center there are water and fuel tanks, batteries and other equipment. We liked that most of the equipment is concentrated in one place, and not distributed throughout the yacht. Of course, this was done not so much for our convenience in service, but to achieve the most productive balance of the vessel, and this perfectly coincided with yachtsmen's ideas about serviceability.

In Cabins and Forepeak

On this boat, the forepeaks can be used for more than just storing fenders if the Neel 43 is intended for charters. There is plenty of room for the crew. Ten passengers can be perfectly accommodated in a trimaran if all the options for sleeping places are well utilized.

To visualize these options, let’s take a look at the Neel 43 passenger and crew layouts.

neel 43 review

The first schematic shows the bedding option suitable for a cruise with 2-4 people. These can't even be called cabins - just places fenced off for sleeping on the loft deck. One of these places, at the navigator's table, we have already shown - it is fenced off only by a curtain.

The second one can be called the owner's cabin variation – you get a high and roomy space with a large double bed and many windows.

neel 43 review

On the second schematic you see how it is possible to equip additional berths in the bow of the central hull and fore peaks.

The first berth is quite spacious, although it narrows somewhat towards the headboard, but the ceilings are high, and natural light is provided through the skylight and side porthole.

neel 43 review

Living spaces in the forepeak are reserved for crew members - one berth per one person. And no, we were not mistaken: although there are only 8 beds on the diagrams, do not forget about the folding table in the cabin, which can be transformed into 2 beds.

Since we were examining the forepeak, we could not help but pay attention to the bow of the Neel 43.

This is how you can characterize the bow of this trimaran. Everything here is subject to expediency. The bowsprit is used to shift the center of sail and carry the sail armament forward.

neel 43 review

The nets between the noses of the hulls are not for the sake of sunbathing area here. They perform their direct function - they dampen the waves and do not allow the trimaran to bury its nose into the wave.

Advantages of Neel 43

Since we didn’t find much shortcomings, we will immediately announce the main one - there is no signaling equipment whatsoever warning you about the ingress of water into the engine compartment. So, it is necessary to either order such equipment on your own, or simply check the condition of the compartment more often. And here are the pros:

  • High performance, excellent maneuverability.
  • Obedience to the steering wheel and rudder.
  • One rudder and an obedient helm provide a great helmsman's feel to control the sails.
  • The quality of the hulls, which ensures the reliability and safety of being on board.
  • Enough comfort for a cruise as a couple, as part of a family, with friends or a charter flight.
  • Affordable price with great features.

The last point allows you to actively use this boat for commercial purposes.

Another advantage that we have noticed is that an experienced skipper is able to manage this beauty alone.

neel 43 review

Reviews of Neel 43 from Professionals

Rupert Holmes and Dave Reed are well-known yachtsmen and journalists, who participated in the testing of the Neel 43 trimaran. And Dave did it as part of the Sailing World Magazine team, which conducted its annual test, seeking out the 2023 Boat of the Year nominees.

Rupert Holmes

From the very first lines of his review Rupert Holmes immediately offers a solution for those who hesitate between a monohull yacht and a catamaran. Cruising trimaran Neel 43, according to the author, can be an ideal option. Rupert goes on to substantiate his claim.

A well-known journalist and yachtsman remembered the trimarans of the 60-70s, which did not quite justify their title of "cruising". In contrast, Rupert picks light and fast three-hull yachts of the last decades, the credit of the revival of which largely belongs to the Neel shipyard from La Rochelle with its cruising models with spacious rooms. Neel 43 trimaran designed by Marc Lombard is the discovery of 2021.

Test team with active participation of Rupert Holmes tested the Neel 43 at La Rochelle in light to moderate seas and 12-16 knots offshore wind.

neel 43 review

The journalist specifically noted that despite the spacious deck and massive roof, the Neel 43 is three tons lighter than most 42-foot catamarans. He was surprised by the low wetted area during maneuvers when windward ama rises out of the water. This area is several times smaller than that of a catamaran of the same size. In addition, the Neel 43 has a low displacement. Together, this makes the trimaran remarkably fast.

Then the author described in detail the trials of the boat under sail. The crew turned off the engine, hoisted the mainsail, turned the staysail downwind on the beam, and with a true wind of 14 knots, quickly accelerated the trimaran to a stable speed of 10 knots.

The change in true (65°) and apparent (40°) wind angles reduced the speed by just one knot. Rupert noted that if they had more advanced rigging rather than Dacron sails, it would add a few useful degrees closer to the wind without sacrificing speed.

The helm is connected to one rudder by straight cables. The steering was remarkably responsive during testing. At the same time, the direct sensations from handling it were much brighter compared to a catamaran.

Maneuvering was as easy as navigating a monohull. The trimaran turned deftly into the wind, and the speed rarely dropped below five knots.

Rupert Holmes explained how the developers achieved light and smooth movement of such a seemingly bulky vessel. They did an excellent job with the distribution of heavy equipment in the central building, concentrating it in the middle. Under the central hull of the trimaran, they placed one keel instead of two, as in most cats.

But in order to heel the trimaran at angles of more than 14°, great efforts are required - the boat quickly reaches stability. The high freeboards also provide a large margin of buoyancy in the amas, even with a strong gust of wind or a squall.

A single fin keel makes it impossible to beach the trimaran like most cruising boats.

Since the trimaran was heading towards the wind from the canal into the open sea, we found out how easily controlled underwater elements behave during motor navigation. With one 50 hp engine and 2400 rpm the boat was moving at a speed of 8 knots.

When turning downwind the asymmetric kite was raised, since the speed at a true wind angle of 150° began to decrease. This maneuver made it possible to raise the speed to 9 knots, and the best VMG downwind was 7 knots.

When the wind increased to a true speed of 15-16 knots, the crew deviated from the true wind up to 115°. The boat accelerated to 10.5-11 knots. At the same time, Neel 43 demonstrated excellent stability: no change in roll was noticed.

Concluding his review, the journalist and yachtsman noted that the Neel 43 has become a cruising trimaran concept for the mass market. The popularity of triple-hulled vessels is evidenced by the fact that the shipyard produces at least two trimarans every month.

Dave Reed

Test team loved the new concept of Neel's latest trimarans, which consists of one large connected living space that is visible from float to float. Wherever you are on this ship, you feel your involvement in the overall life process, as in any residential family building.

There is only one "sunken" living space for passengers - in the bow of the central float. All other berths are located on the same level as the saloon and cockpit, which distinguishes the Neel 43 from most catamarans and many trimarans from other manufacturers.

Although the trimaran is primarily intended for family sailing, it should be the family of the yachtsman who prefers high performance boats.

It was no coincidence that the gigantic, according to the shipyard, mechanical compartment below was especially noted. It is only necessary to open the hatch in the saloon and descend into a spacious and well-lit area, where free access to all trimaran systems is provided.

Dave Reed quotes Chuck Allen, the senior judge of this competition, who notes that the trimaran is more stable and faster than a catamaran, as a result of which the pleasure of driving it is much higher. Riding a trimaran is a great experience. The adjustment of the amas becomes similar to balancing, which is provided by the rudder, mast and keel in the central hull. At the same time, there is no strong roll, the trimaran is very stable. "It's an adventure platform," Chuck Allen summed up.

He was surprised that a trimaran sails against the wind like a monohull sailboat, and when it glides over a wave, it simply takes off. “I got the impression that you can really sail on the coast with the right selection of sails,” Chuck jokes.

He noted that this trimaran was easily handled by two people at high speed and expressed his confidence that the crew of 4 would be great in a coastal race.

The team of judges noted the good location of the steering wheel on a starboard raised platform, which ensured good visibility. They also liked the fact that all reefs and sail control cables run close to the helm and are folded into special bags.

It was noted separately that the shipyard commits to environment protection technologies through the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, in particular, epoxy resins, foam plastic, and cork. To power the refrigerator and electronic devices, solar panels are provided on the roof of the trimaran.

Video Reviews of Neel 43

Prepare to enjoy the trimarans beauty in video format!

Let’s start with well-known Multihull Solutions – their video review in comprehensive and interesting at the same time:

Moving on to Aeroyacht and their in-depth 22-minute-long review:

Another great yachting test at the sea by Multihull World:

And, if you are not interested in commentary, here’s a silent interior review of this roomy boat:

All of the above information leads us to the following conclusion: Neel 43's affordable price, its excellent seaworthiness, stability and reliability, ease of handling make it desirable for many sailors, including:

  • couples who love the speed and challenges of sailing;
  • friends ready to strengthen the bonds of friendship in sea trials;
  • families with or without children who want to spend time together without the presence of strangers on board;
  • lovers of the sea, speed and sails;
  • yachtsmen who do not like excessive luxury, but do not want to completely deprive themselves of comfort.

In addition to private ownership, this trimaran is ideal for commercial purposes. It can be successfully rented out both to passengers who never met each other before the charter, and to groups of friends or colleagues.

neel 43 review

Price calculator

Where to buy neel 43 at a bargain price.

If you are reading this, you already know the place where you can buy the Neel 43 for a low price without the risk of receiving services or accessories that you do not need.

All marketplace employees topRik have been and regularly go to sea on motor and sailing yachts , monohulls and multihulls. We all know perfectly well what needs to be done so that your boat fully meets your requirements, and also that you do not overpay for imposed options.

If you put your trust in us, then all you have to do is state your requirements, consult our team and wait for us to deliver your yacht to its destination.

We will take on:

  • negotiations with the manufacturer;
  • control over the package options of the boat;
  • trimaran delivery;
  • providing the missing equipment and accessories from rigging equipment to a watermaker ;
  • further maintenance of the boat.

If you are a novice yachtsman, before going to sea on your own, you can enroll at our skipper school SimpleSail to receive "International Bareboat Skipper" after finishing IYT Yacht Training Course .

Call, send an e-mail or contact our consultants using the website feedback system.

Bali CATSPACE Review

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Sailboat Review: Neel 43 Trimaran

  • By Mark Pillsbury
  • April 12, 2023

Neel 43 trimaran

Once the Boat of the Year team was aboard the Neel 43 trimaran and we had the sails set, it didn’t take me long to find my sweet spot. You know, the place you want to sit and watch the miles fly by as the hulls slice through the waves. Nearly every boat I’ve sailed has one, though sometimes it’s hard to find.

But not on the Neel.

With my fellow judges at work at the raised helm station, I stepped from the wheel onto the wide starboard side deck, took a couple of steps down into the ­cockpit, and wandered into the brightly lit salon where the door to the owner’s cabin was open, as though beckoning in a visitor. Inside, I sat on the edge of the fore-and-aft double berth, set a hand on the bunk, and leaned over to gaze out the long horizontal window, imagining coming off watch and lying there to drift off to sleep. Or waking up in some exotic anchorage, with morning sunlight streaking in. Even dockside, during our preliminary inspection of the boat and a briefing with Neel founder Eric Bruneel, that was the space that caught my eye.

On the inboard side of the stateroom, a long horizontal glass panel covered by an ­adjustable shade looks in toward the center of the boat and over the inline galley ­located on the salon’s starboard side. Forward, there are more windows that let you look ahead at where you’re ­going. Aft, a light-colored wood bulkhead separates the cabin from the head compartment at the rear of the salon. With storage outboard of the berth, it’s a well-laid-out space for living aboard.

Described by Bruneel as a “fast cruiser,” the Neel 43 is designed to sail comfortably at 9 to 10 knots and knock off 250-mile trade-wind days. That description wasn’t far off, from what we saw the day we went sailing on Chesapeake Bay, right after the close of the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis , Maryland. The wind was light when set out, only about 8 knots, but we hustled right along upwind at 6 to 7 knots with the twin-headsail rig’s smaller inner jib set. Later, with the reaching sail rolled out in just a bit more breeze, we added a knot or more. During my trick on the wheel, I spotted 8.2 knots on the speedo for a spell.

And the sailing was easy, thanks to the buoyancy of the leeward hull that minimizes heel, and the fact that all the weight—engine, tanks, pumps and filters—is located low in the center hull. That, combined with the interior space made possible by spreading accommodations over three hulls, is what makes these trimarans comfortable at sea, Bruneel says.

Neel builds its trimarans at its yard in La Rochelle, France. The 43 is the smallest model in a five-boat range that goes up to 65 feet. The 43 is a Marc Lombard design.

Neel 43’s interior

Hulls and deck are made of resin-infused fiberglass with foam coring to save weight. Where practical in nonstructural areas, the yard uses natural fibers such as linen and cork rather than fiberglass, in a push toward greener boatbuilding. 

The fit-and-finish of the boat we looked at in Annapolis was noteworthy. The cockpit has a table to port with an L-shaped seating area outboard and aft, located under the Bimini top. To starboard is a grill built into the transom, as well as a cushioned lounging area beneath the helm station.

A wall of glass, with a large opening door and window, spans the aft side of the wide cabin, whose other three sides are lined with ports so that from the interior, one has nearly 360-degree visibility.

A second table is located just inside the salon, to port, also with L-shaped seating. Outboard of it, there’s a guest cabin, separated from the salon by another glass partition. 

An additional seating area and nav station equipped with a B&G chart plotter, displays, autopilot control and radio are far forward on the port side of the salon, with the well-appointed galley opposite. A third crew cabin is four steps down, in the forepeak of the center hull. 

Beneath the main hull’s sole is an equipment room providing excellent access to the motor (a 50 hp Volvo with saildrive), steering ­quadrant, systems and electrical ­boxes—a true engine room, which is hard to find on a boat in this size range. 

“It had absolutely the best service access to systems of all the boats we looked at this year,” Boat of the Year judge Ed Sherman noted. 

Topside, broad side decks make it easy to move about. There is a wide seat at the helm, with room for three. All sail-control lines run across the cabin top to a bank of line clutches and a pair of winches, all from Antal, that are easily reached while steering. Singlehanding the Neel would not be a problem. 

Neel nav station

The boat in Annapolis sported an Intracoastal Waterway-friendly 62-foot aluminum spar; a carbon-fiber rig is an option. The boat also came equipped with three 170-watt solar panels and a bow thruster. Loaded with gear, it carried a price tag of $575,000.

Overall, I thought that the Neel’s open-living layout would be just fine for a couple who might have occasional guests aboard for a passage, or a small family with children out for an extended cruise. But I’ll give Boat of the Year judge Herb McCormick the last word here: “It was a remarkably fun and exciting boat to sail, a light and lovely helm. Eric Bruneel has amply demonstrated that if you’re looking to go the multihull route, a trimaran is a viable alternative to a cat.” 

Neel 43 Trimaran Specifications

LOA 43′
BEAM 24’7″
DRAFT 4’11”
SAIL AREA 1,096 sq. ft.
D/L 84
SA/D 25.5
WATER 132 gal.
FUEL 80 gal.
ENGINE 50 hp Volvo, ­saildrive
DESIGN Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group
PRICE $575,000

Mark Pillsbury, Boat of the Year judge and CW editor-­at-large, is a die-hard sailor who has owned a number of sailboats, including a Sabre 34, on which he lived for 15 years.

  • More: neel trimarans , Print April 2023 , Sailboat Reviews , Sailboats , trimaran
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43′ neel trimaran.

43′ NEEL Trimaran

Gallery Images

NEW NEEL 43 Trimaran - Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists

  • ".$thumbs[$i]."

The Neel 43 trimaran is the newest addition from the French Neel shipyard. The Neel 43 is perfectly at home cruising around the world making quick offshore passages, as well as coastal cruising or day sailing. Her sisterships, the NEEL 47 and 51 have won multiple ARC Transatlantic races as well as dozens of international industry awards.

The NEEL 43 trimaran is the ideal couple’s boat. This unique trimaran provides the same space as a cruising catamaran of the same length, yet is more stable, faster and provides sailing sensations unlike a typical production cat. Unique about her spacious layout: You can access the outer hulls (amas) from the main cabin.

When a sailor imagines a trimaran, they instinctively recognize these craft as being extremely stable, fast and seaworthy. Traditionally trimarans were not known for the space. NEEL Trimarans has changed that by modifying the central platform and creating a flush-one level space that rivals much larger catamarans and monohull sailing yachts.

Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

Sailing the Neel 43 is easy and a single-handers dream. All control lines collect at the starbord side, bulkhead mounted helm. Tacking with the self-tacking jib is easy and when you set the Code-O your Neel 43 trimaran will transform herself into a very fast sailing machine rivaling the fastest yachts. 200 mile days are easily achieved.

The Neel 43 trimaran can sleep 3 couples and 2 singles of which two double cabins are on the main deck with unrivaled sea-views.

Expertly built in La Rochelle, France by a yard with nearly half a century worth of experience, the Neel 43 trimaran uses foam as her core, avoiding the often-related osmosis issues associated with Balsa wood cored production cats. Closely spaced bulkheads and a stiff, new uni-body construction create a very safe yacht for the occasional weekender as well as the long-distance offshore sailor. In conclusion – a very well thought out, expertly built sailing yacht – the Neel 43 trimaran covers a lot of bases.

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Aeroyacht Multihull Specialists Catamarans for Sale

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Cruiser Wiki

Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on Cruisers Forums.
01-07-2020, 03:06  
on the main ..

I suppose the pricing will be interesting too.

Can’t quite workout the and placements apart from the one On the main deck!

Nav station forward looks neat

looks a bit too exposed in heavy seas ..

What do you think?    



01-07-2020, 03:14  
62 ft
9 T
Full battens 630 sq ft
solent 466 sq ft
132 US Gallons
80 US Gallons
Sail drive 50HP
Ship designers Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group
01-07-2020, 03:53  
Boat: TRT 1200 GT
01-07-2020, 20:33  
Boat: 56' Fountaine Pajot Marquises
and not a .
01-07-2020, 20:56  
Boat: Farr 50 Pilothouse
find the design to be pretty feature rich and they reportedly sail pretty ok, but the big problem has been build and finish quality. Do some searches, there are a few well known examples of poor quality. There is some indication that they have been improving though, so it depends on what year the was built as well.
01-07-2020, 23:52  
looked awful regarding fit and finish.
Bu if you can wait until they get setteled and are looking for a fast boat with enough space, the Neels are imho worth a look.
02-07-2020, 00:54  
Boat: Ranger 22 #207
and I like the idea of a tri, but I have a hard time getting around the fact that they have less space and practicality than an equivalently sized , are more expensive 99.9% of the time, and are more difficult to maneuver in a marina (single and for catamaran beam even with a bow thruster). Add to that the glaring quality issues and this isn't a pretty picture. The Neel 47 that was touring boat shows in the U.S. was literally falling apart with pieces of trim coming off of cupboards and the step into one of the ama cabins literally coming out of the wall. Not to mention the original 45 (shudders) with misaligned and sheared bolts on the posts, cracks forming around the load areas, dramatically uneven caulking, and one boat where the engine room (admittedly a pretty appealing feature) flooded. I am also not a fan of the fact that a 45 foot boat as wide as any cat has the same amount of cabins, all of which are smaller, and the same number of heads as a 40 foot cat that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars less (one of the heads on the cat will likely have a separate stall as well). I'm also all for the performance benefits of a tri, but they don't even seem to be here either with those specs pointing to a cruising machine that will barely match more performance-oriented cruising cats. If you like them, great. I really, really, REALLY want to like them as well, but a boat built as cheaply as a Neel that costs as much one with way more drawbacks than benefits could never possibly earn my favour. Plus I could never trust a boat from a company with this kind of reputation for quality to take me across a bay, much less an ocean. Congratulations to anyone who has bought or buys one and good luck on your travels, you are most certainly going to need it.
02-07-2020, 05:19  
was rushed out to make it on time - probably not the first time this happens to manufacturers.

The 45 that caused a huge discussion had a jet ski fitted on its transom I believe so pretty sure overloading the boat that much will cause problems!!

No doubt quality and fit and finish are a improvement area for Neel however let’s not forget that it’s a relatively young shipyard @ 10yrs

And unless they are ignoring everything that issue would be highly on their agenda I would think.

point I also don’t agree I think they are priced fairly - the latest FP 47 Cat or a 450 is far more expensive than a neel 47..

And I can imagine the 43 will be at a similar than a Astrea 42 or 42 if not cheaper still..

Neel’s are boats that will not appeal to everyone and that’s not their aim but as an alternative to mono’s and Cat’s why not at least they are trying something different ..

Also around if I was in a in mid Atlantic I would rather be in something with 3 hulls

Not to mention they are fast winning recently 2 ARC’s in the 45 and 47.

Also can a boat that has won of the year 2020 be so cr@p?
02-07-2020, 05:35  
Boat: Farr 50 Pilothouse
alone and wants room for guests, that's a pretty attractive layout.
02-07-2020, 07:08  
Boat: Hunter 36
Eric Bruneel.

Some people are asking, why this over a catamaran? Because this is a . Better motion and faster. Bruneel claims that they average 10 kts coming here from and I believe him. Also, keep in mind that a catamaran doesn't have more space. I think some people are looking at it the wrong way. The cabins on catamarans are in the amas. By contrast, on this boat, the main cabins are in the bridgedeck, which means you have additional secondary cabins in the amas as well as a ridiculous amount of space below. It's incredible how much there is.

Also, the cabins have the most breathtaking view I have ever seen on any boat anywhere. I think you couldn't find that anywhere else except on a powerboat.

To me, the disadvantage is that I'm more of a traditionalist, and the Neels look a little too futuristic, like a spaceship on the . But that's personal preference. The other disadvantage in some cases would be the enormous beam. I also thought the heads on the 45 were a little small, they could have set a huge one up down in the ama also. This one looks like it has one large instead of two smaller ones, which would be a drawback for some people, although I'm sure there is an option for an additional one.

I didn't see any quality issues that jumped out at me, but your mileage may vary.
02-07-2020, 18:15  
06-07-2020, 19:15  
Boat: PDQ 36, 36'5", previously Leopard 45 cat and Hunter 33 mono
07-07-2020, 00:20  
- I personally would swap that for a lighter boat with more performance and less things to maintain/service .

Each to their own as they say
07-07-2020, 01:20  
Boat: Shuttleworth Advantage
07-07-2020, 02:36  
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art in context logo retina

Alice Neel – A Look at the Life and Works of Alice Neel the Artist

Avatar for Isabella Meyer

A lice Neel the artist, an unwavering original, observed a procession of avant-garde trends ranging from the Abstract Expressionists to Conceptual Artists and chose not to embrace any of them. Alice Neel’s paintings, on the other hand, were produced with a distinct, expressive approach to painting portraits that portrayed the psyche of New Yorkers ranging from neighbors and friends in Spanish Harlem to the famous. Alice Neel’s portraits and figure paintings were produced at a time when they were extremely out of fashion. Alice Neel’s artworks indicated her intention to stay firm in her selection of style and content, unintimidated by an art world that valued abstraction, although completely immersed in the New York art community and linked with its key pioneers.

Table of Contents

  • 1.1 Childhood
  • 1.2 Early Training
  • 1.3 Mature Period
  • 1.4 Late Period
  • 1.5 The Legacy of Alice Neel’s Artworks
  • 2.1 Carlos Enriquez (1926)
  • 2.2 Pat Whalen (1935)
  • 2.3 Puerto Rican Boys on 108th Street (1955)
  • 2.4 Hartley (1965)
  • 2.5 Andy Warhol (1977)
  • 3.1 Alice Neel: Freedom (2019) by Alice Neel
  • 3.2 Alice Neel: People Come First (2021) by Kelly Baum
  • 4.1 Who Is Alice Neel the Artist?
  • 4.2 What Was Important About Alice Neel’s Artworks?

Alice Neel’s Biography

28 January 1900
13 October 1984
Merion Square, Pennsylvania

Regardless of what others said, she continued creating art that she enjoyed. Before 1970, Neel was hardly known, with just a few solo appearances. She had 60 in the last 20 years of her life. This was owed not just to the quality of her work, but also to a radical transformation in the art world, which began to recognize the accomplishments of women and minorities.

While productive, Alice Neel seems to have been unconcerned in self-promotion. In this regard, she differs from many other renowned artists of her period, notably women, who had to work extra hard to gain the attention of reviewers.

Alice Neel is a writer who lives in the United States Neel was born into a multicultural household in the United States. George Washington Neel, her father, was a Pennsylvanian Railroad accountant who came from a family of steamboat owners and classical musicians. Alice Hartley, Alice’s mother, was a descendent of the Declaration of Independence’s contributors.

Hartley, her elder sibling, passed away from diphtheria soon after she was born. He was just eight years of age at the time of his passing.

Alice Neel Biography

Neel’s family relocated to the little town of Colwyn, a few months later, where she attended elementary and high school. Neel passed the Civil Service test after finishing high school in 1918 and took a secretarial position with the Military to help sustain her family. She stayed there for three years while also studying painting at Philadelphia’s School of Industrial Art in the evenings. Neel’s parents were baffled by her career goals.

Her mother once warned her, “I don’t understand what you expect to be doing in this world, you’re just a girl.”

Early Training

In 1921 she entered the Fine Arts program at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women with the support of scholarships and her earnings from her profession as a secretary. She pursued landscape art with Henry Snell and life-drawing studies and portraits under Rae Sloan Bredin at the university.

Neel was a great student who won multiple accolades for her portraiture, which would become her life’s work.

She then entered the Pennsylvanian Academy of the Fine Arts’ summer program in the lovely hamlet of Chester Springs in 1924. She started a relationship with Carlos Enriquez, an affluent Cuban in the course. The start of the disastrous phase in Alice Neel’s life began with her marriage to Enriquez. In June 1925, the two were married in Colwyn and relocated to Havana a few months later. She had her first exhibit the next year and delivered her first child, Santillana, who died of diphtheria while still a newborn, the same sickness that had killed Neel’s elder brother.

The couple traveled to and fro between Cuba and the United States until settling on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. In November 1928, they welcomed their second daughter, Isabetta, and intended to go to Paris in 1930. Instead, Enriquez relocated to Paris abruptly, bringing Isabetta with him and abandoning the baby in Europe with his family.

Over the next several months, Neel had a mental breakdown, was briefly hospitalized, and then went looking for Enriquez. Neel tried to commit suicide when it became evident that the marriage was doomed, and she was rushed back to the hospital.

Neel never married, but she stayed alienated from her spouse for the rest of her life, seeing her child only in rare instances.

Mature Period

In 1933, Alice Neel the artist got funds from the Public Works of America Project, whereby she proceeded to work and live in New York City. During the Great Depression, she became a left-wing political activist. Alice Neel’s paintings were subsidized by the WPA until 1943, with intermittent funding disruptions, after which she battled to pay the bills for the remainder of the decade.

She only took part in one show and struggled to find a marketplace for her works. She even repurchased several of her own artworks that had been sold for four cents a pound to a Long Island trash trader in 1944.

Neel never married again, although, from the 1930s forward, she had a series of intimate relationships.   The most long-lasting of these friendships was with documentary filmmaker Sam Brody, which lasted over two decades. Hartley, Brody and Neel’s second son, was born in 1941, and they reared him alongside Richard. In general, Neel’s boyfriends were dismissive of her artistic aspirations, and one was overtly destructive: when their relationship soured, Kenneth Doolittle burned 300 of Alice Neel’s artworks and 50 oil paintings in a furious frenzy.

In New York, Alice Neel witnessed the emergence of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s and 1960s, but she was staunchly dedicated to representational painting. She wasn’t interested in bohemians or other artists, but in genuine people, warts and all. In her pictures from the 1950s, she attempted to capture the personality of her neighbors and friends in New York’s Spanish Harlem in meticulous, expressionistic detail. The artist’s passion for left-leaning causes is shown in this aspect of her work.

Mike Gold, a well-known communist writer, saw the importance in the range of her human subjects, which depicted a wide range of New York society, and helped arrange multiple exhibits of Neel’s work.

Alice Neel started to earn the acclaim she had long deserved 30 years into her career. Alice Neel’s portraits “started to be comprehended in the late 1950s; before then, it was too difficult for people,” according to the artist.

She was constantly open to new ideas, even though she was adamant about the type of work she wanted to do.  She portrayed art critic Frank O’Hara throughout five appointments in the spring of 1960, producing two portraits, one charming and the other startlingly scathing. It was at this point that Neel’s commercial breakthrough began. The energy of the women’s liberation movement sparked renewed interest in Alice Neel’s paintings at the end of the 1960s.

Alice Neel was regarded as a feminist heroine, yet the practicality with which she approached her work life, feminist or not, may be observed in the next illustration.

In 1970, she was requested to shoot the cover of Time magazine with Kate Millett, a youthful feminist campaigner. Millett was adamant about not sitting for the picture. Neel was unfazed by the objection and proceeded to paint her nevertheless, based on a scowling image. Alice Neel’s portraits accomplished the task and accurately depicted the anti-establishment activist’s wrath.

Late Period

By the 1970s, Neel had established himself as a significant American artist , thanks in large part to female engagement in art history. In 1979, President Jimmy Carter honored her for her efforts as a woman in the arts with an award. In 1981, she traveled to Moscow for a significant display of her art, and in 1982, she was recognized by New York Mayor Ed Koch.

She gave talks and took part in roundtable discussions at a number of prestigious museums, art schools, and colleges, and she was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War.

Neel’s private life remained full as her son Hartley and his wife built a studio on their home in remote Vermont for her to occupy during her frequent trips. Her old lover, John Rothschild, settled into her guest room after she became a grandma multiple times. Neel collapsed numerous times in 1980 and was fitted with a pacemaker, despite her seemingly boundless creative energy. Doctors detected advanced, incurable colon cancer during a regular trip to examine the device.

Despite her worsening health, she proceeded to create and visit her children and grandchildren in Vermont. She went on the Tonight Show in 1984 and demanded that the presenter, Johnny Carson, visit her and pose for a photograph. She died at her New York residence the same year, flanked by relatives and friends. At a memorial event at the Whitney, Allen Ginsberg wrote and performed an original poem for her.

She is considered to be among the few female artists of her period to live to have her work exhibited at a major retrospective. Alice Neel was buried near her Vermont studio.

The Legacy of Alice Neel’s Artworks

As artistic forerunners for Neel’s focus on conveying mental depth under the surface, Kathe Kollwitz and Edvard Munch come to mind. Neel’s concentration on showing a broad cross-section of the American populace, from a range of ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic origins, was strongly anchored in her political ideas and echoes Diego Rivera and American painters of the Harlem Renaissance’s ardent radicalism.

Alice Neel Artworks

Berenice Abbott, Gordon Parks, Dorothea Lange , and Helen Levitt, all documentary photographers who worked for the WPA at the same time as Neel, share an interest in the intricacies of time and place. Although Alice Neel the artist’s return to the form, expressive brushstrokes, and insightful understanding of human psychology is rarely associated with Neo-Expressionism, they foreshadow the movement many decades ahead of its time.

Neel’s influence on contemporary art may be seen in the work of renowned portraitists ranging from Chuck Close to Lucian Freud.

Elizabeth Peyton’s varied, equitable approach to a wide cross-section of culture, as well as South African painter Marlene Dumas’s honest viewpoint on social and political problems, are both thanks to Neel. Alice Neel’s artworks have taught countless other painters crucial lessons.

Alice Neel’s Paintings

Neel’s denial of standard boundaries of race, gender, socioeconomic standing, and so on is part of what made her one of the best American portraitists of the 20th century. She doesn’t make assumptions about things she doesn’t know. She approaches each matter with a fresh perspective.

Neel’s observations of the human condition were always straightforward, uncompromising, and sympathetic.

Carlos Enriquez (1926)

Oil on canvas
76 cm x 61 cm
Private collection

Neel’s spouse, the artist Carlos Enriquez, is depicted in this early painting a year after they married. Many of the aesthetic and compositional aspects seen in her later work are present in this portrait. However, Neel was still developing as an artist. The face, with its preoccupied features, glances over the frame’s edge, as if thinking about something far away.

In comparison to Neel’s subsequent portraits, the backdrop is darker here, and the features are more idealized.

While her interest in psychological depth is obvious here, it would not be completely realized until later in her career. During a summer art workshop in Pennsylvania in 1924, the two met. Due to his lack of involvement, he was ejected from the program, and Neel followed him out the door. In the fall, Enriquez went to Havana, but the pair maintained their affair through letters. Enriquez’s rich family was against his pursuing his dream of being an artist. It’s unfortunately not possible to know what they thought of her career goals.

Pat Whalen (1935)

Oil on canvas
69 cm x 58 cm
Whitney Museum of American Art

Neel’s strong interest in left-wing politics may be seen in her painting of Communist activist and labor leader Pat Whalen, which she created while working for the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which was part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. Whalen is presented as the prototypical blue-collar worker in this scene.

His hands are clenched in a display of will and determination as he looks up from a print of the “Daily Worker”.

The employment of flat, unmixed hue, expressive brushstrokes, and special attention to the details of the subject’s face and hands that reveal greater psychology are all characteristics of the artist’s distinctive style. “People are the biggest and profound clue to a period,” Neel famously said.

She captures the ferocity of a struggle that impacted multitudes of Americans in the 1930s and after by focusing on a single issue: the fight for worker’s rights.

Puerto Rican Boys on 108th Street (1955)

Oil on canvas
106 cm x 122 cm
Tate, the United Kingdom

In 1938, Neel relocated from Spanish Harlem to Greenwich Village. She thought the Village was overrun with pompous bohemians. She moved in with Jose Santiago, a Puerto Rican singer, and began painting portraits of neighbors and friends. The two boys in this photograph are not like the angelic innocents shown in many classic kid photographs. They’re dressed like men, not youngsters, and have a strong, streetwise demeanor. Even though they are Hispanic, Neel does not minimize or stereotype this aspect.

Unlike many of Alice Neel’s portraits, which have sparse backgrounds, this one features detailed renderings of the metropolitan area.

Residents loiter on a porch, marketing posters peel from a corner shop’s facade, and a graffiti tag with the word “Felipe” is apparent. Many of Alice Neel’s paintings from Spanish Harlem are reminiscent of the aesthetic of American documentary photographers like Berenice Abbott and Dorothea Lange in this regard.

While many photographs, including Neel’s, have a transcendent or timeless character, these two youngsters are clearly of their time and location.

Hartley (1965)

Oil on canvas
127 cm x 91 cm
National Gallery of Art (Washington DC)

Some of Alice Neel’s most powerful artworks are about the people she cares about. Among the most well-known portraits of her son, Hartley, is this one. Though his position, with legs and arms akimbo, exudes power and confidence, it also exudes vulnerability, as well as a jaded hardness in Hartley’s face. As indicated by the fact that his glance escapes that of the spectator, he appears distracted or lost in contemplation.

The frame’s perimeter is incomplete, as it is in many of her photographs.

This draws our focus to the image’s most important features, such as the shadows on his shirt and jeans, which have a lifelike look to them, and the bold, black outlines of his torso. Neel relied on aid to maintain her family, and she even tried to steal occasionally to make ends meet. Hartley’s grim visage exudes intimate experience with harsh circumstances, yet the frenetic energy in his lanky figure indicates promise rather than surrender. Andrew Hartley, Hartley’s son, later produced an Alice Neel documentary film in 2007.

At its best, Neel’s excellent brushwork gives the figure an urgency that makes it appear as if it may get up and walk.

Andy Warhol (1977)

Oil and acrylic
76 cm x 101 cm
Whitney Museum of American Art

This picture of the renowned figure, one of Neel’s best-known paintings, contrasts starkly with the flashy image Warhol built for himself. His eyes are closed, implying grief and unease with being observed – Warhol was notoriously self-conscious about his appearance. He seems weak and elderly without the spiked white wig, glasses, and black turtleneck sweater, as well as the fans, celebrities, and hangers-on. Valerie Solanus shot him three times in 1968, two years before he sat for this picture when he refused to stage her play.

Warhol’s pink flesh contrasted with the green shadowing on his face and torso as he stands alone and naked against a sparse background that accentuates his loneliness.

Large scars across his body indicate the ongoing traces of that assassination attempt, with the corset he used to support his weakened abdominal muscles apparent. Warhol’s public reputation as an everlasting symbol of cool crumbles here, revealing him to be a frail human being.

The work opposes the shallow ways in which we enact identity and judge power, and provides an alternative paradigm for gauging the human condition: compassion, demonstrating Neel’s ability as a portraitist.

Reading Recommendations

Today we covered some of Alice Neel’s biography and art. We learned that there is even Alice Neel’s documentary that was created by her grandson. If you would like to read some more about Alice Neel’s portraits and lifetime, then check out these awesome books!

Alice Neel: Freedom (2019) by Alice Neel

Neel was able to break away from the anticipated inhibitions and stifling taboos that were imposed on women via her paintings and works on paper. She concentrated on the subtlety and beauty of the human body. Her nudes are as important today as they were when they were drawn because of their command of form, color, and suggested social criticism.

Alice Neel: Freedom

  • Includes a newly commissioned scholarship by Helen Molesworth 
  • Documents the solo exhibition of her work in New York in 2019
  • Includes works that span the 1920s to the 1980s

Alice Neel: People Come First (2021) by Kelly Baum

Neel’s nearly 70-year career is examined through the prism of her radical humanism in this enormous book. Neel considered humanism as a philosophical and political ideal, as seen by his remarkable images of Great Depression sufferers, fellow inhabitants of Spanish Harlem, political leaders, LGBT painters, obviously pregnant women, and residents of New York’s worldwide diaspora. Neel’s highly emotional streetscapes and Still Lifes, as well as the designer’s erotic pastel and watercolor works, are among the more than 100 pieces on display, which also include his sensual pastels and watercolors.

Alice Neel: People Come First

  • Positions Alice Neel as a champion of civil rights
  • Explores how Neel's paintings convey her humanist politics
  • Reasserts her place in the broader cultural history of the 20th century
Alice Neel was known for her boldly honest portraits, and she liked to depict people in all their intricacies, penetrating and revealing their fears and concerns, as well as how they defied and survived. She also liked painting the plain human form. Her nudes, especially, are candid explorations of the body that celebrate the uniqueness of each of her models, and they demonstrate the freedom and daring with which she conducted her work and home life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is alice neel the artist.

The declared purpose of Alice Neel was to capture the moment. Neel was born into a good Victorian family around the turn of the 20th century, and he became eligible to vote during the suffrage movement. She was a classic bohemian and one of the first painters to depict the hardships of living during the Great Depression. Neel, an outspoken humanitarian, opted to paint the world around her, focusing on realistic work even all through the height of abstract expressionism . Neel never stopped pushing the boundaries, producing a one-of-a-kind record of her time.

What Was Important About Alice Neel’s Artworks?

In choosing her subjects, Alice Neel was adamantly democratic, capturing a wide range of people, from renowned personalities to her Spanish Harlem neighbors in the 1940s. She painted an unforgettable image of America in the 20th century. Neel was able to overcome personal anguish by establishing her terms.

isabella meyer

Isabella studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature & Language and Psychology. Throughout her undergraduate years, she took Art History as an additional subject and absolutely loved it. Building on from her art history knowledge that began in high school, art has always been a particular area of fascination for her. From learning about artworks previously unknown to her, or sharpening her existing understanding of specific works, the ability to continue learning within this interesting sphere excites her greatly.

Her focal points of interest in art history encompass profiling specific artists and art movements, as it is these areas where she is able to really dig deep into the rich narrative of the art world. Additionally, she particularly enjoys exploring the different artistic styles of the 20 th century, as well as the important impact that female artists have had on the development of art history.

Learn more about Isabella Meyer and the Art in Context Team .

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Isabella, Meyer, “Alice Neel – A Look at the Life and Works of Alice Neel the Artist.” Art in Context. June 27, 2022. URL: https://artincontext.org/alice-neel/

Meyer, I. (2022, 27 June). Alice Neel – A Look at the Life and Works of Alice Neel the Artist. Art in Context. https://artincontext.org/alice-neel/

Meyer, Isabella. “Alice Neel – A Look at the Life and Works of Alice Neel the Artist.” Art in Context , June 27, 2022. https://artincontext.org/alice-neel/ .

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Superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures hosting vortices and skyrmions are a new area of the interplay between superconductivity and magnetism. We study the interaction of a Néel-type skyrmion and a Pearl vortex in thin heterostructures due to stray fields. Surprisingly, we find that it can be energetically favorable for the Pearl vortex to be situated at some nonzero distance from the center of the Néel-type skyrmion. The presence of a vortex-antivortex pair is found to result in the increase of the skyrmion radius. Our theory predicts that a spontaneous generation of a vortex-antivortex pair is possible under some conditions in the presence of a Néel-type skyrmion.


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Sketch of a ferromagnet (green) - superconductor (blue) heterostructure. There is also a thin insulating layer (black) which suppresses the proximity effect. The ferromagnetic layer hosts a Néel-type skyrmion. The magnetic profile of the skyrmion with the positive chirality is schematically shown. The superconducting layer hosts a vortex at some distance from the skyrmion's center. The vortex is shown schematically by blue lines, the yellow arrow points towards the direction of its magnetic flux. d F and d S denote the width of the ferromagnet and superconductor film, respectively (see text).

The dependence of J φ ( ± ) and the total supercurrent J φ on the distance from the skyrmion center for the cases of positive (top) and negative (bottom) chiralities. The parameters are d S / λ L = 0.01 ,   d F / λ L = 0.005 , and R / λ L = 3 . The supercurrent is calculated for the exponential, domain wall (DW) and linear ansatz.

The dependence of the normalized interaction free energy, F Sk − V , on a / R for the chirality η = + 1 (left) and η = − 1 (right). The ratio of the skyrmion radius and the Pearl length is unity, λ / R = 1 (see text).

The dependence of the normalized interacting free energy, F Sk − V , on a / R for the linear ansatz for the skyrmion's profile. The plots are for two chiralities and for two values of ratio of the skyrmion radius and the Pearl length: λ / R = 0.1 (left) and 10 (right). Black dot near a ≈ 1.2 R on the left panel marks the location of the global minimum of the interaction energy. For λ / R = 10 (right), the global minimum is resided at a ≈ 2.8 R (see text).

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We’ll be at the Cannes Yachting Festival again this year. A unique opportunity to discover NEEL trimarans under the Mediterranean sun. Our LEEN representatives will also be on hand to help you discover the LEEN 51.

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neel trimarans neel 43

Launched for the first time less than a year ago, the NEEL 52 immediately aroused the curiosity of sailors.

The latest addition to the range once again pushes the limits of sea performance and comfort, offering an unrivalled sailing experience.

En quelques années seulement, le  NEEL 43  a su si’mposer comme un incontournable des pontons. 

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    neel trimarans neel 43

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    neel trimarans neel 43

  4. NEEL 43

    neel trimarans neel 43

  5. NEEL 43

    neel trimarans neel 43

  6. NEEL 43

    neel trimarans neel 43


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    The NEEL 43, Lombard-designed, is even more innovative and impressive, and with a marked move towards the use of bio-sourced and recyclable materials, NEEL-TRIMARANS has confirmed its determined commitment to respecting the environment. ... The NEEL 43 is a trimaran that is both fast and safe, yet easily manoeuvrable by a small crew. Its ...

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    Find Neel 43 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Neel boats to choose from.

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    The NEEL 43 can accommodate up to 10 people, with its 3 double cabins, its 2 forepeaks and its saloon that can be converted into a double berth, isolated at night by a system of curtains. A saloon and a cockpit which communicate easily and which form the famous Cockloon®, the original and convivial layout of NEEL-TRIMARANS.

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    However, the past decade has seen a resurgence of lightweight fast cruising designs, with spacious accommodation, led by La Rochelle-based yard Neel who recently launched their Neel 43 trimaran ...

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    The NEEL 43 is light. In fact, at just 20,000 pounds, it's about 2,000 pounds lighter than a production catamaran of the same length which is hard to believe since there are three hulls involved. One bit of weight savings comes from the fact that trimarans only use a single engine in the center hull.

  6. The NEEL 43: amazing and innovative

    An innovative and environmentally respectful construction process. The structural elements of the NEEL 43 mirror the techniques and materials used in the other models of the range: a vacuum-infused composite sandwich, with carbon fibre reinforcement. NEEL-TRIMARANS uses exclusively PVC and PET foams in the sandwich core, as well as resins and ...

  7. NEEL 43 Trimaran

    The NEEL 43 is the work of designer Marc Lombard. The central hull supports the Z-Spar fractional rig balanced by the 5-foot fixed keel. From the side, the NEEL 43 looks like a catamaran with a sleek coachroof and a large aft cockpit. The construction is a mix of approaches including a traditional foam/vinylester sandwich, carbon reinforcements ...

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    Neel 43 trimaran designed by Marc Lombard is the discovery of 2021. Test team with active participation of Rupert Holmes tested the Neel 43 at La Rochelle in light to moderate seas and 12-16 knots offshore wind. The journalist specifically noted that despite the spacious deck and massive roof, the Neel 43 is three tons lighter than most 42-foot ...

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    Neel builds its trimarans at its yard in La Rochelle, France. The 43 is the smallest model in a five-boat range that goes up to 65 feet. The 43 is a Marc Lombard design. One large and connected living space defines the Neel 43's interior design, which is visible from hull to hull. Jon Whittle.


    The NEEL 43 trimaran can sleep 3 couples and 2 singles of which two double cabins are on the main deck. The NEEL 43 Redefines Cruising at an Affordable Price. Expertly built in La Rochelle, France by a yard with nearly half a century worth of experience. The NEEL43 trimaran uses foam as her core, avoiding the often-related osmosis issues ...

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  14. 43' NEEL Trimaran

    The Neel 43 trimaran can sleep 3 couples and 2 singles of which two double cabins are on the main deck with unrivaled sea-views. Expertly built in La Rochelle, France by a yard with nearly half a century worth of experience, the Neel 43 trimaran uses foam as her core, avoiding the often-related osmosis issues associated with Balsa wood cored ...

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    Neel Trimarans have received a lot of criticism on the net.. I think some of it quite harsh The 47 at the boat show was rushed out to make it on time - probably not the first time this happens to manufacturers. The 45 that caused a huge discussion had a jet ski fitted on its transom I believe so pretty sure overloading the boat that much will cause problems!!

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    LENGTH: Traditionally, LOA (length over all) equaled hull length. Today, many builders use LOA to include rail overhangs, bowsprits, etc. and LOD (length on deck) for hull length. That said, LOA may still mean LOD if the builder is being honest and using accepted industry standards developed by groups like the ABYC (American Boat and Yacht Council).

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    At PYS, we specialize in Multi-Hulls, delivering top-notch performance and spacious cruising solutions. Give us a call, and let us assist you in configuring your new Neel 43, ensuring an exhilarating and comfortable journey on the water Call us at 1-305-504-8714, or e-mail [email protected]. Show More.

  18. Alice Neel

    A lice Neel the artist, an unwavering original, observed a procession of avant-garde trends ranging from the Abstract Expressionists to Conceptual Artists and chose not to embrace any of them. Alice Neel's paintings, on the other hand, were produced with a distinct, expressive approach to painting portraits that portrayed the psyche of New Yorkers ranging from neighbors and friends in ...

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    NEEL 43. NEEL 43 PERFORMANCE limited edition. NEEL 47. NEEL 52. NEEL 65. Buy a trimaran NEEL. Dealers. Rental-Management. Charter a NEEL trimaran. News, boatshows and reviews. News. Boat shows. Reviews. ... The finesse of the steering is a feature highly appreciated by owners of NEEL-TRIMARANS, especially those who have previous experience on ...

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    Two more turns of a very intensive battle. Our first line of defense has finally collapsed and we are taking some heavy casualties. Still, I remain quite opi...

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    NEEL TRIMARANS - IT JUST MAKE SENSE! **This is the base price for a 2023 Neel 43, Commissioned in US Waters with freight and duties paid . The new and advance Cruising Trimaran from Neel. This new 43" features all the performance that Neel is well known for, and features 3 double and 2 single cabins, all accessible from the main saloon.

  22. Interaction of a N\\'eel-type skyrmion with a superconducting vortex

    Superconductor-ferromagnet heterostructures hosting vortices and skyrmions are a new area of the interplay between superconductivity and magnetism. We study the interaction of a N\\'eel-type skyrmion and a Pearl vortex in thin heterostructures due to stray fields. Surprisingly, we find that it can be energetically favorable for the Pearl vortex to be situated at some nonzero distance from the ...

  23. Let's meet during the Cannes Yachting Festival ...

    We'll be at the Cannes Yachting Festival again this year. A unique opportunity to discover NEEL trimarans under the Mediterranean sun. Our LEEN representatives will also be on hand to help you discover the LEEN 51. CANNES YACHTING FESTIVAL 2024 From Sept. 10 to 15, 2024 I discover NEEL trimarans ↓ Discover the exhibited NEEL trimarans ↓ […]